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wordtothemagic replied to your post: Niam is a few of my favourite things.

It’s funny because Niall and Liam is your favourite, but my favourite is Louis and Liam, and I think Amanda’s favourite is Zayn and Liam. We all have different ships for Liam and it makes me really happy for some reason. alsjkhd poor Harry tho lol :/

Louis and Liam.


And Zayn and Liam omg 

I’m so confused.

It’s funny because we call you Liam. So it’s like… You just get around~

wordtothemagic  asked:

sigh, tomorrow's Amanda's birthday and I want to call her at midnight like we did for each other but she doesn't have a phoneeeee. Maybe she'll see this message and decide to be awake at midnight so I can FaceTime insteaaaad.

These are my thoughts. Would it be weird if I called her house?

Because I don’t know what to do siiiigh.


So I babysat this family tonight and I just got back now but I was looking through magazines with the 10 year old and there was this giant 1D poster and she doesn’t like them and I was flipping my shit and she said I could have it.


Also, she looked just like Bridgit Mendler and I asked her if I could take a picture of her and she let me am I strange, the answer is YES!

wordtothemagic replied to your post: can i just keep your warblerinfections there? i wont post the new one. it would be awks if i just had christine. they would think that she’s my only friend and i’ve been trying to prove to everyone that i have atleast 2 friends.

Uhm, I just changed your names to doo and boo. But not many people from school follow me, so I think it’s okay. I dunno about Amanda though… I think more people follow her.

Yeah, and I don’t think that people from our school will bother to click on doo and boo ahah (: Maybe I’ll just have Amanda have hers say that too