words:35k to 40k

have you heard (fn-2187 was a stormtrooper)

They shoot RK-8978 for the crime of leaving.

They mean her as an example. Here, they say, here is what happens to those who would defect, defy, rebel. Here is the cooked blood and collapsed charred flesh of your sister, of the thing who was once your sister, of the anomaly, the broken.

Here, they say, lies sedition. See how broken it is. How bloodied. See the obscene redness of treachery’s blood against the moon-paleness of her skin. See how small she is, without her armour, see how weak, how she breaks before blaster fire.

Here she lies, the example, she-who-would-have-left. Here is what happens to the Troopers who would follow in the footsteps stamped by FN-2187, here is the example.

The problem the First Order never considered: the example is subjective. A body, cooked and smouldering by a blaster hail, a girl of intermediate age, hair blackened and wisping – cut down by her very squadmates – is meant to say all of the above and more, is meant to stand as a fixed point.

But TQ-7676 watches with his tongue thick in his mouth, his hands sweating within his gauntlets, bright white in a sea of bright white, and he thinks: this is what they do to those who are caught.

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Wreathed in Smoke, Wound in Heather (Chapter 14/?) - Interlude
by seimaisin and blindvogel
By Organization for Transformative Works

A Perc’ahlia Beauty and the Beast AU.

Everyone knows a beast lives at Whitestone Castle, a beast that has stolen souls from the town for many, many years. Should the beast claim one of yours, they say, you take the compensation left on your doorstep and thank the gods it wasn’t you instead.

When her brother runs afoul of the castle’s monster, Vex'ahlia does the unthinkable and trades her soul for his. The bargain introduces her to the beast, and to the man still living inside of the monster. Now a prisoner at Whitestone Castle, Vex must find a way to stay alive, and perhaps a way to save those trapped with her - even the beast himself.


A longer than usual interlude. Percy gathers his courage, and your authors finally make good on that Explicit rating.

If I wrote a long short story/short novella about a gangly, dark skinned, freckle faced pirate lad from a steampunk universe as he develops an emotionally intimate friendship with a people-eating siren, while helping them adjust to a tail fin disability, would you guys read it?

If I do write it, I think I’ll post it in segments on my author blog, and reblog it here. And maybe put an ebook of it it on Amazon for a buck or two.


A Journey in the Dark 
Words: 36,795 Chapters: 7/7
     It was the worst snowstorm to hit Chicago in decades. The wind had knocked down the power chords in front of the Gallagher home, and now there was a six foot long tree branch blocking the exit of the house, it was snowing like a bitch, it was dark as fuck, and Ian and Mickey were stuck in a powerless house full of Gallaghers.Rationing soup, anxiety attacks, wrestling over blankets, and mucho snuggling ensue.

New Guy
Words: 29,216 Chapters: 18/18
  Mickey Milkovich has been living in Downtown Chicago with his younger sister Mandy for a year now. Mickey waited until his sister was 18 and he was 20 before he took her with him and left the shithole that was his family home in the South Side of Chicago. Ian Gallagher is now 19 and went AWOL from the army a few months ago. He enlisted at 18 but he couldn’t seem to handle it anymore. After a couple months of being home in South Side Ian went Downtown to a loft where three people were looking for a new roommate.

Bullets, Blunts and Baseball
not rated
Words: 28,791 Chapters: 31/31
  Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich have been best friends since Little League, everyone on the South Side knew that. They didn’t know that it was bound to become something more. 

The Halfway House
Words: 30,270 Chapters: 21/21
   After his mum took off, Ian sort of expected he’d wind up in foster care. What he didn’t expect was to meet a sort of dirty boy called Mickey Milkovich there. Multi-chap fic.
Part 2 of The halfway House
Words: 3,239 Chapters: 1/1
   It feels like a world away from the Halfway House. Because it is, isn’t it. They’re finally happy. Not even a family reunion can ruin that.Sequel to my fic from ages ago The Halfway House.

Take Me In
Words: 47,873 Chapters: 19/19
   Mickey’s Dad finds out about Mickey being gay and even though Ian’s not there, but he finds the Gallaghers are still willing to take Mickey in

Words: 16,424 Chapters: 9/9
   AU where Ian and Mickey meet online

I remember the day of judgement.
Can you imagine looking up and seeing the stars fall from the sky? Can you imagine the heavens themselves raining fire upon the world below?
You say you can picture it.I dont believe you.I’m not speaking of war.I’m not speaking of premethium’s stinging oil scent, or the burning reek of flames born from war. Forget battle’s crude pains and thr sensory assault of bombardment. I am not speaking of mundane savagery-the incendairy ills men inflict upon other men.

I speak of judgement.Divine judgement.
The wrath of a god who looks upon the works of an entire world, and sees turns his heart sour. In his disgust he sends flights of angels to deliver damnation. In his rage, he seeds the skies with fire and rains destruction upon the upturned faces of six thousand worshippers.
Now tell me again. Tell me again that you can imagine seeing the stars fall from the sky.
Tell me you can imagine heaven weeping fire upon the land below, and a city burning so bright that all sight is scorched from your eyes as you watch it die.
The day of judgement stole my eyes , but I can still illuminate you. I remember it all, and why wouldn’t I? It was the last thing I ever saw.
They came to us in skyborne vultures of blue and white fire.
And they called themselves the 13th legion. The warrior kings of Ultramar.
We did not use those names. As they marched us from our homes, as they butchered those who dared fight back, and as they poured devine annihilation upon everything we had built…
We called them false angels.
You came to me asking how my faith survived the Day of Judgement. I will tell you a secret. When the stars fell, when the seas boiled and the earth burned, my faith didn’t die.
That is when I began to believe.
God was real, and he hated us.

-Exerpt from ‘The Pilgramage’ by Cyrene Valantion