Ok so, I don’t work in customer service anymore, but i worked at Starbucks a few months ago, and I wanted to talk about my favorite regular. She came in like 2-3 times a day, and she was so sweet?? I was very nervous when I started, but she was so nice even when I messed up her drink (it was v complicated tbf), and she’d always call me honey, but my FAVORITE thing about her is that she would come like 10 minutes before closing so that when we were gonna throw out food that didn’t get sold, she took home a bag of it to give to the homeless people she passed on her way home from work.

okay so more on that customer story.

I typically don’t work register because I uhhh HATE it and I yeeted out of that department the second I got the chance, But we were short staffed and I know how to do it so I was helping on register. And this fucken lady asks me where the bathroom is. I tell her. I already smell shit, ya know? Like she’s crowning it’s too late. She shits her pants and it rolls out her damn pant leg onto the carpet in from of the register. I’m absolutely reeling in disgust and trying not to laugh. I feel kinda bad bc she was old and probably couldn’t do a lot about it. She may not even have known bc she just kept walking. Anyway I got my coworker’s attention and I could barely say it bc I was falling over the counter laughing because nothing (NOTHING) that happens in our place of work feels real. She almost dies immediately. We get the attention of the utility guys and tell them to clean it up but they’re like oh HELL no, we aren’t payed enough for that. Which i don’t blame them. My coworker picks it up in a grocery bag and I dump floor cleaner on the carpet but idk it is DEFINITELY still a health hazard. So whatever I dissociated and absolutely left my body and went back to work. Then this other lady comes to my counter and asks for several big trash bags. I used to give a fuck and be like “sorry they’re not for purchases!” but I’m uhhhh REALLY worn out so I don’t care. I give her the bags. Not ten minutes later she comes back and hands me two bags. One full of shitty proper towels and one with literal shit stained pants in them. Like just hands them to me. BitCH!!! You know where the trash is!! But I was so far gone mentally that i just took them. She apologized and all but it was surreal. I tried so hard not to say “shit happens” so I slipped up and said “it happens to the best of us”. And my coworkers still haven’t recovered. I have joked for the many years I’ve worked there that someone is just gonna shit their whole ass on the floor and it finally happened. I can’t breathe



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Dear Mr.ENTJ I'm 20 yo student. After graduating (25 yo) I want to work in corporation environment - heading towards CFO position. My question is - is it worth it to develop my social media accounts (being influencer via ig account and blog) or will I have to delate them after being offered this kind of job? In other words - is it inappropriate for CFO (and simmilar positions) to post selfies/pics of myself and write obout my lifestyle (trips, working out, clothing, food ect)?

Related answers:

It’s appropriate for a future executive to have social media accounts now when they’re young with selfies and lifestyle updates (travel, fitness, clothing, food, etc.). This is actually a positive quality to have because it comes up on online searches to validate your existence and makes you look like a normal and well-rounded human being.

It’s inappropriate if the social media accounts reflect anything in bad taste: drunk selfies, cringe-worthy shirtless flexing, travel photos that disrespect the country you’re in, etc.

The things to be most cautious about posting anywhere online:

  • Anything remotely illegal. Don’t post content like drug use, shoplifting, guns, prostitution, or hate speech. This should be common sense but common sense isn’t common which is why you see people from literally every industry have their dumb teenage mistakes come out when they’re adults. Feel free to puff puff pass– just don’t post it on instagram. 
  • Nudes. Keep your clothes on, please. If you’re going to thirst trap someone, then do it over FaceTime or Skype video so the evidence is gone once you both hang up. Nothing like a XXX bathroom selfie of someone’s naughty bits with a crystal clear shot of their face popping up on TMZ.com years after they’ve made it to the top of the corporate food chain. Remember that your embarrassing online content isn’t important to media outlets until you’re someone of importance after which it’s worth a lot of money. 
  • Incendiary political views/associations. That “build the wall” comment on a Facebook post in 2018 can come back to haunt you in 2028. Learn to express your political views in a way that can’t be construed as discriminatory or keep your mouth shut.
  • Public internet conversations. This is actually a thing. Anything from internet forums, conversations on Facebook walls, exchanges on Twitter feeds, conversations on instagram comments, etc. is where most people let their guard down because they think they’re among friends so they can speak however they want about whatever they want. Except they’re not. That’s a public space and a public forum. 

Everything created on the internet lasts forever and executives, especially at the c-suite level, are vetted to the nth degree. 

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How relevant do you think the skill of learning other languages is to the world of employment right now and which are the ones that you rate highly? I’m debating taking an Italian class next year as I’m not into extra curricular such as sport etc. Thus why I would take a language to help my cv. I’m interested (but no set on) the world of government so Ik this can come in handy yet I know it’s not necessary due to the language training available. But how about in all other areas of employment?

Learning another language is always relevant in the world of employment, it basically opens up an entire population, market, country, or continent to you if you’re able to communicate with them. The “best” language to learn is the one most relevant to your career path. Ask multi-perspective questions like:

  • Where do I want to work in the world after I graduate? Learn the language that matches the location.
  • Which languages have the highest demand in my field? Some countries in the world have a higher demand for specific types of professionals, do the research, and consider options.
  • What language has the greatest reach? AKA the largest populations in the world? For reference, the top languages spoken in the world.

My method wouldn’t be to pick a random language and hope it worked out well for my career, I’d instead tailor my language learning plan to my career if employment was my goal.