Job applicants with Asian-sounding names are more likely to get rejected, new study says

  • Job applicants with Asian-sounding names — e.g. Khan, Chiang and Suzuki — are 28% less likely to get called in for an interview than their Anglo counterparts, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.
  • NPR reports that university researchers based their results on data used in a 2011 American Economic Association study where 12,910 fake resumes were sent to over 3,225 job listings. 
  • The study found that applicants with westernized first names and Asian last names didn’t do significantly better than those with Asian first and last names. Read more (2/23/17 1:59 PM)

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Germany‘s Dual System

Have you ever heard of the term “Dual System” or “Vocational training” used when referring to the German education system? It is arguably one of the largest cultural or institutional differences between Germany and the United States, and a staple of the German way of life that they are very proud to showcase.

The dual system’s main characteristic is a cooperation between for the most part small and medium sized companies, on the one hand, and public vocational schools, on the other. This cooperation is regulated by law.

The Vocational Training Act of 1969, which was amended in 2005, introduced this tight-knit alliance between the Federal Government, the federal states (Länder) and companies with a view to providing young people with training in occupations that are recognized nation-wide and documented accordingly through certificates issued by a competent body, i.e. chamber of industry and commerce or chamber of crafts and trades respectively.

Basically, this is to say that vocational training programs are resume builders and given just as legit a certification as a university degree.

Not All About College

In the states, it’s easy to believe that the only way to be prepared for employment is via a university education. However, vocational training holds little to no stigma in Germany and in fact, the economy is short on skilled labor and is such trying to boost numbers of young people who learn a trade.

The German dual system offers an excellent approach to skill development, covering initial vocational education and training, further vocational education and training, careers, employability, occupational competence and identity. Thanks to the dual system, Germany enjoys low youth unemployment and high level skills.

In Germany, about 50 percent of all school-leavers undergo vocational training provided by companies which consider the dual system the best way to acquire skilled staff. This is to say, vocational training not only provides more paths to employment for the worker, but better trained staff for companies. Win-win!

Continuous updating of training regulations

There are currently around 330 officially recognized training occupations. Employer organizations and trade unions are the drivers when it comes to updating and creating new training regulations and occupational profiles or modernizing further training regulations.

As a result, training, testing and certificates are standardized in all industries throughout the country. This assures that all apprentices receive the same training regardless of region and company. Moreover, employers trust in these certificates as they express what an individual knows and is able to do.

Best form of recruitment for companies

Businesses that take part in the dual training scheme consider vocational training to be the best form of personnel recruitment. Training companies do not only save on recruitment costs but also avoid the latent risk of hiring the wrong employee for the job. Investments in first-class training are a key factor for success in an increasingly competitive world.

We love the system because it gives more options and flexibility to young people while providing employers with specialists and more reliable workers.

What are your thoughts on the Dual System?


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