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Home Update

Just had an interesting conversation with my mom. 

I was pacing/venting loudly to her in the kitchen because all of a sudden there’s two weeks until March and I’m still so far from finishing the companion piece (even though I’ve been working on it nonstop, like you make so much progress but what you write is still like 0.03% of what you still need to finish ugh) and I was like BUT MOM I WANT TO POST IT WITH CH15 SO MY READERS CAN READ THEM TOGETHER BUT IM STILL NOT FINISHED AND I NEED LIKE 3 MORE MONTHS WHAT DO I DO AHHHH

And my mom said a very strange but sadly very true thing: “Julie, think of it this way. You are married to Home. Home is your Wife. But the companion piece is your sexy, exciting lover that you want to be with because it’s fun, but you need to remember who you are loyal to. You tied the knot with Home first.”

And… It was actually a very accurate analogy. So here’s the new plan:

I am dropping all progress on the companion piece (for now) so I can finish up ch15 in time to meet the March deadline. (If I insisted on posting the companion piece and 15 together, you guys would probably be waiting until May, which is… No). Once chapter 15 is posted, I will continue progress on the companion piece because it needs to be read before 16. I will post the companion piece hopefully sometime in May, and then begin work on ch16. 

My main concern is that no one will notice/bother to read the companion piece if it’s not RIGHT THERE with 15 (don’t do that, it’s important so don’t skip it), but I think this is the best schedule to satisfy everybody. So here’s a rough estimate of the schedule:

Chapter 15: March

Companion Piece: May

Chapter 16: mid August

Chapter 17: early October

Chapter 18: Christmas/New year’s 2017

AND THEN I’LL BE FINISHED! For additional information about the companion piece, read below. As always, thanks for your patience <3

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