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Castiel has watched humanity since its creation. He’s not an expert at the internal workings, the emotions and feelings, but he understands the physical part. He’s watched them grow, watched them eat, watched them when they are injured, watched them reproduce, watched them bathe.

When he falls and he’s suddenly human, he doesn’t really consider that he will have to learn about any of those things. He focuses his energy into the mental and emotional aspects that he’s less familiar with, that not even humans themselves seem to understand.

But there’s one physical thing that throws him off a bit.


Cas understands it, of course, why human bodies require rest and what will happen if he doesn’t sleep enough. And actual sleeping isn’t a problem, except for the strange dreams he sometimes has.

The problem is being tired. Those times when he can’t get to sleep right when he would like to- a hunt is keeping him out, or Dean and Sam need him to help research something-his whole mind goes a little fuzzy. His energy drains, and he becomes irritable, unable to control his facial expressions and unhappy sighs.

And then sometimes when he’s tired, it’s not so bad. It’s kind of nice, actually. Like the feeling of being drunk, but knowing he won’t be sick the next day.

It’s one of those nights, when he’s exhausted and buzzing with it, barely in control of himself, that he flops down into Dean’s bed. Dean’s room happened to be the closest, and that’s as good a reason as any, Cas thinks.

“What are you doing?” Dean asks when he finds him.

“Going to sleep,” Cas mumbles, not opening his eyes.

“In my bed?”



And this is the part of being tired that Cas wasn’t prepared for. The part where his brain just forgets to filter his words, and thoughts come spilling out haphazardly, dangerously. “Because your sheets smell good. They smell like you.”

Dean doesn’t say anything, and Cas has the vague awareness that the silence should worry him, but it doesn’t. Cas listens as Dean undresses, blinks his eyes open to find Dean sliding into bed in a t-shirt and underwear.

“Scoot over, at least,” Dean sighs, resigned.

Cas does, but finds himself moving right back, moving into Dean. Dean’s just so warm, a strange combination of hard muscle and soft skin that feels just perfect as Cas snuggles down into it.

“Cas, what the hell?”

“Feels good,” he mumbles, mouth moving against Dean’s neck, and Cas can taste the salt there. “Tastes good, too,” he giggles, flicking his tongue out again to run over Dean’s pulse, which is faster than Cas thinks it should be.

Dean hesitates a moment, then curls into Cas slightly, throwing an arm and a leg over him. “Yeah,” Dean says finally, his voice sounding like he’s just made some sort of decision. “It does feel good.”

Cas lies there for a few moments, strung out and sleep-starved, more open and honest than he’s ever been, and smiles as he has a very Dean-like thought.

Being sleepy is awesome.


Mars represents our passion and drive.

An Aries Mars will be good at starting and leading projects, but will struggle to finish them.

A Taurus Mars are known to be slow when they work, but their work is always very thorough.

A Gemini Mars will be great with creating ideas, but will struggle with dedicating to one of them.

A Cancer Mars will be driven to work by their emotions.

A Leo Mars are creative, but they can hit a block when they don’t feel appreciated.

A Virgo Mars will not consider themselves finished with their work until they think everything is in order.

A Libra Mars can struggle with starting their work due to their skill of seeing the pros and cons clearly.

A Scorpio Mars prefers to work alone and is very calculative in their work.

A Sagittarius Mars is generally open-minded and optimistic when they do their work but they can stray away if they feel bound.

A Capricorn Mars will always work before play and could struggle with letting themselves let loose.

An Aquarius Mars is good with working with others yet they can also accomplish work by themselves.

A Pisces Mars is very creative, artistic, and capable. but they lack boundaries in their work.

It would also be a good idea to look at the house placement of your Mars too!


I been gone for a minute but, I’m posting this because as an appreciation to myself. This year has been one of the toughest because of the amount of personal and emotional work I’ve been doing. I’ve been brutalized, dehumanized, heartbroken, and traumatized but I’m still here, y’all. I’m still thriving. 

I love myself for being strong enough to hold on to hope through a shroud of darkness.

I love myself for being diligent in creating and sharing my work.

I love myself for being funny and caring and charismatic and so goddamn welcoming. 

I love my sensitivity and intuition and appreciation for beauty.

I love myself for speaking truth and owning my darkness and light.

I love how hard I love my friends, family, and the experiences that have enabled me to mature and grow.

I love myself for conquering fears and insecurities.

I love myself for letting myself be a stank, crabby bitch when I need to.

I love myself for holding and caressing my soft body, curves, and fatness when no one would.

I love myself for the things I have done and the awesome things I shall do.

This is my declaration of love for my whole, complete self because if I can’t do it how can I expect anyone else to declare their love for me?

Thank you for reading, sharing, and witnessing my love. 


- Ireashia Monét

kayladowneyjunior replied to your post:listen the 2012 avengers fandom was Absolute Trash…

I remember when almost every fic posted was a domestic one shot with them all being in the Avengers tower as one big family… The good old days ����


Adam and Five
  • Adam and Five taking comfort in each other, both exiles from most of their people
  • Adam and Five working through their emotional abuse together, talking into the long morning hours, holding hands and reassuring each other of their goodness
  • Adam and Five learning how to deal with each other’s anxieties, learning what makes the other uncomfortable and helping them work through it or avoid it
  • Adam holding Five’s hand in crowded places, around the other Garde, and whenever Five seems uncomfortable to reassure him he’s not alone anymore
  • Five encouraging Adam to sleep, to rest, to allow himself comfort. Five reassuring Adam that it’s ok to be comfortable, that he is good enough and has done enough good
  • Both of them holding each other when the nightmares and the loneliness finds them in the dark early hours of the morning
  • Adam always touching Five, talking to him, letting him know that he is not going to abandoned ever again
  • Five always telling Adam that his is strong, that he is better than what he was taught, that his new family loves him no matter what
  • Five telling Adam that he is his family
  • Both of them healing each other and moving on from their pasts and mistakes together, slowly falling in love with the person that they are already so comfortable with, that they can already tell everything, and who knows them completely

Kwinskii’s bugeye: Black Magic

If you can believe it this bugeye has over 210,000 miles (and over 200,000 of them were on the stock engine). Subaru’s industrial strength build quality definitely shows on this car…

Interestingly, Kwinskii owns two modded Subarus, this black bugeye WRX being one of them, and another White STI (full-on track buildup with a bazillion point hand made rollcage (w/ gussets), ballistically wide volks, and even more Voltex goodies than the WRX – also pictured below – but it now looks like THIS)

After hitting the 210 mark, this bugeye was freshened up with EDM HID projector headlights, a fresh coat of black paint, ’04 rear to fit the Voltex carbon rear diffuser, an STI shortblock (stock engine *with mods* gave out at 207k), and the most noticeable upgrade – 18×10 Work Emotion’s.

This is an extreme wheel setup, and I’m usually not a fan of too crazy aggressive fitment (when the wheel starts to exceed the fender line), but wide looks right on this car because it’s a near-widebody WRX. While he calls it a mere “fender pull” it’s clear that some immense metalworking talent and bodywork went into building the fenders out an additional inch or so. Normally fender pulling makes me cringe because it’s (1) a permanent/irreversible mod to your chassis (2) often poorly done with a Chipotle™ Burrito-foil crumpled texture… sometimes even rusting – but Kwinskii did it right.

“The stock motor lasted until 207,000 miles. Then I just did a STI 2.5L with WRX heads and an FP green EWG and all the supporting mods. Drove it like that for about 4,000 miles and now I’m on to better things and right now I am in the middle of a motor build.”

Suspension / brakes
Tein Super Racings with custom spring rates
Tein dual EDFC
Tein front strut tower bar
GT Spec Subframe brace
GT spec H brace
GT spec truck cage
STI control arms
Cusco 22 mm front sway bar
Cusco 22mm rear sway bar
Kartboy front end links
Kartboy rear end links
STI front Brembos
DBA 4000 series rotors
(STI Rears are being put on right now with DBA rotors)

New paint job done at 210,000 miles
EDM headlights
JDM STI hood scoop
JDM STI front grill
JDM STI fog light covers
STI blinker covers
Brand new OEM bumper with shaved and new hole cut for front tow hook
Brand new OEM 04+ rear end with taillights
Front fenders rolled and pulled and the little body line is now gone
Rear fenders rolled and pulled
Voltex rear diffuser
Nukabe how hooks front and rear
Prodrive lip
(V2 STI lip on the way to make the front end be even with the rear)
Work XD-9 18X10 +18 (5×100 and only set in the country) with 265’s
Volk Black lug nuts

Motor / transmission. (I’m just listing everything that is going into the car right now or is on the car)
Brian Crower 2.7L (102 bore 8.2:1)
Brain crower 280 cams
Darton Sleeves
Commetic head gaskets
Cosworth High volume high-pressure oil pump
Cosworth main and rod bearings
Cosworth Valves 1mm over sized
Cosworth Valve springs and retailers
Cosworth timing belt guide
Cosworth 11mm head studs. The new stronger ones
JDM Spec C intake Manifold.
Rotated intake manifold
Custom intercooler piping
Wiggles clams
Tial GT35R .82 rotated
Tial 44mm wastegate
Tial Q blow off valve
APS fuel rails with custom lines
1150 or 1600cc injectors. I might also get a 42R and switch every now and then so I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.
Koyo radiator
Samco radiator hoses
APS short ram intake
APS exhaust
APS Exhaust manifold
APS 525 Silver front mount
Process West oil cooler (not that get of quality FYI)
Moroso oil pan
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure regulator
Prova water to air separator
Painted engine bay and wire tuck
STOCK Transmission still haha. (New one coming when this one goes. Either PPG or STI 6 speed)

I know there is a lot more that I am forgetting in the motor I just can’t remember right now.

Sparco Pro2000’s X2
Takata long harnesses X2
Cusco 7 point cage with 2 add on bars.
06 STI steering wheel
Beatrush bulkhead divider

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

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The place you always come back to no matter how far away you go, no matter how long you’ve been gone. Home is where your heart is, and Liam will never leave his heart behind.