Maybe it’s brave to quit your job to go paint in Peru for a year, but it’s also brave to work two jobs to help pay for your mom’s medical bills. It’s smart to stay at the law firm until your loans are paid off. It’s OK to only tolerate your job but love your hobbies, because as soon as passions are turned into careers, you risk turning love into work.

So you don’t love your job — who gives a shit?

Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with the way you treat people? Are you happy with your life?

—  Sometimes It’s Okay to Not Follow Your Dreams

By Helen Meany
The Guardian, 02 August 2015

A woman is motionless on a plinth, her dark head emerging from a white feathered gown that cascades from her neck to the ground far below her. The first thought is of Winnie in Happy Days, buried to her neck in sand, suggesting a rationale for including Benjamin Britten’s final cantata, Phaedra, in the programme. This festival takes a scenic route around Beckett, pursuing lines of connection with artists who were significant to him. This year, it is the turn of TS Eliot and Racine, on whose tragedy, Phèdre, Britten based his 15-minute piece for mezzo soprano and chamber orchestra.

As the audience surrounds Phaedra in the darkness, she rotates slowly, lamenting her plight: doomed by the gods to be enthralled by her stepson Hippolytus. Layers of sound extend the Ulster Orchestra’s percussion, pizzicato and Ruby Philogene’s intense arias, while the white gown disintegrates in dripping water. All elements combine to create an image of frozen grief exquisitely realised by directors Sophie Hunter and Andrew Staples.

▸ always stay

{ you carry my groceries and now i’m always laughing }

Theme: Kuroko no Basket ✕ Taylor Swift
Song: “Stay, Stay, Stay” by Taylor Swift (Red)
Pairing: Mibuchi Reo ✕ Reader
Words: 240 words
Requested by: anonymous

You’d never felt this happy in a relationship or maybe this happy at all. Mibuchi was everything you could ever ask for within a lover. He was sweet, romantic, thoughtful, gentle, stern, and so much more.

“Come here, you shouldn’t carry these many things on your own.” He kissed the top of your head before taking some of the grocery bags away from you. “How was your day?” He wrapped a free arm around your waist as you melted into his touch, sighing comfortably.

“It was fine, yours?”

“Akashi made us do an extra round of practice. It was exhausting. But I’m glad I’m here now.” He smiled down at you, running his fingers through your hair softly. “You seem a bit tired, are you sure you’re okay?”

He always noticed. Always. No matter how good you were at hiding things, Mibuchi would always pick up on the smallest of things. He stared at you with so much concern buried in his eyes. You just sighed, leaning your head against his shoulder. “I’m really fine. Just a bit tired from schoolwork, that’s all.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard okay.” He whispered, kissing your hair. “I don’t want you overworking yourself. Also, don’t ever hesitate to ask me for help if you ever need it. Okay?”

“Okay, thank you.” You smiled gratefully at him.

“You’re very welcome.”

Now, all you could do was pray and hope that he would always stay.