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A long time ago someone told me about a sci-fi book that was off the beaten path about a group of scientists living underground in a post apocalyptic world that has been all but destroyed by aliens. The aliens are experimenting with the scientists. One has been made into a primate. Another scientist was homosexual but hormonally altered into a heterosexual. Do you have any idea what book I am talking about?

This is actually a very famous science fiction short story called “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison. Your friend misremembered one detail: it was a superintelligent supercomputer that destroyed the world and experimented horribly on the last surviving humans, not aliens. “Experiment” isn’t the right word; it kept them alive to be the targets of the computer’s cruel sadism. It doesn’t have a happy ending.

John Byrne did an incredibly good comic adaptation of it in 1994, in Dream Corridor. Pick it up if you can get it. Also, there was a really good video game adaptation during the DOS days that I recommend getting at Good Old Games. As of yet, though, there has been no film version. 

“In our popular image of God, God is the supreme technocrat; he knows all the answers. He understands everything in detail and could tell you all about it. 

But the Hindus don’t think of God that way. If you asked a Hindu God, ‘How did you create the human body?’, he would say 

‘Look, I know how I did it, but it can’t be explained in words—because words are too clumsy. In words, I have to talk about things slowly. I have to string them out because words run in a line… 

…and lines add up to books. And books add up to libraries. And if I explain to you how I made the human organism, it would take all eternity for me to tell you. 

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to understand things in words in order to make them happen. Nor do you. 

You don’t have to understand in words how you breathe; you just breathe. You don’t have to understand in words how to grow your hair, how to shape your bones, how to make your eyes blue or brown. 

You just do it.’”

— Alan Watts

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Do you think its weird that after the first two appearance( with moon and star ) Eclipsa doesn't act or seem slightly (idk what's the word im looking for) frantic? concerned? About her daughter or husband(??) ? If I were were trapped in ice for years knowing I have a child and husband somewhere I would have at least asked about them or looked for them :/

yeah she seems very chill about the whole thing, if she’s been somewhat aware the whole time even while in the crystal it’s possible she has come to terms with not seeing them again the meantime but she’s probably just waiting for the right moment to bring it up

I think this is all leading up to Star having to decide if taking a stand against her family by siding with her on not tbh


So… @paperheartsbooks was helping me get into the writing mood and she gave me this prompt and I could only do less than 300 words as a challenge.

“Ummmmmm…. okay! Quick! Logan gets a paper cut. Patton overreacts.”

This is what came of that. Hope you enjoy my first semi-logicality fic!

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Warnings: Mention of blood
Pairing: Logicality
Word Count: 276

“I have to find them, where are they?!”

Patton scrambled to look through a messy drawer in the mindspace kitchen. Logan stood just at the doorway, leaning on the frame. He was holding his right hand up with his pointer finger sticking out straight.

“Patton, seriously, it is not that big of a deal.” Logan sighed, shaking his head. “It’s just a papercut.”

The parental side turned to Logan and their eyes met. “No. You’re bleeding. You need a bandaid. I’ll find one.”

Logan shook his head and used his free hand to adjust his glasses. “You do realize that a papercut actually immediately begins to repair itself with the loose skin around-”

“Found it!” Patton squealed with glee, ignoring Logan’s biological explanation.

He tore the package open and discarded the trash onto the countertop before quickly walking towards the logical trait. Patton carefully grabbed Logan’s hand (the logical side forced himself to turn away. It’s not like he was blushing or anything) and proceeded to wrap the bandage carefully around his finger. Logan peeked back to see the cut covered – the cats on the bandaid distracting him from the small stinging feeling of the ointment in the bandage taking affect.

“There we go! All good!” Patton said with a smile. “And just to make sure everything heals okay…” He leaned in and gave the finger a small peck with his lips.

Logan jerked his hand away in embarrassment, ignoring the fact he felt his face growing hot. “T-Thank you, Patton. I’m sure it’ll be fine now.”

Patton could only smile with his tongue sticking out of his mouth slightly. “Yes!”

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I think I’m gonna make this a thing… writing in 300 words or less. Let me know if you’d like to be on the taglist~! <3

Simon Snow HeadCanons

ok there are a lot, and some i have posted about before

• Simon learns sign language to help with his issues getting his words out

• he lets his hair grow out a little more so it can be put in a little baby bun

• he gains more control over his wings and uses them to do mundane tasks

        - and if Baz gets a little extra enjoyment out of it, who can say

• Simon spends a lot more time outside and gets a lot more golden-boy esque

• Baz gets up early for class and Simon tries to hold him hostage with his wings

• Simon gets a lot more comfortable doing couple-y things in public

• Also Simon isnt neuro-typical (im in the process of psycho analyzing all the characters, so I haven’t decided which one best relates to Simon)

• Simon is able to finally stop talking to his therapist as often 

       - he obviously still needs to talk to her bc trauma stops for nobody

• he gets a job at a cafe, his favorite perk: free scones

• Simon’s life just ultimately gets better














i have almost memorized
the twists and turns
of hangers hooked so neatly,
counting them back and forth,
trying to make out the colors
of dresses and shirts and skirts.
there wasn’t much to do here at first.

i’ve tried for so long to see
the world beyond the closed hinges,
the breath of fresh air,
hues other than the usual grey undertones,
a space so far and wide i can easily stretch
without bumping into stray nails
or being splintered by wood
or enduring numbness in my legs.

but i heard them outside,
their whispers of treachery,
seemingly stabbing my back
and spitting on my identity,
their words of hate and spite
adding chains and locks
to the already closed door,
making me to seek shelter
among the jungle of jackets and sweaters.

so i’ve decided to stay a little longer,
carving poetry onto the hard wood,
fixing and matching clothes inside,
making my own portal to fictitious lions,
having adventures in between thoughts,
until the time the locks break,
the doors fall off,
and the voices shush.
—  stuck and staying in closets to Narnia

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Hi there great Papyrus! :) I wanted to ask you a favor! I have these fantastic friends and they love your blog as much I do.. so could you maybe say hi for them or give them some advice/nice words? their names are @megalotrash and @sesurescue



polaroid // Jonah


“could you do a jonah x reader where August keeps taking pictures of them cuddling and they finally find out when he posts them to insta or something. I saw this somewhere and now feel the need to request it. They only find out because fans share August post and they have to act like it annoys them when telling August to stop even tho they find the pictures cute please and thank you” - anon

(915 words)

a/n: hi yes this makes no sense whatsoever but i thought it was cute so here it is! i hope you don’t hate it lolie

ps ~ jACh k bYe

tags: @dreamypebbles (because she wanted to keep an eye out for an imagine <3) ; @boomboomboomwayhoo (ik how much hayley loves jonah so why not hehe x) 


“Yes dear?” He pokes his head into the kitchen.

“Did you, youngling, eat the cookies I was saving for Zach?”

He gasps dramatically, “Me??? What??? I’d never! Why would you accuse me of su-”

“Babe, there are crumbs on your sweater.”

He glances down on his black hoodie and raises his eyebrows, “Seems that you are stating the truth, Madam (y/n).”

I roll my eyes, “Jonah, I told you not to eat them! Zach is the one who’s sick and wanted cookies!”

“But I’m your boyfriend!” He whines.

“But Zach’s my best friend, baby,” I retort, bringing the cookie dough out of the fridge once again to make another batch, “I love him, too.”

Jonah frowns and walks behind me, snaking his arms around my waist, immobilizing me, “Are you making more cookies?”

“No crap, Sherlock,” I shake my head, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

He suddenly tightens his grip on me and lifts me up. I scream and flail my arms, “JONAH PUT ME DOWN,”

He carries me all the way to the living room and throws me onto the couch. I laugh as he pins me down with his forearms jokingly, “You aren’t going anywhere, missy.”

“JONAH MARAIS ROTH FRANTZICH! Let me go!” I yell, giggling the entire time. He lets go a bit and I sit up cross-legged. He plops down next to me and wraps his legs around my waist, keeping me from moving once again. He pulls my back to his chest as I settle in the little gap between his legs from the way he sits. He leans back and I do as well.

Jonah brings his finger up to my shoulder and fiddles with my loose braid. I close my eyes and smile at his delicate action. All I hear is his humming and deep but steady breathing. He has a certain breathing pattern when he’s focused or his eyes are closed in concentration on nothing. I’ve been around him enough that I can track it anytime, anywhere. And I know his eyes are closed too.

Out of nowhere, I hear a small click. My eyes flutter open and I see a figure walk away into the kitchen. I get up and turn to Jonah. He’s fast asleep. How long had we been in that position?

I walk barefoot into the kitchen, alert for any of the boys who might be in there. At first I see a pink wisp of hair but when I look again, curls replace it.


The freckled boy turns around and waves, “Hey.”

“What are you doing?”

“Zach was whining about his cookies so I came to make them because he said you were going to do it,” He shrugs.

“Oh! I think I fell asleep.”

“Well if you could make the cookies and I’ll entertain his 7-year-old butt so he won’t whine, that’d be great.”

I nod, “Sure,”

Jack smiles, “Thanks, lambie,”

I carefully grab the tray of pastries and place them on the counter to cool. As I grab a plate to transfer the cookies onto, I hear a loud groan from the living room. Jonah’s yawning.

I smile and carry on with what I’m doing.

After a few minutes of letting them sit, I start picking them off the tray and getting them ready to send off to Zach.

Suddenly, loud and quick footsteps are heard, “(Y/N), (Y/N),”


He trips over his feet all the way to me and shoves his phone in my face, “LOOK!”

It takes a second for my eyes to focus up but when they do, I see something I wasn’t really expecting.

“Is that… us?” I ask.

He nods, confused, “A few Limelights tagged you and I in it and it blew up! Who even took these?”

“Well, look for the source!” I say. The snapshot of the polaroid that contained Jonah and I cuddling on the couch, Jonah’s finger intertwined with my hair never leaving my mind.

I see him desperately scroll through the comments, “I don’t see any- WAIT!”

“What?” I run to the other side of the island to look at the screen with him.

We both see the @ simultaneously, “AUGUST!!!”

He walks calmly into the kitchen, “What’s up, gu-”

“Did you take these?” Jonah shows him the phone. August’s silvery-blue eyes widen, “Umm… yesss

“Why didn’t you tell us?” We ask at the same time.

He shrugs, “I don’t know, I just thought it was cute, how you two are so lovey-dovey.”

I chuckle, “Well you got that right.”

“Oh well now that you know, would it be okay with you guys if I did a photoshoot of y’all being all cuddly and stuff? It’s good practice.”

“Sure,” I smile and turn to Jonah, who is nodding.

“Well, we can start with Jonah singing to you, (y/n), or something, do whatever you’d like,” August smiles, “I’ll be right back with my camera,”

“Okay,” Jonah says, looking at me with his stunning blue eyes, “I guess we’re goals,”

“I think so, too,” I lean in for a kiss.

“HEY, CUDDLE-BUGS! ZACHARY HAS BEEN WAITING FOR HIS COOKIES FOR A WHILE NOW!” Jack screams from Zach’s room. I laugh, realizing that I haven’t finished doing my original duty.

I walk over to grab a napkin to hold the warm plate and turn back to Cookie-Monster-Jonah with his face full of crumbs.

“I didn’t eat anything!” He says, spewing out pieces of cookie in the process.

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Really weird question but would it be fine to make a ff based on your au for you? I really fell in love with siren yuuri and everything you do with this has my heart beating faster when I read it. And it gave me wonderful ideas to write based on them! You kind of made me want to write again, but it's okay if not, thank you for all the wonderful words you have done Lucy have a great day!

It’d be weird for me to say “no” since fanfiction already isn’t “original” work. You’re welcome to write and send it to me, but please know that I’m not reblogging fanfic pieces for the siren au because I don’t want it mixed up or confused for my “canon” content, especially since I’m posting for it daily. I’d love to see it though, if you did.

However, if anyone wants to write their own siren AU, please go ahead! We don’t own the concept and don’t mind if anyone else wants to go for it.

I’m glad we could inspire you ♡

“I said we were going to do great things together.”

Don’t be fooled, friends.

Damien never said that. No one in WKM ever did.

The question now is… where is that line from?

Because I sure as hell remember SOMEONE saying the words “We’re going to do great things together, you and I.”

But… who was it?

My initial though was that maybe it was the Author talking to one of his victims in Danger In Fiction, but I watched both of them again and never found that line… despite something else promising I saw.

But we have to remember that Mark said he wouldn’t ever do another video with the Host (or any other Cyndago-based ego, like Ed Edgar).

I'm… a bit confused. Either Dark blatantly misquoted what Damien told us on that first night in WKM (“There’s no one I’d rather have alongside me to protect this great city of ours”), or that line came from somebody else.

Thoughts, anyone? 🤔

Re: Beta readers, I just want to add: Don’t be a bag of dicks to your beta readers. I feel like this should be standard knowledge and common sense, but I have taken in several stray beta readers who have said they were afraid to tell me X thing was wrong because they “weren’t sure how I would take it” and were afraid of being attacked due to prior experiences and honestly that’s just awful?

Listen to me. Look me in my eyes and listen to me right now. You do not have to take their edits. If you want to leave phrasing the way you had it, if the characterization is how you want it, if something doesn’t make sense yet on purpose, it’s your story and you don’t have to change a goddamn thing. You can leave every spelling mistake in. You can make up words. You don’t have to take a single fucking edit, ever, if you don’t want to. I certainly do not take them all.

But please, please, please, for everyone’s sake, do not argue with or attack your beta reader for making the suggestions in the first place. It’s not a personal attack on you, or on your writing, even if you think it feels like one. You asked them to do this. You asked them to tell you what is wrong, and that’s what they are doing, and you have exactly zero room to get mad at them for it because you asked them to. You don’t ask someone to pass the salt and then turn around and berate them for passing you the salt, that’s rude.

If you are sensitive to being told you’re doing something wrong 1) you’re probably gonna stagnate or grow very slowly in your ability because you don’t know how to get better and 2) don’t ask people to tell you that you’re doing something wrong. If you are sensitive but feel you MUST ask for someone to tell you what’s wrong anyway, be up front about it and about your needs. I do this!! I know there is a punctuation pattern I use that is straight up wrong and it’s because my brain throws a fit at me to do it the right way, so I don’t, and my beta readers know not to comment on it because doing so makes me anxious.

And just to be clear, I’m not saying you can’t ask for clarification on edits! Beta readers should be or get into the habit of explaining why they would make X change to anything that isn’t spelling/grammar, because this teaches a writer how to start catching these things themselves. But sometimes they aren’t, or sometimes their explanation doesn’t make sense, or sometimes you want to know what led them to think the way they do (because if they do, chances are someone else does too, and understanding why means you can either change to that way if it’s correct or alter your writing to make your way clear). It’s ok to ask questions! It’s ok to need clarification!

But be NICE to your beta readers. They are doing you (and fandom) a favor.

Your body had grown faster than you had ever thought, leaving you with monstrous stretch marks. You had tried everything to fade them, but nothing worked, you were debating getting Seungwan to make something for you. 

“Baby?” your husband’s voice chimed through your home. You tried hiding yourself, but he was in the room in seconds. The smile on his face faded when he saw you infront of the mirror. “You better be stood there admiring yourself…” he muttered, eyes narrowing at you.

“I look awf-” his speed was used once more, this time to press his lips to yours, swallowing the negative words before you could even speak them.

“Do you have any idea how incredible you look?” he breathed against you while his hands came to pull up your shirt so he could rest against your skin. 


“Shhh,” he connected your lips again, this time, you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Let me love you?” he asked, pulling away to see if you had any objections. When he was sure you were okay, he took you to the bed, hands roaming over your body, slowly ridding you of all clothes. His lips took no time to press against your warm skin, over every area you detested, over the marks that your child created as they grew.

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Are there any gender-inclusive terms that can take the place of "ma'am" and "sir" when trying to get someone's attention? Or for addressing people when you need to be extra polite. I haven't had any luck finding one. "Hey, you" doesn't quite cut it.

i usually just drop such words entirely rather than attempt to replace them.

“excuse me, sir / ma’am.”
“pardon me, sir / ma’am.”
“i’m sorry, sir / ma’am, but do you…?”

in writing, you could replace “sir / ma’am” with “mx” (pronounced ‘mix’), but in a verbal situation that calls for politeness, that’s probably not the way to go.

anyone else have any suggestions for anon?

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Do YOU have any fic recommendations for us?

I went through my favorites (I don’t always fave them, but these I remembered to fave) and got these for y’all in no particular order. (Sorry it took me a few days to reply to this)

(Basically my sub list on FF.net, which I’m too lazy to do all of)


Basically anything by Recall The Love, Electronic Zappa, Smeg699, RavenClawGenius, thatmitchsentho, knappster, ACamp-toner and hollyhwrites has some good fics, too– there’s so many out there that are amazing. I’ve got ones I wish I could remember the name of that I didn’t fave, so these are not by any means, everything, just what I managed to remember to fave. Also some in progress ones that are good in my subs but there was too many to go through and most hadn’t updated in a good long while. :’c

I reserve the right to add to this list if I happen to remember a fic. :P

Your Mistake

@thefaultinourpies asked: *creeps in and whispers.* I heard you write sister fics…. WELL BOI DO I HAVE ONE FOR YOU. Okay, so the sister calls Sam and Dean crying, from a get together she was forced to go to by her boyfriend, she tells them they he hit her and SAM AND DEAN COME IN A BEAT HIM UP. You can add Cas in there too if ya feel the need to.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, and sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, fighting, angst, mentions of blood

Word Count: 713

A/N: Very backed up on requests, trying to do as much as I can. Hopefully over thanksgiving break I’ll be able to write more. Writers block is kind of killing me at the moment.

Originally posted by confusedfreya

Sam, Dean, and Cas were all in the library when Dean’s phone rang, he proceeded in picking up the phone, seeing it was you.

“Hello?” Dean heard various noises on the other line. “Hello?” Dean waited for a response.

“Dean? You need to help me.” You whispered into the phone.

“Why, what happened?” 

“You know that party that I wanted to go to.” “Yeah, what about it.” Dean was on the edge of his seat.

“Nick m-made me go and I should have found a w-way out of it.” You stumbled on your words.

“Y/N, come home now.” Dean demanded.

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day one

- I am grieving in the only way I know how right now: internally. Privately. I haven’t spoken a word to anybody about what’s going on. If you know me in real life, know this - I’ll tell you in the future, I promise. And if I’m not okay, I’ll let you know. But I need to be able to grieve in this private way.
- I made a pledge. It goes a little like this: don’t stalk on social media, don’t fall into bad patterns - and if you do, get help right away. So far I have followed. As more unhealthy habits threaten I’ll add them to the pledge.
- I can’t trust myself to be alone. Or at least, right now I’d prefer not to be. Alone is too demanding, too exhausting.
- Speaking of exhausting… I’m trying to wear myself out. I haven’t decided if I think that’s healthy or not yet, but it’s been how I’m coping. Just throwing myself into the present moment and physically tiring my body. I like it so far, but like I said, I’m not sure if it’s healthy.
- So far, I’m really more okay than I expected. Sure, I’m a little ragged on the edges and still feel the pulse of my blood under the bruise sometimes, but it hasn’t been unbearable. There have been slight signs of a panic, but I’ve been able to avoid them so far.
- I feel like I’m letting myself grieve in a proper way. In the way I know how, which is just by myself for a little while. And I’m proud of myself.
- I’m writing more. Trying to make sense of my feelings. I’m proud of what I’m writing. I’m proud of how I’m getting through this. I am posting my writing online under a different name, although I’d rather keep that under wraps from this account (I have people I don’t want to find it and taint that account), so I can have a diary of sorts. I’m also writing in my journal.
- I’m taking it day by day - no, really second by second. I’m trying extremely hard to focus on the moment in front of me. I get easily distracted and lost in train of thought, so I’ve been trying to make really short term goals for my mind to focus on. For example, right now my goal is to write this Tumblr post and that’s it. Then it’s going to be to empty my mind as possible so I can sleep faster. These short term goals are really helping.
- I am strong. I can do this.

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can i get a reaction/headcanons for when the nordics’ s/o is crying and really upset because their baby lizard died? (sorry i know this is really specific)

Norway is the type of person to ask if you would like another one, or maybe two. I feel like his main source of comforting you over the death of your baby lizard is by taking you out to pretty places. It’s a nice distracting method

Denmark, being a very empathetic person, if that’s even the right word, would shed a few tears with you. He knows a loss, no matter how small, can have a big impact. So it would be cuddles and being pampered for days

Sweden, Iceland, and Finland wouldn’t know what to do. They all have pets but they’ve been with them both for such a long time. It has grown on them, a life with an animal. So they would at least try to offer comfort and a place of peace to mourn.

-started by mod sheila, ended by mod grace

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Can I request a Timxreader where they’re best friends but it’s pretty obvious they like each other so the rest of the boys make plans to get them together but nothing works. Bit then one day he’s teaching her some basic hacking stuff at the manor and she’s just like ‘sweet Jesus I want to have your babies’ and Tim’s shook for a moment but he’s like ‘screw this’ and he just pushes her against the wall and kisses her? Bonus points if Jason walks in and cockblocks them 😂 THANK U SO MUCH 🙏🏽

(sorry it took so long!)

“What do you think about this?” Tim asks, turning his head slightly to the side so that he’s not finally facing you, a small smile slowly making its way toward the corners of his lips as he opens his mouth and speaks, continuing his words from before. “It’s pretty easy to do, right?”

For a moment, you’re silent, still continuing to stare at him, finding yourself lost in the beauty of his smile. Tim merely looks at you, watching as you stare at him in a daze, blinking at you several times and wondering what it is you’re thinking about.

“Hey,” he says, leaning closer toward you, waving a hand in front of your face, trying to catch your attention. “Are you okay?”

Almost as if you’re still stuck in a daze, you open your mouth to speak, the words falling softly out of your lips as though they’re a whisper. “I really want to kiss you right now.”

For a moment, Tim is silent, staring at you and blinking at you once, twice, thrice, like he’s still trying to process your words in his head. It doesn’t take him long enough to do so, and the moment it all finally clicks together in his head, he sucks in a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak, finally breaking the silence between the two of you. “What?”

Your eyes widen in alarm, and you quickly shake your head at him, your cheeks heating up as though in embarrassment. “It’s nothing,” you reply, quickly turning your head away from him to hide the blush creeping on your cheeks. “You can just ignore it if you like.”

For a moment, Tim is silent, and all he could do is stare at you, thinking about what it is he’s going to do next. A moment later, you hear his chair scraping from behind you, and when you turn your head around to see what it is he’s doing, you discover that he’s already leaned toward you, his face only inches away from yours.

“You know what,” he begins, whispering the words softly against your lips. He’s so close, so close that you could practically smell him, could practically taste him on the tip of your tongue. Your breath hitches in your throat, and suddenly, it almost feels as though you’ve forgotten how to breathe.

You stare at him for a moment, waiting for him to finally speak, to finally continue his words. It doesn’t take him long enough to do so, and the moment the words are finally out of his lips, they come out soft and gentle, almost as though a whisper. “I like you, too.”

And then before you know it, he’s already kissing you, wrapping his arms around you as he presses his lips on to yours, trying to convey everything he’s ever felt for you in the action. You tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling him even closer toward you, closer and closer until you aren’t sure where your body ends and where his body begins—

A sudden knock on the door is enough to startle the both of you, and the two of you quickly scramble away from each other, going back to the position you were in before. The door opens not after a moment, and you see Jason standing in the doorway, crossing his arms over his chest as he stares at the two of you.

“What were you two doing here—Oh,” he says, looking back and forth between the two of you. A knowing look flashes across his features and a moment later a small smirk slowly makes its way toward the corners of his lips. “I see,” he says, nodding his head at the both of you as though in understanding.

He gives the two of you a wink and a wave of the hand, almost as though in a gesture of goodbye, before exiting the room and closing the door behind him, leaving the two of you alone once more.

Killing Stalking most (….) scene tag game (!)

Yayyy finally. I have been tagged by cutie @beenbekossi ! 💖

Since I have less friend who love KS and almost everyone already tagged them. I’m just gonna open this to whoever wanna do this.

Most shocking scene

She was brave enough to spit out that words when she was in peril, wow.




Again, wtf. Woo jerked off while hanging bum.


I have a lot but..

I thought he gonna beat the shit out of Bum while seeing Bum was bleeding



Bum. just. dropped .the .plate. but.. (Geez..)



Woo tried to make Bum calm and patting his head :’)


they’re hanging out for a blind date uwu


I was so relieved bum didn’t run away! Yeah, hug him tight and never let go 💕




and this one..

looks at his priceless face lol.