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Can't We Start Over?

||| @mhe28andal Can i request a scenario where Y/N and Jungkook broke up in bad terms a year ago and got into an accident where Y/N only remembers that you were still together? |||

Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word count: 1,009

Originally posted by orchid-bud

Your eyes were heavy and slowly, bit by bit you tried to open them up. The room was white and from all the equipment around you, you realised that you’re in the hospital.

“Y/N! Dear, you’re awake!” someone said.

“Jungkook?” you asked.

“No, Y/N, it’s your mom.”

“Mom, where’s Jungkook?”

“What do you mean where is he?”

“I have to call him, make sure he’s okay,” you said in a shaky voice. You quickly sat up and started searching for your phone when your mother noticed what you’re looking for and gave it to you before laying you back down. You frantically searched for his number in your address book, you checked a few times, scrolling through it from the start to the end just to make sure but it wasn’t there. You looked at your mother who stared at you with a sorrowful expression.

“Mom, why don’t I have his number?” you asked. It seems like she wanted to say something.

“Tell me!” you begged her. “Is he okay?”

“Y/N do you remember what happened?”

“Oh my God, is he? Is he okay?” you couldn’t hold it in anymore and started crying.

“He’s fine or I think he is, I don’t know but the doctor did say the hit to your head was pretty hard, what else do you-”

“Mom! I don’t care about that. I have to call him,” you said and snatched your mother’s phone from her hand, she used to have his number as well and you sighed in relief when you found it. You quickly called him before your mother could stop you.

“Y/N, let me just say one thing, you might end up pretty disappointed,” but you didn’t listen to her anymore as he already picked up.

“Jungkook?! Where are you?”

“What? Who is this?”

“It’s me Y/N, don’t you recognise my voice?”

“Y/N? What do you want?” your heart sank at his question, a nervous laughter escaped your throat as you had no idea how to react.

“I thought you said yourself that we’re done. Don’t call me anymore,” he said and hung up.

You sat there not knowing what happened and only now did you felt the pain in your whole body, your legs were stiff and you lifted the covers off to look what it was. One of them was broken. Your mother put her hand on your thigh, reassuring you that your leg will be okay before speaking.

“Y/N, dear, he wasn’t with you when the accident happened. You were driving from work alone,” you had trouble processing what she was saying, you remember him being there. There was a pause before she spoke again. “It might be a bit of a shock but… but you two broke up before all of this happened.”

You couldn’t believe it, why would you even do that? Is your mind playing tricks on you? You needed to think.

“Mom, could you leave? I want to be alone for a while.”

“Of course, I understand. The doctor said that you might experience a minor memory loss but it might come back if you’re willing to work for it,” she smiled. “I will be back in the evening.”


You lay in your bed for hours and watched how the city was engulfed in darkness and wanted nothing more but to remember. You heard your room door open and turned your head, thinking that it’s your mother. The light coming out of the hall was restricting your view as it was completely dark inside. After looking at the person for a while you then recognised who it was and closed your eyes. What do you say? The person came in and closed the door. Without turning the light switch on he picked up a chair from the corner and sat besides your bed. He was silent for a few minutes.

“Y/N, I know you’re not actually asleep, so stop pretending,” Jungkook sighed. “I met your mother or rather she called me and told me what happened.”

You wondered what he was thinking and as if he could read your mind he answered.

“She also told me that you lost part of your memory,” you two didn’t say anything again for a while after that. You were the first to break the silence.

“Is it true?” you asked and he took a deep breath before speaking.

“It will be easier if I say all of it in one go. We broke up. That’s true. It’s as simple as that. I’m sorry that you don’t remember and I may seem harsh now but you yourself told me that you would rather die than stay with me, so I…” he stopped, wondering how to finish his statement and you used this chance to slip your hand from under your covers. Hearing this from him broke your heart and you wanted to hold him but he didn’t do anything and fell silent again.

“Just take it, you idiot,” you thought and you could feel tears starting to stream down your face. As if knowing, he finally took your hand and you squeezed it tightly.

“Don’t cry,” he said turning his head away. “It was always one of my weaknesses,” he whispered so quietly, you weren’t sure you even heard it.

You stayed like this and it seemed that time stopped. You couldn’t see his features clearly in this darkness but from his breathing you knew he was in deep thought. He squeezed back your hand and let go of it before standing up.

“I… I need to go. Please don’t contact me again,” he said and went to the door.

“Jungkook, wait!” you wanted to chase after him but your broken leg was holding you back and you almost fell out of the bed.

“Can’t we start over?” you begged, sitting up. He stopped in the doorway.

“It wouldn’t be fair if I’m the only one who remembers what happened,” he told you and without sparing you another glance left the room and you alone in the darkness.

Woods of Chaos

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2025

Warnings: “Scary to Sexy to Cute and Cuddly” and NSFW gifs…

@deanwinnchesterisbae asked “Could you do a one shot where reader is having an anxiety attack and Bucky helps her and they realise their feelings for eachother, fluff and smut(?) ensues, etc. Just super cute and cuddly and sexy? Thank you so much! I hope you do good on your exams or papers or whatever you have to do if you haven’t already taken them. ❤”

A/N: Mentions of anxiety attack so if that makes you uncomfortable, please leave now! Don’t want to make anyone feel horrible. Thank you and enjoy. Also, if you have any tips on writing better smut, do let me know. Please!!!

Permanent Tag List: @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands @kimistry27 @fireandicewillsuffice @vacam79 @amrita31199 @badassbaker @feelmyroarrrr @aekr @sexy-sea-basss @isaxhorror @actual-bucky-barnes-trash @cassandras-musings @kimistry27 @mo320 @ssweet-empowerment

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NCT Reacting To A Member Walking In On Them

bunnynamja requested: You do reactions too or just scenarios? If you do reactions can you do one for nct 127 (nine members) when they are having sex with you and other member enter in the room?Sorry my poor english…

Anon requested: Hi I love your blog btw! Do you do reactions? If you do, can I have a reaction on the boys walking in on you while you were doing the do with another member..if ya know what I mean ;;

Genre: Smut.. duh

Author: Karma & Yu

Word count: does it matter with these things???

A/n: (I did all the legal members instead of just 127 since we don’t sexualize minors (No Jungwoo or Lucas because we don’t have enough of them))  I am actually crying omg these are great!! Please send more! We don’t just do imagines. Scenarios, reactions, MTL, as long as there is smut we are here haha. But not only that tho, we also want to interact with our followers more so even if requests are closed; please do send us funny things or just interact with us!!!! (I need friends) - admin Karma 

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BTS reaction: s/o getting stomach ache because of an argument with them

Anon:Hi, could you please do bts reactions that s/o getting stomach ache in the middle of a heated argument and asking to pause the fight, *their stomach hurts whenever they get extremely upset*

 I feel sorry for someone who have something like this 😯 


Originally posted by allforbts

While arguing his mature side would show. Jin would defend his words and opinions. He would be calm but still he needed to put his feet down. He is not the most stubborn member, but everyone wanted to be right. Same as you. Both of you were stressed before. He had a comeback and you had private problems. So now all of your anger and stress cumulated. You had enough stress and your body reacted like it always did. Aches came, you knew that it was over, and you needed to stop this argument and go rest. Jin was quite surprised when you left the room. When he went to ask you about it, he saw what was happening with you. His stress would go away to make place for the worries about you. Jin would make sure that you had everything, and that you had enough water and food, because he didn’t want to leave you. He would take care of you even when your ache would disappear. Jinnie will do all the chores for the rest of the day. Maybe he would ask for a day off the next day to take care of you because he was worried that this ache could come back. He won’t leave you alone for too long. Showering you with kisses and making sure that you have everything you needed.


Originally posted by jjks

This argument was going in a really bad way. You were yelling at him and he was yelling at you. Plates and glasses were flying. It was the biggest argument that you two had. It gave you a lot of stress and in stressful situations your stomach started to hurt incredibly. When the tears in your eyes showed and you put your hands on your stomach, telling Yoongi what was happening, at first he thought that you were acting, because you wanted him to feel guilty about your stomach ache. But when he saw that the situation was serious, half of his madness disappeared. Yoongi helped you to get into bed and gave you pain killers. He stayed with you till your pain would stop. He felt guilty, but he didn’t tell you. When you were lying in bed, and your ache started to become weaker, you and Yoongi talked about that argument, but this time calmly without yelling.


Originally posted by jhopies

Arguments with him would be rare. You two were on the same page for most of things. The only thing that you could agrue about with Hobi would be him spending too much time in the practice room. Not because you wanted him next to you, because you understood that he had to do this, but the reason was that he could get sick and be overworked if he was there for such a long time. You were worried about him. This was the reason why you and Hobi argued this time. He knew that you cared about him and had good intentions, but he couldn’t stop doing what he loved. Both of you were talking at the same time and stating your own opinion. You couldn’t even understand what the other was saying. You were done,  as was he, but still, someone needed to win. The Problem wasn’t still solved when your aches came back. You waved Hoseok to stop and showed him by gesturing to him that you gave up. Hobi didn’t know what happened, he started to get worried. He wanted to know what was going on with you. When you sat down, he immediately sat next to you, asking how he could help you and where it hurt. He was panicked and he felt sorry. He was about to start crying. Hoseok loved you so much, and he didn’t want anything to hurt you, he wanted you to be healthy and happy with him next to you. When you saw the tears in his eyes, you started to cry to you. You both apologized, hugged and stayed like this for a while. 


Originally posted by daeguboy

He knew about the aches you got when you were really angry. You told him about this in the begging of your relationship because you knew that the time for arguments would come sooner or later. That’s why every time you two argued, he tried to stop the argument before you could get really angry.
At the time you were stressed out due to work, and you wreak your anger at him. The situation was getting out of Namjoon’s control. He knew that this couldn’t end well and something bad was bound to happen, but he didn’t know how to calm you down. When you felt your sudden ache and it made you almost faint, you asked to  stop the heated exchange. Namjoon quickly rushed over to you and put you on the sofa. He knew exactly what you needed and what he should do, he didn’t need to ask you first. Joonie brought everything and took good care of you. He didn’t blame you. He just blamed himself a little bit, knowing that he could have stopped this, like always. He was aware that you both couldn’t control this ache or stop it, which hurt him the most, because he couldn’t help you.


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Arguing with you was the one thing that he hated about your relationship. Jimin tried to be calm, but who could be calm when your gf/bf is yelling at you very loudly. Maybe he wouldn’t yell, but he would openly say what he thinks with one or two octaves higher. You were so angry, like never before. You were right and not him - that’s what you thought. From one second to the other, you felt it again, the pain came back, a stomach ache which paralysed you. Jimin saw that something was wrong, so he quickly came closer, checked on you, and asked what’s wrong. When you told him, he took you in his arms to your bedroom and put you to bed. After giving you pain killers and water, he laid next to you. Jimin hugged you and softly stroked your hair. He knew that you’d go back to the thing you two were arguing about, but now the most important thing for him was to take care of you.


Originally posted by cmtae

Getting into an argument with Tae would be hard. He doesn’t look like someone who likes to argue with anyone, especially not his gf/bf.So even when you two were arguing, there wasn’t any yelling, the only thing your fights consisted of were you two stating your different, individual opinions, but even that could still be very stressful. This time, the only one saying something was you; Tae was only looking at you, sometimes laughing, because he thought that you were making a big deal out of nothing. You wanted to solve this problem, it meant a lot to you, but to him it was nothing. After a few minutes you’ve had enough. You went to your bedroom without even looking at V. You wanted to have a serious relationship, but he always made fun of your problems. Suddenly your stomach ache set in. Tae was worried about what was happening with you, as  there were no more sounds coming from the bedroom. He went to check on you. When he saw you suffering, he wanted to call an ambulance, and he was freaking out. Even though you were in pain, you weren’t as panicked as he was, so you tried to calm him down. Taehyung listened to you, just sitting there and waiting till your ache would disappear. When it was finally over, he hugged you tightly and promised you that he won’t be like this again. He was telling you how important you were for him and how much he loved you. 


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

He isn’t someone who likes to lose, so I imagine arguing with him could be hard. Even more so if you were right; even if you were saying the truth, and he was in the wrong, the chances that you were going to win this argument were slim. Because of this, you would always give in, and say that he was in the right, even if it wasn’t true. You just wanted to have some peace and you didn’t want to argue with him, because it was stressful, and because you loved him and didn’t want to lose him over a small little fight.
But not this time. This time you knew that he was completely wrong, and you just couldn’t give him that satisfaction. The argument was getting fiercer, when you suddenly felt an ache in your stomach. You told him to stop and to leave you alone. When he didn’t listen, you just left the room. He didn’t know what to do. Kookie noticed that something was obviously wrong, but he didn’t know if you would want him to come after the things you said to each other. After a few minutes, he decided that it was best to go and see what was wrong with you. He saw how thin you were. He got extremely worried and asked if you need something. Jungkook gave you everything you needed and asked him for. He felt really guilty, thinking that he was the reason why you were in pain. When you were sleeping, he was still with you. He never left your side. He promised himself that this argument would be the last one.

Tumblr Discourse About The Word Queer Checklist:

  • the word queer is a slur and should never be used by anyone
  • the word queer is not a slur and everyone should be fine with it
  • queer was never used by our elders and is super insulting to them
  • every single one of our elders personally tattooed the word queer on their ass so you BETTER use it
  • *reblogs from someone who identifies as queer and tags their identification “q-slur” rather than just leaving the post alone* look i’m just PROTECTING people from your horrible identity i’m not saying you can’t HAVE it- what do u mean you can literally just get people to blacklist the word “queer” instead???
  • *cis person points at genderqueer person* um, oppressive,
  • all trans people use “queer” it’s a trans thing and Very Important, i know as a Good Cis
  • trans people all hate queer, they would NEVER use it

me, your resident Transsexual Ass Queer, is currently drinking wine and slowly melting into my bed, ftr

anonymous asked:

Important Question: Since Josuke is such a big child around the waist, it got me wondering what is his pants size and jacket size for his clothes and school uniform and do Tomoko have to special order them herself for her son?

That’s a pretty technical question. Well, with how I draw Josuke, it’s his hips that are large, along with a tiny little waist. His pants are easy. I feel he’d just buy pants that are too big for him since he likes them baggy; maybe somewhere between a 38″- 40″ waist and then a 34″- 36″ leg length? From there he can just draw-string them with a belt to fit his actual waist.

His jacket’s another story. I make his waist really small compared to his hips, so he’d have to get something much larger than his top half to compensate for his hips but that means it’d be super big around the shoulders; maybe a 2X?? (using U.S. sizing). But, he has a handy-dandy stand by the name of Crazy D that can fix and re-morph things.


Baekhyun - Falling

a/n: Hello! Quick announcement: I think I will try to get a fic posted every week or so, but I might fall behind so don’t take my word for it. Also, welcome my first Baekhyun fic! I hope you enjoy ^^

Word count: 3400
Genre: Regular Oneshot


Colliding with someone running full speed wasn’t necessarily on your to-do list, but if it got Byun Baekhyun laying on top of you, you supposed it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. A fucking game of hide and seek turned into this, you thought as Baekhyun stared down at you.

“Y/n, let’s do something,” Sehun said to you an hour prior to the incident. “Where are the other members?”

You shrugged. “I have no idea.” for all you knew, the rest of them could be in an interview, waiting for him to arrive. Nevertheless, Sehun sat on the couch across from you, playing with a loose thread poking out of the cushion.

“I thought I saw Kyungsoo in the kitchen,” he replied, “and Jongdae went on a walk with Chanyeol.” He thought for a little while more, mentally going through each member’s schedules before coming to a conclusion. “Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are the only ones here.” You looked up at Sehun. “With free time,” he added.

“Great, so what can we do with them?” You weren’t sure where he was going with this, but you assumed it was some way to entertain yourselves. The two of you had been sitting in the dorms for the whole day, mainly talking and catching up until there were no more interesting conversation topics. You hadn’t seen the boys in a few weeks, since they were too busy with touring to take a break–and it was being best friends with Sehun that brought you to the dorms whenever you had the chance.

Sehun tapped his fingers on the couch, flitting through possible ideas. “Well, I want to get up and do something - I’m tired of sitting,” he said. He thought for a few more seconds before saying anything. “We could play a game of some sort,” he suggested, glancing up at your face for agreement.

You met his gaze, giving a faint smile. “Sounds cool with me. Do you think they would be up for it?”

Just as the words left your mouth, Kyungsoo strode past the two of you with a bowl of popcorn. “I’ll take a pass on that, y/n, but thanks.” You jumped at the sudden appearance, then watched as he continued into his room down the hall.

“…Okay,” Sehun muttered. A slight frown appeared at the corners of his lips, but soon disappeared when he realized there was still one available member left. “That’s alright, we’ll see if Baekhyun’s up for it.”

You grimaced. Although Sehun was the one bringing you to the dorms at every chance, Baekhyun was the one almost keeping you from coming back every time. He wasn’t blatantly rude to you, but some of the comments directed at you would chip away at you until you felt humiliated in front of your friends.

“It’s alright, y/n, he just likes teasing you,” Jongin told you one night while the two of you were getting ice cream. “I wouldn’t let him get to you so much.”

Of course you should take Jongin’s advice, but it was hard when you were walking down the dorm hallway and would hear “Sehun-ah! Is y/n here? We need somebody to clean the bathrooms!” You obviously didn’t follow his orders, but on the rare occurrence that you happened to be near him, Baekhyun always had something to say about you for the day.

“Y/n, you should really reconsider that outfit, it’s a little immoral, don’t you think?”

“Y/n, swearing isn’t the way to tell someone you don’t care. It’s holding yourself, which I see you’ve gotten down just fine.”

“Y/n, did Yixing finally take pity on you and take you on a date yet?”

Baekhyun had asked you the last one while sitting at the table with the rest of EXO while eating dinner, causing you to kick him under the table and Yixing to choke.

Some of the taunting wouldn’t be so bad if Baekhyun wasn’t so cocky. You knew he was attractive, even though he could be rude, and apparently he did too–which made it easier for him to get your attention whenever you tried to ignore him. In conclusion, Baekhyun wasn’t the worst person on the planet, but then again he wouldn’t be the first to save from a burning building. You supposed that if playing a game with him was what it would take him to be a little nicer, you would be willing to do it. It’s a game, there isn’t a way to make the situation worse, you thought.

Sehun stood up, brushing off his pants. “Well, it’s settled then. You go find him while I think of three-person games.” You nodded, about to leave the area when you stopped.

“Do you know where he could be?”

“Probably in his room.”

“Alright,” you said, and set off to find him.

Baekhyun wasn’t hard to find. Sure enough, he was in his room, sitting at his desk, but what you didn’t expect was the lack of shirt on his body. The door was open, and as you stood in the frame admiring the smooth, tan skin, you realized Baekhyun didn’t know you were there. His back was facing you, giving you a view of his upper back and shoulders. He was leaned back in the office chair, his feet up on the desk as he flipped through a magazine. Dammit, of course he has toned muscles, you thought. Again, if he wasn’t so good looking, you wouldn’t pay him any attention. You decided not to linger and tapped on the door.

He didn’t move a muscle.

You sighed, knocking a little louder, only to get the same reaction. If you thought Baekhyun was shallow before, this was a new low. The jerk has taken to ignoring me. You wondered what you ever did to make him like this.

“Baekhyun?” Still no reaction.

“Ok, I get that you may not like me, but you could at least acknowledge the fact that I’m here.” You stepped into his room, wary of the fact that getting caught like this would be slightly compromising. He nodded his head, which was a step, but it still irritated you. You finally closed the distance between you and him, and gently set your hand on his shoulder. Your hand came in contact with the warm, soft skin for only a millisecond before you retracted it.

Baekhyun screamed.

You jumped, startled at the sudden noise, but he jumped as well. Nearly falling out of his chair, his feet swung off of the desk, and he flung the magazine he was holding. He quickly regained his posture, standing up and whipping around to see who had disturbed him. When he turned to face you, you realized he had been wearing earbuds–effectively cutting off all sound, including your presence.

“Yah! What do you want?!” he practically shouted. You shrunk back, scared of what he was going to do. Now that he was facing you, an answer caught in your mouth; his chest was fully exposed, the toned muscles unintentionally displayed as you tried not to stare.

Finally, you found your words and spoke. “Sehun and I want to know if you want to play a game.”

Baekhyun picked up the magazine and threw it haphazardly on the desk. “What kind of a game?” He turned back to face you again, but this time he caught you stealing a glance at his bare torso.

“Oh, y/n…I’m not into that kind of game.”

You realized what he was implying and smacked his shoulder. “God, you pervert! I didn’t mean that!” Baekhyun smirked, rubbing the spot where you had hit him.

“Well it looked like it with all of that staring!”

“I was not staring!”

“You bet your ass you were!” He hastily grabbed his sweatshirt off of the office chair in an attempt to cover up.

You shook your head. “Well, whether I was or not, Sehun is thinking of a game right now. He told me to get you.” You turned on your heel and left, not caring whether he followed you or not. Of course he did, but (fortunately) didn’t say a word until you returned to the living room.

“So I narrowed it down to two options,” Sehun said as soon as the two of you appeared. “Choose between tag and hide and seek.”

“Seriously?” Baekhyun spoke after a moment of silence. Sehun nodded, then shrugged.


Baekhyun hesitated, then came up with an answer. “Hide and seek. Tag is a lot of running.” He stuck his hand out in a fist, signaling for rock-paper-scissors. You went through three rounds before finally coming out with a winner, which was you.

“Okay, 60 second head start,” you announced, closing your eyes as you began counting in your head. You heard the sound of hurried footsteps fade away as the two boys looked for a hiding spot.

After 60 seconds was up, you opened your eyes and started to look. Every cabinet in the kitchen was empty, so you checked the tables in both rooms as well as the crawl spaces in the living room. Both the kitchen and the living room were unoccupied, so you moved onto different parts of the house.

You didn’t hear any doors close, so you logically assumed they could be hiding in a room that was open, which left only three rooms: Baekhyun’s room, Minseok’s room, and the bathroom.

You went through process of elimination; you recall once hearing Minseok say, “if you touch anything in my room, expect trouble from the staff for going to a strip club,” so it was safe to say that neither of them would be hiding in there, and walked past his room on the way to the bathroom.

The lights were out in the bathroom, and as you reached for the switch, something grabbed your wrist and yanked. You shrieked, losing your balance and falling to the ground as the thing jumped off of the counter. They flicked the lights on, laughing at your disoriented expression on the floor.

“You jerk! You weren’t even hiding!” You stood up and looked Baekhyun in the face. He was howling with laughter, and you waited until it died down to say anything.

“I hope you’re happy, because you’re it now.” You didn’t wait for a response until going into Baekhyun’s room to look for Sehun. He wasn’t hard to find, because you heard snickering from under the bed. You laid on the floor, eye level with the bed and found Sehun covering his mouth, his eyes making crescent moons as he struggled to keep from laughing. As soon as he saw you, he slid out from under the bed and gave up on silence.

“Your… scream… was so funny,” he said between gulps of air.

You stood up and folded your arms. “Well, I hope it was worth it. Baekhyun’s it.”

“Yeah, I think I got that,” Sehun’s laughter faded, and the two of you stepped out into the hallway.

Baekhyun jumped out from around the corner, yelling in another attempt to scare you. You yelped, jumping back into Sehun. “Aish! Cut it out already!” You smacked him on the shoulder for the second time. The two boys laughed for a minute, then continued walking to the living room.

As soon as you got back to the living room, Baekhyun put his hands over his eyes. “Alright, one minute starts now.”

Sehun turned around, but this time went into the kitchen. You froze, not knowing where to go. You thought of the possible hiding places in the living room, most of which were all small and obvious. Going into Baekhyun’s room popped into your head, but you dismissed it as a stupid idea because he would probably find a way to use that against you in the future. There was only one hiding spot in the bathroom, which was the shower– which was visible from even the hallway. You threw your hands up in the air, frustrated of where you could (or couldn’t, rather) go. Finally, you gave up and started walking towards Kyungsoo’s room.

Quietly, you turned the knob and opened the door. Kyungsoo was laying on his bed with the bowl of popcorn, watching a drama. He looked up from the television, obviously confused as to why you came in here without even knocking.

“Do you mind if I hang out in here for a bit?” You silently closed the door behind you and awkwardly stood there, waiting for a response.

Kyungsoo nodded, motioning next to him on the bed. “Tired of the boys? I feel you.”

You laughed. “No, we’re playing hide and seek and I have nowhere to go.” You stopped. “I suppose that too.” You smiled, taking the spot next to him and grabbing a handful of popcorn. Kyungsoo chuckled, his lips forming the famous heart-shaped smile as he returned his attention to the drama.

It took about seven minutes before you heard a knock on the door. You gave Kyungsoo a quick look, then hopped off the bed and rolled underneath it. You waited as Kyungsoo got off the bed, bent down and gave you a thumbs up, then opened the door.

“Is y/n in here?” Baekhyun’s voice was clear, and you saw his feet at the door. You remained silent as Kyungsoo replied.

“Go ahead and check,” he said, walking back to the bed and standing near your head. The closet was on the far side of the room, so Baekhyun had to walk past the bed to check. As he neared the edge of the bed, you reached out and grabbed his ankle. He yelled, tripping and falling to the floor with a thump. You let go of his ankle, then slid out from under the bed. Kyungsoo watched, laughing as Baekhyun rolled over on the floor, sprawling out with a groan. When you stood up, Kyungsoo held out his hand for a high five. You slapped it, triumphantly watching as he looked up at you.

“Ha-ha, very funny,” he said, sitting up and brushing his sweatshirt off.

“Yeah, I thought so,” you responded. “Am I it?”

Baekhyun shook his head. “No, Sehun actually hid in a sensible place, so I found him first.”

“You never said what was off limits.” You shrugged and held your hand out for Baekhyun, which he reluctantly took and used to stand up.

You gave Kyungsoo a quick nod of “thanks” before leaving, with Baekhyun in tow. Sehun was waiting for you when you got back, leaning against the couch with his hands tucked in his pockets.

“Where were you?” he asked.

“Kyungsoo’s room,” Baekhyun answered for you. Sehun laughed and ran his hand through his hair.

“Smart idea,” he said, and glanced at Baekhyun for a reaction. Baekhyun remained stone-faced, probably still a little embarrassed from your vengeance.

“Anyways, I’m it, so 60 seconds,” Sehun closed his eyes, and started counting out loud. You looked at Baekhyun, who stared back at you for a moment before breaking off in a dead sprint down the hallway.

Sehun was counting fast; he had already reached 20, and wasn’t slowing down. You jogged down the other hallway, looking for any open doors. You heard Baekhyun run past the living room from the hallway and into the kitchen before stopping and turning around, not even bothering with being quiet as he frantically searched for a hiding spot.

You found no other rooms with open doors, so you went back to the living room just as Sehun reached 40. You started running fast down the main hallway, flying past the rooms and turned a corner–just as Baekhyun turned the same corner, sprinting in the opposite direction.

The two of you collided full speed, tumbling to the ground in a mess of limbs and surprised silence. Baekhyun wrapped his arms around you when he ran into you, which threw you underneath him as soon as the you both hit the floor. Or, rather, when you hit the floor back-first, and he landed on top of you.

You both laid there for a moment, groaning as the pain set in. He was still laying on top of you, and it wasn’t until you lied there that you realized how heavy he was.

“Ugh, get off of me…” you tried whispering, but it came out in a heave as he was crushing the air out of you. Baekhyun pushed himself onto his hands and knees and lifted his head, looking you in the eyes. Your breath caught in your throat as you ran your eyes over his handsome features, unable to believe what had just happened. You were both breathing heavily from the running, but even after he caught his breath, his face was still flush.

You listened for Sehun’s counting, and noticed that it had stopped and he was looking for you. You tried to wiggle out from underneath Baekhyun, but he was frozen above you, so you stopped struggling and looked him in the eyes again.

You were expecting some sort of dumb joke, like “I told you not to fall for me, y/n,” but Baekhyun stayed completely still, staring down at you with a nervous look on his face. His eyes shyly moved from your face, down to your neck and shoulders, then back up.

The poor boy doesn’t know what to do, you thought. He obviously wasn’t going to get up any time soon. Besides him, you were surprised that he couldn’t hear your heart pounding in your chest. Byun Baekhyun was laying on top of you, and no matter how much he teased you, he still made your stomach flutter, and you know he meant well. However, as nervous as you were, you could at least do a good job of hiding it. You looked back up at him and read his features. Now that you were in close proximity, he seemed way less confident than any regular day, and perhaps that was for the better.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more nervous, Baekhyun slowly leaned in closer, inch by inch until he pressed his lips to yours. They were warm and soft, and melded perfectly against your own. You took short breaths, your mind already racing as you waited for him to do something. Your eyes had fluttered closed, and when you peeped them open, you realized Baekhyun was waiting for you to make a move. He wasn’t going to do anything unless you initiated it.

Your heart convulsed, realizing how caring he actually was. Prior to this moment, you thought Baekhyun was teasing you just to entertain himself, but now you registered that he was doing it because he liked you. Of course you were skeptical, because normally you don’t see taunting as a form of attraction, but now that you were kissing him, you realized how much he genuinely cared.

You brought your hand to his shoulder, letting your eyes close again as you made the kiss deeper. Baekhyun responded by bringing his hand to your jaw, caressing your cheekbone as he let you take control. The two of you stayed like that for a bit until you heard footsteps entering the hallway.

Baekhyun pulled away and looked up, his chest rising and falling in sync with yours. Suddenly, he scrambled to get up and yanked you with him, but before the two of you could escape, you heard Sehun’s voice from around the corner.

“Relax, I thought that would happen eventually,” he appeared, checking the watch on his wrist. “I figured I would give you a few minutes to, uh, get things done.” He snickered at his word choice, then turned to you. “I’m assuming we’re done playing then?”

You shrugged, giving a small “sure” before awkwardly fiddling with your shirt.

“Sounds good to me,” he answered before walking back to his room, leaving you with Baekhyun.

Baekhyun watched him leave with his mouth slightly agape, then turned to you. You looked back at him, unsure of what to say.

Apparently the torment wasn’t quite over yet, because Baekhyun smirked before saying, “I guess you literally fell for me, y/n.”

You groaned, giving him one last smack on the shoulder. “I guess I did.”

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Thank you!

1st Interactive Fanfiction

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I’ve had this idea for a while:

When it comes to writing, the most important thing is knowing what you guys like and actually want to read.

^^^That being said, I’m starting a new fic where YOU guys are in control of what happens next. You can send in all sorts of things such as colors, concepts, places, people, songs for inspo, pictures for inspo, specific events, other key details, etc. 

EVERY CHAPTER will have your ideas incorporated into them. This will allow me to update more frequently because I won’t have to deal with writer’s block as severely. 

If ll goes well, I’ll do it with more fics and maybe it will become this cool thing we can all enjoy!


What I do when I just can’t remember a word

You know those words that you tried to memorize over and over again but they just don’t stick? Or they do but the next day you’ve forgotten them again?

Over the years of learning languages I acquired a few techniques on what to do when that happens:

First, figure out why you can’t remember the word. Actively ask yourself why you can’t remember it. Is it because you haven’t looked at it enough or is it because it’s too similar to an other word you know? Is it because wouldn’t know when to use it? Or do you not have a mental representation of it?

To help with this, try either mentally visualising the concept or imagine yourself using it. If it’s a thing you can’t do, your issue is that you don’t have a mental representation of the word. Use something like google images for material things, or try looking up example sentences in a dictionary or by inputting it in a Korean search engine. Mnemonics are great but they don’t work if you don’t already have a mental representation of the meaning the word conveys. So try getting a good mental representation and then make up a mnemonic if you need to.

The above can help with words that you can’t remember because it’s similar to another word, but what helps most is understanding how two words are different. And there are no two words that have exactly the same usage, even if their meaning is identical. Now, this is pretty hard to do since to my knowledge no Korean dictionaries really tell you about this and most Koreans are useless at helping with this; if you have a trained Korean teacher, they should definitely be able to help you though. What really helps with this is reading a lot and consuming different kinds of media. That takes time. 

So my final tip is letting it go. If a word doesn’t want to stick even after all that effort, you likely just don’t need it at this point in your language learning journey. If you keep up you’ll learn it eventually and be amazed at why you couldn’t remember that word earlier.

If you have any other tips, I’d be glad to hear about them!

wintersolacee  asked:

Hiya! Do you think Harry Potter has some problematic elements in it? If so, how do you deal with them? I was just thinking about the masses of things i've interpreted differently to how JKR intended them, to the point where the opinion of the creator of this world is almost irrelevant in my mind? Maybe that's kind of an odd thing to have done, but anyway, hope your day's picking up x

((OOC: Okay, I’m trying to figure out the right way to answer this. Because I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but I’ve not tried to put them down in words before now, so, bear with me here.

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Many people in my life believe i cant get a job due to me being a transwoman and because ive been unemployed since december i had to stop HRT, do you have any positive words for me and anyone else in similar situations? Everything just kinda feels hopeless right now but you seem like you've had to overcome worse things, how do you do it?

It’s hard for ANYONE to get a job right now, and being trans adds yet another obstacle.  I know that can be really hard to deal with.  I’m very familiar with those hopeless feelings and I’m sorry you’re dealing with them.  I know it’s hard.  The best advice I can give is to just keep pushing forward.  I can’t promise things will be easier, but you can’t stop fighting.  You got this.  I have faith in you.  


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader’s heart is broken after a loss and Dean tried to help out it back together.

Warnings: Angst, mentions of a recent miscarriage, a little fluff.

Word Count: 508

A/N: Here’s another piece for the angst appreciation day. There are lots of different types of angst and I wanted to try and do a different array. This type of angst is not what I usually write but I have it a shot. Please enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.

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You never knew how much you loved something until you lost it. That’s what people always told you, and out of arrogance you ignore them. Now as you laid on your side staring into the darkness, you reflected upon those words. They were true, each and every one one them. A hole was in your heart, and emptiness filled you. You had cried your tears long ago and now there was nothing left. Just emptiness, tinged in sadness.

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Hey Asy, sorry to bother you but i need some advice. Some time ago i ended a really long friendship because i just couldn't take it anymore. The passive agressive comments, having to check my words on my messages so she wouldn't get angry, randomly getting yelled at bc she was having a bad day. I didn't want any of that anymore, so i told her. That i didn't want to talk her anymore. After that she blocked me on whatsapp and facebook and i did the same thing.(1/6)

But just a few moments ago she sent me a message from a new phone number and i dont know what to do. She told me that she misses me and our friendship. That she’s had dreams with me in them and wakes up crying bc she thought we had a friendship, but i “proved her that all we lived and shared never meant anything to me”(2/6)

She keeps telling me that i never gave her a chance to make things right. That i made that decision by myself with an attitude that proves that i didn’t care to fix our friendship. That i didn’t give her a chance to defend herself. She tells me that she is in pain and doesn’t know she feels that way for someone who never considered her a friend. She ends the message wishing me well. (3/6)

I dont know what to do with this. I did consider her a friend. I literally told her that i was thankful for all the moments we spend together. I’m just really angry that, after all this time, one single message from her still upsets me so much. I’m just really confused asy. It was really hard for me to make that decision and…..i dont know asy. I just dont know. (4/6)

The first thing that came to mind when i read the message was that she was guilt tripping me. That she hasn’t changed anything because everything in that message centers around her. I know i should’n answer her. It’s been almost a year since we talked for the last time. I know i shouldn’t answer her. But what if i’m wrong. I don’t want to go throught all that again, i really dont. (5/6)

Sorry for making this so long. Maybe i just wanted to vent to someone, maybe….i dont know. I would apreciate your take on this and i know you dont know all the details but i’m so lost right now. Anything would help. Thanks for taking your time to read this and sorry if this bummed you out. (6/6)  

Oh, man. Have a hug :(

Yeah, she’s guilt-tripping you and being very, very unfair. Of course her saying things like that is going to get an emotional reaction from you! She may not mean to, but she’s being very manipulative and it sounds like nothing has changed. 

You have a right to walk away from someone and not be disturbed by them again. She should have respected your request to not contact you again and just not contacted  you again. 

I’m not really an authority on your life and your experiences, but my strongest advice is to reply. "I’m sorry you feel that way, and I have some good memories about our friendship. However, I’ve thought long and hard about ending our friendship, and I’d like you to stop contacting me. Good luck with your future; I genuinely wish you well,” and then block her number again. 

It wasn’t fair for her to contact you again. I hope the emotions fade soon <3

“Then why the fuck are you a supervillain?”

…well that wasn’t what I expected the bombshell to be about but I’ll take it.

Are we actually doing this now? Having them suspect and/or Know things about Taylor’s deception?

That’s not criticism, nor a joke, it’s a genuine question. Are we doing this now, or is Taylor going to adequately explain herself?

“Escape.”  The word left my mouth almost immediately, before I’d had a chance to even think about what it meant.

Well, it’s the truth. The escapism has been blatantly obvious to the reader ever since, what, 1.2?

I couldn’t have taken the time to think before speaking, or they might have known something was up.  Lisa almost certainly would have.

Yeah, she would’ve. She’d Ask for “why is Taylor a supervillain” and get the answer “she isn’t”.

A few tense moments passed, and I chanced a look at Lisa and Brian.  Lisa was watching the dialogue, a small smile on her face, her chin resting on her palm.  Brian was kind of inscrutable, arms folded in front of him, no real expression on his face.

I feel like they’re waiting for an elaboration, but does that really need any? I don’t think so.

I explained, “I can deal with real life, if I can leave it behind for this.  Kicking ass, making a name for myself, hanging out with friends.  Having fun.”

I have a feeling Taylor is about to understand what Tattle was talking about back in the car before the robbery.

First date with Iwai

Oh my god I was actually able to write something! I should be focusing on the essay due in 47 minutes… but hey enjoy!)

•Iwai had absolutely no idea what to do at first, when he asked S/O out he didn’t have a plan past the asking stage
•he wouldn’t even know where to start, should he take them to a nice cafe? Maybe just walk around town?
•he ends up getting so frustrated that he ignores his pride and asks Akira on popular date locations
•he can barely ask the kid his question without growling out the words
•"oi kid, where do people take their dates now days?“
•Akira’s laugh is shut down pretty quickly when Iwai glares at him
•Akira is a near mess under his glare as he stumbles out that the planetarium would be a nice place
•Iwai just grunts and nods, muttering under his breath as he pulls out the ‘special menu’ for akira
•for the date Iwai will close the store early just to get home and freshen up
•of corse that would bring up yet another problem
•he wanted to look presentable to S/O but most of his clothes were just variations of jeans and his coat
•once again he grew frustrated and just wore what he usually wears
•S/O agreed to this date dressed like this so they should have an issue with it right?
•he would show up to the meeting right on time, figuring it would seem desperate if he arrived early
•of corse when arrived he saw S/O was already there and waiting
•he could help but feel bad when he saw them waiting, a small smile on their face
•"either your here very early or I’m a huge ass and showed up late to a date I ask you on”
•S/O spins around quickly and shake their head, stuttering that he wasn’t late at all
•Iwai couldn’t help but snicker when he saw their blushing face
•Iwai shoves his hands in his pockets and laughs
•"come on I got somewhere I want to take ya"
•naturally Iwai walks fast, not even noticing he’s walking ahead of S/O until they link their arms in his
•"your walking too fast Iwai… my legs aren’t as long as yours"
•he mutters an apology and looks away to hide the red on his face
•he had to admit he liked the feeling of S/O being close to him like this
•S/O starts most of the conversation between the two, S/O doesn’t mind this… they know that he’s a naturally quite and mysterious man
•part of Iwai thanks S/O for not forcing him to speak when he doesn’t want, he has a lot in his past that he’d rather keep to himself for as long as possible
•when Iwai stops just outside the planetarium he glanced at S/O’s face to see their reaction
•he was not disappointed when he saw the way their face light up and the large smile that graced their face
•he even cracked a smile himself
•"so I picked the right place huh?“
•"yes! I’ve been meaning to come here for ages but never found the time..”
•Iwai made a mental note to thank Akita next time he’s in the store
•while it was S/O that starts most of the affection Iwai doesn’t deny it
•in fact while he might grumble about them being in public he feel an odd sense of pride when S/O stands on their tip toes to place a peak on his cheek or hold his hand
•he’s actually pretty proud to have someone like S/O care so deeply for him
•don’t make this mistake Iwai is a gentlemen
•he won’t do anything on the first date too extreme
•iwai will insist on walking S/O home
•purely for their safety of corse
•not because he want to spend more time with them
•it may be because of that but he’ll never say that
•when they arrive at S/O Iwai scratched the back of his neck as he said his goodnight
•he was interrupted though by S/O kissing him gently, their hands clutching at his coat
•"thanks for the amazing time Iwai… I look forward to next time"
•Iwai was speechless for the first time in his life and S/O winks and walks into their place
•once he snaps out of his shock he couldn’t help but snicker
•"confident brat… they shouldn’t tease a man like me, I might not be able to be hold back next time"

Best of you 1

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A/n: no smut in the beginning chapter. 

Warning: RPF

Words: 1, 737

Summary: There are things you just don’t do in life. Falling in love with your best friends sister is one of them. 


I need to stop….I need to stop NOW”

Richard thought miserably as he looked across the table at Rob’s sister Lora. Crushing on the girl was wrong! She was too young and he was too recently divorced. He didn’t even need to think about falling in love with someone when his last relationship failed miserably. Plus there had to be some rule against having the hots for your best friends sister as well. Richard knew he had to get his act together!

What made the situation even worse was Lora reciprocated his feelings of romantic interest back. At a party a few months before, when the two were pretty smashed, Richard and Lora were in the corner of a room kissing like the world was about to end. When Lora made the offer of taking him to her room that made Richard snap out of his love struck mode. He all but told her that he was interested and they needed to stop.

After that Lora barely spoke to him. She had instead taken up a friendship with Matt that was infuriating Richard beyond reason. Rob acted completely oblivious to it as well.

She likes you. Matt is just a friend.”

Are you shitting me Rob?! Matt is practically drooling over her?!”

So are you Rich.”

Lora laughing over something pulled Richard from his thoughts. He looked up at her with a frown to see Matt with a half broken salt shaker in his hand. Richard liked seeing Lora’s pretty smile but knowing it wasn’t him that put it there was depressing. Instead, it was Matt, who happened to be bleeding all over the place, that made her smile.  As much as Richard like Matt at the moment he despised him. Matt was younger, good looking, and could make was really good with Lora.

Richard had gotten better with getting over Lora when she was out on tour with her band. However the moment she returned Richard was right back in love with her. Now here he was watching her and Matt flirt. Lora stood patting Matt on the head with a smile. Rob was looking between her and Rich with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Where are you going?”

Rob asked when she stood. Lora pointed at Matt.

“Going to find him a band aid for his new cut. Maybe with one the little mermaid seeing as he thinks she’s hot and all.”

Matt’s mouth dropped.

“How dare you tell my secret! I’m going with you now!”

Lora smirked motioning him forward.

“Well come on. We probably need to wash that anyway. Plus you are bleeding all over the breakfast table.”

When Matt stood and pranced toward the bathroom Lora’s eyes fell on Richard who was giving her displeased. That look seemed to be the one that he reserved just for her lately. As much as she enjoyed the jealousy written all over his face she couldn’t. She had spent the past few months trying to get over the feelings that she had for Richard. Lora thought that she had succeeded until Rob came to pick her up at the airport and there was Richard with him. The moment their eyes met she was right back in the trash can with his name written on it.

Every time she looked at him her mind replayed their make out session in the corner of that night club. What she thought was the beginning of a promising night was completely derailed by her asking him to sleep with her.

He probably thinks I’m a whore.

She thought miserably. He sure didn’t seem to mind that night! Just like that she was replaying everything in her mind.

She and Richard had been flirting and talking throughout the party. He had even held her hand a few times before making the comment that he wanted to taste her lips. Lora hadn’t even tried to object when he stood pulling her to a quiet dark corner of the bar.

He roughly pushed her against the wall before cramming his body against hers. The sensations itself was enough to make Lora want to take him right there in that dark corner. She had never been much of a wild person when it came to sex in public but if Richard had asked Lora would have made an exception.

The moment his lips was on hers she felt the stereotypical “butterflies and sparks” that had been missing in her last relationships. She didn’t care that he tasted like whiskey. All that she wanted was to get the already deep kiss deeper.

Lora rolled her eyes as she pulled herself out of the memory. She had doctored Matt as much as she could before letting what was now her best friend wander off to go cause havoc someplace else hopefully without injury. Lora walked back to the table taking her seat beside Rob.

“Well is he going to live?”

Rob asked with a smirk. Lora chuckled noticing Misha had taken Matt’s seat and was grinning like a fool for some reason.  

“For now. That man needs a warning label.”

Lora replied, again not wanting to look back at Richard. Misha laughed.

“So when is the wedding?”

Lora about choked on her tea as she gaped at Misha’s cheeky grin.

“Whose wedding?”

“Yours and Matt’s.”

Misha said sweetly ignoring the “go to hell” look that Richard was shooting him. Lora laughed hard at that.

“No! No! No! I’m not marrying Matt! That like the prospect of marrying my brother.”

Rob looked equally as grossed out.

“That’s just wrong.”

Misha giggled again.

“You and Cohen are cut together.”

Lora shook her head.

“It wouldn’t work out. There’s no sparks.”


Misha questioned. Rob was slightly smiling as he looked in between his sister and best friend, who looked ready to go on a jealous rampage.

“Yeah, you know like fireworks. The whole proverbial firework show you get when it’s the one. I know it’s load of crap but I’m a girl. I’ve always wanted the cheesy foot pop and sparks.”

Misha looked at her a moment before grinning.

“So Matt is a lousy kisser? Foot pop and sparks huh?”

Lora nodded ignoring the Matt is a lousy kisser question. As much as she wanted Richard to be jealous she didn’t think it would be appropriate to talk about the weird kiss that she and Matt had shared. With a brave sigh glanced at Richard who was just staring at her. His expression was unreadable as Misha stood like an overexcited puppy.

“Come here!”

Lora gave Misha a confused look before making the actor repeat his directions. She slowly stood muttering Jesus under her breath. Misha grinned as she got over to him.

“Put your arms around my neck. I’m going to give you sparks.”

Before Lora could get another word out Misha crammed his lips to her tipping her backwards like in some 1950’s movie. When he titled her upright she looked at him with wide eyes. There was no way in hell that she could look at Richard now. She knew he was staring a hole through her and if he wasn’t jealous before he had to be green as toad now.

“So? About those sparks?”

Misha questioned cheekily. Lora coughed before sitting back down beside Rob, who was giggling.

“Sorry Misha. That was like kissing my brother. A brother who is married to one of my good friends and whose kids I babysit.”

Rob was laughing hard at that. Misha blinked before sitting down pouting.

“I’m telling Vicki that you didn’t find me sparkly.”

Lora smirked, ruffling Misha’s hair.

“I find you sparkly just not that way dear.”

Misha sighed.

“We need to find you from frogs to kiss. You deserve sparkles. Every girl deserves sparkles.”

Lora shook her head.

“It’s a lost cause Misha.”

“Why? You’re like 29?”

Lora glanced at Richard who was still looking less than amused.

“I’m going to be cat lady.”

Before Misha could make a response Lora was relieved to see her niece and nephew running over. She eagerly scooted her seat back so her niece could climb on her lap.

“And not a moment too soon Audrey!”

The rest of breakfast happened to be almost uneventful. When Audrey got bored and went to find her mother, Lora stood and went to find a new drink. While she waited for a drink to be made froze the moment Richard walked over to her.

“What the hell was all of that?”

Lora frowned.

“That crazy fest back there?”

Richard nodded.

“Uh yea. Was all of that to make me jealous?”

Lora smirked.

“Well did it work?”

Richard frowned harder.

“You think my feelings are a joke?”

“What about mine?”

Lora countered as the bar tender handed her the Bloody Mary. Richard looking completely blindsided by that comment. He pushed a strand of his hair away from his eyes trying to ignore their friends who were clearly watching now. Rob’s eyes were wide as he looked between his sister and best friend.

“Well…they matter….”

Lora rolled her eyes.

“Not to you obviously.”

“You don’t know what fucking matters to me!”

Lora was beginning to get annoyed now. She stepped closer to Richard watching as his eyes went from her face to the tops of her breasts.

“Clearly not. Just an FYI I had nothing to do with all of this today. I didn’t even know what the fuck was happening. Second I know that you are jealous over my friendship with Matt. For the record, he does want to date me and he doesn’t give god damn that he is older than me or whatever the hell your reasoning is. My suggestions for you Rich is grow a pair and ask me out before Matt does again. This time I will say yes!”

She didn’t wait for the clearly shocked beyond all reason actor in front of her to say anything. Turning Lora briefly made contact with Rob and his wife Mollie, who looked equally as shocked before turning and storming out of the room.

Misha meanwhile, grinned from his seat,

“Well what tangled webs we weave.”






eslanes  asked:

TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*

Thank you, I love you very very much! Kinda mad you are so SAVAGE in your story post, tearing my heart apart like geez! ;))

1. I had a pretty bad stutter as a kid and it has come back a little bit since I have started going to university (I slur my words a lot).
2. Went to a performing art school for violin, it was fun!
3. My sister calls me Gina, never my actual name or any variation of it, haha! Inspired by the show Martin of course and now SZA has the song Go Gina and it is my new theme song. c:
4. My middle name is Taryn.
5. I have a black Labrador named Cosmo and a kitten named Agnes.

-Jungkook smut-

-WARNING- Yes this is a smut. If you don’t like them; do not read them. For everyone else, please enjoy.
1638 words


I remember him, I can remember when he first walked in. Following behind the principle, it was him, that beautiful raven-haired man. He looked well built with his well fitted top and pants, his thighs were outlined perfectly and damn did he look good.

The principle was completely irrelevant to me; I had blocked him out completely. All I could remember was him, his little smirk at all the girls that were practically drooling over him. If I were just a tad bit more stupid I probably would have been drooling too but I wasn’t and I realised the joy he took in being so extremely sexy. It was like everyone had been put in a trance, one I had almost fallen into. The cockiness was practically as prominent as his well-toned thighs.

He was most definitely beautiful but that cockiness that he carried and the pleasure he gained from making girls weak in the knees with how addicting he looked was a turn off for myself. I am also not so stupid to fall for a teacher especially one that seemed like a drug that would be impossible to quit.

I can remember myself blocking him from my thoughts in the few classes I had with him. Mr Jeon, his name. It fell from every girl’s lips at break, all of them saying how much they loved him and wished for him to fuck them over his desk. The thought to me had made me feel excited yet angry. How many girls in the past had he fucked over his 3 years teaching. How many of them had fallen for him so hard only for him to brush them off? I remember every thought I had from those years, including the time I got stuck in detention with him.

It had been a hot morning and I wasn’t exactly dressed appropriately for a school day, I found that such bull shit. I was still wearing the uniform I just had the shirts buttons undone and the tie hanging loosely from my neck. Could you blame me though? It was such a hot fucking day.

Walking into my morning class, I could see out of the corner of my eyes many stares coming from everyone, especially unwanted attention from the boys and unbeknownst to me, Mr Jeon Jungkook. Taking my seat and watching up front of the class, I had gotten through a total of four different classes and break without any teachers saying anything to me but my first class with Mr Jeon that day was me getting a quiet talking to and ending in detention.

I watched as he walked over to me and leaned down ever so slightly. His voice spilling through my ears giving me shivers with how close he was to me, his words contradicting his voice “Y/N, shouldn’t you be wearing the uniform appropriately and not dressing like you have a ‘client’ at second break”. My jaw opened and he continued “since you decided that your comfort took more priority than the uniform we all uphold you will be joining me in detention after school”.

He had been such a dick about it, I fixed my shirt and tie and sat in his many more classes I happened to have with him that day. I couldn’t believe the way he had spoken to me like I was some type of whore. It enraged me with how subtly he had done it too, his hushed voice gaining no attention from anyone in the vicinity. Gosh was he an asshole.

Walking down the halls to get to the classroom I was to share detention with Satan’s reincarnate, thoughts raced my mind of just skipping. Which skipping is exactly what I had decided to do. I turned around on my heel making it down the stairs and out the door, also undoing my buttons and loosening my tie again. I had made it to the front gates when I hear an agitated voice behind me calling my name. “Y/N”, I kept walking, gaining speed trying to get away; until I felt a large hand on my shoulder. “Y/N”, aren’t you forgetting something? Or do you remember and just trying to get to your appointment?” I span around removing his hand from my shoulder and started getting angry at him raising my voice “No, Mr Jeon, I am not whoring myself out to middle aged men on the streets, I do NOT have an ‘appointment’ and lastly I have not forgotten about my detention with you. You are just a too fucking annoying ass hat for me to spend my afternoon with” out of breath and slightly reddened face staring at him in the eyes. I remember that same fucking smirk he had the first day he had walking into the class, the first time I had seen him. “Well that is just too bad Miss L/N, you will be spending your afternoon with me either way”, He had grabbed my wrist and started marching back to the classroom.

I had ripped my hand from his grasp as we entered the room and sat on top of a desk with my legs crossed. He sat at his desk marking papers occasionally glancing up at me. Noticing his unsubtlety I groaned “What is it Mr Jeon, what am I doing wrong now?” he rolled his eyes and propped his head in his hands before saying, “everything, everything you do is wrong to me, your little struts down the halls giggling with your friends and too short skirt, your too dark bras for your white shirt showing off prominently practically asking for the horny teen boy’s eyes, that attitude that isn’t fooled by my actions or anyone else’s,“ he wasn’t finished he got up and walked over to me and put his hands on my thighs. “your legs that show off perfectly in this ridiculous uniform, your obliviousness to how your panties were in my complete view, and lastly how you don’t even realise how fucking insane you drive me every day.

To say I was shocked by all of this was an understatement, how had I been so stupid. Suddenly all of his sneaky looks and subtle moans when I bent over, over the past year had come back to me, hitting me like a truck. I sighed as his rough hands slid up and down my thighs, I caught myself quickly opening my eyes and putting my hands on his chest. How many girls had he done this to? Why was I falling for it?

But much to my protest I fell into him completely when I felt his lips on my neck, letting another content sigh fall from my lips. I could feel his cocky smirk grow, but before I could wipe the smug expression off of his face he had pulled my legs down, now dangling off the edge of the desk and pulled himself into me. Our lips hardly touching, I was looking at his lips wishing so bad for him to kiss me. Suddenly like my wish had come true he kissed me, softly at first but then gaining in momentum and need. I needed him and he needed me. The kiss both rough and full of lust but also filled with passion and love. His hand travelling up my thighs resting on my hips, I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him closer to me. His response to my action was picking me up and laying me down on his desk, he laid me down gently and looked at me with lust and something else in his eyes.
He bent down and kissed me feverishly, his hard on grinding against my clothed core, my need for him was growing, I wanted him badly. I reached for his belt and undid the buckle, his smirk coming back “you want me that bad?” he whispered into my ear, I looked up at him “shut up, and fuck me”. He wasted no time unbuttoning his pants as I worked on his tie and shirt buttons, his fully erected cock standing tall and chiselled abs were breath taking, rubbing my thighs together feeling how wet I had gotten. I got down on my knees and licked his cock from his shaft to his tip sucking and slowly going down, I could hear his breath growing faster and groans spilling from his lips. Taking him is as far as I could and repeating the action swirling my tongue around the head of his cock that was now leaking with pre-cum. He pulled me off of him and turned me around bending me over his desk, he started pulling my white laced panties down my legs letting them fall at my ankles and bunching my skirt around my hips. He looked at my dripping with need pussy and rubbed his finger up and down it, pulling a moan from my lips and making my hip move back looking for friction. He responded by slamming his cock into me roughly causing me to scream and moan in pleasure, he moved down to my ear stilling inside of me “so wet and tight, fuck, just how bad have you wanted me?” I moaned and he continued pulling in out of me, both of us moaning in unison, complete euphoria washing over me. I was so close, my walls spasming around him pulling his orgasm from him sooner than he thought, his loud moans and slowing thrusts still enough to pull my orgasm from me. He pulled out a sluggishly put all of his clothes back on and pulling my panties up for me. I stood up slowly afraid my legs would fail me, my only thought in that moment was “thank God I am on the pill”.

Thank you for reading
Do you want more because I have thought of a whole story line but will not post it if no one will actually read it. If you have any suggestions let me know, always happy to help but may not reply straight away (or at all, lol). Hope you enjoyed. ;)

cressed  asked:

4, 8, 10

4. describe your favorite character or characters

MAINETTE is just this mess of a person who’s impulsive and thoughtless and short tempered and obsessive and flawed but she’s responsible and well-intentioned and sweet and caring and i just??? love her so much??? all her flaily expressiveness and her headstrongness and her competence and just //sighs ♥

she’s adorable

8. briefly discuss your outlining process, if you outline

i do! mostly what i do is i list scenes with sentences that sum them up and/or tell me the most important thing that needs to happen in that scene; it kind of looks like this:

(get lucky ch 4 outline lmao spoilers)
xAdrien flails over the memory of Ladybug and then goes to meet her
-they have a parkour race and stumble on children at the park
-end up chatting with/delivering the children to a police station
-cop Roger had words for them and the attendant at the desk teases them

i start off with a ‘-’ for scenes i haven’t written yet and changes them to ‘x’ when i move on to the next scene :’D

it gives me a rough estimate of how long something’s gonna be too; most scenes in multi-scene fics end up being ~1k words long, all averaged out

10. what song sums up your current work the best?

i have a whole friggin’ playlist, but this song is the one that fits LB’s arc in get lucky the best, i think :’D

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HUG AND FOOD..... OR COMFY/COMFORTABLE???? Idk Shay too many words but why not go for the best ones! OOH OHH WAIT DID SOMEONE ALREADY DO LOVE YET???? I CALL DIBS ON LOVE!!!!!

I know you called dibs on love BUT someone else asked after you so I thought I’d give you food and comfy instead so we get snippets of all of them! <3<3<3


“Also, your food is burning.”


“You don’t think,” Magnus muttered back, getting more comfortable and snuggling in close.

Paparazzi chapter 22 should be posted tomorrow night and I still have a few snippets to do so look out for those! <3