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Hey guys, finally made a tutorial. :D Also on the deviantART: [ x ]

This is simply me sharing some of my thoughts when going through a painting. My views and opinions are constantly evolving, so nothing I say here is really concrete. This is just a current update on some of my thoughts and approaches to digital painting. Hope you enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated so I can make a better tutorial. If there’s something specific you see in my work you’d like to see explained, let me know too.

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Dec 14, 2014  Misty Copeland, the breakthrough star of the American Ballet Theatre and currently in “The Nutcracker,” who says change is coming slowly to the world of classical dance.

Thought maybe I’d finish this before Valentine’s Day was over but failed ^^;; lol oh well, here’s a WIP of the Doctor and Rose at Woman Wept. I wish we got to see it in the show~


Women in male-dominated workplaces have a harder time getting pregnant, research shows

A data report from FertilityIQ reveals that women working in traditionally male-dominated fields like engineering and investment banking find their work environments to be “a hindrance” to infertility treatment. These women are 60% less likely to have success with their fertility treatments. Here’s why.

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