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Noisy resort neighbor gets his secret spilled.

(warning: long story)

Happened a few days ago.

My wife and I decided to go to Southern California for the holidays. We found ourselves a nice resort and checked in. All was well until we noticed that the walls in our room were very thin. As we entered our room we could hear our next door neighbor talking and having an argument with his girlfriend (we shared one common wall with them). They were shouting pretty loud and we could hear everything through the wall. We’ll refer to this guy as Noisy Neighbor (NN). NN kept fighting with his girlfriend about something she said earlier. We didn’t follow, wasn’t interested and decided to go eat and explore around the town we were in.

We came back around 10 at night and all was quiet. We figured that NN and his girlfriend already went to bed so we went to bed as well. Turns out he was out.

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The Excuse [1/1]

A/N: I honest to God have no idea what this is. This article came across my newsfeed and my brain did that thing (every writer in this fandom knows what I mean) and with enabling from one @xpumpkindumplingx, this came about even though I haven’t updated TMTC since October (still working on that, btw). Again, no idea what this is. It is teacher/student so if that’s not your jam feel free to give it a hard pass. The events that happen would not happy in real life but… fiction, right? Many thanks to @spartanguard for looking over this for me!

Rated: T
FFNET | AO3 (will post when AO3 decides to bloody cooperate) 

Killian Jones had seen many excuses for late assignments in his short teaching career but the one currently sitting in his inbox was by far the most extensive he had ever seen.

Killian Jones had seen many excuses for late assignments in his short teaching career.

A death in the family (a viable one, of course, except that one student whose grandmother died eight times in one semester) or the fact they were in a family member’s wedding and completely forgot about the assignment, even though every assignment he gave was on the course syllabus his students received on the first day of class. There was the one where they thought it was due another week (again, his course syllabus had the dates for all assignments) and the trickster excuse that it was showing in their sent email but not his inbox - like he was the seventy-year-old Mrs. Lucas who didn’t know how e-mail worked. Sickness of some sort was another one, although he doubted the one student had really had walking pneumonia but been able to drink his fellow classmates under the table that same night at the football game. His personal favorites were the dog had eaten their ten-page research essay and a tv show had left them emotionally compromised. He watched Doctor Who as well and while he could sympathize with their pain after the Doomsday episode, it still wasn’t a practical excuse.

But the one currently sitting in his inbox was by far the most extensive he had ever seen.

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Can I have jumin fiction where MC is covering for jaehee and he fells for her ?!


“Ah, you must be the cover for Jaehee, nice to meet you in person” he said incredibly formal, offering me his hand.

I gently took it and kept a straight face. Jaehee had told me how stern and cold this guy could be, so I had to be the upmost professional I could be.

“Pleasure to meet you too sir, I do believe you have my work number and e-mail address?” I asked, removing my hand from his.

“I do, all in my system, you start immediately yes?” he returned my question with his own.

“Of course, hence why I’m here sir” I explained, readying myself for the onslaught Jaehee had warned me about.

My best friend, Jaehee Kang, was Jumin Han’s assistant, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Jaehee had to leave for a week. Problem was, Jumin needed an assistant and couldn’t just give Jaehee a week off. Hence why I’m here. I’ve done intense assistant work before and I was asked in as a favour, well, a paid favour but still. I was sure I could cope a week with Jumin Han, even with the warnings I was given. It was just a week, what could happen?

Day 1.

He immediately put me to work, arranging meetings, making sure he was on time for everything with run downs of each one, not forgetting to give him the paperwork he needed. I believe I coped well, but there was no praise from Mr Han. I was new to this building and this man, surely he would give a little bit of praise? Nope. This was clearly a place where you just got on with your job, and if you were doing something wrong you were told, but nothing else.

I was so used to people praising my work, making sure I was on the right track, here, I felt like I was fumbling my way in a dark tunnel. If I kept walking I was doing fine, but I didn’t know where I was going. It was none stop too, if Mr Han was in a meeting, I was doing something else if not in there with him. Throughout the whole day I got a 15 minute break to have something to eat. How did Jaehee cope with this? This was incredibly unfair treatment. However, I couldn’t make Jaehee look bad in her recommendation of me, so I knuckled down and just got on with it. Six days to go.

Day 2.

I was working a lot closer with Mr Han the next day. Helping him write up some reports and future plans. To be honest, working with him like this made me realise how much of a hard worker he was. I only got a 15 minute break the day before, and yet, I didn’t see him take any. I only ever saw him grinding away at his computer or phone or even talking with his colleagues, I had my suspicions that he had eaten while on the move.

While we sat in his office, writing up a report, I noticed that his desk lacked photos. My previous bosses had photos of their families, friends, pets, this guy? Nothing. Except one photo of a beautiful, snow white cat. Was this guy single? There was no wedding ring. A big CEO like him not married at this age? I couldn’t contain the surprise on my face.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, catching me staring at the picture of the cat.

“Ah, no I was just admiring the cat, they yours?” I asked, nonchalantly, shaking the surprise from my mind.

“Yes, her name is Elizabeth the 3rd” he said quite proudly.

“She’s beautiful” I said truthfully. She was. Her fur looked well-groomed and she looked truly happy in the photo.

“Thank you” he said. And, was that a smile? That was the first smile I saw since meeting him. Strange man, but a man I kinda wanted to get to know more.

Day 3.

Today’s tasks consisted mainly of just me in my little office organising meetings more than working with Mr Han, which saddened me ever so slightly. I know the day before was a little bit stressful, desperate to get reports done and such, but seeing that stoic man smile so casually about a cat…I wanted to make him do that again.

When the clock turned 1pm I decided I would allow myself a break now, and since I was more on my own that day I knew I could give myself a little longer to eat. Bringing my sandwich out, I realised I hadn’t brought a drink. Damn it. I brought my purse out, grabbing some money then heading to the vending machines down the corridor.

Just as I left my office I bumped straight into Mr Han.

“Sorry sir, is there something you need me to do?” I apologised.

“…were you on your lunch?” he asked. Strange question.

“I was, yes, just started now, I was just going to grab a drink” I said “but if there’s something that needs to be done my lunch can wait”

“No, not particularly, I was hoping to catch you on your lunch” he said. He was acting rather strange, stranger than usual, nervous? No. Jumin Han never got nervous, he lived and breathed confidence, that’s what Jaehee had told me. But, why was he shifting on his feet like that?

“You were?” I asked.

“You said Elizabeth the 3rd was beautiful, I thought you might like to see some more photos of her” he said eventually. Ha, he wanted to show me more photos of his cat? I didn’t mind.

“Sure, why don’t you join me for lunch? Then you can show me the photos at more ease” I suggested.

Jaehee had said this guy was stoic, not approachable and overall, extremely professional. At this point, I disagreed with her, Jumin Han the CEO was yes, but Jumin Han the person? He just loved his cat.

Day 6.

The week had just flown by, I only had one day left with Jumin and I knew I was going to miss these stress filled days. Today had been no different, we worked hard, we had lunch together, he shared more photos and stories of Elizabeth the 3rd, he even laughed slightly at some of the things I said. I felt like he was opening up. I enjoyed his company, during work and during our lunch breaks.

At the end of the day, the clock read almost 11pm which had been the usual finishing time for me during this week, I grabbed my things, sending off one last email to Jumin before heading out. That’s when my phone rang.

“Mr Han?” I answered.

“Are you able to come up to my penthouse?” he asked.

His penthouse? I’d heard from Jaehee that sometimes he did ask her to go up there, but since I was only temporary I didn’t think that could apply to me.

“Erm, yes I can, I’ve only just left the building” I explained, turning back.

“Perfect, thank you” he said, hanging up.

It didn’t take me long to get up there, and naturally, I was impressed at the grandeur of it all. As soon as Jumin opened the door I was greeted by him and the infamous Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms.

“Thank you, it’s to do with the email you sent just now” he explained, ushering me in, closing the door behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as the cat dropped from his arms.

“You’re missing part of the attachment, take a look” he said, showing me his laptop.

Seriously, does this guy ever stop working? Just relax? Clearly not. When I saw the screen, though, I did panic a little.

“What the hell? It’s all gone encrypted!” I said, covering my mouth immediately “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we can fix this before the morning” he said, showing me that rare smile of his.

Day 7.

What was time? What was sleep? What was anything? We had been up almost the entire night trying to fix the email. I had even gone down to my office to resend it, but something had hacked into my computer so it wasn’t retrievable. We had to start from scratch, which took forever. But, finally, at 9am, just before Jumin’s meeting for this report, we had fixed it.

He didn’t look tired at all, how he managed to do that I would never know. Being the gentleman he was though, he did say to me I could take a nap on his sofa and shower if I wished before coming back down for my final day. I accepted. I needed it.

When the day finally came to an end and Jaehee came to meet me in our office, I did feel a tad relieved, and yet also a little sad. I wasn’t going to see Jumin again, it was all up to Jaehee now. Of course it was, I was just a stand in. Nothing special. I quickly gathered my things after giving Jaehee the run down and left the building.

Almost as soon as I sat down on my sofa at home, my phone beeped at me. A text…from Jumin? What the heck? I sat up and opened the message.

“Thank you for being my assistant, I deeply appreciate it, you were a hard worker” it said and I smiled, replying quickly.

“No, thank you for being a good boss, say hi to Elizabeth for me, I hope we can work together again in the future” I typed, not expecting a reply. And yet, I got one anyway.

“I don’t think so” I got back, making my heart sink. What did he mean? Was all that just an act? But my phone beeped again before I could spiral.

“I’d much prefer to see you again in a non-professional way, would you like dinner soon?”

I quickly replied, allowed the grin spread on my face like I was a teenager again.

“I’d like that very much, Mr Han”

“Please, call me Jumin”

Hi studyblr community! This is my first original post; I hope it serves you well! I got my research position through a program in my school, so the process was a little more formal at first (I had to write essays), but I still used these when it came down to communicating with my PI (principal investigator). Good luck!


1. Do you have time to do this? Don’t just think about gaps between classes in your schedule. Think about how hard your classes are and how much time you need outside of class for homework and studying. Orgo and psych might both be one hour classes, but they are definitely not going to require the same amount of time outside of class. You need blocks of time (3 to 4 hours at a time) to spend in lab.

2. What kinds subjects are you interested in? Those departmental websites are where you’re going to be looking. (Don’t be shy about looking into research that isn’t within your major. You never know what kind of answers you’ll get!)

3. What kind of work are you expecting to do? Do you want to do benchwork (wet lab)? Or do you want to do things that are more computational (dry lab)?


1. If you were really interested and did well in one of your classes this semester, look up that professor’s website. Read about their areas of research, or…

2. Go to your major’s website (or website of any other department you were interested in) and find the faculty list. Start reading everyone’s research interests.

3. For the professors whose work catches your eye, go to their lab websites and do some more reading! (Better learn to love it now; research is a lot of reading.) Look up journal articles authored by these professors (pay attention to the year they were published. More recent ones will give you a better idea of what could be going on in their labs right now). You don’t have to understand everything in the article. At the very least, read the abstract and skim through the introduction and conclusion. This will give you a better feel of the problem and what was accomplished in the project. It’s important to know this stuff because you’re going to…

3. E-mail the professors! And don’t write cookie cutter e-mails. Individualize each e-mail and make sure to voice your genuine interest in that lab’s work.


1. Be concise. Ain’t nobody got time to read your perfectly crafted 5-paragraph essay on why you should be taken into the lab. 

2. Introduce yourself, your year, and your major. If you’ve taken relevant coursework, you could mention that too.

3. Mention that you came across the professor’s research and be specific about what caught your attention.

4. Say that you’d like to talk to them about their research (this is code for “Please can I work with you?”)

5. Only send a few e-mails at a time. If you don’t get a reply after a couple of days, you could send a second e-mail as a follow-up. If you get a no, respond courteously. You could ask one more time and insist that you really loved their research, or you could just politely thank them for their response and wish them the best. If you get a yes (congrats!), find a time and place to meet the professor, and ask if there’s anything they’d like you to read in preparation for the meeting.



1. I’ve been told that the meeting is basically like an interview, but my “interview” was really casual and not something I should’ve stressed out about at all. I still wore something nice (casual dressy).

2. If the professor gave you something to read, do your best to read it. Don’t freak out if you don’t understand, but don’t just read it without trying to understand. Google any recurring words and phrases that you don’t know (odds are that if they appear often, they’re probably important). Write notes and questions down (even if it’s more technical ones like “how does this work?”).

3. If you didn’t get anything to read, try to look up past papers again and skim anyway. Take notes and come up with questions. Don’t go in there without having anything to say or ask.

4. When reading scientific literature, don’t dwell on the details of the methodology. Go for understanding the big picture: what kind of work came before this paper? What were the findings of the paper? What are the implications for future research? What’s the next step?

5. At the meeting, admit that you didn’t catch much of what you read (it’s humbling and very likely to be true). Ask questions and talk about what you did understand.

6. At the end, thank them for meeting with you and ask about openings in the lab. If they have one and offer it to you, thank them and say that you’d like a few days first. Ask if they could talk to other students in the lab so you can get a feel for the environment. Also ask about who you’d be working with, what their project is, etc. You want to know what you’re getting into.

7. Once you’ve made your decision, e-mail the professor.


1. ASK QUESTIONS WHENEVER YOU’RE UNSURE OF ANYTHING. If you have anxiety like me, it’s scary. Admitting you don’t know something is anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re in an environment where everyone has tons more background knowledge than you. THAT’S OKAY. You’re new. You’re an undergraduate student. Of course you don’t know as much as everyone! You are here to learn and you learn by asking questions. SO ASK!!! 

2. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t try to cover it up. TELL SOMEONE ASAP! Be honest and responsible! 

2. Keep a notebook with you so you can take notes on lab procedures. Be diligent! 

3. If things aren’t going well (you’ve lost interest, trouble with your mentor, etc.), talk to your PI. It’s not fair to you to be doing work you’re not excited about (this is an extra-curricular activity, after all), and it’s also not exactly productive to the lab to have someone who doesn’t really like being there anyway. You have to love research to do it well!

4. Do your best. People are using their time and resources to train you. In return, you should dedicate yourself to it! (Doing your best does not mean sacrifice your emotional, physical, and/or mental well-being. Understand where your boundaries are and stick to them.) 

5. If you’re pre-med, this is a way for you to illustrate your passions. Research can end up being a talking point for you if you end up dedicating a lot of your time and energy into it!

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I'm crying right now. I desperately need to focus on my two papers due tomorrow. I can't for the life of me. I'm on medications for my ADHD but I'm so overwhelmed that I'm frozen. Do you have any suggestions? It's my last semester of college and I'm starting to lose it.

Okay, deep breath.

First, assess: which paper is due earliest in the day, and which paper is worth more? This will help you decide which to complete first.

Now, if you’ve done your research, you can just start writing; if you still need to research, get thee to the library.

Whichever paper you are working on second, e-mail your prof and ask for a 24-hour extension. You may have to take a hit in the grades department, but in my experience professors appreciate it when students are up-front about struggling.

This post has a breakdown of how to approach actually writing the papers.


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Could you write 338 with jamilton please? I ❤️ your writing btw

thank you!! here you go! <3 

Word Count: 913 (yikes sorry)

Warnings: swearing (as always)

From: Hercules (

To: Alexander (

Dude, seriously. You claim you hate him, but you obviously like him. Get over yourself and ask him out.

From:  Alexander (

To: Hercules (


 From: Hercules (

To: Alexander (

Okay, sure.

From:  Alexander (

To: Hercules (

….Okay, let’s just say hypothetically I liked him. How would I ask him out? If I liked him, I mean. Which I don’t.

Shut the fuck up, I know you’re laughing. Also, you shut up too, Laf. 

From: Hercules (

To: Alexander (

Just ASK HIM. He’ll say yes, he likes you too.

also ps hello this is lafayette you are a catch alexander he will say yes i know this

Alex couldn’t help chuckling to himself as he read the last e-mail. He was all alone in his dorm room, but his cheeks were flushed bright red. It was true, he always complained about Jefferson, but he’d actually just had a huge crush on him since day one of their political philosophy class together. They were in the same tutorial, and, while they fought incessantly about the course material, Alex couldn’t help but be drawn to the guy. He was passionate about politics, and he was also devastatingly attractive.

Alexander’s e-mail account pinged again, and he saw that their political philosophy tutorial had updated the materials to bring to class the next day. He ignored it, his mind on Jefferson, and decided to reply to Hercules.

From:  Alexander (

To: PHL142 – Tutorial D3 (,,, [21 others]…)

Oh, ASK him? So, like, “JEFFERSON I LOVE YOU GO OUT WITH ME?” or like, “You free later?” … ooh, how about “Netflix and chill, Tommy?”

Also P.S. Laf, learn how to capitalize and USE PUNCTUATION for God’s sake…

Oh, and P.P.S. Herc, fix your fucking phone so we don’t have to e-mail anymore. I feel like a grandpa. 

Alex hit send on the e-mail without proofreading. Moments later, he got a call from one of his best friends, John.

“What’s up?” Alex answered casually.

“Um. Why did everyone in our political philosophy tutorial get an e-mail of you professing your love for Thomas?” John asked immediately.

Alex’s insides went cold. “I sent that to Herc.”

“No, you didn’t,” John said. “Clearly you felt so much like a grandpa you forgot how to work e-mail.”

“B-but, I hit reply on Herc’s e-mail, didn’t I?” He checked. He had clicked reply to most recent.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh SHIT!” Alex cried, his face turning bright red.

“It could be worse,” John said awkwardly.

Alex groaned and hung up the phone. Trying not to think about it, he crawled into bed and hid under the covers.

The next day he debated whether or not to show up to the tutorial. There was nothing he would like to do less, but he figured he should at least try and face the problem head-on. He could let everyone know that it was just a mistake, and manage to convince them that the thing about Thomas was a joke.

Even with this plan in mind, he dragged his feet as he walked to tutorial, feeling nervous and embarrassed. As soon as he walked in, all eyes were on him. John gave him a pitying glance.

“Hey,” Alex said awkwardly. “So, I guess I should learn how to work e-mail.”

A few people laughed, relaxing at his acknowledgement of the elephant in the room.

“How stupid do you have to be to send an e-mail to twenty-five of the wrong people?” Charles Lee laughed. “Including the guy you’re talking about!”

Alex flipped Charles off and took a seat next to John. Their tutorial leader entered and started taking attendance. As always, Thomas walked in late, but he didn’t have his usual confident air about him. Alexander sunk lower into his seat, trying not to make eye contact.

The tutorial dragged on forever, Alexander and Thomas, for once, not making any comments. Since they normally drove the discussion, their poor TA was struggling to make the rest of the students speak up. Eventually, the class ended, and Thomas walked up to Alex.

“Can we talk?” He asked.

Alexander’s face coloured and he nodded. As everyone filed out, the two of them were left alone.

“Alex -” Thomas began, but he was cut off by a torrent of apologies.

“Look, Jefferson, that e-mail was a joke. I didn’t mean it, it was something that Herc was teasing me about. I’m sorry if that made you feel weird, it was totally a mistake, and I should have fucking checked who I was sending it to, and I’m really sorry if I embarrassed you, and I know you’re totally gonna hate me, so please, just yell at me or whatever-”

Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!” Thomas interjected, and Alex clammed up, blushing even more.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked.

“I wouldn’t say I love you, but I will go out with you, I am free later, I will not Netflix and chill, and don’t call me Tommy,” Jefferson said, smiling shyly, an expression Alexander had not yet seen on his face.

Alexander’s face was beet red. “O-okay,” he stammered. Thomas placed a kiss on his cheek and turned, waving as he left.

“I’ll text you!” Alex called after him lamely.

After a second of silence, Alexander heard Thomas’ reply; “Why not e-mail?”

Tarot Readings by Jenna

So you guys expressed an interest in me giving Tarot readings for you and since reading Tarot takes time, energy, and a decent amount of analysis I can’t do it for free. However, I’m making sure to offer cheaper prices for easier readings so it’s more accessible to most of you, so below the “read more” are the offers I have that you can partake in! (Reblogs encouraged)

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Портрет Киану Ривза в роли Джона Уика. (Материалы: акварельная бумага 21x29,7см, акварель и цветные карандаши). Рисую портреты по фото, для заказа работ пишите на почту и в директ. - Portrait of Keanu Reeves @keanu__reeves in the role of John Wick @johnwickmovie. (Tools: watercolor paper 21x29,7cm, watercolor and colored pencils). I paint portraits from photo. For custom work please send me e-mail or   write to direct.


The City Part 6

Genre: Angst

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings/Triggers: language? maybe?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 6

“Where the hell are you, Y/N? I’ve been calling you for like 12 fucking hoursI know you’re still alive because fans keep posting creepy ass photos of your apartment building. What the fuck in going on?” Y/B/F/N was practically screaming on the phone.

“I know” you groaned into the phone, “I’m the fucking worst. It’s not just you. I haven’t responded to anyone today. I’m just really overwhelmed and needed some time to myself. If you want to come over you can. I just ordered more takeout than I need and I opened that bottle of wine you got me for my birthday”

“How the hell did they even find out where you lived?”

You slumped further into your couch and sighed, “They’ve been following us all day. They were waiting for us to leave Big Hit and Namjoon had to work so we went our separate ways. They followed me home and I guess they’re still outside. I haven’t returned his calls and I feel like shit.”

“I’ll be over in 15 minutes”

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preview 3/4: the foster kid!au

i didn’t exactly have a proper name for this one besides “surprise new ambreigns thing” in my documents, so i mean - whoops. i explain a little bit of what’s happening, enough to get the gist, right out the gate, so no need for a preface. enjoy!

@rollinlikereigns @sabrina-the-champ

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I have a convention I’m selling at next weekend, and commissions have been closed until that’s finished. In June, I’ll have revamped commission information for prices and art options!  One option’s going to be this simpler shaded style with lineart!  It’s taken some practice that I’ll keep at, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade me a code for Y’shtola’s Modish Attire for their own cel-shaded portrait before commissions open up! These are samples! I can totally draw all the races. c:

Why not just get Mogstation item yourself?
I can, and I will if it comes to! I just thought it would be nice to offer this quirky little simple trade if there’s interest in my art, but concerns about privacy in working with paypal/e-mail for commissioned artwork!

This is an exclusive offer. I will not trade Mogstation items for any artwork options that I offer in taking art commissions! It’s only fair!

What you can expect from me:
In exchange for mentioned Mogstation item, I’ll draw the cel-shade portrait of a character! You’ll first receive a rough sketch from me before any commitments.

I’ll need references from you before I can draft out a test sketch of what you have in mind. Once I’m done, I’ll send it your way via Tumblr Messenger here and If it looks like something you’d like to commit to, then I’ll need that OK and a giftcode before I clean up the art trade and send over the finished piece!

Estimated Completion Time is One Day upon Approval of the sketch and sent code! 

I can only take one trade at this time.  

Offer Ends June 1st!  

Thank you for looking!

Watch my relative good mood plummet and my will to do absolutely any work disappear immediately at the reception and reading of an e-mail from the supervisor from hell.

Oh how life was good when you were away on your humanitarian trip, bitch. How did I work well. Now one e-mail with underlined, bolded “THIS IS IMPERATIVE I NEED THIS NOW” about things I cannot give you because I don’t have them, a few smileys to make it look like you are cool and mentions of you “working for me” (no I DIDNT ASK YOU ANYTHING) and I’m here stuck with boiling anger and suddenly higher (because no that never disappears) anxiety about my work and unable to do anything.

That’s power. I hate to be like this.


TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Just needing to vent about coworkers...

Hey all, you may remember me from my posts about Employees D and E. This isn’t really an update on that, but I’m kinda frustrated about coworkers at the moment.

I just had 4 days off, which was nice because my last days off had been chewed up by needing to attend an out of city funeral. I made a point not to check work e-mails and just try focusing on enjoying the time off.

So tonight I’m back at work, and found out my awesome manager is leaving. She’s going back to corporate (which mostly owns restaurants, we are the only hotel they own). This manager is the only person who has made me feel good about the work I do. She had mentioned a few times over the last year that if I ever quit she would just walk out, so I guess it doesn’t surprise me she would want out. My new manager’s experience is in the restaurant industry, so I remain the employee with the most hotel experience in the building, a fact I’ve never really liked as my previous property was a college residence that operated as a hotel in the summer. I am the reason this place knows we need to keep reg cards for 7 years, I made the filing system, I am the only one who files them. Part of me fears this will feel like square one again, having to explain hotel basics to my superiors.

When I came in, the evening person angrily ranted to me for 20 minutes about a task she had been given. How the explanation wasn’t clear, and what she had done. I made the mistake of pointing to the single line in her instructions that answered all of her questions, which triggered another 20 minutes of angry ranting. Basically a guy stayed with us, forgot things, and never called us about it until after we had donated them (so over 3 months later) and was to be given a comp’d standard room. He wanted to pay the difference to get a suite. Evening person took the instructions as offering the guy a suite at standard room rate and e-mailed him as such, so there will probably be an angry phone call from him tomorrow. I didn’t even get to read our com log until nearly an hour into my shift because the evening staff just couldn’t let it go and needed to rant and repeat things. I’m happy to help, but this should not have taken up 40 minutes of my shift.

Upon starting my work, I find that Employee E, the newest person that I had trained, who had previously shown promise, has fallen off fast. A lot of work wasn’t done the past 4 nights. Our logs aren’t signed, the guest keys had been made before midnight (So they expired early, the day of check in.), and I have never seen our bar floor dirtier (we are responsible for mopping.) Not just in the amount of spills, but the amount of black dirt caked onto these spills. It is Wednesday, not a busy bar day. I’m fairly sure he didn’t mop once in the last 4 nights. Among other things. I don’t need the work done perfectly, but I need the other auditors to at bare minimum get through our check list.

Oh and Employee D is still here, he’s the one coming to replace me in the morning and frankly I’m just hoping he’s on time.

What I wanted to do was post about 4 different walk ins I had the past few weeks and how varied they can be, but at every turn tonight I have come across something that just made me frustrated or dissapointed.

It may not have been yelling customers, and things could be worse, but I hope everyone else’s night shift is going better than mine.

Edit: Added clarification.

By: McJigg

Long Distance Relationship Adivce

If you are in a long distance relationship, you already know that it’s not easy. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be done and that your love can’t survive. It does takes a special kind of relationship to make it work though. If you’re really in love, can’t see yourself with anyone else and want to make it work, stay strong.

Here you find a few advice:

❤ Communication
Having a good communication is important in any relationship, it’s more important in long distance. Why? You can’t use body language to make your partner understand what you are feeling, so you really have to make sure that you express it in words that he or she can understand. When it really matters to you, never say ‘it doesn’t matter’, because your partner won’t be able to see it. He/she will believe your words.
In a long distance relationship it’s good to 'say what you mean, and mean what you say!’

★ Ways to communicate:
- Phone
- E-mail
- Skype
- Apps
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Sms
- etc.

You ask yourself how often you both should talk to each other?
In my opinion it’s really up to you and your partner but daily is best. A little bit of planning can mean the difference between being able to talk that day and not.

❤ Trust each other
It can be hard. Remember that it’s not easy and you can’t be worrying all the time that your partner is out cheating on you or you will go crazy and it will break your relationship. If your he/she tells you that he is going out with friends or that she/he has to work late, believe her/him. If you are feeling something is wrong then talk with her/him about it. Don’t overracting, don’t be smoothering, don’t make your partner feel like you don’t trust her/him. Never lie to your partner or it will happens with you too and your relationship is worth more than that.

❤ Keep the romance alive
It definitely takes more creativity and fantasy to keep the romance alive in your long distance relationship. Physical affection is not possible now, so you have to replace it with something else until you see each other. Call your girlfriend/boyfriend just to tell her you love her/him or write her/him a love letter which is truly from your heart.
You can also send your love a care package in the mail full of things she/he loves. Never forget a hand-written letter from you and your favorite photo of you. You can also make a CD of the songs you love so she/he can think of you when she/he listens to it. Remember that you love each other and while it’s easy to start taking each other for granted, it is something that can spell disaster.

❤ Plan when you both can see each other
The waiting can be too hard because you are missing your partner, and not knowing when you will see her/him next, not knowing when you can hold her/him in your arms and kiss her/him etc. It’s diffuclt, but if you know that you will be able to see your partner in a amount of time then you can begin the countdown in your mind. Even when you both aren’t sure yet when, try to make a plan. It doesn’t need to be eactly right, you can also say 'next season or next year etc.’ Work it out

❤ When will we be together in person
Whether it’s a few months, a few years, etc. Being forever in a long distance relationships will not work. It can be hard, but try to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to this. Are you going to move there? Is she/he moving here? These are some of the things you need to work out. You don’t need to know the answer yet, but keep on talking about it and don’t allow your relationship be a long distance stage forever.

All The Best!


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