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things i’ve realized in 2016 that i should’ve known earlier

ok this is waaaay later than it should be, it’s already been a month since the new year but january was such a shitty month and there was so much going on that i haven’t found time to really reflect on the past year but here it is :’)

1. there will be people in your life that you can’t just cut out of your life even if they’re super toxic and bad for your mental health but that doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated like shit and your feelings invalidated

2. find yourself some upperclassmen/older friends that you can trust and not only ask for advice, but to confide in. they will save your life and it’s always nice to know that someone older and more experienced than you always has your back.

3. boys/girls can be dumb as fuck and 9/10 times they’re most definitely not worth wasting your time daydreaming/freaking/over-analyzing about. you don’t need a bf/gf, finding a bf/gf/SO is not more important than your goals, you are not an incomplete person without one. 

4. not everything is about you–sometimes you just need to get your head out of your ass and recognize that although you are important, you aren’t the world/the center of the universe. ask your friends how they’re doing once in a while instead of just ranting/complaining to them about your problems, get them a thoughtful gift, tell them that you genuinely appreciate them, etc. 

5. stop settling. sign up for that survey, register for that seminar, apply for that exclusive internship. you’re the only one who’ll make sure you get shit done, not your parents, your friends, or your teachers. 

6. wear whatever the fuck you want. people won’t care tbh, and the people who do don’t matter. clothes/makeup is meant to make YOU feel better, not for anyone else. an outfit is pulled together by your personalty and confidence, not by other’s opinions

7. don’t be afraid to let loose. party hard, but work harder. if you work all day and never have any fun you won’t have balance, and this will make you less productive. go to that party, get drunk with your friends, watch that movie, go to that concert, as long as you’re able to get back on track

8. prioritize your health. running clears the mind, yoga is calming, wash your hands, invest in that hand lotion, drink more water. you won’t be able to get anything done if you’re sick half of the time. you do good work when you feel good. 

9. it’s ok to experiment. wear the edgy outfit, make your makeup bolder than usual, switch up your study routine, re arrange your desk layout, buy a different planner, etc. you don’t have to always stick to the stuff you know.

Motivation quotes from the 2p axis

2p italy: “power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power”

2p germany: “work hard, party harder”

2p japan: “self control is strenght, right thought is mastery, calmness is power”

2p prussia: “the past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or ereased; it can only be accepted”

2p lovino: “life is too short to wear boring clothes”

signs as fuckboys
  • either look at sun, venus, or mars (plz note that this is my personal experience w/ these humans - no offence x)
  • Aries: texting 24/7, flirty as hell, invites you to every social event, then you realise that he has also been inviting 3 other girls too and you MEET THEM ALL
  • Taurus: sarcastic humour, one of the ultimate Lads, loves to talk face to face, invites you around for (and epitome of) Netflix and Chill and then you find another persons bra under the bed
  • Gemini: super funny, witty as hell, one minute into you, the next minute suddenly not into you, alpha fuckboy, asks you to hang out but never ever responds to your texts after
  • Cancer: seems really genuine, made you dinner, makes you feel special, one day stops talking to you then that weekend you see them with their arm around another person in the exact way they pulled you in
  • Leo: magnetic, charismatic, life of the party, every one wants his attention but you got his, then you realise that he has a thing with someone in every social clique as his personal groupie
  • Virgo: cute, super academic, seems smart and helps you study, asks for a study date and when things get hot-n-heavy he says "...we're not serious, right?"
  • Libra: beta fuck boy, is so lovely and nice, funny and intelligent, when things start to get serious they bail and you see them flirt with every other person with a heartbeat
  • Scorpio: you know he is a fuckboy, mysterious, seems like he can read you really well, knows exactly what he is doing, never lets you read him and when you get close he attacks your insecure spot and leaves you
  • Sagittarius: fun as HELL, always up for an activity, spontaneous, chilled out, you have late night chats with him, and then you realise he has been having late night chats with EVERYONE and hasn't slept in his own bed for more than one night in a row
  • Capricorn: never lets people in, witty, works hard and parties harder, organises actual dates between you and him, once you show any emotion they freak out and pretend you never existed
  • Aquarius: is different, seems relaxed and easy going, drunkenly opens up to you about how much they like you, next day it never even happened and he called the 2 other girls he was seeing as well to tell them the same thing
  • Pisces: phone calls, laughing, classic artistic boy, plays a song for you and makes you personalised music, then you realise he fucked up the names and called you the wrong one


How I see the signs aesthetics
  • Aries: running and laughing, hair flowing behind them, grabbing the torch and setting the forest on fire
  • Taurus: a comfortable bed, freshly washed sheets and hair, smooth skin, caresses
  • Gemini: twitchy, constantly on the move, hungering for information, nodding and smiling, arms around new friends
  • Cancer: walking into the house and smelling what's been cooking, snuggles with close friends, drinks at a party
  • Leo: host of the party, golden everything, big gestures, taking control, dancing on the table
  • Virgo: studying, running up the mountain, beating their personal best, being with their best friend and confidant, stability
  • Libra: smiling and leaning in to hear someone speak, genuine interest, smiles and banter, brand new outfits
  • Scorpio: photography dark room, late night chats in bed with someone, black lingerie, intense eye contact
  • Sagittarius: a wild party on the beach, hands in the air dancing, reading in the library, looking to the stars
  • Capricorn: holding their work in the hands protectively, fingers intertwined with their lover, waking up for coffee, work hard and party harder
  • Aquarius: figuring out the constellations, reading the news every morning, shopping with the squad, observing
  • Pisces: dancing, blue, sleeping in bed then getting up to sprint, smiles and laughter with close friends while cooking
What type of Bollywood director would each sign be?

Aries: Passionate, intense and soulful. Seriously this director could bring out the emotion from a lifeless object, no kidding. Expect this director to bring out sides of you, you never knew existed. Farah Khan style. Probably make movies like Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na.

Taurus: FUN TIME. Seriously this director is so chill, you don’t feel stressed its like a holiday and its so much fun and a blast working with them. they probably end up being your bff. But don’t make them angry, they are brutal when angry and they will always win an argument. ALWAYS. Zoya Akhtar style. Probably make films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Dil Dhadakne Do.

Gemini: Action, intensity, colour, the most advanced technology, insane dance routines. Look no further, as a director Gemini has the most advanced everything, expect a movie that looked as if it was directed in 2050 because of all that high quality work. Rohit Shetty style. Probably make movies like Chennai Express and Dilwale.

Cancer: Family, heart-warming movies, with songs that will be your jam for years, a passionate and soulful film-maker who immerses themselves into their work and creates films that will become classics. Everyone adores this film-maker, you can’t not love them. Sooraj Barjatya style. Probably make movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Hum Apke Hain Kaun.

Leo: Glamour and Sparkles all the way. With this director rest assured that you’ll look your best, feel your best and be your best, because they want perfection. Karan Johar style. Probably make movies like Student of the Year and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. 

Virgo: Organised, timely, on point, like legit everything is made to perfection. They are not going to touch anything mediocre, you have to give 100% heart and soul when working with a Virgo, just because they put 200% effort into everything they do. Multi-talented genius. Farhan Akhtar style. Probably make movies like Don and Don 2.

Libra: Wanna be in a movie thats fun, but has action and emotion and is super relatable yet unique and will probably be a hit? Want a cool director who’s actually more like a friend? Then a Libra is the director you should be working with. Kabir Khan style. Probably make movies like Ek tha tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Scorpio: They are intimidating because you really want to impress them and their emotional intelligence is far greater than yours will ever be. While they seem intimidating, they are actually just cute teddy-bears at heart, that are dedicated, inspiring and so insanely passionate about everything and thats why you will love working with them. Mohit Suri style. Probably make movies like Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain.

Sagittarius:  #TrendSetter this is the director who tries all the new stunts and goes to all those locations with names no one can pronounce. Expect a roller-coaster ride of a lifetime and rich experiences. Ayan Mukherjee style. Probably make movies like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Capricorn: The director who seems to be the disciplined, intense, timely, organised and no-nonsense type. While all that is true about a capricorn, just wait till you get to know this director, they are the life of the party. Perfect balance of work hard, play harder. Sanjay Leela Bhansali style. Probably make movies like Ram-Leela, Bajirao Mastani.

Aquarius: Expect to overdose on laughter when working with an Aqua director. While they think miles ahead of the rest of us, they still know how to have a great time and can leave you laughing in stitches for hours. Imtiaz Ali style. Probably make movies like Tamasha and Love Aaj Kal.

Pisces: Cool, Calm and full of surprises  A fun and emotional journey is to be endured when working with this director, great memories will be made, great movies will be made and most importantly you have a new best friend for life. Talented, Warm, Caring and Fun-loving, you’ll feel at home. Vikas Bahl style. Probably make movies like Queen.


Calum: The sports guy who probably does sport science or something to do with sport. Works hard but parties harder, girls love him but he has his eyes on you, the cute girl that always shows up at the parties his house throws.

Ashton: Artsy photographer who spends 80% of his time in his room, editing pictures or taking pictures of you, his best friend who he’s secretly got a massive crush on.

Luke: the musician who busks in the middle of campus on Saturday mornings outside the coffee shop where you work and drink him a coffee every morning when he shows up.

Michael: Gaming student who spends 99% of his time locked away in his room on his computer whilst you do your own work whilst laying on his bed, enjoying the comfortable silence that falls between you both.

What I have noticed about the signs
  • *coming from cancer sun and taurus moon
  • Aries: you fear rejection, and you are so incredibly protective, you are a force to be reckoned with once you have set your mind to something, 100% or 0% that is all
  • Taurus: you have a great eye for all things ~aesthetic! you are sensitive and deal with your emotions in a logical way, stay the fuck out of your way when you're mad, just wants snuggles
  • Gemini: you are funny, and most of the time confused by everything, internal debates rage on all the time, great socialisers, observant of people and their words
  • Cancer: you are either empathic or apathic NO inbetween, observant of vibes/body language/tone of voice, incredible memories, epitome of nurturing, you give people too many second/third/etc. chances, forever nostalgic
  • Leo: you are a magnet and you are intense, super funny, has an ego to protect your feelings because you give your ALL or you give nothing to people, deeply loyal, just wants to chill out sometimes
  • Virgo: you are a true perfectionist, such a good eye for detail, uses sarcasm as a defence, secretly observant so you know who to trust, funny, work hard and if they cbf can party hardest, generous af
  • Libra: you are balanced, hard to be decisive but once you make the decision that is the side you stay with forever, friendly and genuinely caring, strong attachments to people they actively choose
  • Scorpio: you are mysterious and observant to protect yourself, caring and loyal af when you decide someone is worth investing your energy in, you push people away to protect yourself, you just want someone to understand you bc sometimes you don't yourself
  • Sagittarius: you are fun and blunt, philosophical and open minded af, always the one to engage in late night conversations with, you generally are detached from people bc they slow you down but when you meet someone who can keep up with you, you latch on and make them run with you
  • Capricorn: you are a hard worker, definition of work hard and party harder, you are magnetic and charismatic in an intriguing way, you are about networking and meeting people, you plan any and all attachments to people EVER
  • Aquarius: you always have your own clothes and style, you have off-beat humour, a nurturer when you let yourself attach to someone, you process everything logically so you don't let yourself focus on emotions, you find it difficult to deeply connect with people sometimes
  • Pisces: you are a bundle of "wtf is happening", you have so much capability and drive, an on-going imagination, you get overwhelmed a lot by all of your feelings, you are either party/people/play 100% or you are in bed and no one hears from you for a solid 24 hours

mylittlechimera  asked:

Okay, so the Institute is gone, and yeah, yeah, Railroad still gotta lots of work to do, but all work and no fun is not good for the soul. Would RR people celebrate and if so then how? This is a big change, how are they handling it?

I’m sorry this took so long. I chewed on this scenario for too long. There’s a couple of pivot points I stumbled on: who decides to bring synth Shaun home (the Survivor or Tinker Tom), and whether the Survivor lets the scientists evacuate. A Survivor who won’t take Shaun and/or won’t let the scientists evacuate might have a more dour celebration than one who gladly rescues Shaun and/or lets the scientists evacuate. I hope I found a balanced medium.

I think the first feelings all around are of shock and disbelief, for everyone out in the field and in HQ. This spectre has haunted them for so very long and just like that, it’s gone.

HQ has been in and out of radio contact with the agents in the field for hours now; Drummer Boy keeps notes as best he can, tracking movements and agent statuses on the chalkboard. Carrington paces back and forth when he’s not prepping the basement as a field hospital for the countless incoming wounded.

The radio is uncomfortably silent once the field agents are underground in the belly of the Institute. Unexpectedly, HQ feels a huge boom shake the foundations of Old North Church, raining dirt and mortar down on them in the catacombs. Their collective hearts don’t start beating again until Dez’s voice crackles over the radio, “Mission accomplished. The Institute is gone. I repeat: the Institute is gone.”

They look at each other in disbelief, mouths hanging open.

HQ goes fucking apeshit.

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The reason I honestly do love ECU is because yea we’re a party school… We put the parties in Pirates but like we work so fucking hard too and this school has taught me so much about hard work. Like just because you’re hungover as fuck doesn’t mean you get to miss out on a test or some important meeting. You clean yourself up at 6:30am even if you downed a bottle of tequila last night at 2am and you get up tell your hangover to sit the fuck down and you do your shit for the day. 

That’s why I love ECU. Work hard, Party harder.

work hard play harder | birthday party mix for the little devil

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