work horse music

guess who ? 

it’s javis.  from that one pon game (if you haven’t played it check it out it’s a+)

my bby.

i really really liked this guy. I liked the whole game in general. a+ 

Wild Horses

We met that day
In the hotel lobby
So many people and voices and chaos
Ringing through the large room
You were tall with legs for miles
And your hair was rather long
Longer than I thought it’d be
But the right shade of brown
I expected
I remember your sunglasses
Slightly vintage
And your worn boots that had seen many countries
And that shirt you wore
Half unbuttoned
So I could see your chest
And some visible tattoos
Which I was surprised to like
You took me away
To a corner to say
A few sweet things
You asked me to dinner
And I picked you up
At the secret back entrance
So no one would see us
You were only in town for a day or two
I can’t quite remember anymore
The days slip away too quickly
But I still remember you knocking on the car door
And we had a bite
And we had a drink
And I wanted to ask you to sing
But it felt too good
To mess it up
So I just listened to you talk
And was carried away by your accent
And the rings on your fingers
As they reflected the low lighting in the room
We left and I knew you were loving your anonymity
Hiding in plain sight
I took you on a drive
Down a dark, empty country road
Where no one would see us
And you could find a bit of peace
I rolled the windows down
As the warm air of a summer night
Filled the car
And danced through our hair
As your eyes closed and I saw you breathe
So very deeply
And I pulled over to offer you a chance to drive
You weren’t used to our side of the road
But you jumped at the opportunity
And drove fast and wild down the unlit road
Deep into a summer, country night
As I played Wild Horses
And my arm hung out the window
And felt the air all over my skin
And we both felt freer than we had in years
You invited me to hang backstage at your show
I said tomorrow night worked well
I guess you were there just one night
We pulled over and sat in silence
And I felt so comfortable and truly at ease
And you opened your right eye to look at me
I nodded
And you kissed my lips
Softly at first
And then a little more
A little more
A little more
And then-

Original Work: KH 7/9/14