Curated by visual artist Nisha K. Sembi and performing artist Mandeep Sethi, WORD TO YOUR MOTHERLAND presents a combination of visual and audio pieces and installations guiding the viewer through different elements of hip-hop culture that are reshaping and revolutionizing Indian culture and daily life.

This guide includes content such as digital artwork, photography, a graffiti wall, wheat paste and collage work, lettering installations, projections of 2012 video footage of hip-hop and street life in India. Along this route, the show will highlight cultural movements of the Indian diaspora that are participating in and engaging the world through hip-hop.

I’m so in love with this project. From a young age I was surrounded by Indian classical music and dance and like Mandeep Sethi says, was “culturally educated”. Then in my mid-teens I fell in love with Hip-Hop through Erykah Badu, J Dilla, Lauryn Hill, Tribe Called Quest and Common and felt an instant connection that drew so many similarities with the creatively conscious living I had been cultivating through learning about Indian art, religion and history.

India and Hip-Hop just blend so well. I’m always thrilled to see their connection being made because it just makes perfect sense to me.

Keep it up guys, hope to see some stuff in the UK soon, if not, I’ll come out to the US!

- S