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Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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Noisy resort neighbor gets his secret spilled.

(warning: long story)

Happened a few days ago.

My wife and I decided to go to Southern California for the holidays. We found ourselves a nice resort and checked in. All was well until we noticed that the walls in our room were very thin. As we entered our room we could hear our next door neighbor talking and having an argument with his girlfriend (we shared one common wall with them). They were shouting pretty loud and we could hear everything through the wall. We’ll refer to this guy as Noisy Neighbor (NN). NN kept fighting with his girlfriend about something she said earlier. We didn’t follow, wasn’t interested and decided to go eat and explore around the town we were in.

We came back around 10 at night and all was quiet. We figured that NN and his girlfriend already went to bed so we went to bed as well. Turns out he was out.

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schneeplestein staying up late in his doctors office past his work hours, scrolling through e-mails and progress reports of patients with a miserable look on his face, doodling art of anyone who caught his eye that day or objects under certain light

the sticky notes have their own pile on his desk, and the pile grows bigger and bigger. rather than it being a distraction from his work, it’s just a reminder of the life he could have had

The Excuse [1/1]

A/N: I honest to God have no idea what this is. This article came across my newsfeed and my brain did that thing (every writer in this fandom knows what I mean) and with enabling from one @xpumpkindumplingx, this came about even though I haven’t updated TMTC since October (still working on that, btw). Again, no idea what this is. It is teacher/student so if that’s not your jam feel free to give it a hard pass. The events that happen would not happy in real life but… fiction, right? Many thanks to @spartanguard for looking over this for me!

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Killian Jones had seen many excuses for late assignments in his short teaching career but the one currently sitting in his inbox was by far the most extensive he had ever seen.

Killian Jones had seen many excuses for late assignments in his short teaching career.

A death in the family (a viable one, of course, except that one student whose grandmother died eight times in one semester) or the fact they were in a family member’s wedding and completely forgot about the assignment, even though every assignment he gave was on the course syllabus his students received on the first day of class. There was the one where they thought it was due another week (again, his course syllabus had the dates for all assignments) and the trickster excuse that it was showing in their sent email but not his inbox - like he was the seventy-year-old Mrs. Lucas who didn’t know how e-mail worked. Sickness of some sort was another one, although he doubted the one student had really had walking pneumonia but been able to drink his fellow classmates under the table that same night at the football game. His personal favorites were the dog had eaten their ten-page research essay and a tv show had left them emotionally compromised. He watched Doctor Who as well and while he could sympathize with their pain after the Doomsday episode, it still wasn’t a practical excuse.

But the one currently sitting in his inbox was by far the most extensive he had ever seen.

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Hi studyblr community! This is my first original post; I hope it serves you well! I got my research position through a program in my school, so the process was a little more formal at first (I had to write essays), but I still used these when it came down to communicating with my PI (principal investigator). Good luck!


1. Do you have time to do this? Don’t just think about gaps between classes in your schedule. Think about how hard your classes are and how much time you need outside of class for homework and studying. Orgo and psych might both be one hour classes, but they are definitely not going to require the same amount of time outside of class. You need blocks of time (3 to 4 hours at a time) to spend in lab.

2. What kinds subjects are you interested in? Those departmental websites are where you’re going to be looking. (Don’t be shy about looking into research that isn’t within your major. You never know what kind of answers you’ll get!)

3. What kind of work are you expecting to do? Do you want to do benchwork (wet lab)? Or do you want to do things that are more computational (dry lab)?


1. If you were really interested and did well in one of your classes this semester, look up that professor’s website. Read about their areas of research, or…

2. Go to your major’s website (or website of any other department you were interested in) and find the faculty list. Start reading everyone’s research interests.

3. For the professors whose work catches your eye, go to their lab websites and do some more reading! (Better learn to love it now; research is a lot of reading.) Look up journal articles authored by these professors (pay attention to the year they were published. More recent ones will give you a better idea of what could be going on in their labs right now). You don’t have to understand everything in the article. At the very least, read the abstract and skim through the introduction and conclusion. This will give you a better feel of the problem and what was accomplished in the project. It’s important to know this stuff because you’re going to…

3. E-mail the professors! And don’t write cookie cutter e-mails. Individualize each e-mail and make sure to voice your genuine interest in that lab’s work.


1. Be concise. Ain’t nobody got time to read your perfectly crafted 5-paragraph essay on why you should be taken into the lab. 

2. Introduce yourself, your year, and your major. If you’ve taken relevant coursework, you could mention that too.

3. Mention that you came across the professor’s research and be specific about what caught your attention.

4. Say that you’d like to talk to them about their research (this is code for “Please can I work with you?”)

5. Only send a few e-mails at a time. If you don’t get a reply after a couple of days, you could send a second e-mail as a follow-up. If you get a no, respond courteously. You could ask one more time and insist that you really loved their research, or you could just politely thank them for their response and wish them the best. If you get a yes (congrats!), find a time and place to meet the professor, and ask if there’s anything they’d like you to read in preparation for the meeting.



1. I’ve been told that the meeting is basically like an interview, but my “interview” was really casual and not something I should’ve stressed out about at all. I still wore something nice (casual dressy).

2. If the professor gave you something to read, do your best to read it. Don’t freak out if you don’t understand, but don’t just read it without trying to understand. Google any recurring words and phrases that you don’t know (odds are that if they appear often, they’re probably important). Write notes and questions down (even if it’s more technical ones like “how does this work?”).

3. If you didn’t get anything to read, try to look up past papers again and skim anyway. Take notes and come up with questions. Don’t go in there without having anything to say or ask.

4. When reading scientific literature, don’t dwell on the details of the methodology. Go for understanding the big picture: what kind of work came before this paper? What were the findings of the paper? What are the implications for future research? What’s the next step?

5. At the meeting, admit that you didn’t catch much of what you read (it’s humbling and very likely to be true). Ask questions and talk about what you did understand.

6. At the end, thank them for meeting with you and ask about openings in the lab. If they have one and offer it to you, thank them and say that you’d like a few days first. Ask if they could talk to other students in the lab so you can get a feel for the environment. Also ask about who you’d be working with, what their project is, etc. You want to know what you’re getting into.

7. Once you’ve made your decision, e-mail the professor.


1. ASK QUESTIONS WHENEVER YOU’RE UNSURE OF ANYTHING. If you have anxiety like me, it’s scary. Admitting you don’t know something is anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re in an environment where everyone has tons more background knowledge than you. THAT’S OKAY. You’re new. You’re an undergraduate student. Of course you don’t know as much as everyone! You are here to learn and you learn by asking questions. SO ASK!!! 

2. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t try to cover it up. TELL SOMEONE ASAP! Be honest and responsible! 

2. Keep a notebook with you so you can take notes on lab procedures. Be diligent! 

3. If things aren’t going well (you’ve lost interest, trouble with your mentor, etc.), talk to your PI. It’s not fair to you to be doing work you’re not excited about (this is an extra-curricular activity, after all), and it’s also not exactly productive to the lab to have someone who doesn’t really like being there anyway. You have to love research to do it well!

4. Do your best. People are using their time and resources to train you. In return, you should dedicate yourself to it! (Doing your best does not mean sacrifice your emotional, physical, and/or mental well-being. Understand where your boundaries are and stick to them.) 

5. If you’re pre-med, this is a way for you to illustrate your passions. Research can end up being a talking point for you if you end up dedicating a lot of your time and energy into it!

Best Friends Boyfriend - Chapter Four



Harry’s text to you two weeks ago struck a cord in your heart, and a deep one.

You thought back to all the things he said to you at the lake; how he had thought you looked so beautiful, how he couldn’t stop observing you when he should have been observing Olivia, how he could help the large smile on his face when you let out your bubbling laugh, how he couldn’t help but admire how you played with the kids.

It hung heavy on your chest, that the words that came out his mouth, were just words to satisfy you, to make you feel good about yourself, when in reality, he probably felt non of those things and he only said them to lighten the situation between the two of you after your one night stand. 

So that morning, you did what you thought was best. You placed the unopened box of pregnancy tests back into the drawer. You knew you couldn’t run from it, but you felt that maybe, just not thinking of it, and not looking at it, would make the idea of being pregnant, somehow go away.

You crawled into your bed that morning, and just kept replaying all the events. The way Olivia looked at you before she pulled you aside. The harsh words that she threw at you. The way her parents looked at you, as if you had actually done something wrong, and that they were disappointed. But the one reaction that hurt you the most, was Harry’s. It hurt, because it was close to unreadable. He didn’t know where to look, who to go too, after Olivia had slapped you in the face. He looked like he wanted to come right over to you, and check if you were okay, but you sensed that he believed it wasn’t his place to do so, and you understood that, because after all, you were just his one night stand, and Olivia was his soon to be girlfriend.

Things with Olivia had been strange for the last two weeks. She seemed extra attached, not wanting to be separated. She did everything that she could, to be with Harry in every moment possible. 

Always asking what he was doing, especially when he was on his phone. Constantly peering over his shoulder, checking what he was doing, and it was beginning to make him a bit suspicious.

She was currently in the shower, despite her protests, Harry had declined the offer to join her in the shower, because he wanted to grab onto anything he possibly could, to conjoin to the fact that she was acting so strange.

Harry grabbed his phone, scanning through everything; his apps, his photos, his emails, and then the last thing that came to mind, his texts. 

For some reason, Harry hadn’t been receiving text messages. He had been so occupied with meetings, and his new music, that he wasn’t even fazed that no one was contacting him through text. 

He furrowed his brow, pressing the icon where all his messages were, to notice he had over 60 text messages from different people. From Jeff, from his sister Gemma, from his mother, a few from his father, and a couple from Ed. He kept scrolling running through the names when he scanned over a text message that had your name on it, and it said he was the last one to send a message.

He quirked up an eyebrow, tapping on the text, reading the text you had sent him, and reading the one that he had apparently sent to you, but he hadn’t really. His heart leaped in his chest, going up to his throat as he read the text that was sent from his perspective. 

“There’s nothing to discuss. There’s nothing I want to discuss. Leave me alone.”

He swallowed, rubbing at his eyes to be sure he read that text correctly, and after reading it about four times, he realized that those words were sent to you, but through the knowledge of someone else.

He gulped down, suddenly becoming concerned as to what you needed to talk about. He knew it was serious, because otherwise you wouldn’t have texted him, especially with what was going on with Olivia.


He shook his head, trying to get that idea out of his head, not wanting to believe that she could have actually went that far. He understood she was upset, jealous and angry, but could she really go that far as to taking his phone, and sending a text claiming to be him, when it wasn’t?

He was cut short in his thoughts when he heard the shower stop running and her towel covered figure was brought into the room and she grinned at him before turning to her shelf in the dresser and pulling out a pair of comfortable clothes. 

“Olivia, can we talk?” Harry asked her and she paused, turning her head as she noticed his serious facial expression and she slowly nodded. “Alright…is everything okay?” she asked, throwing her tee over her head and walking over to him and sitting beside him. “Uhm, I don’t know actually. Have you had any contact with your old roommate?” he asked her and her facial expression didn’t change, although he could tell, anger was starting to course through her veins. 

“No, why would I? She doesn’t deserve to get a word out of me” she replied, cheeks beginning to turn a shade of red, as she felt the anger rising, just talking about you. “Alright, so there wasn’t any incident where you contacted her? In anyway, shape or form?” he questioned once again, but wording it differently. 

“I wouldn’t waste my time talking to her. The only time I’d ever talk to her again was if she tried to contact you. Then I’d make myself known and show her that she has to back off, again” she pressed. “But no, I haven’t spoken to her, and I don’t plan too.” she explained, and he slowly nodded his head, trying to comprehend everything that was going on.

“Why do you ask?” she mentioned, standing up and grabbing her purse, getting ready to go to the grocery store. “Oh nothing, just wondering if you guys have maybe possibly patched things up” he smiled softly as she chuckled shaking her head. “Yeah my love, that’s never going to happen” she replied with a dry chuckle. “Okay, I have to go off to the store since we don’t have anything for dinner and we need a couple other things. So I’ll see you later, yes?” she checked and he nodded solemnly, as she pressed her lips to his for a quick peck.

He didn’t know what he was doing.

If Olivia would find out that he was waiting at your apartment door, pacing back and forth, he knew she’d have a huge fit about it, and he’d have a lot to deal with back home.

He didn’t know what he was going to do, how he was going to explain the situation, he didn’t know anything.

All he knew was that he had to clear this situation up, because he didn’t want you thinking he didn’t care for you, because that was the last thing that was on his mind, because he did, he did care for you. He held so much respect in you and for the person that you were, knowing somewhat that you went through a few life changing things in your life, and he admired you for that, because it wasn’t easy, growing up the way you did, with not many people to lean onto.

So he did what he thought was best, and knocked on your door.

Opening the door, you were presented with the person you thought you’d never see again, at least voluntarily. 

“You can go” you told him, not even wanting to speak, making your way to close the door but he shoved his foot in the way, so you wouldn’t close the door.

“You can try to crush my foot if you’d like, but that would only result in a trip to the ER, and you’d have to go with me, either way. So you could either bruise my foot and take a trip to the hospital with me, or we could talk here, without any bruises and such” he offered with a small smile on his face, trying to edge one out of you but he realized it wasn’t working.

“There’s nothing to talk about, Harry. You made yourself pretty clear a few weeks back that you didn’t want to talk and that you wanted to be left alone, so I did just that. I stopped talking to you, and I left you alone”you told him and he shook his head. 

“That’s the thing, it wasn’t me who said that” he told you. “Now can you please let me in? My leg is starting to cramp up a little in the position” he told you, gesturing to the weird position his leg and foot were in, to stop you from closing the door completely. 

You sighed, debating if you wanted to let him in or not, but you were curious as to what he had to say, and just how he’d defend himself, so you opened the door, allowing him to come in.

“It wasn’t me” he started, turning around to look at you as you stood in the kitchen, and you quirked up a brow. 

“Well, it was a text message, from your number…so that’s a pretty lame excuse, Styles” you told him with a dry chuckle, but he shook his head. 

“No, you don’t understand” he started. “I think Olivia took my phone, and she sent that text message” he told you. “I asked her about it today, if she had by any chance contacted you, in any means, and she said no, that the only time she’d ever contact you was if you tried to make a move on me, so she could show you where you stand and she’d stand her ground and what not, but then she backed herself up that she had not spoken to you. It then made me suspicious when she had brought up the detail that she’d only speak to you if you tried to make some sort of contact with me, which you did, with your text. So I’m assuming she saw the text, and pretending to be me, sending it to you. It makes total sense, because looking back at the date of that text, I remember her acting strange, and she had tossed my phone out of her hands so fast, my phone almost landed on the ground, but I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe she was messing around with my camera and taking pictures of what not. But, my thoughts were confirmed today when I realized all my notifications were turned off for my text messages, and she knows I’m not all that into texting, so she knows I wouldn’t voluntarily open up my texts unless someone texted me first, knowing I do most of my work over e-mail. So I’m about 99 percent sure, Olivia was the one who sent that text, because I can assure you, it was not me” he told you, placing a hand on his chest, as he tried to calm his breathing due to just explaining that way to fast, and you stood there, in shock.

You knew Olivia was angry with you, for a valid reason? No.

But never did you think she’d manage to actually go that far. 

“Do you think she’d really do that though? I know she’s Olivia, and she can get crazy…” you told him and he shook his head. “She’s been so clingy with me recently as well. She’s always over my shoulder, especially when I’m on my phone, it was as if she was trying to check if I had spotted the text or not. So it’s just all adding up to me” he told you and you sighed looking down at your feet.

“I don’t want you thinking that I sent those to you, because I can assure you, that’s the last thing I’d ever tell you” he told you, taking your hands into his. “I care for you…a lot” he reassured and you nodded closing your eyes as you bit your lip. 

“Why are you with her?” you whispered, looking up at him brokenly, trying to somehow comprehend as to why he was still dragging himself along with someone like her.

He stayed silent for a moment, not really sure what to say, because he didn’t know why he was staying with her. “I really don’t know” he told you quietly. “I mean, I have feelings for her, somewhat, otherwise I wouldn’t drag myself through a relationship with her, even though she can be crazy, but I feel like I have to be with her. I don’t know if it’s part of her plan or her spell, if you want to call it like that, but she has me wrapped around her finger, and I don’t know how to get myself out” he told you helplessly and you frowned. “Do you think I should finish the relationship?” he asked you, and you sighed. 

He knew. 

He knew you wouldn’t answer a question like that for him, because it was his life, his relationship, and you weren’t one to intrude on such a thing. You knew how it felt to have someone ruin a relationship and you promised that you’d never be the direct reason for a relationship between two people to be ruined so you placed your hand in his and gave him a gentle squeeze.

“You know you’re the only one who could answer that” you told him quietly giving him a soft smile and a sigh, and he nodded.

It was silent for a moment, the two of you just taking in the silence, something that had been a common occurrence for you, but not for him. 

“What did you want to talk about? With that text that you sent me, but I never got a chance to actually read it. You wanted to discuss something?” he asked and your heart stilled. He could tell by your facial expression that the clogs were working away in your brain, and you didn’t know how to say what you wanted to say. 

“Uhm, come to the living room with me. I think we should sit” you told him, gesturing for him to follow you as you both sat down, facing each other. 

“Alright, you’re really scaring me” he chuckled nervously, wiping his palms against his shorts and looking over at you. “You’re not dying, are you?” he askd seriously, a wave of sadness washing over his eyes as you chuckled and shook your head. 

“Well then it can’t be bad, nothing would be worse than that” he chuckled and you stayed silent, lips falling into a straight line.

You looked down at your hands, fiddling with your fingers, not really sure how to bring up the topic, knowing that the possibility of it, was very real. 

You then felt his hand slip into yours as he gave it a gentle squeeze and you looked up at him with watery eyes, really not sure on how you were going to tell him. 

“Come on, it’s okay, it’s just me.” he assured, pulling you close to him and wrapping you tightly in his arms as he felt tears dribble down onto his shoulder. “Come on, no tears now. I don’t like seeing you cry” he whispered, stroking his thumb underneath your eyes to wipe away the moisture. 

You sniffled, wiping at your wet nose before looking at him. 

“I think, I may, uh, be pregnant” you told him, voice quivering as he hands went lack and he felt his body go numb, and he gulped.

He wasn’t really sure what to think, this was definitely not something he was expecting. He thought maybe you’d want to discuss something about Olivia, or discuss what went down after you left at the lake, never did he think you’d tell him about a potential pregnancy.

“Wow…uh – okay” he breathed, trying to compose himself as he quickly knuckled away at his eyes that were beginning to gather moisture in them. 

“I’m so sorry” you whispered, covering your mouth, as the tears dribbled down your cheeks and a harsh cry escaped your lips, shaking your head, not believing that this was actually happening, and a wave of guilt swept over you and Harry’s eyes went wide. 

“Hey, hey!” he reassured, pulling you into his arms and running a soft hand up and down your back. “Do not apologize” he whispered, shaking his head and he ran a hand through your hair. “Something like this, is a two person job, don’t feel sorry and do not blame yourself” he told you sternly to try and get his point across, but still carrying much respect and sympathy in your voice. 

“Alright, now did you take a test?” he asked you and you sniffled. “No, I was going to that night I texted you, I was going to see if you’d possibly be able to make your way over, so we could take it together – but then I got that text message and it made me sick to my stomach, and I couldn’t do it” you replied hoarsely, wiping the tears away from your eyes, sniffling.

“Alright – Okay. Don’t stress yourself until we know what we’re dealing with. It might as well be negative, alright? We don’t know. But we’ll do it together, alright?” he told you reassuringly, looking into your eyes as you nodded, exhaling a deep breath.

“Alright, do you still have the tests-” Harry was cut off with a quick opening and slamming of the door as you heard a dry chuckle, and you quickly jumped up onto your feet.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the little whore, who can’t keep to herself, hmm?” she questioned, with a snarky smirk on her lips. “What do I have to do to you, for you to understand, that he does not want you” she growled, making her way over to you, and Harry stood in front of you, creating a barrier. 

“Olivia, don’t.” he stated, and she stilled, looking up at him. “Are you…defending her?” she questioned darkly. Harry sighed. “You look like you’re about to kill her, Olivia. We’re not teenagers, We’re adults. So maybe act like one for a minute, and just talk to her” he pressed and she scoffed. 

“Fine, she wants to talk?”she questioned, pushing Harry to the side so she was face to face with you, and you wrapped your arms around yourself, in a form of vulnerability as she stared you down. 

“Okay let’s talk” she started. “Let’s talk about how my boyfriend, wants nothing to do with you” she started. “He chose me, not you. Do you understand? I don’t get why you find the need to meddle your way into everything. You should learn to keep to yourself, and stop ruining people’s lives. No wonder people never side with you” she chuckled dryly, looking over at Harry. “Can you get my bag please?” she asked him and he sighed, cautiously stepping away from the two of you and handing Olivia her duffel bag. “Now, I’m going to collect the rest of my stuff, and after this, you will not contact me, my family, or Harry. Do you understand me?” she questioned towards you harshly and you stayed silent. “Perfect, just how I like it” she smiled, walking past you, and that’s when you decided you had had enough.

“You know what, Olivia?” you told her. “It’s not going to be like that, I’m not going to stay quiet, and let you have it your way. You want to know why? Because it’s been like that for forever” you told her, voice quivering, but you took a breath, trying to compose yourself. “You don’t get to walk away looking like Miss Perfect, because you’re far from it. You want to place blame on me that I “stole” your boyfriend, or that I was trying to make a move on him? Go ahead, because we all know it’s false, including me and Harry, we are just friends, and if you want to continue to paper me as the bad guy here, go ahead, I don’t care anymore, but just do not forget about what you did to me when we were younger” you reminded her, and she stilled, eyes going wide as she looked at Harry and then back at you.

“Don’t you dare” she growled, eyeing you from far away and you shook your head.

“No, I will, because it’s about time somebody heard it. You try and paint such a pretty picture of yourself, but little does anyone know, that you’re far from perfect. Best Friends are suppose to be there for each other, through and through, right Harry?” you questioned, calmly looking over at him, and as confused as he was, he nodded. 

“Well, Olivia here, my dear friend” you said sarcastically. “Well she decided that in our senior year of high school, that she’d humiliate me in front of the whole school by kissing my boyfriend” you said aloud, and wow did it feel good in that moment, and you saw Olivia’s fists clench. “Oh, but wait, wait, wait” you chuckled dryly. “That wasn’t it, no! Not only was I humiliated in front of the whole school by walking out my classroom to see her lips against his, but then I caught them sleeping together, in my bed, the following stated, and Harry’s eyes went wide as you stood there, a blank expression on your face. 

You fucking bitch!” Olivia screamed, lunging towards you as her fist collided with your jaw and you winced, quickly feeling her weight be dragged off of you as Harry held her back. 

“Olivia, It’s time I think you leave!” Harry told her sternly, as you laid on the floor, your hand applying pressure to your jaw, as you felt the pain increase, but Olivia refused to move. “Now!” he shouted, pulling out his keys and shoving them in her palm, and escorting her out the apartment, and locking the door. 

He released a few jagged breaths, trying to apprehend as to what just happen, before running over to you and he bent down on his knees beside you. His heart shattered when he saw you there, laying on your side, tears dribbling down your cheeks as your lips wobbled. 

“Hey, hey. Sh it’s alright” he whispered, cautiously running a hand up and down your arm, helping you sit up. “Here let me take a look” he whispered trying to pry your hand away gently but you didn’t budge. “Hey” he told you quietly, trying to get you to make eye contact with him, it didn’t happen right away, but a few moments later, you looked up at him warily through tear rimmed eyes. “It’s okay” he told you. “I’m not going to hurt you” he reassured and you nodded, slowly taking your hand away from your jaw and he cringed at the yellow skin that was beginning to develop, along with small splotches of purple beginning to appear. 

“Alright, stay right here, I’m going to go get you some ice” he told you, patting your knee and heading over to your freezer, grabbing an unopened bag of peas and coming back to you, gently placing it where the bruise was starting to form.

He sighed, shaking his head in disbelief that something like this actually just happen, that Olivia would go as far as literally punching you. Shaking his head clear of Olivia, he knew he shouldn’t seethe in his anger with her, but put all his attention on you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you in” you told him, lips trembling as your voice got caught in your throat. “If I didn’t let you in, then none of this would have happen-” he shook his head, gesturing you to stop and you sniffled. 

“Don’t blame this on yourself, okay? Maybe it’s better that I was here, because maybe Olivia would have done something worse if I weren’t here” he told you. “Just don’t think about her right now, alright? We just want to make sure you’re okay” he told you and you nodded, slightly wincing. 

He had decided that it was better you move you to your bed when you fall asleep against his shoulder, in the middle of the living room. He was going to leave you be, on your own, as he stayed in the living room until you awoke, but once he was about to make his way out the room, you mumbled over at him if he could just stay beside you, to make sure someone was with you, and he couldn’t deny the idea of you wanting him beside you, along with the feeling of his heart jumping to your request.

So here she was, beside him, with her head on his chest, breaths short and sweet and he smiled, running his fingers absentmindedly along her arm, doing whatever he could to keep her relaxed.

He had just closed his eyes when he heard his phone buzzing and he silently groaned, turning his head to see Olivia’s name written at the top of the screen. He rolled his eyes, pressing the decline button, putting his phone down, to only have it buzz again seconds later, with her name appearing at the top, again.

He tried to stifle his anger, not wanting to be loud, and awake you. He pressed the accept button and brought the phone to his ear.

“Did you not get the hint that by me pressing decline, meant that I didn’t want to speak to you?” he told her, in a hush, into the phone. She scoffed on the other end and he sighed.

“Come on, you know she deserved that, the stuff she said? Harry that was so long ago” she explained.

He shook his head, closing his eyes and looking down at your sleeping figure.

“Even if it was a long time ago, that doesn’t justify what you did to her” he whispered, biting his lips as he felt his heart ache.

“But– wait, why are you whispering?” she asked, and he gulped, staying silent. “You can’t tell me you’re still there. You’re not, are you?” she asked him, voice in a flat tone, as he could tell that her jaw was set, and she was nothing but happy. 

“Olivia, I couldn’t just leave her like that-”

“You are unbelievable” she told him over the phone. “I swear, the two of you are going to regret it. You better get your ass home as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll be the one regretting your choices, more than her” she threatend, the line cutting short right after.

He sighed, placing his phone down when he felt your stir and he smiled down at you. 

“Hey, sorry, did I wake you?” he asked quietly, sitting up and observing your bruise, that didn’t seem like it was getting worse, and that made him feel slightly better about the whole situation. 

“No, it’s okay” you whispered hoarsely, rubbing at your eyes. “What time is it?” he asked him, yawning. “A little past seven” he smiled. “Do you want me to make you something to eat? I can make you some soup or something?” he offered but you shook your head.

“No, I’ll be alright, you should probably go back to Olivia, before she ends up killing you, and then me soon after” you chuckled, wincing at the slight pain that was brought to your jaw. 

“I can’t just leave you like this, love…” he told you quietly and you shook your head. 

“I promise, I’ll be alright” you told him. “Just go, It’s okay” you reassured, giving his hand a soft rub and a small smile, that hurt, but you knew you had to give him one.

“But what about the pregnancy test-”

“We can do that another time. Right now, just go home…and try and work things out with Olivia” you told him, and he scoffed. “Working things out with Olivia is that last thing on my mind, right now” he told you and you sighed. “What goes on between me and Olivia, shouldn’t affect the relationship you have with her. It’s my problem, and her problem” you told him. “But it’s my problem, when I’m standing there, and seeing you get hurt. I can’t just let her get away with something like that” he whispered, looking at you with glossy eyes, and you gave him a sad smile. 

“I’ve been through worse, Harry. It’s just a bruise” you told him and he sighed, pulling you into his arms, sighing contently due to the warmness of your hug, and the soft, and sweet smelling scent that carried on your skin, vanilla bean.

“I don’t deserve to have you in my life” he spoke out, lips against your hair. “You’re so strong, and you’re so incredible, I just-” he sniffled, looking up at the white ceiling, to try and contain his emotions but a tear trickled out from his eyes. 

“It’s okay” you reassured once again, wiping the tear marks off his cheek. He sniffled, pressing his lips to your forehead, and keeping them there for a moment. 

“God, if things only things were easier and less complicated, I’d do anything to just stay here…in your arms, with you” he whispered, and in that moment, you couldn’t help the small sob that escaped your lips, because that’s all you wanted as well. But life had other plans, life brought unexpected situations.

So after he left, you were sat in your living room, once again, alone.


Wow, wow and wow. I don’t think my heart can take this anymore! There is soo much more in store, and I hope you’re enjoying everything that is coming out so far! Please let me know what you thought, the feedback is my favorite, and I just love chatting with all of you, and all your thoughts and I just love all of it! I’ll be off for a vacation, so I won’t be back until Tuesday afternoon sadly, so there won’t be a post until after then sadly :( But I hope you still enjoyed and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day! Much love! x

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Can I have jumin fiction where MC is covering for jaehee and he fells for her ?!


“Ah, you must be the cover for Jaehee, nice to meet you in person” he said incredibly formal, offering me his hand.

I gently took it and kept a straight face. Jaehee had told me how stern and cold this guy could be, so I had to be the upmost professional I could be.

“Pleasure to meet you too sir, I do believe you have my work number and e-mail address?” I asked, removing my hand from his.

“I do, all in my system, you start immediately yes?” he returned my question with his own.

“Of course, hence why I’m here sir” I explained, readying myself for the onslaught Jaehee had warned me about.

My best friend, Jaehee Kang, was Jumin Han’s assistant, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Jaehee had to leave for a week. Problem was, Jumin needed an assistant and couldn’t just give Jaehee a week off. Hence why I’m here. I’ve done intense assistant work before and I was asked in as a favour, well, a paid favour but still. I was sure I could cope a week with Jumin Han, even with the warnings I was given. It was just a week, what could happen?

Day 1.

He immediately put me to work, arranging meetings, making sure he was on time for everything with run downs of each one, not forgetting to give him the paperwork he needed. I believe I coped well, but there was no praise from Mr Han. I was new to this building and this man, surely he would give a little bit of praise? Nope. This was clearly a place where you just got on with your job, and if you were doing something wrong you were told, but nothing else.

I was so used to people praising my work, making sure I was on the right track, here, I felt like I was fumbling my way in a dark tunnel. If I kept walking I was doing fine, but I didn’t know where I was going. It was none stop too, if Mr Han was in a meeting, I was doing something else if not in there with him. Throughout the whole day I got a 15 minute break to have something to eat. How did Jaehee cope with this? This was incredibly unfair treatment. However, I couldn’t make Jaehee look bad in her recommendation of me, so I knuckled down and just got on with it. Six days to go.

Day 2.

I was working a lot closer with Mr Han the next day. Helping him write up some reports and future plans. To be honest, working with him like this made me realise how much of a hard worker he was. I only got a 15 minute break the day before, and yet, I didn’t see him take any. I only ever saw him grinding away at his computer or phone or even talking with his colleagues, I had my suspicions that he had eaten while on the move.

While we sat in his office, writing up a report, I noticed that his desk lacked photos. My previous bosses had photos of their families, friends, pets, this guy? Nothing. Except one photo of a beautiful, snow white cat. Was this guy single? There was no wedding ring. A big CEO like him not married at this age? I couldn’t contain the surprise on my face.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, catching me staring at the picture of the cat.

“Ah, no I was just admiring the cat, they yours?” I asked, nonchalantly, shaking the surprise from my mind.

“Yes, her name is Elizabeth the 3rd” he said quite proudly.

“She’s beautiful” I said truthfully. She was. Her fur looked well-groomed and she looked truly happy in the photo.

“Thank you” he said. And, was that a smile? That was the first smile I saw since meeting him. Strange man, but a man I kinda wanted to get to know more.

Day 3.

Today’s tasks consisted mainly of just me in my little office organising meetings more than working with Mr Han, which saddened me ever so slightly. I know the day before was a little bit stressful, desperate to get reports done and such, but seeing that stoic man smile so casually about a cat…I wanted to make him do that again.

When the clock turned 1pm I decided I would allow myself a break now, and since I was more on my own that day I knew I could give myself a little longer to eat. Bringing my sandwich out, I realised I hadn’t brought a drink. Damn it. I brought my purse out, grabbing some money then heading to the vending machines down the corridor.

Just as I left my office I bumped straight into Mr Han.

“Sorry sir, is there something you need me to do?” I apologised.

“…were you on your lunch?” he asked. Strange question.

“I was, yes, just started now, I was just going to grab a drink” I said “but if there’s something that needs to be done my lunch can wait”

“No, not particularly, I was hoping to catch you on your lunch” he said. He was acting rather strange, stranger than usual, nervous? No. Jumin Han never got nervous, he lived and breathed confidence, that’s what Jaehee had told me. But, why was he shifting on his feet like that?

“You were?” I asked.

“You said Elizabeth the 3rd was beautiful, I thought you might like to see some more photos of her” he said eventually. Ha, he wanted to show me more photos of his cat? I didn’t mind.

“Sure, why don’t you join me for lunch? Then you can show me the photos at more ease” I suggested.

Jaehee had said this guy was stoic, not approachable and overall, extremely professional. At this point, I disagreed with her, Jumin Han the CEO was yes, but Jumin Han the person? He just loved his cat.

Day 6.

The week had just flown by, I only had one day left with Jumin and I knew I was going to miss these stress filled days. Today had been no different, we worked hard, we had lunch together, he shared more photos and stories of Elizabeth the 3rd, he even laughed slightly at some of the things I said. I felt like he was opening up. I enjoyed his company, during work and during our lunch breaks.

At the end of the day, the clock read almost 11pm which had been the usual finishing time for me during this week, I grabbed my things, sending off one last email to Jumin before heading out. That’s when my phone rang.

“Mr Han?” I answered.

“Are you able to come up to my penthouse?” he asked.

His penthouse? I’d heard from Jaehee that sometimes he did ask her to go up there, but since I was only temporary I didn’t think that could apply to me.

“Erm, yes I can, I’ve only just left the building” I explained, turning back.

“Perfect, thank you” he said, hanging up.

It didn’t take me long to get up there, and naturally, I was impressed at the grandeur of it all. As soon as Jumin opened the door I was greeted by him and the infamous Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms.

“Thank you, it’s to do with the email you sent just now” he explained, ushering me in, closing the door behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as the cat dropped from his arms.

“You’re missing part of the attachment, take a look” he said, showing me his laptop.

Seriously, does this guy ever stop working? Just relax? Clearly not. When I saw the screen, though, I did panic a little.

“What the hell? It’s all gone encrypted!” I said, covering my mouth immediately “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we can fix this before the morning” he said, showing me that rare smile of his.

Day 7.

What was time? What was sleep? What was anything? We had been up almost the entire night trying to fix the email. I had even gone down to my office to resend it, but something had hacked into my computer so it wasn’t retrievable. We had to start from scratch, which took forever. But, finally, at 9am, just before Jumin’s meeting for this report, we had fixed it.

He didn’t look tired at all, how he managed to do that I would never know. Being the gentleman he was though, he did say to me I could take a nap on his sofa and shower if I wished before coming back down for my final day. I accepted. I needed it.

When the day finally came to an end and Jaehee came to meet me in our office, I did feel a tad relieved, and yet also a little sad. I wasn’t going to see Jumin again, it was all up to Jaehee now. Of course it was, I was just a stand in. Nothing special. I quickly gathered my things after giving Jaehee the run down and left the building.

Almost as soon as I sat down on my sofa at home, my phone beeped at me. A text…from Jumin? What the heck? I sat up and opened the message.

“Thank you for being my assistant, I deeply appreciate it, you were a hard worker” it said and I smiled, replying quickly.

“No, thank you for being a good boss, say hi to Elizabeth for me, I hope we can work together again in the future” I typed, not expecting a reply. And yet, I got one anyway.

“I don’t think so” I got back, making my heart sink. What did he mean? Was all that just an act? But my phone beeped again before I could spiral.

“I’d much prefer to see you again in a non-professional way, would you like dinner soon?”

I quickly replied, allowed the grin spread on my face like I was a teenager again.

“I’d like that very much, Mr Han”

“Please, call me Jumin”

Long Distance Relationship Adivce

If you are in a long distance relationship, you already know that it’s not easy. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be done and that your love can’t survive. It does takes a special kind of relationship to make it work though. If you’re really in love, can’t see yourself with anyone else and want to make it work, stay strong.

Here you find a few advice:

❤ Communication
Having a good communication is important in any relationship, it’s more important in long distance. Why? You can’t use body language to make your partner understand what you are feeling, so you really have to make sure that you express it in words that he or she can understand. When it really matters to you, never say ‘it doesn’t matter’, because your partner won’t be able to see it. He/she will believe your words.
In a long distance relationship it’s good to 'say what you mean, and mean what you say!’

★ Ways to communicate:
- Phone
- E-mail
- Skype
- Apps
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Sms
- etc.

You ask yourself how often you both should talk to each other?
In my opinion it’s really up to you and your partner but daily is best. A little bit of planning can mean the difference between being able to talk that day and not.

❤ Trust each other
It can be hard. Remember that it’s not easy and you can’t be worrying all the time that your partner is out cheating on you or you will go crazy and it will break your relationship. If your he/she tells you that he is going out with friends or that she/he has to work late, believe her/him. If you are feeling something is wrong then talk with her/him about it. Don’t overracting, don’t be smoothering, don’t make your partner feel like you don’t trust her/him. Never lie to your partner or it will happens with you too and your relationship is worth more than that.

❤ Keep the romance alive
It definitely takes more creativity and fantasy to keep the romance alive in your long distance relationship. Physical affection is not possible now, so you have to replace it with something else until you see each other. Call your girlfriend/boyfriend just to tell her you love her/him or write her/him a love letter which is truly from your heart.
You can also send your love a care package in the mail full of things she/he loves. Never forget a hand-written letter from you and your favorite photo of you. You can also make a CD of the songs you love so she/he can think of you when she/he listens to it. Remember that you love each other and while it’s easy to start taking each other for granted, it is something that can spell disaster.

❤ Plan when you both can see each other
The waiting can be too hard because you are missing your partner, and not knowing when you will see her/him next, not knowing when you can hold her/him in your arms and kiss her/him etc. It’s diffuclt, but if you know that you will be able to see your partner in a amount of time then you can begin the countdown in your mind. Even when you both aren’t sure yet when, try to make a plan. It doesn’t need to be eactly right, you can also say 'next season or next year etc.’ Work it out

❤ When will we be together in person
Whether it’s a few months, a few years, etc. Being forever in a long distance relationships will not work. It can be hard, but try to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to this. Are you going to move there? Is she/he moving here? These are some of the things you need to work out. You don’t need to know the answer yet, but keep on talking about it and don’t allow your relationship be a long distance stage forever.

All The Best!

Tarot Readings by Jenna

So you guys expressed an interest in me giving Tarot readings for you and since reading Tarot takes time, energy, and a decent amount of analysis I can’t do it for free. However, I’m making sure to offer cheaper prices for easier readings so it’s more accessible to most of you, so below the “read more” are the offers I have that you can partake in! (Reblogs encouraged)

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The City Part 6

Genre: Angst

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings/Triggers: language? maybe?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Final

Part 6

“Where the hell are you, Y/N? I’ve been calling you for like 12 fucking hoursI know you’re still alive because fans keep posting creepy ass photos of your apartment building. What the fuck in going on?” Y/B/F/N was practically screaming on the phone.

“I know” you groaned into the phone, “I’m the fucking worst. It’s not just you. I haven’t responded to anyone today. I’m just really overwhelmed and needed some time to myself. If you want to come over you can. I just ordered more takeout than I need and I opened that bottle of wine you got me for my birthday”

“How the hell did they even find out where you lived?”

You slumped further into your couch and sighed, “They’ve been following us all day. They were waiting for us to leave Big Hit and Namjoon had to work so we went our separate ways. They followed me home and I guess they’re still outside. I haven’t returned his calls and I feel like shit.”

“I’ll be over in 15 minutes”

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pairing: Jon/Sansa
tags: fluff, lawyer Sansa, modern au
summary: Sansa’s contact rips on the morning of a big job interview. Jon’s there to save the day.

“Your contact ripped? I guess it’s glasses for you, nerd!” Jon’s false maniacal laughter roared off of their apartment walls.

It was karma, really. Sansa knew she had no right to be irritated and definitely deserved to have her contact rip, but her boyfriend’s response to her misfortune was enough to make her want to scream. Sansa stares darkly into the mirror even though all her wimpy eyes do is mix and twist her sight. All she can manage to make out is the blur of her pale skin meeting the fire of her hair. The differences in her vision between the contact and no contact eye was already threatening to give her a migraine.

Or maybe it was the thought of having to wear her purple rimmed specs she had so wisely selected at 16 years old that caused her brain to begin beating itself against her skull.

She shuts her left eye while using her right to assess her current state and debate whether or not the whole squinted look could be a new thing.

“Hey Popeye.” Jon’s voice is annoyingly peppy for it to be so early on a Monday morning. He rests his arm on the door frame of their bathroom and watches her glaring back at him with her one good eye.

“Funny.” Sansa huffs and begins gathering up her make up products in a haste.

“Hey,” Jon steps into the pea sized room and delicately wraps his arms around her middle, “I could grab your glasses for you.” His teasing makes her squint some more and earns her a chuckle that causes chills to run up her neck. If she weren’t so annoyed she’d appreciate the morning love. Usually Jon can’t even form full sentences before 10:00.

But Jon can never pass up any opportunity to give her grief.

Last night, he’d been typing away on his computer while donning his own pair of glasses. He’d been rocking his incredibly dorky Lego Avenger’s t-shirt as he answered his professional work e-mails. Sansa had made fun of him until he threatened her with death by pillow smothering. She decided to shut up then but couldn’t resist whispering “Good night Million Dollar Baby,” before finally drifting off.

Now he’s smirking and squeezing her tightly to let her know just how much ammo he has on her. “Babyyyy Ruuuuth!” Jon booms causing her to jump.


“Like the Goonies…ya know, one eyed Willy?” Jon drops his right arm from her waist to cover up his eye like a pirate’s eye patch.

Sansa swats him away, “That’s not even a good one.”

She reaches for her hairbrush and begins furiously yanking through the strands of her messy hair. Jon ducks to miss her swinging elbows and furious movements. When he’s safely back in the hallway he says, “Where are they?”

“I can’t wear them! I have the interview at the firm today!” Tears well her stupid, useless eyes and she tosses the hairbrush to the counter in a clatter. “I can’t show up with some purple glasses and expect them to take me seriously!”

“It’s just glasses. You have to be able to see, babe.” Jon’s still teasing, if not borderline condescending, and it threatens to send her over the edge.

“Get out.” Sansa quips and begins to harshly rub concealer all over her eyes. Jon watches her stoically but makes a move for it when Sansa spins on her heel to direct her rage away from her make up application and directly at him.

It’s a hard battle not to break into tears of frustration, but Sansa fends it off because she knows there will be no coming back from a full on meltdown. Her face would become all splotchy and under eyes would be pink and puffy for at least an hour afterwards. Then what would she do? She’d be a childish cry baby in purple glasses and there’s no way the Winterfell Criminal Law Firm would take her seriously.

When Sansa finally emerges from their bedroom in her big girl suit with sensible heels, she feels only a little better. At least when they reject her for making a fool of herself she has the new suit to try again at another firm.

But Winterfell was her dream. It was the most fast paced, hardcore, and cutthroat team in Westeros. They’d have way better jokes to make fun of her with than Jon’s stupid Goonies reference.

She drags her broken ego to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and banana to go. But Jon is seated at the table with a bowl of oatmeal smothered in peaches and a tall glass of orange juice. He’s smiling behind his glasses and has her purple pair set next to her steaming breakfast.

“Jon,” Sansa could cry. No, seriously. Everything threatens to crash when Jon stands up in a panic, waving off her emotions. “No! No crying! You’ve got oatmeal and a commute. No tears!” Jon pulls her chair out and motions for her to sit.

Sansa chokes on her tears and his sweetness. A lump lodges itself in her throat when he sits across from her once again. “Thank you.” Her voice is barely above a whisper when she shovels a spoonful of peaches into her mouth.

Jon grabs her glasses and gently pushes the frames onto her face in between bites. A smile grows across his face, “Beautiful. They’d be idiots not to hire you.”

“I probably look like a kid playing dress up.” Sansa’s voice wavers as she sullenly looks down at her bowl.

“Bullshit.” Jon grabs her hand, “You’re the most intelligent, hard working, and caring woman I know.” He gives her hand a squeeze and pushes his glasses up his nose, “If you’re a nerd, I’m a nerd.”

“You’re a nerd.” Sansa smiles in spite of herself.

Jon beams proudly and jingles his keys, “Come on, I’ll drive you. Let’s go get your big kid job!”

Sansa grabs his hand when he offers it and pulls him in for a grateful kiss.

She deserved worse. Way worse than a flop of a joke and definitely not a bowl of her favorite breakfast. But Jon was too sweet and too caring to carry on when he knew how upset she was.

Jon sang along to her corny pop songs he insists on hating and didn’t say a word when Sansa turned it up louder than his voice. He dropped her off with a kiss and a wave and a promise of a date to take her mind off things as soon as she got her job. Sansa considered it a cheer up date, but was thankful nonetheless when she tiptoed into the Winterfell building.

After she seamlessly landed the job, they went to go catch the new Spider-Man movie in matching t-shirts and glasses.

“If you’re a nerd, I’m a nerd.” Sansa whispered when the title screen appeared.

Jon kissed her temple. “Congrats on your job, nerd.”

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Tell me a story! <3

(In which @socpuppet told me that this ficlet really needed a companion piece and I agreed.)

Jason seems to have stolen someone else’s life.

Not that he minds. It’s just kind of weird.

And it’s not that he meant to steal it, either. He went into that coffee shop expecting to change his life, expecting a James Bond movie every week, and he has the skills for it. But the only person who looked free for an interview when he walked into the coffee shop only two minutes early hadn’t asked him the passphrase. Instead, he’d shaken Brad’s hand, said that online and phone qualifications were more than enough to make the job interview a formality, and said that he’s welcome on the IT team at Bellwether Labs.

And Jason really means to say that he’s got the wrong guy, that some IT nerd somewhere is running late. He’s supposed to have the exciting movie life that he’s been applying for, not spend ten years working his way up to middle management and getting rid of viruses when people click the wrong links on work e-mails.

But honestly? Suddenly the movie life sounds really exhausting.


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Eager (Drabble Challenge)

Originally posted by chiuyixing

40. “Am I your husband or your taxi service?” + Yixing

As the seasons changed, so did your mood. The temperatures rose, but your patience fell.

This afternoon was no different as the sun beat down on the house, the temperature felt unbearable.

You laid dramatically on the floor in front of the fan that was running on its highest setting, blowing cool air over your skin. It felt like it was doing nothing in the midst of all the humidity, and internally, you came up with several nefarious insults for the useless device.

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I'm crying right now. I desperately need to focus on my two papers due tomorrow. I can't for the life of me. I'm on medications for my ADHD but I'm so overwhelmed that I'm frozen. Do you have any suggestions? It's my last semester of college and I'm starting to lose it.

Okay, deep breath.

First, assess: which paper is due earliest in the day, and which paper is worth more? This will help you decide which to complete first.

Now, if you’ve done your research, you can just start writing; if you still need to research, get thee to the library.

Whichever paper you are working on second, e-mail your prof and ask for a 24-hour extension. You may have to take a hit in the grades department, but in my experience professors appreciate it when students are up-front about struggling.

This post has a breakdown of how to approach actually writing the papers.






Портрет Киану Ривза в роли Джона Уика. (Материалы: акварельная бумага 21x29,7см, акварель и цветные карандаши). Рисую портреты по фото, для заказа работ пишите на почту и в директ. - Portrait of Keanu Reeves @keanu__reeves in the role of John Wick @johnwickmovie. (Tools: watercolor paper 21x29,7cm, watercolor and colored pencils). I paint portraits from photo. For custom work please send me e-mail or   write to direct.


Sing Mini Bang 2017

Hello and welcome to the Sing Mini Bang! ^^

A mini bang, what’s that? you might ask. Well, it’s a great way to bring authors and artists together. All you need to join the fun is a working e-mail-address. And of course, love for the animated movie Sing! ;)

So how does this work? First, you, the author, think of a story you want to write for this (in the end, it should be at least 2,500 words long). Then you’ll sign up and send us a summary of your story and a snippet. After that, artists get the chance to look at the summaries and the snippets and decide for which story they would like to draw something and sign up for that story. If a an artist signs up for your story, you’ll receive an e-mail with the contact information so the two of you can work out the details. The idea behind this is to bring authors and artists together create something amazing together for this movie we all love so much. :)

Now we want to give everyone the same chance. This is why we ask you to keep yourself anonymous.

Also, the idea is to create something new, so the story you contribute must be something that hasn’t been posted before. Once the story and the contributing art have been posted here, you are allowed to post your story/art on your tumblr/FF.Net/AO3/any other site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an ask or send us a message. :)

For more information, please look at the guidelines and the timeline.

Now spread the word and let get us started! ^^

anonymous asked:

I've been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 7. I'm on medication and everything but I've noticed as I've gotten older, it has been WAY harder for me to "get passed" the ADHD. I'm finding my symptoms are getting worse and I'm having a harder time managing them. Every time I talk to a therapist about helping me manage my symptoms, the aren't very helpful. I was wondering what an ADHD coach is and how you get one?

An ADHD coach is basically a life coach with special training in helping ADHDers. They can help you learn new, healthy methods for dealing with your ADHD and help you develop and institute new methods that actually work for managing your life.

You have to look for one online; ADDitude Magazine has a directory. Some work in person, some work via e-mail or phone (etc.), some work however works best for you.

You can read more about what ADHD coaches are and do here and here.


Tell your own story, and you will be interesting,’ she responded. ‘Don’t get the green disease of envy. Don’t be fooled by success and money. Don’t let anything come between you and your work.
—  In an e-mail exchange in early 2008, The Associated Press asked Louise Bourgeois what advice she would give young artists just starting out.