These plush character cushions from Japan might not be OSHA-approved (yet!), but they’re mandatory for working at desks in the Department of Impossible Cuteness. The plump and plush versions of a Capybara, Funassyi, Rilakkuma (Relaxed bear), and Komasan provide support and comfort for sitting at your desk and their detachable plush keyboards provide ergonomic support for your wrists. Meanwhile their cuteness helps keep stress levels down for everyone within eyeshot.

They can also serve as stand-ins when you have to pop out of the office, but there’s no guarantee that this will go unnoticed by your boss:

[via RocketNews24]


Colorized Photos of Children Working at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Photographer Lewis Hine documented at the beginning of the 20th century and during more than ten years, the tough daily life of children working in American factories and mines. His pictures were colorized by the specialist Sanna Dullaway and published in the Time.