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It is the first day of a brand new month, and I am spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the library. It’s nearly the end of term, which means it’s close to the deadline for my three portfolio essays: so today I am finishing off my Wordsworth portfolio essay about the self in The Prelude. My 3 essays (on Thomson, Wordsworth & Austen) will be marked instead of a Paper 6 (Long 18th C.) exam, so they need to be amazing! I want to finish them early as I have quite a few things planned socially next weekend (birthdays, parties, etc.), and I want to be able to chill! 

 We also had our ‘room choosing’ day yesterday, and I can’t wait to share the view from my room next year, it’s beaut! 

 - Sarah

On April 15th, 1802 William Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy see a “long belt” of daffodils, inspiring the former to pen I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

The Complete Poetical Works of William Wordsworth: Together with a Description of the Country of the Lakes in the North of England, Now First Published with his Works.  Edited by Henry Reed. Philadelphia: Kay & Troutman, 1846.

March 20th 2016 • 11h09
I am still feeling terrible and I wish I could take another day off from all the studying but I can’t. So today I’m going to try to read as much of Mrs Dalloway as possible. That’s my main focus for today. I have 4 weeks left to finish reading V. Woolf (I have 4 books left to read: Mrs Dalloway, Night and Day, The Years and Three Guineas) and write my dissertation so I really need to hurry up. I also have 2 other papers to write and 2 exams to study for + 2 oral exams. I need to stay focused. Ugh. I wish I could just sleep it off.