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Breaking News: High School of the Dead Manga Creator Daisuke Satō Passes Away

He was 52.

I don’t read the series, but I heard tons of things, including being hiatus. That said it’s not only unfortunate that the series will never be completed under his supervision, but the fact his untimely death even happened shocked me. It’s such a young age as well. I fear for anyone that will lose their life before not only to finish the work but carry on with life itself.

Rest in Peace, Daisuke Satō. My condolences to the family and loved ones.

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I just found out that Carrie Fisher has died, and I am absolutely devastated.

I actually got to meet and work with Carrie (and Gary) a few years ago while volunteering at a comic con, and it’s a day I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life. Carrie was, really and truly, everything you think she’d be, and more. I helped with her photo-op, making sure the fans were respectful & orderly, and Carrie was just a riot. She was witty and sarcastic, telling jokes and laughing, greeting everyone with such kindness (especially us workers). She really didn’t have to; after all, it’d been almost a 10 hour day & she was a HUGE celebrity. But she took the time to greet every person, and acknowledge every worker, which not everyone does. I remember her patiently explaining to young children why they couldn’t pet Gary, and telling dirty jokes to a fan in a slave Leia costume; I remember that mischievous twinkle in her eye, and how much she adored Gary. Carrie even stayed after the venue hall closed FOR TWO HOURS to make sure that every single person in line got their photo/autograph. After a grueling day, she still wasn’t grumpy, all smiles and witty banter, because she didn’t want anyone to feel like she treated them badly. 

And of course, she was feisty; she did what she wanted, and definitely didn’t take any shit. She took a break right in the middle of the photo-ops b/c she wanted to, refused security on her smoke breaks, and kept trying to distract the camera man and workers by telling us jokes; and the only thing she would drink was Diet Coke out of a wineglass. (#iconic)

The picture of her I’ll always remember is her, walking from the photo-ops to the autograph table, holding a wineglass full of Diet Coke and Gary trotting along at her heels. She exuding such power, and grace, after such a long day, that I was blown away. It was such an iconic, incredible image; Carrie honestly looked like she ruled the universe.

So RIP to an extraordinary woman. The world gave her hell and she gave it hell right back. She was kind, funny, witty, mischievous, and utterly one-of-a-kind, and I loved her for it; she was living proof that things get better, and keep moving, even when you hit rock bottom. 

Goodbye, Carrie Fisher. 💔😢


a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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Fanfiction is the madwoman in mainstream culture’s attic, but the attic won’t contain it forever. Writing and reading fanfiction isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.
—  Anne Jamison, Fic: Why Fan Fiction is Taking Over the World.

vianna-orchidia asked: how about sensei!dazai and student!chuuya? or the opposite xD

i can see dazai as the eccentric but really good kind of teacher and chuuya as a sort of quiet foreign student still trying to adjust


How long have we known each other?”

It’s been 12 years. When I was getting bullied by the neighborhood kids because my brother was so good looking, you still played with me.”

And when I got bullied as a half even without a mom, you played with me too.”

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i’ll never be cynical about love no matter how many times i get hurt and i can say that honestly. maybe i’m resilient or too hopeful and maybe it’s just me have the opportunity to love so many different times and so many different ways in this life is a beautiful thing. to be shown how to grow as a person and to have the chance to discover things about yourself each time, is one of the best things ever. yes heartbreak hurts and it sucks but to know that it’s not the end and to know that the next time around it will be a whole new kind of excitement…. is worth holding on to. we get to work through these lessons and carry them with us forever.

Is Dan Gay or European?
  • Tyler: There, right there!
  • Look at that tan well-tended skin
  • Look at the slinky shape he's in
  • Look at that cleany shaven chin
  • Oh, please, Dan's gay! Totally gay!
  • Pj: I'm not about to celebrate,
  • Every trait could indicate
  • A totally straight expatriate
  • This guy's not gay! I say not gay!
  • All: That is the elephant in the room,
  • But is it relevant to presume
  • That a man who wears earrings is automatically, radically fey!
  • Troye: But look at his coiffed and crispy locks!
  • Tyler: Look at his silk translucent socks!
  • Pj: There's the eternal paradox, look what we're seein'
  • Tyler: What are we seein'?
  • Pj: Is he gay,
  • Or European?
  • All: Ohhhh
  • Gay or European
  • It's hard to guarantee
  • Is he gay or European?
  • Felix: Well, hey don't look at me!
  • Carrie: You see, they bring their boys up different in those charming foreign ports!
  • They play peculiar sports
  • All: In shiny shorts and tiny shorts!
  • Gay or foreign fella, the answer could take weeks!
  • They both say things like 'ciao bella'
  • And kiss you on both cheeks!
  • Tyler: Oh please, gay!
  • All: Gay or European
  • So many shades of grey
  • Felix: Depending on the time of day, the French go either way!
  • All: Is he gay or European or-
  • Louise: There, right there!
  • Look at his addiction to caffeine
  • Seen it with every guy on screen
  • That is a metro, hetero, bean!
  • Daniel's not gay, I say no way!
  • All: That is the elephant in the room,
  • But is it relevant to presume
  • That a fanboy in that cosplay
  • Dan: [hugs Nick Jonas]
  • Marzia: Is automatically, radically
  • Phanboy: Opinion on "dick"?
  • Louise: Ironically, chronically
  • Dan: Nice.
  • Chris: Genetically, medically
  • Dan: What the fuck even is your sexuality?
  • Felix: Certainly, flirtingly
  • All: Gay! Officially gay!
  • Swishily gay, gay, gay, gay
  • Dan: [flirts with Jennifer Lawrence]
  • All: Damn it!
  • Gay or European?
  • Pj: So stylish and relaxed,
  • All: Is he gay or European?
  • Pj: I think his chest is waxed!
  • Marzia: But they bring their boys up different there,
  • It's culturally diverse!
  • It's not a fashion curse,
  • All: If he does his nails or bears a purse!
  • Gay or just exotic,
  • We'll never get him out!
  • Carrie: I mean his accent is hypnotic,
  • But he's got a high-pitched shout!
  • All: Huh!
  • Gay or European, so many shades of grey!
  • Phangirl: But if he turns out straight I'm free at eight on Saturday!
  • All: Is he gay or European?
  • Gay or European?
  • Gay or Euro-
  • Troye: Wait a minute!
  • Gimme a chance to crack this guy,
  • I have an idea I'd like to try.
  • [Speaking Portion]
  • Pj: [sighs] The floor is yours.
  • Troye: [walks over to Dan] So, Mr. Howell, This alleged affair with Ms. Fletcher has been going on for..?
  • Dan: Two years.
  • Troye: Right, and your channel name again is..?
  • Dan: Danisnotonfire.
  • Troye: And your boyfriend's channel is..?
  • Dan: AmazingPhil.
  • Chorus *everyone except Dan, Phil, and Troye*: [gasps]
  • Dan: [falls off chair] I'm sorry, I misunderstood! You said "boyfriend," I thought you said "best friend!” [gets up off floor] Phil is my BEST FRIEND.
  • Phil *from the stands*: You BASTARD!
  • Chorus: [gasps]
  • Phil: [walks down pew] You lying BASTARD! That is it! I won't cover for you anymore!
  • [Singing Portion]
  • Phil: Hey guys, I have a big announcement!
  • This man is gay AND European!
  • Chorus: Whoa!
  • Phil: And neither is disgrace!
  • Chorus: Oh!
  • Phil: You have to stop your bein' a completely closet case!
  • Chorus: D'oh!
  • Phil: It's me, not her he's seein’
  • No matter what he says!
  • I swear he never, ever, ever, ever, swung another way!
  • [leaning over to Dan]
  • You are so gay, you big parfait
  • You flaming one-man cabaret
  • Dan: I'm straight!
  • Phil: You were not yesterday.
  • [to crowd/audience]
  • So if I may, I'm proud to say
  • Dan's gay!
  • Chorus: And European!
  • Phil: He's gay!
  • Chorus: And European!
  • Phil: Please, gay!
  • Chorus: And European
  • And gay!
  • Dan: Fine, okay, I’m gay!
  • Phil: Hooray!
  • [Talking Portion]
  • Felix: About damn time.