podfic rec list

A podfic rec list for @mmelibrarian88! They asked for best podficced works without teenlock, parentlock, or Mary (sorry - I actually did include one parentlock and one story with Mary but mentioned it in the descriptions). Includes links both to podfics and written works: podfics are linked in the title, written works linked at the end. Enjoy!


Performance in a Leading Role: written by Mad_Lori, read by aranel_parmadil and consulting_smartass. The classic actor AU in which Sherlock and John are actors who fall in love. Such a fantastic fic; absolutely give this a try if you haven’t already! [x]

Mise en Place: written by azriona, read by consulting_smartass. Another fantastic AU in which Sherlock revives failing restaurants and John owns a family restaurant. Truly a lovely work, so wonderful. [x]

Working On the Edges: written by earlgreytea68, read by aranel_parmadil and consulting_smartass. A brilliant AU in which both John and Sherlock are in the Winter Olympics. It’s nothing short of lovely, I highly recommend it! [x]

Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In): written by MojoFlower, read by consulting_smartass. A fantastic magical realism AU in which Sherlock was cursed into becoming a genie before he meets John. Such a wonderful fic, I love this one. [x]

The Frost Is All Over: written by Chryse, read by aranel_parmadil. One of my favorite AU fics of all. Sherlock is a lord and John is a commoner, and they grow up together and fall in love. So fantastic; a must-read! [x]

The Gilded Cage: written by BeautifulFiction, read by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. An epic Omegaverse fic that turns the norms of the Omegaverse on its head. Absolutely amazing and beautifully done! [x]

Two Two One Bravo Baker: written by abundantlyqueer, read by aranel_parmadil. A classic AU in which Sherlock meets John while on a case in Afghanistan. A fantastic war story that is scorchingly hot. [x]

Nature and Nurture: written by earlgreytea68, read by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. The classic parentlock AU in which Sherlock is accidentally cloned and Sherlock and John raise the baby. I can’t recommend this fic enough, it’s fantastic! [x]

John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas: written by earlgreytea68, read by consulting_smartass. Any AU that starts with Sherlock and John meeting while dressed as elves is, in my opinion, a fantastic story. Also features a fake relationship and loads of pining - what’s not to love? [x]

All the Best and Brightest Creatures: written by wordstrings, read by bagofthumbs. Honestly one of the best stories I’ve ever encountered. An AU in which Sherlock put away Jim Moriarty when he was ten, and now Moriarty wants revenge. It’s a work in progress, but so, so worth it. I absolutely recommend it. [x]

you are a paradigm: written by 1electricpirate, read by consulting_smartass. A fantastic Potterlock fic in which John is a wizard and Sherlock is a Muggle. Incredible, one of my favorite Potterlock fics. [x]


Electric Pink Hand Grenade: written by BeautifulFiction, read by sevenpercent. A classic sickfic in which Sherlock gets debilitating migraines and John takes care of him. [x]

A River Without Banks: written by Chryse, read by aranel_parmadil. This is easily one of the best fics I’ve ever read: Sherlock lives different versions of his life until he gets it right. The description doesn’t do it justice, it is fantastic. (This is the one with Mary, but it’s so amazing I couldn’t resist, sorry). I highly recommend it! [x]

The Edinburgh Problem: written by snorklepie, read by Lockedinjohnlock. This is easily one of my favorite case fics of all time. Sherlock and John travel to Scotland to help Sherlock’s cousin after a murder occurs. So brilliant; a must-read! [x]

Bread and Wine and Curry Once a Week: written by cwb, read by aranel_parmadil. A great story of miscommunication, pining, and a happy (and smutty) ending. John tells Sherlock to write a letter to the person he’s in love with, not realizing it’s him. [x]

Truly Madly Deeply: written by astolat, read by themusecalliope. A fantastic first time fic after the Three Garridebs. I love this one! [x]

Midnight Blue Serenity: written by BeautifulFiction, read by aranel_parmadil. A fantastic case fic in which John and Sherlock go undercover at a club. So, so good. Definitely give this a read! [x]

Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained: written by withoutawish, read by SherlockWho and withoutawish. This is one of my favorite fics of all time. A fantastic Christmas fic that turns all of the tropes on their heads, it’s fantastic. A slow burn with perfect characterization: go read it! [x]


[listen]|[read the series]

The mix features songs actually referenced in the fic + my own choices. The former are: 

  • You Never Give Me Your Money / The Beatles
  • Karma Police / Radiohead
  • Moon River / Frank Sinatra (I chose his version, but no singer is specified in the fanfic)
  • Little One / Beck
  • Dance Me To The End of Love / Leonard Cohen
  • You’ve Escaped / Aloha
  • King of Pain / The Police

If you haven’t read this, then you are not making the right choices. 

Scowling Can Be Dangerous

A/N: Alrighty @wordstrings Lee!!! I am your Secret Santa and I am so very honored and happy to write for you, and also a little terrified not gonna lie, and I hope you love this! Merry Christmas!!!!

Castiel Novak had been out of hell for close to a year now and it seemed as if he was just starting to feel normal again. His big brothers, Gabriel and Balthazar, and his big sister, Anna, had gone above and beyond to make Castiel comfortable, and most importantly, safe. Castiel still jumped when dogs barked, he still slept with two extra blankets, and he still couldn’t bring himself to listen to Stairway to Heaven. But, Castiel is able to sleep in a room by himself now, he is able to cook over an open flame, and he is able to laugh once more.

Of course, his “guardian angel” had something to do with that, along with his siblings. Deaniel was the one who rescued him from hell. Although the angel had put it, “I’m the one who grabbed your short ass outta hell and put it back together.”

Castiel couldn’t help the fond smile that graced his lips as he thought about the mischievous angel. He wasn’t what Cas had expected that was for sure. He sauntered into that barn and then laughed when Cas had stabbed him. He was munching on a cheeseburger as he explained everything that had transpired the day Castiel clawed his way out of his own freaking coffin.

“Cas!” His brother Gabriel called from the kitchen in the tiny house they were all renting. “Dinner’s ready!”

Cas reluctantly pulled himself away from his book, Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, and padded his way to the kitchen.

“Bout’ time Cassie!” Gabriel greeted as he piled spaghetti on plates for everyone. Anna and Balthazar were grabbing drinks for everyone and Castiel was prepared for a nice family dinner when a rush of wings sounded and suddenly Dean was sitting where Cas was just about to sit.

“You know, this stuff is better from Italy.” Dean stated as he took a big bite from Castiel’s plate.

“You know, it’s rude to show up unannounced.” Balthazar retorted.

“Oh hush,” Anna scolded. “You know you’re always welcome here Dean.”

Dean sent her a wink and Cas groaned, Deaniel was incorrigible.

“What brings you here feathers?” Gabriel asked.

Dean shrugged. “Bored. Sammy’s busy with heaven stuff.”

‘Sammy’ was Dean’s little brother, if angels even thought about each other like that, and the two of them were very close. It was Samuel who helped Deaniel with rescuing Cas, it was Samuel who has been by Deaniel’s side (and in extension Castiel’s side) throughout the past year, and it was Samuel who wanted to help Deaniel with saving earth.

“Well, I’m hungry so if you would please move.” Castiel motioned for Dean to leave.

Dean rolled his eyes and moved from the table, but not before grabbing another bite of Cas’ dinner.

“Do you even taste what you’re eating? I thought Sam said all you angels taste is molecules?” Gabriel questioned.

“I can taste all food, it takes a while to get past the ‘molecule’ part, but I’ve been doing it for like, ten thousand years so I’m good.”

Castiel shook his head with a small smile.

“What?” Dean asked, looking confused.

“You say ‘ten thousand years’ like it’s nothing.” Castiel replied.

“Well, to an awesome sentient being such as I, ten thousand year is nothing.” Dean replied haughtily.

Gabriel and Balthazar both snorted. Anna chastised them while Dean flipped them off.

“Any news on seals?” Anna asked.

“Nope.” Dean replied, popping his lips on the p. “Alls quiet on the western front. Although Sammy seems to think that there might be one in Egypt. That’s what he’s working on right now.”

“Egypt?” Gabriel repeated.

“Yeah, you know, sandy place with huge pyramids and what not?” Dean snarked.

“Yeah, I’m aware of what Egypt is asshat.” Gabriel retorted.

“Can we go ten minutes without snarking at one another?” Cas asked.

“No.” Deaniel, Gabriel, and Balthazar answered simultaneously.

Cas sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Where’s the fun in not being snarky?” Balthazar asked. “It’s a part of who we are Cassie, you wouldn’t want us to change would you?”

“Being nicer to one another isn’t a hardship.” Cas replied dryly.

“It is for me.” Gabriel muttered.

Castiel scowled at him and then squeaked when he felt a poke at his side.

“Now, now, no scowling at the dinner table.” Balthazar chastised as he withdraw his hand. Anna was grinning now, fond and bright. Castiel was grateful to see her smile since it seemed to happen less and less often the closer the six of them got to completing the seals. However, Castiel was less grateful when her smile was in response to his ridiculous weakness that was provoked by the other men in the room.

“Don’t.” Cas warned, trying his hardest to keep the grin off of his own face.

“Then don’t scowl.” Gabriel responded, reaching out and poking Cas’ other side.

“Gabriel!” Cas scolded, flinching violently.

“Oh we haven’t played this game in while!” Dean crowed. “Let me assist you dear humans.”

“Dean! NO!” Castiel cried, but it was too late. The youngest Novak could feel the invisible tendrils of tickling torture start to crawl up his body and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“Dehehean!” Cas started squirming in his seat, twisting and turning as he helplessly grinned with giggles already pouring out of his mouth.

“You know, if you weren’t such a scowly grump, I wouldn’t have to do this quite so often.” Dean replied casually.

“You suhuhuhuhuhuck!” Cas retorted, trying to move out of his chair.

“I am so glad we showed you this,” said Gabriel. “This is the one thing you’re good for.”

Dean smirked at Gabriel before snapping his fingers and sending a ticklish jolt through the mouthy older brother.

“Hey!” Gabriel squawked. “Let’s concentrate on Cas here!”

Dean rolled his eyes before sending a wave of ticklish energy across Castiel’s stomach, relishing in the peal of laughter it produced. Cas slid to the ground and curled in on himself.

“Oh Cas, you are so adorable sometimes.” Anna giggled from her seat.

“Stahahahahap! PLEASE!” Cas screeched as Balthazar and Gabriel kneeled next to where he lay and started squeezing at his thighs.

“NOHOHOHOHO!” Cas was squirming as much as he could, trying to push away at his older brother’s hands as well at the invisible ones attacking his stomach.

“Ready to stop being such a grump?” Balthazar asked.

“I WAHAHAHASN’T BEING AHAHAHAHA GRUHUHUHUMP!” Cas defended. The denial earned him a vicious attack on his ribs.


“Promise?” Dean asked, moving the tickling to his knees next.


Balthazar and Gabe stopped their attack and Dean let the tickle-filled grace slowly cease.

Castiel lay panting on the ground, his hair mussed and a helpless grin on his face. He slowly sat up and attempted to fix his hair and clothes with as much dignity as he could muster before flipping off the entire room.

“I hope you all know that Samuel will be here soon.” Castiel told them all.

“Why would he be here?” Dean asked. “Sammy’s not your angel, I am.”

Castiel felt his face burn at the affection in Dean’s voice. He shook his head and allowed his own smirk to fill his face.

“He may not be my specific angel, but he still hears my prayers.”

A rustle of wings were heard and in the middle of the kitchen stood Samuel, his wings displayed in all their russet-feathery glory, cracking his knuckles he grinned.

“Dean isn’t the only one who knows about tickling.” Sam stated.

“Shit.” Dean cursed as he quickly fled in a rush of his own wings, leaving the rest of the Novak’s to their doom.

Heavenly Might

This is actually a birthday present for wordstrings! I love it when I get things done. Two months late, but I got it done before the end of the year, so it counts!

Fandom: SPN

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: G

Fluffy fluff fluff fluff!

Dean had come to feel safe in the bunker. Relaxed, with his guard down. That’s why when he walked into his room and promptly took what felt like a fluffy baseball bat to the face, he was pretty surprised. The world flashed white, and he was on his back.

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classics rec list

A list of fandom classics compiled for @wineinanopenwound (side note: holy hell, I’m sorry that this took so long. Thank you for your patience!) Most of these are multi-chapter fics.

Another side note: a good way to find popular fics is to filter works on AO3 by kudos!

Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68: I would be remiss if I didn’t include the fandom classic. In this wonderful fic, Sherlock and John raise an infant clone of Sherlock. [Parentlock, Post-Reichenbach]

Performance in a Leading Role by Mad_Lori: An AU in which John and Sherlock are actors playing the leads in a romance and fall in love. [AU]

Saving Sherlock Holmes by earlgreytea68: This is an AU in which John and Sherlock are at school together. So sweet, and I love Mycroft in this fic. [AU, Teenlock]

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction: This is a fantastic case fic in which Sherlock and John go undercover in a club. [Case Fic, UST]

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: This is another brilliant case fic involving fantastic original characters, shady art students, and plenty of other wonderful surprises. [Case Fic, Post-Season 3, Fix-It]

The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild: This is THE post-season 3 fic, in my opinion, and every bit worth the read. John rebuilds his life after Mary. [Post-Season 3, Case Fic, Fix-It]

State of Flux by Atiki: Another brilliant post-season 3 fic, very soft and tender. [Post-Season 3, Fix-It]

The Least of All Possible Mistakes by rageprufrock: A brilliant fic in which Lestrade is a woman, told from her point of view. One of my favorites. [Lestrade POV, Mystrade]

The Last Drop by Phyona: A great fic in which John and Sherlock go to a pub and play drinking games. I love the sequel as well. [UST]

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer: An AU in which Sherlock meets John while on a case in Afghanistan. [AU, War Story, Case Fic, Thriller]

The Paradox Series by wordstrings: A brilliant series–somewhat twisted, but brilliant and fascinating. Examines a codependent relationship between John and Sherlock. [Season 1+2, Sociopathy, Codependency, Series]

A River Without Banks by Chryse: One of my all-time favorites, Sherlock relives multiple versions of his life. So, so brilliant. [Post-Season 3, Fix-It, Case Fic, AU-ish]

Mise en Place by azriona: A chef AU, alternatively known as “the one where Sherlock is Gordon Ramsey.” [AU]

And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild: A wonderful proposal story, so very lovely. [Established Relationship, Proposal]

The Frost is All Over by Chryse: A Dickensian tale in which Sherlock is an earl’s son and John is a commoner and they grow up together. [AU]

The Gilded Cage by BeautifulFiction: This is the classic Omegaverse fic. Simply brilliant worldbuilding. [AU, Omegaverse, Case Fic]

All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings: A fantastic AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to prison as a child. A work in progress, but simply incredible. [AU, Case Fic, Love at First Sight]

You’re clearly not thinking. My brain is a device that consists of a combination of organic matter, electricity, and chemical compounds. The epinephrine response is not necessarily under my control, but by masking monoamines that have already bound to my adrenergic receptors, I can to some extent bypass the side effects that prevent my higher faculties from operating at the peak of their potential. Which is very clearly necessary right now.“

“Okay, in actual English, what you just said was you panicked, and then you got high.

—  All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings
Obstruction of Absorption

wordstrings submitted:

A/N: That is an atrocious title. Let’s pretend I didn’t come up with that. Here, have a silly little HS AU thing to maybe cheer you up. :) –wordstrings

Cas sits, hunched over the notebook on the small platform desk attached to his chair arm, when he feels a draft at the back of his neck. He ignores it until he notices a pattern – breathing. 

He doesn’t move, but lifts his eyes from his pen up to the front of the room. The teacher is still sitting at her desk up front, busying herself while the students copy down the extensive formulas and notes from the board. No one else has gotten up, and the only person who sits behind him is–

“Dean,” he whispers, so softly that only someone right next to him would hear. An equally quiet huff behind his back confirms it.

Dean must be leaning far over his own desk, getting right up in Castiel’s space. Cas steels himself to fully ignore him for as long as possible. There’s a test in two days that their notes will be instrumental in preparing them for. Dean’s distraction can wait until after class.

But every ounce of Cas’ steel promptly dissolves when something touches the back of his ribcage. Distinct points of barely-there pressure flank both sides of his back where he’s got it rounded over in the posture he adopts when concentrating on his work. His breathing shallows. 

Dean,” he whispers again, warningly this time. 

The touches drum once, then slowly start moving independently of each other as Dean gently begins spidering his fingers in place.

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dark/angsty fics

I received an ask from @xpapillondenuitx asking for angsty/dark/thriller fics, and I was so excited about it that I decided to use this list to celebrate my next milestone(!). Here are my favorite dark/angsty fics!

(Note: many of these fics include elements such as graphic depictions of violence, graphic depictions of drug use, abuse, major character death, etc. Please, please heed the tags, lovelies!)

White Tulip by withoutawish: Quite possibly my favorite fic of all time. It’s set entirely within TSOT and follows Sherlock’s descent into drug use before the wedding. It’s unique in many respects, not least the fantastic writing and storytelling, but also in that it fits so perfectly into canon. The characterizations are perfect, the metaphors are spectacular, the writing is gorgeous – I will never stop recommending this fic. Warnings for drug use, graphic depictions of violence, and an ambiguous ending.

Modus Operandi by joolabee: After the Fall, John falls into working as an assassin. If asked beforehand, I would have said that this seems out of character, and I would have been unequivocally wrong. It’s brilliant – John’s descent into murder for hire is so terribly realistic and gutting in an understated sort of way. This fic has my favorite version of Moran as well. The ending ripped my heart out of my chest (you will never encounter a more compelling cliffhanger, ever). This story is truly masterful; if you haven’t already read it I highly recommend it. Warnings for violence.

The Boundaries of an Event Horizon by CaitlinFairchild: This story is stunning. In the wake of devastating events, John and Sherlock’s relationship begins with blows and quickly becomes abusive. The writing is spectacular and the story is compelling and realistic. Brilliantly done, it never felt out of character. I found myself thinking about it for months after reading it. It’s unbelievably good, definitely read this. Warnings for abuse and drug use.

A River Without Banks by Chryse: This is easily one of the best stories I’ve ever read. The premise behind this epic story is that Moriarty’s suicide ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and therefore, Sherlock must travel back in his past to restore the primary timestream. It’s certainly the most creative fix-it explanation I’ve heard, but also the best – Sherlock doesn’t get it right on the first try, so we see many alternate universes and timestreams, some of which end happily and many of which do not. Plenty of angst but also a happy ending! Seriously, if this sounds even vaguely interesting, read it. Warnings for drug use, serial killers, suicide, torture, and rape (the last two elements are contained to one chapter and can be skipped).

Burn Down by augustbird: This is a brilliant post-Reichenbach fic in which John and Sherlock start a relationship after Sherlock comes back. Told partially through texts, emails, and news articles, it depicts Sherlock’s struggles with PTSD and possessiveness. It’s heartbreaking: for all that they both love each other, it’s not enough. It’s perfectly done, with a fantastically tense final standoff. Go read it.

us against by augustbird: This story is gutting. John and his sister live in an abusive household until they end up on the run with Sherlock. Short and tense and heartbreaking, this is one of my favorite dark fics. I definitely recommend it. Warnings for abuse, violence, and implied rape.

Oxidation by abbykate: This is a brilliant AU in which Sherlock is a painter and John is his subject, with a twist – John was killed in the war and Sherlock has decided to paint him from description alone. John is absolutely a character, however: he shows up in Sherlock’s dreams. The writing is spectacular and the story itself is incredible. Magical realism truly lives up to its name in this story in that it feels completely in-place in the story, and Victor Trevor makes an appearance as well. This story does not have a happy ending, but it’s brilliant all the same. Warnings for graphic depictions of violence, drug use, and major character death.

An Act of Charity by wordstrings: The first part of the Paradox Series, this series takes Sherlock’s description as a high-functioning sociopath and uses it to establish Sherlock as a character. It’s brilliantly crafted and written, and dark in all the best ways. There’s not much to say about this masterpiece of a series other than that it is absolutely and unequivocally a must-read.

Smile Like a Paper Cut by J_Baillier: This is a very dark AU in which Sherlock is a serial killer. I have to include this because it’s so brilliantly done, but this is definitely a don’t-like-don’t-read fic. It really is well-crafted and horrifying in the best way. Warnings for graphic depictions of violence.

Sink Like a Stone by pennydreadful: This story is both lovely and heart-wrenching. After the events of the pool, John and Sherlock retreat to 221B. At risk of spoiling plot points I won’t say more; however, it is short and angsty and terribly well-crafted. Definitely give it a read. Warnings for major character death.

Ease Your Way into Occupied Spaces by joolabee: This is a brilliant story of infidelity after John gets married. So, so gorgeously done, and so terribly realistic as well. It’s from Sherlock’s point of view, and his sometimes-dubious morality pervades the story – no one is innocent. You can’t help but feel for both Sherlock and John, even so. It’s so well done, one of the best infidelity stories I’ve ever read.

Terms of Service by kres: This is definitely on the darker end of the spectrum, so be wary (author does a good job of outlining possible triggers, though). Sherlock comes back after the Fall and John wants to hurt him, so Sherlock lets him. Very heavy on consensual violence – generally consent is not a problem, but the sane and safe are definitely lacking. It’s dark and complicated and shows two broken people try to work through more than most will ever deal with, and they both mess up at times. A well-written and compelling fic. Warnings for graphic depictions of violence and dubious consent.

for all that bitter delights will sour by darcylindbergh: This is a terribly angsty story, gorgeously told. Following a dangerous case, John takes Sherlock to bed only tell him that he’s not gay the next morning, and the pattern continues. Both John and Sherlock are so human in this story, and it hurts to read at times. It’s masterfully done. Warnings for an unhealthy/abusive relationship.

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer: The person who messaged me also asked about thriller fics, and this is one of my favorites. An AU where John and Sherlock meet on a case in Afghanistan, it’s a story of war and intrigue and love at first sight. It’s a classic for good reason, and definitely a thriller. Warnings for violence and minor character death.


AN: I am a lazy, procrastinatory poop (I swear, it was 10:30 just two seconds ago) but HERE IS LEE’S BIRTHDAY FIC. (P.S. I suppose this is a part of this mess-of-an-au, but all you really need to know is: Firefighter!Sam and Officer!Gabriel.)

Words: 1,300

“It was a good day,” Sam said, pinning the phone between his ear and shoulder as he pulled his gym bag out of the back seat of the car one-handedly, carefully holding his balled-up sweatshirt in the other. “Not much happened, actually. But you might be interested to hear that I did get one very unusual call this morning.” He slammed the door shut and continued, “It was from a man who was looking for his brother.”


Sam sighed. “A certain kindergarten teacher - socially awkward, loves kids, wears a trenchcoat, dating my brother, possibly related to you… you wouldn’t happen to know anyone fitting that description, would you Gabe?”

There was a beat of silence. “Whoops?” Gabriel offered, sounding chagrined. Sam snorted. “Yeah, whoops. What, did you completely forget about offering to go to Cas’ class for career day?”

“Seems like. Let me guess, you showed up?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I went down with Dean and Benny. We showed them the truck, taught them about fire safety, gave them all plastic fire hats and showed them how to change a smoke alarm. It was a lot of fun.”

“That’s my hero,” Gabriel teased. “Saving me from career day and saving the future generation from fires. Did you put out any college microwave fires today, too? Rescue any cats from trees?”

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2K Follower Author Rec!

Thank you so much to everyone who loves fanfiction and Johnlock as much as I do and decided to follow this blog!  The voting was pretty close, but in the end Author Rec List won out!  So, here is a list in no particular order of the [Johnlock] fanfic authors I love and why I love them.

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Oldest Trick in the Book

AO3 link (x)

nerdstrings said: A Thing: Dean & Cas, in/on/around the Impala, with something along the lines of, “You know that wasn’t what I meant.”

A/N: So I still have some prompts from way back in July when I asked for some (and got like 47 lol) so I’m trying to work through them, and yesterday was wordstrings’ birthday, so I thought I ought to give her a little something (sorry it’s a tad late!)

Words: 1297

A stray hand on the drive back to the bunker had left Dean and Cas unable to even get past the car door. They had stumbled quite awkwardly into the back seat, lips meeting intermittently as they struggled to get situated. Cas flopped down on his back and pulled Dean on top of him. Dean trailed kisses down to Castiel’s neck until he hit a spot that made Cas squirm. A smile etched onto Cas’ face as Dean nipped at the spot.

“Don’t!” Cas suddenly squeaked, muffling a giggle as he tried to maneuver his hand down to catch Dean’s hand which had wormed its way under his shirt.

“Don’t what?” Dean smirked, pulling back to look at the angel and twitching his fingers along Cas’ sides.

“Tickle me!” Cas giggled, twisting around in the limited space of Dean’s back seat.

“Tickle you?” Dean grinned, and Cas realized he’d made a grave mistake, “Okay.”

Cas shook his head, a nervous smile on his face, “You know that wasn’t what I meant.” He tried to glare, he really did, but those damn anticipatory giggles did him in.

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Hey, guys. Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who follows this blog. It’s been growing pretty fast recently, and especially since I haven’t had the time to read/rec as much as I would like, I really appreciate all the support/interest there’s been over the past few months. Since this blog just hit 300 followers, I wanted to take the chance to list my absolute favorite fics of all time (Johnlock, obviously). These can all be found under my favorites page, but those include ones that I don’t like quite as much as others. These are my all time favs.

The Paradox Series by wordstrings (brilliant writing. stunning characterization, really lovely portrayal of Johnlock. it’s certainly original, although read the warnings, please).

221 Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer (The build/plot here is unbelievably well-thought out. Wonderful characterization, of course, but also just amazing in general. The level of attachment you develop to not just John and Sherlock but also all the other characters proves the intensity of the plot and how engaged you get).

The Important Bit by solshine (This is probably the most underrated fic I’ve ever read. Hands-down my favorite platonic Johnlock fic ever; bittersweet in places, fluffy in others, it’s the perfect balance to accurately show life at 221B. There’s a scene in there that makes me tear up every time. This surpasses lovely and becomes beautiful).

These are my top three, but my remaining favorites (which are also extremely good), again, can be found under the favorites page.

But I think at heart, in their heart of hearts, Sherlock and John and Holmes and Watson are friends first. I’m a slasher, so they’re also banging, but it’s about this massive, uncontainable love they have for each other, so yes…I think they’re always friends. That part bleeds over from story to story because that’s what drew me to them in the first place. They’re the best set of friends I’ve ever seen.
—  Wordstrings, quoted in Anne Jamison’s Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World
submitted by bf!anon

Hiya, me again. This fic is dedicated to wordstrings, the lovely lovely person.
I’m not wild about this one, it has *shudder* plot. - bf!anon

Sam sat in the library, leafing through yet another tome from the men of letters. Tracking an angel was a tedious thing to study, even finding something on them was rare because of their aloof nature to humans, until a few years ago at least.

He was not angry at Castiel for healing him. He was rarely angry at the angel for anything really. As Castiel had said, he understood Sam, and of course, Sam understood him. The unwavering devotion. Always having the best intentions. Screwing up, regardless of those things. Faith, first in God, then in others. Complete dependence on the idiot that was Dean Winchester. Whether either of them liked it or not.

Sam could understand Castiel’s attachment to Dean, and he had more than a few suspicions on that score, but it was strange to realise that this was one of the only times he had been alone with the angel, the two of them, but no Dean. Though they had a lot in common, they didn’t often spend time together.

Maybe it was time to fix that.

“Uuuhh, Cas?” He asked hesitantly, sticking his head through the door of the living area in search of the angel.

Castiel was seated at one of the large tables, looking through a large tome, a cup of coffee on the table before him. “Hello Sam.”

“Hey.” He said, walking over, “Find anything?”

The angel shook his head, “Regretfully, no. Though the men of letters have much more information on angels than I would have expected.” He smiled ruefully, “I believed we were hidden from notice for many years.”

Sam smiled, “Well you can be proud that no one else knew about you until you came down when we met. Dean didn’t believe in angels.”

“Many people still do not.”

“Some do. Even though they’ve never seen one, or had any proof.”

Castiel looked up at Sam and smiled in his slightly goofy way. “You did.”

“Yeah,” Sam said, feeling oddly proud, “I did.” After a moment he coughed, “Anyway, there’s this church in town having mass tonight with a visiting choir from Germany. I was going to swing by, do you want to come?” God knew why he felt nervous asking, it wasn’t like he was asking the angel out on a date.That’s Dean’s job. He thought, and fought a snort.

Thankfully Castiel looked happy with the idea, and nodded, “I do enjoy the music in such places.”

“Good.” Sam sighed an internal sigh of relief. He knew that asking the angel to come to mass would be a touchy topic, but thankfully, as usual, Castiel took the best from the situation, “I was gonna head off in about half an hour.”

“I may finish this book first then.” He said, taking a sip of the coffee. It wasn’t the same as when he was human, but as it was mostly one ingredient it wasn’t too overwhelming.

“Okay,” Sam said, “I’m going to have a shower, not really a good look to show up at church covered in blood.”

Castiel smiled, “It’s your own blood, which must be better than usual.”

“No blood in church, isn’t that one of the ten commandments?” But he was joking, and for once Castiel picked up on it and glared. Sam laughed and walked away, “I’ll see you in a little while.” He called back.

Later, when they were walking, Sam felt compelled to ask, “Hey, how have you been anyway?” It had rained, but had let up for the moment. The pavement were dark, illuminated only by the yellow glow of the street lights, reflecting off the puddles of rain.

The angel cocked his head slightly, noting the mirrored question he had received form Dean, “Better. Becoming human was… difficult, but returning to being an angel was harder than I expected.”

Sam smiled a little, “You really like humans that much?” Stupid question, really, but to choose a human life…

“Why do you think I fell in the first place?”

The hunter shrugged. “Dean yelled at you until you did what he wanted?” He teased.

The angel grinned. “That was part of it.” He admitted, “Dean… spoke the words I was already thinking. He has always been good at that.” Sam smirked, half-hoping Castiel might confess his feelings for his brother. “And his timing was… good. What they- what we were about to do…” He sighed, eyes glued to the ground. “But Dean did not make me doubt heaven, not initially.” Now he looked up, a hint of wonder in his eyes. “That was you Sam.”

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Jealous Sherlock rec list

I got an ask for this a while ago (possibly multiple, actually) but I can’t find any of them, apologies! There are less works tagged with “jealous Sherlock” but all of these have some element of jealousy in them. Here’s my rec list, enjoy!

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: This is a brilliant case fic with fantastic original characters and a perfect slow burn romance (and, of course, a jealous Sherlock). Absolutely read this if you haven’t already.

Mary by kinklock: This is a fantastic pastiche fic based on “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. Sherlock is very jealous of John’s previous wife. Such a good fic.

7 minutes by salambo06: Seven minutes in heaven! Wonderful teenlock fic; go read it!

The Doubtful Comforts of Human Love by PoppyAlexander: This is a beautifully done mature take on ballet!lock and rugby!John. A wonderful fic, my favorite of the genre.

All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings: This is a brilliant AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to prison as a child. So unbelievably fantastic.

Apprehension by causidicus: Sherlock realizes that John has been wanking to a photo of him, lots of smut.

Matters of National Security by mistyzeo: John begins dating a male client and Sherlock is very, very jealous.

johnlockficrecommendations' favorite authors

Hi all! In celebration of reaching 100 followers, I’m compiling a list of some of my favorite authors. They’re all fantastic and I highly recommend reading everything they’ve ever written, shopping lists included, but I’m including some of my favorite works as well and now this has become a fic rec list whoops.


Without a doubt one of the best authors I’ve ever read. Their prose is nothing short of spectacular and the characterizations are perfect. The Paradox Series takes Sherlock’s “high functioning sociopath” label and runs with it in ways that are often touching, sometimes disturbing, and always, always stunning. It’s truly masterful. Their current WIP, All the Best and Brightest Creatures, is a brilliantly constructed AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to jail for murdering Carl Powers. Sherlock is asexual in this fic, and his relationship with John is so well done: I particularly love that his asexuality is not ignored or viewed as a problem to be solved. The cases are brilliant, the characterizations are brilliant, everything is brilliant. Just - read everything they’ve ever written.


Chryse is another brilliant author. They’ve written everything from short smutty fics to epic works, and all of it is amazing. My personal favorite is A River Without Banks. I swear, this is one of the best stories I have ever and will ever read. Sherlock lives through multiple versions of his own timestream - some of them heartbreaking, others lighter and happier. I honestly can’t recommend this fic enough. The worldbuilding is intricate, the storytelling masterful, and the writing incredible. It’s angsty, fluffy, heartwarming, heartwrenching, hilarious, tender: everything you’ve ever wanted in a story and then some. Note: this fic has a happy ending, but heed the tags for some portions (warnings are given in advance). Other fantastic fics are The Ground Beneath Your Feet, The Frost Is All Over, and A Waste of Breath.


This author is uniquely brilliant. Their writing is fantastic and the characterizations are nothing short of perfect. I have made it my personal mission in life to recommend White Tulip to everyone. You know those people who hand out bibles on street corners? That’s what I want to do with this fic - print out a thousand copies and tell everyone that they absolutely have to read this. This story is stunning. Told during TSOT, Sherlock is quietly self-destructing while John and Mary plan their wedding. The prose is gorgeous and the metaphors almost bring me to tears. This fic fully embodies Sherlock and John’s voices in a way that very few do. It’s stunning and gorgeous and perfect and, at least to my mind, nothing short of a masterpiece. This story deals with heavy topics - among them drug use, PTSD, and suicidal ideation - so heed the tags carefully. The worst part is that it doesn’t really have a happy ending - it truly is a “wreck-it-more” fic - but if you’re looking for unbelievable angst and perfect characterization with a dash of graphic drug use, this is for you. Seriously, withoutawish is incredibly talented. Other great fics from them are Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained and The River Variations.


@consultingcaitlin is absolutely one of my favorite authors in fandom. Her characterizations of John and Sherlock are perfect - they’re so human, they always feel real. The fantastic plots and scorchingly hot sex scenes weave together to create brilliant stories. Her WIP and your very flesh shall be a great poem is personally one of my favorite fics - John and Sherlock chase after Mary when she flees to America. I can’t recommend it enough. She also wrote the classic The Moonlight and the Frost, a gorgeous post-season 3 fic where Sherlock and John come together that incorporates angst and love and a fantastic case. And if you say the word, I could stay with you is a wonderful proposal story: so touching and sweet and lovely (it will also make you want coq au vin, which is never a bad thing). The Boundaries of an Event Horizon is one of the best darker fics I’ve ever read. It starkly portrays an all-too-realistic future in which neither John nor Sherlock cope well, but they heal so tenderly (note: this is another one to heed the tags on, abuse is a key plot point). And I could never leave out Somatic Theory, a series in which John and Sherlock’s relationship evolves to incorporate BDSM. So unbelievably hot. I love smut best when it furthers character development or reveals more about the characters, and this definitely does. Seriously, read everything this author has written. Everything.


@earlgreytea68 is a classic Sherlock author for good reason. Nature and Nurture, the most-kudos’d work in the Sherlock fandom, is a fantastic story in which Sherlock is accidentally cloned and John and Sherlock raise the baby together. It’s full of domesticity and wonderful fluffy goodness, and I absolutely adore it. Sherlock’s backstory is heartbreaking but perfect, the baby is wonderful (honestly, he’s exactly what Sherlock would have been like as a child), and there’s even a bit of Mystrade. Speaking of Mystrade, Scotch is a brilliant collection of stories that depict Mycroft and Lestrade’s relationship after Sherlock’s suicide. I never expected to fall in love with the pairing, but this series accomplished that. Saving Sherlock Holmes is my favorite teenlock story - I love John and Sherlock and how they came together, but I also love the portrayal of Mycroft. I’m a huge sucker for protective Mycroft. Other favorites include Keep the Car Running (an Inception crossover), The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) (told from Janine’s POV and wonderfully hilarious, read it!), the Letters series (Sherlock writes letters to John while he’s away), and John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas (fake relationship; fantastic). Seriously though, read all of their works!


This author’s writing is astoundingly good, and their stories even better. Ever wondered what fem!Lestrade would be like? Wonder no more, as Lestrade is genderswapped in The Least of All Possible Mistakes (spoiler: she is amazing). It’s an epic Mystrade fic that shows seasons one and two through Lestrade’s eyes, and it’s fantastic. The melodrama of the show is balanced out with the smaller but no less important moments that make up most of our lives, and the humor is perfect - I find myself laughing out loud every time I read this story. I adore it. Honestly, even if Mystrade/genderswap doesn’t sound like your usual thing, this is still one that I highly recommend. They also wrote Homemaking, a wonderful pre-slash story between John and Sherlock as they’re still learning how to fit together. Also, if you’re a fan of other fandoms, check them out - they’ve written for dozens of other fandoms including Harry Potter, Inception, and Stargate Atlantis.


@watsonshoneybee writes such wonderful fics - warm and kind and lovely and real, even when they’re angsty. I first fell in love with her Christmas series a good old-fashioned happy ending, in which Sherlock plans to propose to John during Christmas. It’s indescribably lovely and will absolutely leave a smile on your face. if nobody speaks of remarkable things is heartwrenching - check the tags before reading - but ultimately has a happy ending. It’s AU-ish in that Magnusson doesn’t exist, and deals heavily with the aftermath of miscarriage. It’s angsty at times but with a lot of hurt/comfort, and the relationship between Sherlock and John is lovely. My other favorites are the safety in the spaces of your mouth, all things warm and tender, for all that bitter delights will sour, and carrying up his morning tea but absolutely everything by her is wonderful, so go read it!


This author is unbelievably fantastic at worldbuilding. Their stories are wonderfully detailed and plot-heavy with brilliant cases and spectacular characterizations. The Gilded Cage is a brilliantly constructed, epic 300k A/B/O fic that tackles the often-problematic gender roles in the Omegaverse. It is both a fantastic societal critique and a wonderful case fic. John and Sherlock are both so in character, and there’s great smut without the consent issues typical of the Omegaverse. Another classic is Midnight Blue Serenity, which is a fantastic case fic in which John and Sherlock go undercover at a club to catch a serial killer. The buildup is wonderfully tense and the case is so well done. Even if you don’t love case fics, this is one to try. My heart was stolen by the Cat Among the Pigeons series, which skirts a lovely line between not-quite-platonic and pre-slash. It’s warm and fluffy and lovely, and the premise - Sherlock has a genetic variant in that he resembles a cat - is fascinating. Other wonderful fics: Electric Pink Hand Grenade, Bloody But Unbowed, and The Stars Move Still.

Note: Going through this list again, I find myself so in awe of the fantastic creations that have come out of this fandom. This list encapsulates only a small fraction of that talent, and so I just wanted to say this - if you’ve written a fic, or made fan art, or created anything, you are amazing, and thank you.