“Hello, Heartbreaker.”

Greyscale lineart commission based on wordstrings’ fic Wider than a Mile. Please heed archive warnings before reading the series.


EDIT: I’ve altered John’s face a bit per the commissioner’s request. I also made a boo boo because this is supposed to be colored, not greyscale! So there will be a colored version of this posted tomorrow as well. ^^


EDIT: Now with the colored version! 

But I think at heart, in their heart of hearts, Sherlock and John and Holmes and Watson are friends first. I’m a slasher, so they’re also banging, but it’s about this massive, uncontainable love they have for each other, so yes…I think they’re always friends. That part bleeds over from story to story because that’s what drew me to them in the first place. They’re the best set of friends I’ve ever seen.
—  Wordstrings, quoted in Anne Jamison’s Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World

‘Sherlock has moved, actually, and is now slumped in his wide-armed chair with his legs crossed under him.  He looks miserable.  He looks, in fact, as if he’s being tortured.  The man looks so hurt by the normalcy of day-to-day life that for a few seconds John wonders if it’s worth it, never being enough of a distraction.’

- Wordstings The Paradox Suite x

I adore this series beyond words, and could read it over and over again. Thought it was time I paid proper tribute.

Katie Forsythe/Wordstrings Podfic Masterpost

Since Katie deleted both her livejournal accounts, I think podfic lovers might want a place where they can be able to find all the links to the amazing audio versions of her fics, which I love passionately. Thank you both to my favourite author in fandom and to all the lovely podficcers for recording these wonderful stories. Enjoy! … and please let me know if something is missing: i would love to add/update this list!

EDIT: replaced broken link to janeturenne’s podfic. Jane, please let me know if you want me to remove my link or if you have fixed yours.

EDIT: added 2 podficcing projects by afrogeekgoddess! Yay! Can’t wait to listen!!!

UPDATE 27.08.2014: heuristicdevice has recorded Splendid Night!

UPDATE 14.09.2014: heuristicdevice has recorded Full of Grace!

UPDATE 22.10.2014: heuristicdevice has recorded Birds to a Lighthouse!

UPDATE 10.01.2015: new recordings by bagofthumbs and RickyPulsifer, & the_dragongirl!

BBC Sherlock

All the Best and Brightest Creatures    text      podfic by bagofthumbs     NEW!

The Paradox Series

1. An Act of Charity  text   podfic by fayjay

2. The Paradox Suite   text   podfic by fayjay

3. The Death and Resurrection of the English Language   text   podfic by fayjay

4. Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name    text    podfic by fayjay

5. Wider Than A Mile    text    podfic by bronwyn

6. New Days To Throw Your Chains Away    text    podfic by bronwyn

7. A Thousand Threads of What Might Have Beens    text    podfic by revolutionaryjo

8. The Dying of the Bees    text    podfic by songlin

Canon Sherlock Holmes

The Love Verse

1. Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin   text     podfic by general_jinjur

2. Hallowed Be Thy Name    text    podfic by general_jinjur

3. The Violet Elephant    text   podfic by janeturenne (broken link)     temporary download

4. Birds to a Lighthouse   text    podfic by heuristicdevice  currently being podficced by cellardoor

5. The Lucky One   text      podfic by mific

6. The Presbury Letters   text    podfic by mific

The Hope Verse

1. The Sign of Change    text    podfic by liannabob

2. Cauldron: A Love Letter    text      podfic by liannabob      podfic by aethel


An April’s Journey   text   podfic by RickyPulsifer       NEW!

That Which Gives Extras   text    podfic by luzula

Thoughts Without Words     text      podfic by luzula    podfic by elaineofshalott

The Three Favours   text       podfic by threequarters

Some Further Notes on the Roylott Matter   text     podfic by aethel

Twelfth Night    text     podfic by dodificus

Undiscovered Country    text   podfic by kian       podfic by RickyPulsifer and the_dragongirl        NEW!

Splendid NIght    text    podfic by heuristicdevice   

Full of Grace    text   podfic by heuristicdevice 

War Crimes  text   currently being podficced by afrogeekgoddess

The Greek Lesson    text     currently being podficced by afrogeekgoddess

Fic Rec!

Since everyone in the Sherlock fandom seems to be anxiously awaiting January 1st, I thought I’d make a PSA about some absolutely gorgeous ACD  Holmes/Watson fic that some of you all might not know about.  Katie Forsythe AKA wordstrings (who wrote The Paradox Series and All the Best and Brightest Creatures) has also written quite a bit Holmes/Watson fic that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s all online here. The stories are listed there mostly in alphabetical order– but you should know that while some of them are stand alone stories,  others belong together.  Katie, at one point, published a guide on her LJ that someone retrieved and posted here.  The stories don’t necessarily have to be read in order, but it was very helpful to me to know which stories were happening in the same universe.

PS. It’s my life’s goal to make as many of you read Birds to a Lighthouse as possible. It might be one of my favorite things ever written. (But you should read all of her stuff because did I mention it’s gorgeous and amazing?) 

Q: Why do you prefer posting online to publishing traditionally?

A: Because the stories aren’t for readers, they’re for me and my noisy, noisy head, and then when people happen to read them and enjoy them or even come away feeling a bit better, that’s a completely unexpected bonus. Charging money for them would be like having heart surgery and them billing the doctor for the privilege of working on me. Sometimes I need to write these mad tales in order to get rid of all the muck in my chest, and I’d never dream of charging anyone money for the results….I put it online and it belongs to everyone; take it or leave it as you will.

—  Wordstrings, quoted in Anne Jamison’s Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World.
2K Follower Author Rec!

Thank you so much to everyone who loves fanfiction and Johnlock as much as I do and decided to follow this blog!  The voting was pretty close, but in the end Author Rec List won out!  So, here is a list in no particular order of the [Johnlock] fanfic authors I love and why I love them.

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“We’ll live on starlight and crime scenes, the way we always have.
(click for bigger) 

i know i hark on about this series of fanfics, but if you haven’t read ’the paradox series’, please, do. listen to the warnings though - some of it can be quite intense, but it’s beautiful, and worth it.

also, i dedicate this picture to the lovely katka. this girl means the world to me and even though she hasn’t read these fics yet, i said i’d draw her johnlock, and i did~! (i couldn’t resist using the paradox quote!) 

i hope to draw more, soon~!


AN: I am a lazy, procrastinatory poop (I swear, it was 10:30 just two seconds ago) but HERE IS LEE’S BIRTHDAY FIC. (P.S. I suppose this is a part of this mess-of-an-au, but all you really need to know is: Firefighter!Sam and Officer!Gabriel.)

Words: 1,300

“It was a good day,” Sam said, pinning the phone between his ear and shoulder as he pulled his gym bag out of the back seat of the car one-handedly, carefully holding his balled-up sweatshirt in the other. “Not much happened, actually. But you might be interested to hear that I did get one very unusual call this morning.” He slammed the door shut and continued, “It was from a man who was looking for his brother.”


Sam sighed. “A certain kindergarten teacher - socially awkward, loves kids, wears a trenchcoat, dating my brother, possibly related to you… you wouldn’t happen to know anyone fitting that description, would you Gabe?”

There was a beat of silence. “Whoops?” Gabriel offered, sounding chagrined. Sam snorted. “Yeah, whoops. What, did you completely forget about offering to go to Cas’ class for career day?”

“Seems like. Let me guess, you showed up?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I went down with Dean and Benny. We showed them the truck, taught them about fire safety, gave them all plastic fire hats and showed them how to change a smoke alarm. It was a lot of fun.”

“That’s my hero,” Gabriel teased. “Saving me from career day and saving the future generation from fires. Did you put out any college microwave fires today, too? Rescue any cats from trees?”

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Oldest Trick in the Book

AO3 link (x)

nerdstrings said: A Thing: Dean & Cas, in/on/around the Impala, with something along the lines of, “You know that wasn’t what I meant.”

A/N: So I still have some prompts from way back in July when I asked for some (and got like 47 lol) so I’m trying to work through them, and yesterday was wordstrings’ birthday, so I thought I ought to give her a little something (sorry it’s a tad late!)

Words: 1297

A stray hand on the drive back to the bunker had left Dean and Cas unable to even get past the car door. They had stumbled quite awkwardly into the back seat, lips meeting intermittently as they struggled to get situated. Cas flopped down on his back and pulled Dean on top of him. Dean trailed kisses down to Castiel’s neck until he hit a spot that made Cas squirm. A smile etched onto Cas’ face as Dean nipped at the spot.

“Don’t!” Cas suddenly squeaked, muffling a giggle as he tried to maneuver his hand down to catch Dean’s hand which had wormed its way under his shirt.

“Don’t what?” Dean smirked, pulling back to look at the angel and twitching his fingers along Cas’ sides.

“Tickle me!” Cas giggled, twisting around in the limited space of Dean’s back seat.

“Tickle you?” Dean grinned, and Cas realized he’d made a grave mistake, “Okay.”

Cas shook his head, a nervous smile on his face, “You know that wasn’t what I meant.” He tried to glare, he really did, but those damn anticipatory giggles did him in.

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John gasps, and then starts laughing helplessly, shaking his head back and forth with his eyes shut. “God help me, I am in bed with the handsomest, kinkiest ace on the face of the Earth and I think he is going to kill me – if I die, please don’t tell my mum I went being spanked by a desperately hot asexual consulting detective. Please. Oh, god.”
Moon River
  • Moon River
  • David Davidson
  • Beautiful Strings: 24 Timeless Melodies Featuring Violin

(from wordstrings, “Wider than a Mile”)

As for the Strad in his hands, it is throbbing and humming and pulsing like a living thing. The violin shys away from him, all a-tremble, and then presses back into his touch as if doubly ashamed of itself. Its patina is flushed and its strings quiver delicately. He strokes the bow over them with tremendous care, they’re so sensitive by this time, oversentitive, it’s been five hours since he started playing, they’re far too sensitive for Chopin by now and Mendelssohn would arch his fiddle’s back in a gasp and break its spine, and so he croons tender phrases over the heated strands. Ancient English songs. Lullabies. Songs about cold winters and about lost loves.

Moon River, wider than a mile…

…He plays for a long time.

The notes slide to a stop.

“Hello, Huckleberry Friend,” says Sherlock.

“And hello, Heartbreaker,” says John.

Title: The Paradox Series

Author: wordstrings

Readers: FayJay (parts 1-4), bronwyn (parts 5-6), revolutionaryjo (part 7), songlin (part 8)

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)

Pairing: Sherlock/John

Rating: Explicit

Length: 11:28:24 (total series)

Warnings: Mental health issues (including suicide ideation), obsessive/unhealthy relationships, violence, drug use. 

Download links:

  1. An Act of Charity
  2. The Paradox Suite
  3. The Death and Resurrection of the English Language
  4. Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name
  5. Wider than a Mile
  6. New Days to Throw Your Chains Away
  7. A Thousand Threads of What-Might-Have-Beens
  8. The Dying of the Bees

Text: On AO3

Notes: Okay, far from the most original first post I could make on this blog. (Is there anyone who listens to podfic who hasn’t read this?) But can you blame me? This was my first introduction to podfic, almost a year and a half ago, and I have listened to it so many times over I can mouth the words along with the readers. This story is my favorite work of literature ever written, and it’s beautifully read.

submitted by bf!anon

Hiya, me again. This fic is dedicated to wordstrings, the lovely lovely person.
I’m not wild about this one, it has *shudder* plot. - bf!anon

Sam sat in the library, leafing through yet another tome from the men of letters. Tracking an angel was a tedious thing to study, even finding something on them was rare because of their aloof nature to humans, until a few years ago at least.

He was not angry at Castiel for healing him. He was rarely angry at the angel for anything really. As Castiel had said, he understood Sam, and of course, Sam understood him. The unwavering devotion. Always having the best intentions. Screwing up, regardless of those things. Faith, first in God, then in others. Complete dependence on the idiot that was Dean Winchester. Whether either of them liked it or not.

Sam could understand Castiel’s attachment to Dean, and he had more than a few suspicions on that score, but it was strange to realise that this was one of the only times he had been alone with the angel, the two of them, but no Dean. Though they had a lot in common, they didn’t often spend time together.

Maybe it was time to fix that.

“Uuuhh, Cas?” He asked hesitantly, sticking his head through the door of the living area in search of the angel.

Castiel was seated at one of the large tables, looking through a large tome, a cup of coffee on the table before him. “Hello Sam.”

“Hey.” He said, walking over, “Find anything?”

The angel shook his head, “Regretfully, no. Though the men of letters have much more information on angels than I would have expected.” He smiled ruefully, “I believed we were hidden from notice for many years.”

Sam smiled, “Well you can be proud that no one else knew about you until you came down when we met. Dean didn’t believe in angels.”

“Many people still do not.”

“Some do. Even though they’ve never seen one, or had any proof.”

Castiel looked up at Sam and smiled in his slightly goofy way. “You did.”

“Yeah,” Sam said, feeling oddly proud, “I did.” After a moment he coughed, “Anyway, there’s this church in town having mass tonight with a visiting choir from Germany. I was going to swing by, do you want to come?” God knew why he felt nervous asking, it wasn’t like he was asking the angel out on a date.That’s Dean’s job. He thought, and fought a snort.

Thankfully Castiel looked happy with the idea, and nodded, “I do enjoy the music in such places.”

“Good.” Sam sighed an internal sigh of relief. He knew that asking the angel to come to mass would be a touchy topic, but thankfully, as usual, Castiel took the best from the situation, “I was gonna head off in about half an hour.”

“I may finish this book first then.” He said, taking a sip of the coffee. It wasn’t the same as when he was human, but as it was mostly one ingredient it wasn’t too overwhelming.

“Okay,” Sam said, “I’m going to have a shower, not really a good look to show up at church covered in blood.”

Castiel smiled, “It’s your own blood, which must be better than usual.”

“No blood in church, isn’t that one of the ten commandments?” But he was joking, and for once Castiel picked up on it and glared. Sam laughed and walked away, “I’ll see you in a little while.” He called back.

Later, when they were walking, Sam felt compelled to ask, “Hey, how have you been anyway?” It had rained, but had let up for the moment. The pavement were dark, illuminated only by the yellow glow of the street lights, reflecting off the puddles of rain.

The angel cocked his head slightly, noting the mirrored question he had received form Dean, “Better. Becoming human was… difficult, but returning to being an angel was harder than I expected.”

Sam smiled a little, “You really like humans that much?” Stupid question, really, but to choose a human life…

“Why do you think I fell in the first place?”

The hunter shrugged. “Dean yelled at you until you did what he wanted?” He teased.

The angel grinned. “That was part of it.” He admitted, “Dean… spoke the words I was already thinking. He has always been good at that.” Sam smirked, half-hoping Castiel might confess his feelings for his brother. “And his timing was… good. What they- what we were about to do…” He sighed, eyes glued to the ground. “But Dean did not make me doubt heaven, not initially.” Now he looked up, a hint of wonder in his eyes. “That was you Sam.”

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Prompt Number: 16
Title: Open Circuits
Author: @wordstrings
Pairing(s): Dean/Cas
Rating: M
Word Count: 4,400
Warnings/Kinks: tickling, biomechanical parts, coming untouched
Summary: Synthetic limbs have always been normal for Castiel, but Castiel’s normal seems to be different from everyone else’s. At least it makes for some interesting bedroom experiences.
Link: Ao3

Artist: @topieornottopie
Link: art masterpost