work fot it

I spent my whole evenjng cryi g and being miserable and now i just want to curl up and watch a movie and draw but I have to sleep sonce gotta be up early fot work tommprow celebrating mums and my mum in particular has her birthday and I just cant fucking wait yo celebrate her and this emptional neglect tbat I can only just accept as not normal because I’ve actually allowed myself yo think about it for the first time in years


I’ve been feeling a bit down these couple of days..
I made this cat panel-sketch (not sure how to call it) back in December..
I wanted to try to make a simple comic page..
Usually my problem is that i have no idea what to talk about, cause there are so many comics out there, talking about various topics, and i’ve been feeling like, i have nothing more to say, cause many things have been said before by others..
But tonight i felt the need to write something..
words, anything.. something simple.. express the thoughts i had on my mind, in only a few lines..for those who can related to that, and by reading it stop feeling alone, forgotten, sad, even if it’s just for a tiny moment..
Sometimes we have no idea how much our existence, means to some people..