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Is there going to be a sequel to the Didly dan doodle that said "tucker you basic bitch who pays for porn these days" because that one is my fav and it is the best thing to ever happen on tumblr

is this an accurate representation of teenage boys i dont even know 

CSBB - Amazing Moderators

While tomorrow, posting for the 2017 Captain Swan Big Bang begins, the project has been in the works since January. And while our authors and artists have been working incredibly hard to produce amazing stories and artwork, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes thanks to our moderators.

This year’s CSBB has featured an entirely new administrative team, and the entire project was started virtually from scratch. We’ve spent hours figuring out what to ask in our sign-up forms, what the schedule should look like, and what the new rules should be. We’ve had long conversations as we’ve determined how we were going to keep people motivated throughout the long months of writing, and some very spirited debates regarding the posting schedule. We’ve come to each other with various issues and problems and had to work together to decide how to proceed.

It’s very important to me that we take some time to recognize all this hard work. Running a fandom project with so many participants is a massive challenge, and this team has handled it incredibly well. And more than that, everyone has been a pleasure to work with.

So, join me in extending a massive thank you to @icecubelotr44, @dreadpirateemma, @sambethe, and @ladyciaramiggles!!


Tomorrow starts the posting of NINETEEN wonderful, well-planned, COMPLETED MULTI-CHAPTER fics of at LEAST FIFTY-THOUSAND WORDS.  That’s right, folks, nineteen novel length fics for your reading pleasure that will be completed on schedule in a timely manner.

In addition, we have a number of artists who have stepped up, gotten an early peek at these fics, and come up with some AMAZING artwork to coincide with these stories.  These include, but are not limited to: imagesets, gifsets, videos, illustrations, aesthetics, and other awesome works of art that enhance everyone’s story.

For the last six-plus months, these authors have been working with their beta-readers to craft wonderful tales from modern AU’s to Lieutenant Duckling fics to reimaginings to alternative universes with magic and science to twist the plot.

If you aren’t already, follow @captainswanbigbang as we’ll be reblogging all of the participants’ hard work for you.  Please, show the authors and their artists some love by reblogging, commenting, liking, and otherwise flailing over all of the work they’ve put in since the start of the year.

TL;DR - The Big Bang starts tomorrow and there’s fics of all kinds to start reading without having to wonder if they’ll be finished because they already are!

Tumblr RP 2012: He grabbed a carton of milk and drank it.

Tumblr RP 2014+: Slender digits might curve delicately——&& OPAQUE biodegradable material would find a long-lost home snugly ‘neath gangly sticks of bone and sinew. A cow’s utter hath provided CREAMY substance now floating on white clouds of honeydew in said CARTON—— and as butterfly petals part to receive the rich nectar, a feather-like sigh finds it’s way into the Autumn air.

Yo fam we ought to talk. Don’t expect rock hard abs from idols. When they lift their shirts up- hope to see a nice plump lil tumtum from eating good and staying healthy m8. Aight? Aight.


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