It’s Been a While

Hey guys sorry I’ve been gone for a couple months life caught up to me. Anyhow, how’ve you guys been? Seriously send me a message on your future goals and how you’re doing. I love to hear from you guys! :) Currently I am finishing up school and moving out! I know, pretty exciting. I’ve also focused a lot more on my training and powerlifting so that’s fun. Last week I almost pulled 315 lbs! I’m training for a meet this July so we’ll see how that goes :)

Hii. So aside from the quotes and poems, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably a struggling college student, or if not, maybe you hate your job and want to make some quick pocket cash. We’re all in different financial situations.

This is a true story. I was browsing around the other day and came across a website I thought was a scam, but I figured, hell I got nothing to lose. So, I tried it out and it changed my life. I did some simple emailing tasks and actually got paid. Ah, I was so happy. 

See, I’m the type of person who needs to be his own boss. I don’t like schedules or being told what to do.

And no, I’m not a bot lol, or an advertiser. I didn't get hacked. I just wanted to share my experience and maybe help out some people the same way I would appreciate it if someone helped me. Again, I know what it’s like to have no money to do anything in this world. 

If you’re interested in knowing more, or in need of some quick cash, feel free to message me. I can provide details and give you a link to check it out for yourself. 

If you’re not interested just skip over this and keep scrolling. They’ll be more quotes and poems to come!

My hair is being half decent today!!!! This is a rare occasion. Currently in bed eating carrot sticks & hummus, trying to motivate myself to start one of three essays all due on 24th May 😭
Didn’t get to the gym today bc my legs are seriously fucked from yesterday 😂 so just going to do a good core workout later 😁