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anonymous asked:

hi hi do you know any poem blogs? thank you and have a nice day! :D

Hello there, friend. Yes, I do! A lot of them, actually.

Just to name a few: 

aubriestar, aquietjoy2, awritersruminations, christopherpoindexter, desayunogratis, exhalingcatalysts, dontcryitsonlymike or mikefrawley, infamouslyroggy, inkeddiaries, inkskinned, inkonapagepoetry, larmoyante, lebuc, lost-in-a-maze-of-thoughts, lzlabs or lzlabseesu, myinkstainedheart, my-words-drip-in-red, nayyirahwaheed, natalie-meza, oliverswinford, poetryriot, poeticallyprofound, remnantsofapoet, shamanfox, tashtoo, thesheolofabaddon, therosesign, thepoeticunderground, thissometimepoet, tylerknott, writershigh, writingforyourlovee, wordsthat-speak, wordswritteninsilence, wordrummager.

If you are a blogger who loves to write poetry, feel free to reblog this post so our anon can find and read your beautiful writings! 

Thanks! :)