work hard too

griggs65  asked:

I feel worthless every day. I struggle to get up and get dressed let alone go to class. I've been dealing with depression for years now but school and financial problems make it all so real this year. I just walk around like a zombie. Where do you get your motivation?

i’ve talked about this in previous sleepovers, but my main source of motivation is that i don’t want to disappoint myself again as i did in my AS exams. i didn’t work hard at all and it rly bit me in the ass when results came out. i guess after that it kind of just?? hit me that i can’t slack off and expect good grades anymore, so after that i worked hard + studied daily. and now, it’s just kind of a habit i guess? and also since i’m in uni, the fact that i’m paying for my education makes me want to work hard too!! 

i’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling 😞  is there anyone you can reach out to and talk to about it, if you think it’ll help??

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I think u gotta let completed stories chapters be posted after a gap to let other stories have a chance at getting chapters published here. Just because someone submits a story in one go shouldn't choke the whole que for others. I'm sure people want variety, I sure do.

At present, there are no imagines in the queue, 3 stories that need to be put in the queue when two admins have time to do so, 1 other story that is already to queue for this evening and 18 chapters of Met With a Zap, when no imagines were in the queue last night another chapter went in instead. We have ensured that other stories have been allowed in be published in a manner that helps all the work be published, but we cannot ignore one story for a week simply because others are there too because then it will never be done and it makes the queue hard to work around too. 

With regards variety, we have plenty and we ensure it is all published. We encourage every submission and most people are happy knowing there is going to be more of a story soon. If we were to wait for a time when there was no other story in the queue, there may not come a time, or we could have a situation where there would be three chapters of one story in one day. A chapter a day and two other stories is the best solution at present, thank you. 

This is some wujubullshit. Who are you to decide what they do and don’t deserve? Yes, they are young but that doesn’t mean they didn’t work their asses off to get to where they are now. That recognition wasn’t handed to them they earned it. Cheng Xiao probably sleeps like 2 hours a day because she’s constantly on shows promoting WJSN. Mei Qi has filmed 3 movies in four months to raise awareness in China. They promote each single for upwards of 2 months, longer than most groups, to raise awareness. Compared to all the other groups that debuted last year WJSN is the cream of the mfing crop because they. worked. for. it. Other groups work hard, too, but guess what life is unfair and you can’t cherry pick who gets what. I’m sorry your faves didn’t get everything you wanted them to but don’t go dragging my girls to make a point.

i keep thinking i need to lower my commission prices but i just can’t bring myself to do it i work too hard? i don’t know if it’s noticeable but i work MUCH harder on commissions than i do work for myself?? do you really think i do three layers of sketches on my own work? HAH 

plus it is very difficult to even draw things for myself? and my friends? i’m in a constant state of on-and-off art block believe it or not