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《 Kim Seokjin 》

-Date of birth: December 4, 1992

-Occupation: Actor, Part time care taker (both for children and his friends)

[Male Lead] Crimson to Pink (Drama), [Male Lead] This is Where We Started (Drama), [Recurring Side Character] Reply (Drama), [Partner of Main Male Lead] Seoul Stray Dogs (Film), [Minor Cameo] You’re In Danger (Drama), [Secondary Lead] A Thousand Days (Film), [Male Lead] Butterfly On Your Shoulder (Short Film), etc

Lee Junghwan, Lee Jaehwan, Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Jisoo, Zhang Yixing

Park Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Cha Sun-woo, Lee Ho-Dong

-Side Info-
•Lives in a decently sized, modern house with Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung.
•Work Hours: Monday-Saturday, 7 am-11 pm
*Break Time: 10-25 minutes, anytime around 12-3 pm
*Most of the time, work is extended, so sometimes Sunday won’t be off, or sometimes he’ll be working a full 24 hours for 2 to 3 days a week.
•Wakes Up 4-5 am to get ready
•Has his own room, occasionally going to Yoongi’s room (reasons being: He goes to him for comfort mostly, or it’s the closest room to the front door and he just wants to get to sleep quickly.)
•Always tries contact his other friends as much as he can outside of work.

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I just spent an hour trying to install homebrew till I realized it won't work on 11.4 firmware. Rip my gay dreams to run away with cherche and Lucina. Anyway, thanks for making the hack possible! I'll satisfy myself with their supports on YouTube 💙💙

Don’t despair anon, I’m sure there’ll be a workaround for 11.4 eventually! 

Every day I handle more money than I will ever make. Every day.

At the start of my employment, my boss showed me videos of people stealing, and we both had a chuckle about it. How silly they were! There was a camera overhead, and it’s not to watch the shoppers. See, we can’t actually stop shoplifters. They get away with it maybe nine out of ten times. But we, who are watched and tallied and witnessed? We are always caught.

At first it was hard to hold one hundred dollars bills. An amount I had never seen before. An amount that didn’t exist in my household. It’s normal now. Here is something that is not for me.

“What the hell, I’ll take another,” says the man, pondering our 200 dollar watches. What the hell. Total comes to 580 and not even a flinch in his face. I have been working for 11 hours today and made only 110 dollars. It will go to my rent. Today I work for free, it feels. When I get my check, I will have 35 dollars left for food and saving.

The six hundreds he hands me go into the cash register. For a moment, I imagine having money. Then I put it away, counting out his change.

I know for a fact we sell our products for double what they are worth. That I could be making commission. That they could hand me those 580 dollars and change my life and not even mark the difference in their checkbooks. He’s not the only sale they make today, but I am the reason they made it. He’s not the only one spending 600 dollars, but if I hadn’t spent two hours with him telling me about his life, he wouldn’t have spent any. I go home. I don’t own a watch.

I have watched and rewatched a video on how to make salmon four ways. My shopping list is always the same. Pasta. Rice. Tuna. If I can afford butter it was a good week. I dream of the world I will never walk in, where I can throw the best fish fillet in the cart with a shrug. I hold hundreds in my hand and look up at the camera. I put them under the cash drawer.

I go to work. I scrap together my savings. I eat my bowl of rice slowly. My manager takes a paid week off from work just for his birthday. He owns a yacht. 

I’m not worth the cost of a watch.

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In case you’re having a bad Father’s Day (or even if you aren’t), here are some headcanons about David Wymack on Father’s Day that will hopefully make you feel better:

  • it’s habit for him to wake up early from so many years of morning practice, but today when he drags himself out of bed Abby’s already up making eggs
  • he wanders into the kitchen, puts the coffee on, and gets out some plates, and then he and Abby just sit at the table, enjoying each other’s company in the quiet light
  • at first he doesn’t even remember it’s Father’s Day; it’s not like he ever had any reason to celebrate it with his own father
  • but around 9am they hear the doorbell ring and Kevin walks in with Thea, Amalia, and his other two children
  • Kevin hugs his father and it’s slightly less awkward than every other time they’ve hugged
  • (just like last time was slightly less awkward than every time before it)
  • Kevin and Abby hug and Abby almost refuses to let him go
  • they spend the morning sitting together at the coffee table in comfortable conversation, talking about the Exy finals and all the new Foxes Wymack has signed
  • there’s four cards on the table, three with drawings in crayon and big, blocky letters, and one classy, understated store-bought card 
  • (which Kevin will never admit he spent five hours looking for and which both Kevin and Wymack will secretly treasure for months)
  • Thea’s outside in the back garden with Abby and the kids, playing around with a bunch of carefully planted petunias, when the doorbell rings again with Dan and Matt

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Roasting me is ineffective because you can’t tell me worse things than I already think of myself.
—  707
The Law of Attraction Technique More Powerful Than Visualizing:

What is it? Re-writing or imagining the day as you wished it had been. Every incident and conversation.

Where did it come from? Neville Goddard, a mystic teacher who taught in Los Angeles and New York in the 1950s, was the first to understand and apply the technique of revision.

How do I do it? In your mind recall the day from when you woke up. Make each incident conform to your ideal wishes. So, if you woke to a loud bang from the neighbour above, you would change that to seeing that you woke peacefully. If you received a letter with disappointing news, mentally read the letter you wished you had read instead! Imagine all your bills were paid. Imagine he/she didn’t snap at you, but infact helped you. Imagine that phone call you’ve been waiting for. Imagine you had a sense of peace that never left you today. Imagine you had more than enough time, money and energy left over at the end of the day! And either see this in your mind or write it out. The essential point is to feel the reality of what you wished had happened.

Why does it work? Neville Goddard said revision allows you to radically change your attitude to your present circumstances and to the world. And to the degree you can change your attitude, the world around you will change to reflect that.

What are the benefits?
•It is similar to mindfulness meditation because it helps remove the residue of stress that builds up daily.
•It helps you press Pause on the negative flow if you are in one.
•It enhances your mental faculties of imagination and willpower as you imagine what you’d like
•It helps you believe you are more in control of your life than you know.

•A woman that saw a hat she wanted but couldn’t afford, imagined she had it and was later gifted the exact same hat.
•A boss that was hard to work with for 11 years, became more appreciative of his employer overnight, praising her design skills. All the designer did that morning was imagine on her walk to work that her boss was with her the whole commute, praising her.
•A young person imagined a tax refund letter and a revised bill, with an apology for the over-charge, came within a week.

*For affordable private law of attraction coaching please see:*

Change your today, and tomorrow will follow.

I’m not gonna go off on the hiring of personal assistants. It is VERY hard to break into showbiz, and a lot of PAs do the work to make the connections to get future gigs in their chosen field (writing, directing, producing, etc). It’s entirely possible that the former PAs writing on season 11 are brilliant, talented writers that are finally getting their shot. Maybe they’ve pitched something remarkable and have a few tricks up their sleeve. I am open to fresh talent.

But I know for a fact that MANY PAs on TXF have been women, and maybe they have had similar career aspirations. And I hate to think that they may have been looked over because of their gender. Because honestly? As a woman, in 2017, that’s what an all-male writers room looks like to me.

There have been very few female writers on The X-Files, and the fact that they haven’t come back, or only had one or two episodes to their name (Sara B. Charno/Sara B. Cooper being the most notable example) gives me pause.

And this sucks. Because this is a series that could truly benefit from a female point of view, in a fandom that’s largely female, with a beloved female lead that really could use a writer in her corner.


This is something that I had to think about for a while.

Mob’s never felt the urge to do actually murder before. Overwhelming rage, yes, and hostility, also yes. But murderous intent? Never. Willingness to kill another human, not just injure them in order to protect his loved ones?

What would bloodied hands do to a fourteen-year-old kid? The weight of a life is no small thing, even for an adult to carry. And Shigeo is no adult.

What would have become of him, had Reigen not been there? Hanazawa and Ritsu would be safe (and it’s not like they’re wrong, because this truly is a life-or-death situation). Gods, I don’t think anyone from Claw would have come after them then. But at what price?

What would it have done to Shigeo’s heart, to have to take on that responsibility? It would have shattered me like a sheet of salt, and I’m (nominally) an adult with my fair share of cynicism and misanthropy. 

Shigeo would have done it, to protect the ones he loved.

But Reigen says, no. The price isn’t worth it. What it will do to you is not worth it.

You don’t have to be brave. You don’t have to take this responsibility.

And Shigeo breathes in, a gasp like when you’re on the verge of crying your eyes out. From relief.

Kageyama Shigeo is fourteen years old and this show never lets us forget that.

In any other show, he would have been forced to take on the most unthinkable of burdens, regardless of the price to his own wellbeing - if it even paid any attention to that at all.

But then there’s Reigen.

It’s okay to run away. It’s okay, Mob.

I’ve got you.