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”For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, 

training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, 

and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age,  

waiting for our blessed hope, 

the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ,  

who gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness 

and to purify for himself a people for his own possession 

who are zealous for good works.”

- Titus 2:11-14 English Standard Version



Hegyekbe legközelebb talán vasárnap megyek (talán), addig be kell érni a színes fejemmel. 

Ez annyira gyerekes, de ez most tök jól esett.

Üdítő lenne velem bárkinek személyesen találkoznia mert nem éppen így nézek ki az idő nagy részében, de no, néha egy kis vakolat is jól esik.

A Tale of One Hoax - Page 10

Wild UPDATE appeared! Demona used UPLOAD! It’s super effective!

No, but seriously, I apologize for the long wait. Let’s hope this motivation I have now stays longer :D

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congrats moldova!!! you’re going to the grand final!!

p-aurisan  asked:

Hmm, I was gonna suggest Tweek turning the coffee shop to a cat cafe after you mentioned it. c;

I think they both have sweet spots for animals so Tweek asked his dad for a favor to change the cafe a bit! Richard would do anything for his ‘gay son’ so he changed the cafe, and didn’t add drugs to the coffee anymore. They actually got more customers!

Stripe sometimes joins them while they work, and the cats learn to love the little rascal! It makes both Tweek and Craig to see everyone so happy!


~* Lotor’s Groovy Castle Ghost Adventure *~

first / DONE!

Wasn’t expecting to actually finish my 13 page project on time, honestly, since I didn’t draw at all last week. Ended up busting these last two out yesterday and part of this morning fairly quick (that’s why you should always have an outline, kids).

Thanks for reading and have a fun and safe Halloween! :D

11/11 Manifestation ☄

Since today is the famous 11/11, a number that is said to grant wishes, i thought i’d write up some things you can do today to manifest all of your wishes into reality! This isn’t specific to today, but since today is thought by some to have extra manifesting power, i’ll be doing a few of them

First, a few tips on manifestation:

1. Think of the things as already obtained or already happened. If you think of it in the future, it stays there

Example: i have peace, i got a good nights sleep, i have a new job that i love, etc

2. Be specific! The universe will bring you what you ask, but there are often things you didn’t think of when asking for your wish.

For example: you manifest with the phrase “i have a new car”. Then, maybe someone gives you their old car! Then you have a new car, right? Except for the fact that 1. It’s new to you, not newly produced and 2. Maybe you find out that it needs repairs. You didn’t specify a brand new, perfectly functioning car, so the universe will get you the closest, fastest thing to what you ask

3. Visualize!!

I can’t stress this enough. So you know you want something, but what does it look like? How does the scenario look? How do you react once you get it? How do you feel when you have it? Are there colors you can associate with the thing? How do you imagine it coming to you?

Okay, now here are some ways you can get your manifesting done today

  • Write it down

Writing things is an easy, well known, and powerful way to manifest, even in spells. Write down what you want, the specifics of it, how it looks, how you feel once you have it, etc

  • Meditate on it

Find good meditation music, and sit down for a while. Think about the thing you’re trying to bring to you. See if any thoughts or visions come to you. Visualize it and yourself having it.

  • Write it into a story

Instead of just simply writing it out, create a story about your desire.

  • Make a sigil

Sigils are a a good tool for bringing things to you or banishing things from you. They also have more quick-moving results in my experience (especially if burned)

  • Draw or paint something the things, something that reminds you of it, or a scenario that could be involved

Use symbolism & colors to represent the things you want to bring to you

  • Talk about it with a friend or family member*

Talking about what we want is a way to motivate us to get it, and the universe to hear our desires.

  • Think about it*

Again, this is an easy way to put your intent into the universe

*when thinking or talking about it, again be careful not to use negations, and to keep it in the present tense. This can be tricky if you’ve never done this before! Instead of saying “i don’t want to be sad” say “i want to clear my sadness” or “i want to be happy”, (if you’re in a conversation it might be awkward to use present tense the whole time, so you can just to that on your own)

  • Make a wish on a dandelion, the first star you see, or the time 11:11

Yes, those cliché things do put effort into manifesting!

  • Do a spell related to the thing you want

A simple one would just be lighting a candle with the correct color association that you’ve charged with your intent, maybe carve a sigil into it that’s your thing, and let it burn all day. Whenever you look at it, you’ll be reminded of your wishes

  • Charge an item with your intent

It can be a crystal, a necklace, a pin, a paperclip, anything! Just think about what your desire is while holding the item in your hands. Then when you see the item, you’ll be reminded of your wish. Carry it with you at any chance you get.

I think that’s all i have for now! If anyone has extra ideas please feel free to add on. Happy 11/11 my friends, get some wishing done ☄

In case you’re having a bad Father’s Day (or even if you aren’t), here are some headcanons about David Wymack on Father’s Day that will hopefully make you feel better:

  • it’s habit for him to wake up early from so many years of morning practice, but today when he drags himself out of bed Abby’s already up making eggs
  • he wanders into the kitchen, puts the coffee on, and gets out some plates, and then he and Abby just sit at the table, enjoying each other’s company in the quiet light
  • at first he doesn’t even remember it’s Father’s Day; it’s not like he ever had any reason to celebrate it with his own father
  • but around 9am they hear the doorbell ring and Kevin walks in with Thea, Amalia, and his other two children
  • Kevin hugs his father and it’s slightly less awkward than every other time they’ve hugged
  • (just like last time was slightly less awkward than every time before it)
  • Kevin and Abby hug and Abby almost refuses to let him go
  • they spend the morning sitting together at the coffee table in comfortable conversation, talking about the Exy finals and all the new Foxes Wymack has signed
  • there’s four cards on the table, three with drawings in crayon and big, blocky letters, and one classy, understated store-bought card 
  • (which Kevin will never admit he spent five hours looking for and which both Kevin and Wymack will secretly treasure for months)
  • Thea’s outside in the back garden with Abby and the kids, playing around with a bunch of carefully planted petunias, when the doorbell rings again with Dan and Matt

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How to Improve your Productivity

1. Plan your day in advance. That means you can get up and get started right away instead of frittering or wasting time. (Often writing a “to do list” is a useful idea.)

2. Decide on your priorities, and do the most important things first.

3. Also, do the hardest task first. Otherwise, they will niggle at you constantly and slowly drain away your energy.

4. Avoid multi-tasking when you’re working on something important.

5. However, it’s good to multitask when we’re doing menial, repetitive and boring tasks.

6. Ditch requests and tasks that are unimportant, and a total waste of your time!

7. Commit to NOT procrastinating. Ask a friend to keep you accountable.

8. Be organised. This includes engaging in advanced planning; knowing what you need for the task; having everything you need close at hand; bundling similar tasks together; and working in a relatively tidy and clutter-free environment.

9. Cut out distractions and avoid time wasters (social media, cell phones, highly social or demanding people etc)

10. Know what your most productive time of day is and treat that as a sacrosanct period for working.

11. Get into the habit of shutting off racing, distracting and negative thoughts. This is a crucial form of self-discipline.

12. Break large tasks down into smaller sub-tasks – and set achievable deadlines for these.