work clothes for men

Happy ending story here.
For work experience we had to work three days at some job and as someone with many mental health issues I was stressing, tagging and sorting clothes were okay, I mostly worked with old.ladies and men die to it being a second hand shop. But the time came for the register. As someone who is so rubbish at math they can barely remember the times table I was freaking out. First time I tried I explained that I have trouble with everything with the nice lady, I messed up the counting and gave her $5 extra, when I went to the bathroom to cry and panic the lady gave back the $5 to the dude who was watching over me and asked if I will be okay.

Boston Post, Massachusetts, December 26, 1920

Where Detectives Instead of Thieves Wear Masks.

The masked bandit, train robber, foot pad, et al., is familiar to us in fact and fiction, but the masked detective or police officer is a new one, indeed. This clever idea was adopted by the Los Angeles, Cal., police to prevent alleged crooks and gunmen from identifying plain clothes men while they are engaged in the work of identification themselves. 

Ok, but house wife/ motherly ichigo and badass husband/ fatherly rukia!

- rukia in a sexy work suit
-ichigo in a sexy apron

-Ichigo with sexy long “mom” hair
-rukia with sexy side swept bangs

- gentle but firm parent ichigo
- scary but over protective parent rukia (this can apply to ichigo too)

- rukia placing ichigo on the kitchen counter and thrusting herself onto ichigo and ichigo groaning how tight she is.

-rukia topping ichigo.
-ichigo bottoms for rukia. (But they switch it up for equal balance)

- rukia slapping Ichigo’s tight ass, cuz dat ass belongs to her.
-ichigo sucking and licking a peach in front of rukia as a sexual metaphor for what he wants to do to her.

-ichigo in womans clothes and working it.
- rukia in mens clothes and working it.

- ichigo wearing cute hair ties and clippings.
- rukia wearing slacks and ties.

-Ichigo going down on rukia.

-Rukia tangling her elegant fingers into ichigo’s long locks.

Okay! So here’s a sneak peak of my new early 15th century cote with hand sewn cloth buttons. This kit still has a long way to go, but I wanted to show you my Butterbeer tankard from Hogsmeade!! Not exactly medieval immersive, but I’ve been drinking eeeeverything out of it and I love, love, love it!

Also, I had to get myself a new leather tankard holder for my belt after the one I made got promoted to buckler strap. This one was made by the very talented local blacksmith down at Kryal Castle. –sorry I had to pick the display one, it just had the cutest button!–

in neiman marcus

my self conscious trans ass finally works up the nerve to look at fancy men’s clothes

employee comes up “can i help you find anything?”

my paranoid brain “ABORT ABORT ABORT”

anonymous asked:

So my town is having an event called "White working families awareness" or something. there's a dress code, all black working clothes for men and the organizations patch on the left arm and black modest dresses for women..... does this not sound like a cult to you? and fucking racist my town is 98.67% white i'm thinking about protesting it but i'd be the only one ... pikeville ky

Yeah that sounds like some Klu get together. I don’t get why white working families need awareness. Like?????? Though I’m not sure how much protesting would help you but if you want to then go for it. 

for the guy Eponine swaps clothes with

I’ve been wondering about the guy Eponine trades clothes with for a while, you know?  Because like , it’s not like he’s getting a good deal.  And she’s not getting a student’s outfit from him; she’s getting *working class* men’s clothes, so probably the guy is not super rich!   So I wondered, what could be going on that would make a young working-class guy want what is, culturally speaking , filthy, barely-covering women’s underclothes and a skirt? All we’re told is he’s a “young rogue”(FMA) .

and I feel like I REALLY should have gotten this sooner but! Okay! Of COURSE there’s something going on! There’s a whole insurrection! it hasn’t happened yet, of course, but we know–from Hugo’s writing, even without doing more research–that there’s a lot of organizing and planning underway already.  And that is , of course, something that has to be done more or less in secret, because it’s illegal and technically all treason-y and whatnot.   And the cops are definitely going to be having an eye out for young men running messages.

Maybe even this particular guy!  But anyone looking for him won’t be looking for a beggar-class woman; and even in general, people as poor as we’re told Eponine obviously is get a sort of invisibility; any random bystander is going to be inclined to ignore and forget another homeless-looking girl walking the streets.  

So anyway: headcanon that the young man Eponine swaps clothes with is looking for a disguise just like she is, only he’s trying to pretend to NOT be a young working man, for barricade-related reasons.:P