Haikyuu Fic Recommendations List Pt.2

Hey it’s been a while but here have a part 2 of the fic rec list. All of the fics are complete.


Moonstruck - Kawanishi x Yamagata - Rated G - 2,439 words

Touch - Kyoutani x Yahaba - Rated T - 1,188 words

Isolated Parts - Kyoutani x Yahaba - Rated T - 3,340 words

Of Lame Pick Up Lines And Barely Coherent Texts - Konoha x Inuoka - Rated G - 1,793 words

Tarot And Tea Leaves - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated G - 3,716 words

Here Comes Your Man - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated T - 8,801 words

Stray Arrows - Kyoutani x Yahaba - Rated T - 3,801 words

Our Hearts Still Beat The Same - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated M - 11,804 words

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let’s just sum this all up, shall we?

point one:

  • clearly what bambam said was wrong
  • he deserves to be educated on it
  • does he deserve death threats? no
  • if he was worried about fans doing finger hearts in LA being offensive,,,,,, why would he do that if he knew it was offensive?? especially if mark’s friends throw it around like it’s okay to say
  • stop attacking bambam

point two:

  • stop callng yugyeom fat??
  • he’s. not fat. he’s nowhere near fat. just bc you don’t have abs doesn’t mean ur fat. 
  • he was slouched down??? people are made of soft stuff called SKIN and it rolls when you bend. physics man.
  • yugyeom doesn’t deserve hate bc he did nothing wrong
  • stop attacking yugyeom

point three:

  • mark did nothing wrong
  • he didn’t tell bambam to say it
  • he didn’t make bambam say it
  • we already know his friends say it, and there’s no doubt they said it at the party, maybe even called bam the n word
  • stop attacking mark

tl;dr: stop threatening bambam, yugyeom isn’t fat, and mark did nothing wrong

michelesgrande  asked:

What fanfics would recomend for a first castle fanfic reader?

Hmm that’s a really hard question actually. It really depends on what you like. I’ll give you a few lists that might be good to start off with, depending on what genre/style of things you like :) 

Top reviewed fics with 20-50k words

Top reviewed fics with 15-25k words

Classic Multichapters

Classic One Shots

Multichapters Rated M

Fluff fics

100k+ Fics

My Followers Favourite Fics

All first time together fics

M Rated One Shots

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