work fot it

hey, so ive seen this a LOT recently, so feel free to save this or reblog this for your followers

- transboy? nope. trans boy. trans is an adjective, a descriptor ot a modifier word, tells you what kind of a boy

- transgirl? nope. trans girl. see above

- transman? transwoman? trans man. trans woman. see above

- gender fluid? nah, its genderfluid. one word, one identity, constantly shifting and changing but always remaining the same in one way - it is always genderfluid.

- trans*? nah, we did away with the asterisk a while ago. trans will do as an umbrella - it was decided that the asterisk made it seem as if nonbinary trans identities werent Truly trans, so we brushed it off and now trans (sans asterisk) works perfectly fine fot anyone who identifies as such!

its not a big deal to make small mistakes like that, but its always nice to know the language we use as a community 😁 language is how we communicate and language is how we identify ourselves to others. thank you for lookin this over if you did!! - will

Stop giving me options.

I know.

Normally that’s the last thing somebody would ask for but…

When I’m like this…

I’m overwhelmed;

I’m over-thinking literally everything;

I don’t want options.

I want:

“Baby girl, just come cuddle with me for a bit,”

“Where’s (stuffie name/paci/coloring/etc)? Go get them,”

“How about we look at (wishlist ideas) and start working on some goals fot you?”

Just fix it. Literally. I’m not even that difficult. Lately all of these really bad sudden mood changes have rooted in loneliness and failure to just be little. I’m pretty sure any of the above would lull it for a bit.

I just need to feel valued.. Stop telling me to be positive. I haven’t even allowed myself to properly handle my negative emotions lately..

It’s building up.


I’ve been feeling a bit down these couple of days..
I made this cat panel-sketch (not sure how to call it) back in December..
I wanted to try to make a simple comic page..
Usually my problem is that i have no idea what to talk about, cause there are so many comics out there, talking about various topics, and i’ve been feeling like, i have nothing more to say, cause many things have been said before by others..
But tonight i felt the need to write something..
words, anything.. something simple.. express the thoughts i had on my mind, in only a few lines..for those who can related to that, and by reading it stop feeling alone, forgotten, sad, even if it’s just for a tiny moment..
Sometimes we have no idea how much our existence, means to some people..