cancam ♡ august ‘16 issue
translated by: keihissi

jonghyun and the world of words

q: from stories to lyrics, you seem to have a fixation on “words”! please tell us what phrase you’ve recently filled in your memo!
jonghyun: “to go to the sea like a pirate searching for treasure — i do not recommend it that much. if you look at the sky, there it would be, so instead of the sea, take a closer look at the sky! because you are in the sky.” that is the theme for “aurora” that i wrote in my memos.

q: if you have a chance to write a poetry or story book on “scents” right now, what would you write?
jonghyun: with a warm, fragrant musk! i’ve liked that scent for about five years already, and i put musk-scented candles and perfume in my room. even in the story i’m about to write, the story of the female protagonist begins with the scent of body cream.