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Episodes Review: ‘Elements’ (S09E2–09)
  • Airdate: April 24–27, 2017
  • Story by: Ashly Burch, Adam Muto, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis
  • Storyboarded by: Sam Alden, Polly Guo, Seo Kim, Somvilay Xayaphone, Laura Knetzger, Steve Wolfhard, Graham Falk, Kent Osborne, Hanna K. Nyström, Aleks Sennwald
  • Directed by: Elizabeth Ito, Cole Sanchez (supervising), Sandra Lee (art)

As with Islands, instead of doing a recap of the entire miniseries, I’m going to jump right into what I have to say about the 8 episodes that aired this week.

Whereas Islands went for a more serious and philosophical stance, Elements went the opposite route, emphasizing humor throughout. There are a lot of great character moments, funny bits of dialogue, and goofy fare that you’d only find in an Adventure Time episode. The miniseries’ second episode, “Bespoken For” is perhaps the best example of this fun blend, allowing the Ice King to tell his side of a pretty wacky story. In fact, the Ice King is on grand display in this miniseries, and the show really lets his amiable goofball side shine.

Another strong part about Elements is the sheer number of characters that we revisit. Marceline. Lemongrab. Fern. Flame Princess. Cinnamon Bun. Elder Plops. Party Pat. They’re all in this miniseries, as are many more. And what is more, they all have decently sized parts. In the commentary for “It Came from the Nightosphere”, Adam Muto noted that the episode included many characters who had appeared throughout season one to really emphasize the scope of Hunson Abadeer’s doings. At the same time, that episode also made the audience see how truly huge Ooo actually is. Due to the sheer amount of characters in this miniseries, Elements does something similar, allowing us to tour the sprawling lands that a boy and his dog (and by extension, ourselves) have roamed through for almost eight seasons now.

On the production side of things, everything is pretty grand. The background artists conjured up some truly beautiful element-infested set pieces, and the character designers went all out, ensuring that those who befell the slime elemental are noticeably goopy, and those who were tainted by candy are sacchrine to the point of horrifying. In fact, the candyfized denizens of Ooo are some of my favorite designs that the show has ever produced. In regards to the storyboarders, everyone turns in consistently solid work. There are no duds, but at the same time there are no real standouts, with the exception of Graham Falk and Kent Osbornes work on “Cloudy” (discussed later). I’d argue this is a good thing, since a miniseries should be a consistent whole. In fact, Islands struggled a bit because it was sprinkled with some really, really good episodes, which were surrounded by episodes that either were not quite there, or detoured from the main plot.

So, as you can see, there was a lot to love about this miniseries. At the same time, there were a few elements of the miniseries that felt kind of deus ex machina-y. Finn magically have the Farmworld Enchiridion came out of nowhere, and while this plot development is not something that makes or breaks the reality of the series, it would have at least been nice for the show to have established that Finn snatched the book after the climax of “Crossover”. In a similar way, having LSP be the ‘anti-elemental’ was not unreasonable, but it was set up in the quickest, most out-of-left-field way. The show should’ve made why LSP was unaffected a central mystery to be solved.

The miniseries also struggled at times with how it characterized the main players, with perhaps the worst offender being Betty. The episodes featuring her that led up to this have suggested that she’s a bit off her rocker, but near the end of Elements, she was downright mean to Finn and outright hateful to Ice King. Her behavior left a rather sour taste in my mouth, and so when she was zapped to Mars, presumably to pay for her magical meddling, I really wasn’t that saddened. After all, she very nearly did destroy Ooo due to some selfish desire. I only wish that the show would have placed her in a more empathetic positions—after all, losing a loved one is really hard, but it doesn’t justify treating others like total jerks.

Patience St. Pim also suffered in terms of characterization. In season 7′s “Elemental”, she was defeated and understandably angry. Then, earlier this season, she seemed to be setting up some diabolical master plan. Both episodes suggest she is crazy-powerful and about to unleash something really bad upon Ooo. In Elements, however, we learn that her plan was simply to super-charge the other elemental gals with magic, but that this ultimately backfired. Wah wah. Patience makes an appearance in “Winter Light”, largely to mope about how her plan backfired, and then she pretty much disappears from the miniseries’ plot. Frankly, this is disappointing. To put it more bluntly, she’s a wasted villain, emasculated for seemingly no good reason. Why did not the show use her as the main problem to be overcome?

But ultimately, my biggest complaint, if you can really call it that, is that the Elements miniseries was not much different from Adventure Time’s usual fare. In fact, this miniseries was almost like they took a normal, 11-minute episode and stretched it until it was 8 times its original size. Stakes used that extra time to delve into Marceline’s backstory and explore the psyches of her adversaries, and Islands made us of this extra time to explore Finn’s backstory in detail. Elements, on the other hand, drags out a “collect the gems” plot for the last half of its run. This means that the excitement promised by the first few episodes is largely evaporated when Finn et al. set out to find yet another gem. In other words, I’m not quite sure why the crew felt it necessary to tell this story in a miniseries format.

What all of this means is that Elements isn’t bad—honestly, far from it—but that it rather isn’t that amazing, either. I’d consider it, in terms of tone and plot, to sit among other ‘standard’ Adventure Time episodes that succeed at telling a fun story, but are nonetheless not on the same level as “Simon & Marcy”, “Min & Marty”, or “Evergreen”.

But let’s talk about “Cloudy”.

I know that my above rantings might sound like I hated this miniseries, and I didn’t. In fact, I absolutely adored the fourth episode, “Cloudy”. Based on a scrapped first season plot, this episode places Finn and Jake on a cloud for 11 minutes and just lets them be. They give each other imaginary haircuts, talk about their feelings, and try to hold their bladder. It’s cute and relaxing, and it really affirms why I love these two characters. Ultimately, the episode doesn’t have much to do with the Elements miniseries, although it does serve as a sort of interlude, allowing the episodes to shift from the creepy-drama of the preceding three episodes, into the more find-the-jewels mode of the final three. It’s a respite and a pivot, and in that regard it works wonders.

It’s also a delightful episode on its own, even viewed outside of the miniseries. Were I to have never seen Elements, I’m pretty sure I could’ve still enjoyed “Cloudy”.

Mushroom War Evidence: Nothing.

Final Grade:

Elements was Adventure Time’s final foray into the art of the miniseries, and I think it was a decent note to end on. It could’ve been better (as my review makes clear), but it was ultimately a fun trip. In terms of how I’d rank this among the other miniseries, it goes:

Stakes > Islands > Elements

Ultimately, I liked all of the miniseries in their own ways, but I only felt that Stakes really knocked it out of the park consistently. But then again, I love Marceline more than most of the other characters, so what do I know?

For those wondering how Peepers can possibly lift Lord Hater, boy buddy have @artaline and I got news for you

Lord Hater

Let’s say Hater is about 180cm tall (6ish feet).  The average weight for someone this size is somewhere between 70-90kg, but Hater’s pretty large, so we’ll go with 90kg.  The skeleton only take up about 15% of your body weight, and because Hater’s bones seem larger than usual, we can bump it up to 20%.  That makes Hater’s weight 18kg (about 40 pounds)

Commander Peepers

Peepers is about 1/3 of Hater’s height, making him 60cm tall.  About 40cm (2/3) of that is his head, and 20cm (1/3) is his body.  That makes the volume of Peepers’ eye 0.034 cubic meters, and since eyes are mostly water and the density of water is 1000kg/m^3, Peepers’ eye weighs 34kg.

Now for his body.  Since we’re going on the fact that Peepers is a third of Hater’s height, and his body takes up a third of his total size, Peepers’ body is a ninth the size of Haters’, and since we said someone Hater’s size would weight about 90kg, Peepers’ body must roughly weight 10kg.  This weight includes a normal-sized head though, so since the head takes up about 8.26% of your total body weight, we subtract about 1kg to get a body weight of 9kg.  That plus Peepers’ eye-head is 43kg (about 95 pounds)

In conclusion: Peepers not only weighs more than Hater, but he weighs over twice as much

The real question is how Lord Hater can lift Peepers

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Kibum discovering pictures of sexy hot naked man on Jjong's laptop and he is kinda awkward, not actually knowing his roommate that well as he thought. (with smut :D?)

“Hey, Jonghyun, Windows 8 is updating on my laptop. Do you mind if I use yours super quick? I want to check who played in this one movie, and my damn phone won’t load the page in mobile view. It’s starting to become a project.”

“Go ahead,” Jonghyun calls from his bedroom just before Kibum slides Jonghyun’s laptop closer to him. “The pin to get in is my birthday.”

Kibum types in Jonghyun’s birthday quickly, grinning to himself. “Okay, thanks!”

Kibum pulls up the Internet quickly and goes straight to Google. He frowns when a little arrow pops up in the corner of the screen, signaling that a download has finished. It’s a fairly large file of photographs, and Kibum can’t imagine that Jonghyun needs that many pictures for school. He wants to click on it out of curiosity but decides against it in favor of Googling this mystery actor. When another file notification pops up, Kibum gets distracted completely. He accidentally hovers over the notification message and opens it up. He doesn’t expect the entire file of photos to pull up and load, and he’s trying to click out of them when the computer freezes a quarter of the way through loading the pictures.

Kibum freezes.

He doesn’t see more than three of the pictures before he slams the lid of the laptop shut, cheeks burning red. He didn’t realize that a person could be so terrible at hiding their porn. Then again, Jonghyun probably wasn’t planning on Kibum using his private laptop before he could clean up the evidence, but the damage is done now. Kibum can’t unsee what he’s already seen, though he wishes he could.

Kibum tries to keep his voice level as he calls out, “Hey, I got called into work just now. Someone called off, and they need me to cover the shift. I’ll be back in a couple hours.”

Kibum runs out of the house without even thinking about changing into his uniform to make his lie believable.


It takes Jonghyun about an hour and a half to catch on to the lie. Kibum is sucking a smoothie when his phone buzzes. He knows it’s Jonghyun inquiring of his whereabouts before he even reads the message.

Jonghyun’s message is short and straight to the point. u didn’t go to work, dud u?? The second message that comes in isn’t as simple to answer, though it wasn’t much of a question. u saw the pics.

Kibum keeps his response lame. Yeah.

R u gonna kick me out? Jonghyun sends another text. U should come back.


Kibum isn’t sure why he’s being so detached. It doesn’t matter to him one way or the other what Jonghyun does in his spare time or what gender he fancies. As long as he pays his share of the rent on time and doesn’t keep Kibum up all night while he’s making use of those pictures, then it’s really none of his business.

As Kibum begins the walk back to his apartment, he begins to feel the slightest bit of guilt that only becomes worse as he continues his walk. He always pegged Jonghyun as the stereotypical straight boy. While they never outright spoke of orientation, Kibum never hid the fact that he swings both ways. Jonghyun has seen Kibum on dates with men but has also greeted women in passing when he returned to the apartment after his occasional night shifts. He never made a single comment about it, but here Kibum was making all these assumptions about who Jonghyun liked. Kibum never really had a frame of reference; Jonghyun never went on dates, as far as Kibum was aware of. It’s rare that he even went out aside from work.


“Hey,” Jonghyun squeaks nervously as soon as Kibum steps inside the apartment,

Kibum stares at his feet as he works his shoes off. “Hey.”

Jonghyun sets his laptop back on the coffee table, clasping his hands together in his lap. “Look, I’m sorry that I never told you that–”

“It’s none of my business,” Kibum cuts him off before he can continue. “We’re roommates. You’re not obligated to tell me any of that. I don’t care what you do in your spare time.”

“I just try to keep it on the down low…”

Kibum takes a seat next to Jonghyun on the couch. “You don’t need to. At least not around me. I don’t care. I don’t think I need to sit here and explain myself to you either. You’ve seen the people I’ve been with. It just kind of… surprised me.”

“So you were stereotyping me?”

Kibum shrugs. “Lil’ bit,” he grins a little bit when Jonghyun only rolls his eyes. “Is your type really those meat heads that you were downloading though? I only saw a few, but it looked like you could wash your clothes on those abs.”

“Not really,” Jonghyun admits. “I was really into exercising a few years back – before I moved in with you here – and that was kind of me… experimenting. I think I’m more into the pretty boy type.”

Kibum wrinkles his nose. “Unique.”

“I can’t help it. Although… you’re not exactly one to talk.”

“Why’s that?” Kibum narrows his eyes.

“You’re a pretty boy.”

“Screw you.”

“It’s not a bad thing.”

Jonghyun leans into Kibum. Kibum lifts his hand immediately, pressing it against Jonghyun’s chest. Kibum isn’t exactly seeing anyone at the moment, but he’s friendly with one young dancer boy that he met through a friend of a friend. It was a casual thing, but Kibum knows that hungry look in Jonghyun’s eye all too well as a young man himself, and he isn’t sure if he wants this whole situation to escalate.





Kibum frowns at all this one word conversation. Jonghyun’s eyes are glazed over, and he’s staring at Kibum but not really looking at him. Kibum watches his roommate for another moment, his hand sliding up from Jonghyun’s chest to his cheek before patting it gently. Jonghyun blicks, but his gaze moves from Kibum’s eyes to his lips, and it’s obvious.

“Jonghyun,” Kibum murmurs before speaking up a little louder when he goes unheard. “Yah, Kim Jonghyun.”

“What do those pople have that I don’t have? All those people that you bring here and fuck – how are they any different than I am?”

Kibum pulls his eyebrows together, thumb stroking over Jonghyun’s cheek as he contemplates his answer carefully. “Nothing.”

Jonghyun jerks Kibum’s chin upward with his thumb and forefinger. “Can I fuck you then?”

Kibum can’t help the smirk that curls his lips. “I’m not stopping you, am I?”


“Oh, fuck,” Kibum pants as he digs his fingers into Jonghyun’s sholder and meets his hips roughly. “Fuck… Why didn’t we do this sooner? Oh, my God…”

“I didn’t realize you were so vocal,” Jonghyun tells him as he rolls his hips into Kibum’s. “I like it.”

“Fuck off.”

Jonghyun smirks and presses his lips against Kibum’s. Kibum nips his tongue and wraps his arms around Jonghyun’s neck. He likes how Jonghyun feels against him. Jonghyun preaches about how he doesn’t work out any more, but there’s muscles in his chest that Kibum certainly doesn’t have. Men he’s usually with aren’t shaped like Jonghyun, and heaven knows the women aren’t either. Kibum could get used to Jonghyun on top of him like this.

“If I knew you were this good, I would have done this a long time ago.’

"Have you thought about it?” Kibum asks, running his nails against Jonghyun’s scalp. “Huh, baby boy? Have you thought of me under you like this before?”

“Kibum,” Jonghyun begins, sucking his bottom lip in between his teeth. “I’m pretty sure any who looks at you have a thought about what you’d look like beneath them. And – let me tell you – it’s fucking great.”

Kibum gives his erection a tug before Jonghyun lowers himself onto one elbow and smacks his hand away, taking it himself. Jonghyun’s grip is firm but not too tight. Kibum breathes out a shaky lungful of air and tugs on Jonghyun’s hair.

“Would you get me off already?” Kibum begs when he feels Jonghyun toying with the tip of his cock. “I’m– I’m touched out. Come on,” he whines, taking to nibbling on Jonghyun’s earlobe. “Please, baby.”

If Jonghyun didn’t push Kibum over the edge in that instant, he’s sure that he would have torn into Jonghyun’s skin with his nails. Jonghyun might have acted innocent around Kibum, but now, experiencing this, Kibum realizes that Jonghyun is much too skilled to be a first-timer. It makes him a little bit angry, never knowing that he was living with such a good fuck for so long.


Kibum brushes his fingers through the hairs at the back of Jonghyun’s neck, watching his closed eyes. He doesn’t think Jonghyun is asleep yet, but he doesn’t want to wake him if he is. He’s not sure of he should take this as his cue to slip back into his own bedroom now. Kibum usually takes his one night stands to his apartment so he doesn’t need to deal with this awkwardness.

With a little huff, Kibum sits up and carefully toes the covers off his ankles. Just as he’s using his hands to push himself up, Jonghyun’s hand shoots out to grab Kibum’s wrist.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

Kibum knocks his head back to look at Jonghyun. “To my bed?”

“No, you’re not.”

Kibum doesn’t say anything else and lets Jonghyun drag him back beneath the blankets.