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Wow, so much has changed for Lopi and I in this past year. I am keen on our current status in life. It certainly wasn’t easy getting here but it was worth all of the sacrifices and hardships. I am a VERY goal oriented person, I go to dark places if I don’t have goals to work towards. This is a great time to let go of the past and start anew. heart emoticon

2016 Goals
- Go to Japan and have a blast.
- Think up new ideas, show very clear progression in my artistic skill every month.
❉ Post to YouTube every week.
✦ Sell my car & ride my bike.
❉ Exercise 4 days per week.
✦ Volunteer for more enviro work.
❉ Finish Chiara.
✦ Focus more on personal health & worry less about work.
❉ Finish sketchbook every 6 months.
✦ Finish tattoo sleeve & save $$ for a couple others.

What’s your biggest goals for the next year?

Under the cut you’re going to find ### look-alike photos of a pregnant Quinn Fabray/Dianna Agron. None of these pictures are not mine, their credit is rightfully directed to the photographers/owners. Please like/reblog if you found useful, enjoy, and thanks for tuning in! Most images are work friendly but there may be a couple you’d like to keep away from in a work enviroment.

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anonymous asked:

I got fired 30 minutes ago. I'm kinda happy and I've already started my job search. I know its crazy but, I was bullied everyday and I'd walk home crying sometimes it was so bad. When I first came to my bosses they acted like it was their biggest priority to fix. It got worse & worse until my bosses just ignored it and said it was me being sensitive.How is being called a retard, stupid, ugly, useless, and fat not supposed to hurt your feelings. I'm a wimp for wanting a positive work environment.

NO YOU’RE NOT! your work enviroment should be positive and healthy, full of people willing to work with you to create a safe, professional, but comfortable atmosphere!! i’m happy you’re out of that job, but i wish you good luck in finding a new one!!

-kisses you on the forehead-