Our minds are a beautiful thing.
How we judge things.
How we perceive things.
Our minds are magic.
Our minds are so different.
And then the same.
Because in the end all we care
about is someone loving us
and holding us tight.
—  Even through our differences, we all are the same // @abillionlittlethoughts
scrutiny //

i am become
the hunted
& you
with your dogs,
your compasses,
your maps, with
your careful study
of fresh-laid tracks
perhaps one day
might scent a trail
to what new lines
of inquiry, or poetry,
or prophecies in
future sometime
lovers’ palms i trace;

the heart cavorts
in camouflage or
else keeps pace
with the rest
of the prey..


These short lines
Don’t always rhyme,
A steady beat
Won’t always defeat,
A simple mind
Won’t always find
Ones true desire,
The heart is a fire,
Without it’s a key
The soul will leave
—  An Original

The softest dawn to ever shine
Illuminates your careful eyes
Tranquility exemplified
Inside their flickering candlelight.

If I could just believe the lie
And say the dawn might never die
I’d kiss those eyes one hundred times
To keep the fuchsia sky alive.

—  “The Softest Dawn” - a poem.