While working in the women’s department at Target, I stumbled across a woman with a very perplexed look on her face.

In an attempt to help her out I ask “can I help you find anything today?”

She replies “I’m just looking for my daughter”

In a separate attempt to be humorous, I shoot back with “I’m sorry miss, I don’t believe we carry your daughter at this store, but have you checked the kids section?”

I have never seen a more unamused face in my life.

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Having a 10-4 bakery shift is literally like being in prison for 6 hours

Bakery Prison: A Memoir
by Panera Worker

Chapter One: 10 am. 

  Okay, more like 10:07 am, but who cares? I arrived to my 6 hour sentence in the Bakery Prison in despair. The 50 assorted pastries glared at me as I walked behind the counter. The sign in screen was so black, so desolate. I felt like I would never see my family or friends again. The imaginary gates closed in all directions around the bakery. 

  “Now you’re trapped!” cackled a middle aged white woman in an ugly floral blouse, “Get me my cherry danish.”
I was sluggish, as my lazy ass had only woken up moments before my sentence was to be served. I looked at my fellow inmate, the bakery opener, and complained that I was tired. She looked angry for some reason.“Bitch please” she muttered. Whatever. I half-heartedly grabbed a snarling cherry pastry from the shelf. 

  The pastry gave me the most menacing look. “Stupid bitch, she called me a cherry danish and you didn’t think to correct her? That’s not my fucking name. Watch your back.” 

  I held back tears as the pastries threw more insults my way. I then cringed as I realized I had forgotten to ask if the pastry was for here or to go. I felt the cold slap of Mother Bread’s hand on my face. “NO. SHORTCUTS.” she roared. I called out to the woman, but she was busy using a water cup to get Diet Pepsi.

  There were no other guests in line so my mind ran with things to do. Everything looked stocked and clean. That was the hardest part of my time in Bakery Prison, keeping my mind occupied. I stared at the coffees. 33 minutes until I needed to brew one. Or was it 39 more minutes? The dishwasher’s handwriting was purposefully messy, as if she wanted you to fuck up on the times. I had already seen my fellow inmate sweep the floor at least five times.

  Suddenly, my CO, sometimes referred to as a “manager” for some reason, came up to me, looking smug. “Time for your break” he barked. “But I just got here!” I protested. “Yeah, and my labors high. Now or never.”

  At 10:30 I ate my half salad alone and in silence. The whispers from the bakery could be heard from where I sat amongst the free people. My side of baguette was clumsily cut from the retail table, cold and hard like my prison bound heart.

It was my first day. I was on the register. And I had a coworker there with me showing me how its all done and whatnot and shes standing beside me as I beep in all his products and it takes me a while to figure on some of the items where the barcode is. The man goes “Hey. Whats taking so long?” and my coworker beside me just goes super harshly “EXCUSE ME He JUST started working here and hes been working here for 10 minutes now Its gonna take some time to get things handled!”  and the guy just went “Oh. im.. Im sorry I didnt..” I loved it. She was so harsh to that guy.


As I’ve just said weeks ago, Patrick finally decided to move to the company I’ve been working for. He did it because he admitted the he’s not happy anymore with his past job. His co-workers are good, even his boss, they pay him well actually but happiness is the most important thing in the world. If a person is doing something that doesn’t give him/her satisfaction then maybe there’s something wrong. And I can say that my boyfriend finally found his happiness.

At first, I doubt because I thought maybe it’s just because of me because we’re apart. Or maybe he’s just having a hard time coping with the sudden changes. But I trusted his decision. My manager liked his works and attitude, reason why he got in. And as I can see. He’s really happy now. :) I knew him when he is or not. He loves the work, the people, the surroundings, he loves everything. I knew it’s not just about me. And I am happy for him. ♥

Good thing about having your boyfriend at work is that you’re able to stock and share foods and coffee. Every payday, we manage to buy something to eat that’d fit for us in two weeks. Every morning we always read each other’s today’s advice that we bought in Papemelroti. We also make coffee together before doing our works. We’re not sitting beside each other but we are in a same group. ;) There are four groups in the Creative Department so we are surrounded with creative people and stuff. When we have OT, I’ll never have to worry if I’m going home late. I’m safer now hehe. We also bring lunch and we always share. That way, we can save more ;) On our monthsary, we can date right after our office work. There are also times when we’re given the same project which means we have to cooperate with each other, like partners. ♥

Last time, we are given a special project from the Boss which is video editing for the presentation of toy making. The videos are taken from the plant in China and we’re just so happy for accepting it. We’ve always like editing videos.

I hope that this happiness will last for a long long time! :) ♥