work at 11

Having a chill night at a friends - theres hard lemonade and root beer, no pressure, good food, stupid video games, a puppy, and im really happy

ok so like in year 6 it must’ve been? yea that’s when we learnt abt the victorians. n like standard in my area at least when u do the victorians in primary u go for ‘victorian day’ at whichever local museum does that. n part of that meant this like, victorian school experience type thing

the fake victorian teacher lady was terrifying n like they pulled students out for like victorian punishments n they didn’t ask 4 volunteers they just acc picked on ppl? n so, i was fidgeting bc im Always fidgeting (stimming..), n she got fake mad at me n i had to wear this fidget thing stop u fidgeting n humiliate u like in victorian schools or whatever n like. honestly that was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life??:( lmao im self conscious and can’t take a joke, always have been like that prob always will be. big sigh

8:20 am
And we have bloody show!! Been trying to sleep between contractions and I made it to 7:30. They spaced out to 6-7 minutes apart and started lasting 60-90 seconds while I was dozing off between them. I got up and took another shower and now they’re all over the place again. I texted A, my mom, and Crystal to let them know what’s going on. My mom’s heading over right now, A’s going to leave work at 11, and Crystal’s going to work until we tell her to come to the birth center pretty much. I haven’t called the birth center yet since my contractions aren’t consistent but they open at 9 so I’ll call them then.

Roasting me is ineffective because you can’t tell me worse things than I already think of myself.
—  707

I love how Noctis basically does what us regular people do when it starts to rain. Sticks his hand out as it begins to rain and is basically like, “What the fuck is this?”

Hi,It’s me Mari-ejem ejem. I mean I’m YF ,well this day is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY!!! AND I’M A WOMAN,this day especially for my iimspirations and friends.
@elladoodles,gurl really i love your friendship and your art and really i hope that you have fun today.
@areablog,you’re the first persons that you give me your friendship and i’m feel special.
@spatziline with you i can watch that i can do something without limits,and really i appreciate that.
@aweirdlatina,you’re super smart , kind and funny i love you.
@anomalyah ,you work super hard,you’re kinda and friendly , i hope that i am your friend.
@marionette-j2x, i love your art and your work since i was have 11 years old , i grew up with your art and for you i stay here in tumblr,my inspiration.
@weather-art my friend,my sister,we will have a crossover haha well really you stay with me help me , maks me laught,and grew up top ,really i want to continue being your friend.
@daronnefcy , i don’t know if you will look this post but you draw amazing, you work super hard for Svtfoe and you’re the 2nd girl in Disney.
I want be how you and do a programm how you did it.

GURLS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!❤❤.