Happy Pansexual Visibility Day! When I was younger I never had the right word to describe myself, I knew I liked men and women but bisexual never felt right to me. I thought that after a while my feelings would go away or die down, but when I saw the term pansexual I knew immediately that that’s what I was. I was pretty miserable back then, but since coming out life has definitely improved. I don’t hate myself as much, and my battles with self harm and anorexia became easier. I have an amazing group of friends who support me, a family that loves me, and a wonderful girlfriend that I thank my lucky stars for everyday. I am so thankful for what I have, and wish everyone nothing but love and happiness.

Dear E,

I miss you a lot, every day. I just wish we would still talk about our future holidays, or actually go on them. Before you came into my life, I had no idea that someone so similar to me even existed. I hate that distance was our obstacle, you really made me the happiest person, and every night I went to bed saying thanks to the infinite because I had you on my life.

I never told you I love you, but I wish had told you, because if after months I still feel like that, it´s closer to love than simply liking someone.


Ps. Baby, words can´t describe your beauty. Your face, your body, everything about you is beautiful. But your heart, oh my, your heart is beautiful.

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Basically can you just write one of your super amazing metas on the ep because I'm disappointed in what they did to Elena and very confused about the end and idk what to make of anything and I have finals next week and I shouldn't even be here but since I am, time would be well spent reading your stuff hehe!

Nisha i really really need an Overall opinion on the whole episode of you. I watched the Episode and i have mixed feelings & if id have to describe it with one word i would say tears. Okaaay feelin a lil uncomfortable here bc my face still looks like crumplyface (2.0) #thisseasonfinalefeels ugh i hate it. 😂 anyway i know i ask for a little metasomething which may take your time buuut i love you sooo much for it , thank you <3

Okay, so by a cruel twist of fate I am swamped at work, so this is the only post I can make until later tonight on here, but I do want to post this because I have so many thoughts swirling around rn lol.

Basically, I agree that the sleeping beauty storyline was a copout, for sure. But I gotta be honest, the only people really hurt by it are Elena and DE. Elena, because it reduces her to a literal plot device. And really, we should stop calling it the sleeping beauty storyline, because that’s not accurate. In Sleeping Beauty, when Aurora is cursed to her sleep, the fairies put a spell on everyone in the kingdom, and the whole place is suspended in time. But that isn’t the case here. Elena is the only one who is stuck, the only one who is left behind. The rest of the people in the story are still moving, and they will move forward, eventually.

And that’s why in the end, it’s actually worse for DE shippers. If they’d given DE a clean break here, they could say it was just a tragic end to a romance they loved, but that the narrative stayed true to their romance while it was canon. By keeping them hanging on, the writers are doing them a disservice, imo. Because Damon will progress at some point, there’s just too much protential even in Damon’s characterization alone for them to never put him in another romance again. On a show that thrives on angst, there’s just no way they won’t mine the possibilities in “I want to honor Elena, but I’m in love with someone else who’s much better for me.”

I mean, Damon is a character who has been written to obsessively fixate on one woman at a time, on a show that was built on the very concept that you can be in love with more than one person at once. There’s no way they won’t explore that at some point in the future, and they’ve basically set the stage for just that.

And given that Bonnie is his best friend (canon), and that Damon loves the shit out of her (also canon, lbr), and that he loves her in a way he’s never loved anyone else before… I can’t imagine anyone else bringing him to that crossroads (eventually).

I can even envision what angles they’ll use as the other characters tell them to go for it, since you know a ship on this show isn’t a ship until all the other characters are propping it:

According to Stefan, Elena was the one who showed him that Damon is worth loving. But Bonnie is/will be the one who shows that to Damon.

The future is bright, y’all. Better put on those shades.

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Does God hate me for being transgender/аttempting suicide?

There is nothing that you could ever do that would make God hate you. You will never be able to fully understand the infinite love that He has for you. God’s love for you is all consuming and overwhelming! You are so, so important to Him. I couldn’t even begin to describe how important you are to Him. There are literally no words that could fully encapsulate how much you matter. Don’t resist God or run from Him because you think that He may hate you because that could not be further from the truth. Seek Him out, talk to Him, read His Word, spend time with people who not only love the Lord, but love you. I’d love to get into a deeper conversation with you about this, so if you could message me off anonymous, we could talk privately. Everything inside of me wants to be there for you, okay? I have you. <3



We colour our sentences with pretty words and bold declarations. In the midst of all that, we forget the true message. Maybe you don’t have to describe her eyes as the brightest stars you’ve ever seen. Maybe her eyes are just eyes you adore. Maybe his warmth isn’t a fireplace in a cold winter evening. Maybe his warmth just makes you feel safe. Maybe they’re not the truest love you’ll ever know. Maybe they just love you the way you need to be loved in this moment. It’s so easy to stray from what you want to say by saying what you think they want to hear.

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5 guys you came to love~ :3

Get to know me: Voltage Inc. edition

Five Guys I came to love huh? Well in no particular order:

1. Chiaki Yuasa - OTBS (I really didn’t like him at first… Or I did, but I didn’t like him very much at first. Then came his Proposal and omfg)

2. Tsumugu Kido - OTBS (Words cannot describe how upset I was with him when he charged MC at the beginning of his route. I was basically just disgusted with him. I didn’t want to buy his route until I saw the screenshots with the best responses Voltage could have ever provided us with)

3. Keith Alford - BMP (I hated him at first LOL I was like, this asshole jerk is gonna get it. He’s gonna fall in love with me and there’s nothing he can do about it. Oh my god but somehow I ended up falling for him and honestly that was not supposed to happen)

4. Leon - SCM (His first couple of chapters in his main story were absolutely disgusting. I would’ve skipped them but I hardly ever skip things. I mean, towards the end he started growing on me. His sequel just about broke me, and Scorpio’s Voiced Sub Story? END ME. I don’t love him like I did with the other three above but he’s really changed my mind about him)

5. Ichigo Sato - DDIWT (Whaaat? One of my absolute favourites was someone I really disliked at first? Okay but that’s the same with Chiaki, is this really a shock LOL He was the reason why I deleted DDIWT the first time. His first chapter just didn’t get me at first and his main story was okay. There wasn’t really anything special about it. What I fell in love with was his second season and all his sub stories @__@; I bought all his sub stories. I’m broke LOL)

Thanks for the ask ♥ ^^

Jared Padalecki is going through a hard time right now, as I’m sure people have heard by now. It is suspected he might have depression and is not going to con as a way to take a break.
There aren’t even WORDS to describe how horrible that is.
Jared and the others on supernatural have done so much to help us, and entertain us the audience. I ask of you fans now to not pry, and not to spam Jared or the rest of the cast with questions. They all need strength, so give it to them, tell them you love them, especially Jared. we are a supernatural family, saving people and hunting things. Unite now to protect and help Jared Padalecki.

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I hate myself and i want to die. Quite literally. I look in the mirror and wanna bash my face in. I hey constant anxiety. I'm constantly alone. I can never stay positive. I really don't know what to do anymore.

so list the reasons you hate yourself.   sometimes being alone is better than a horrible relationship.  take my word for that.

got that done?

NOW make a list of positive stuff.

even if it’s your cat loves you.  

being positive……sigh……hey, it’s an effort……but it becomes a habit.  I am married to the worlds biggest pessimist.   love the man dearly, but he never looks on the bright side of anything.

I,  can always find some thing good.  

talk with me.  I used to feel just the way you described.  it’s a burden.

The next time someone looks down their nose at me and says, “Oh, you right romance novels?” I won’t be responsible for my actions.

Why yes, I do spend most of my days trying to accurately portray two people falling in love. Without cliches. Without using miscommunication as a plot device. Realistically showing people falling in love.


Why yes, I do write long kissing scenes. Have you ever tried to describe a kiss? Why don’t you sit down and give me 500 words that will show two people kissing. Again, without using cliches.

Because I’ve got to tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. 

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“How could you have come to hate me so?”

Is that what they had come to? Hate? Thousands of years of kinship crumbled to dust. Hate was too simple a word, too base an emotion to describe what Fen’Harel felt.

“If you think I am doing this because I hate you, then you have learned nothing,” he snarled.  His feelings for the one he once called brother  mattered not, this was bigger than the both of them. “It is not about hating you– but loving them.”

My version of sexy

I have seen over 4 dozen of scrawny sexy women on my dash and I’m a bit tired of it. So here’s MY version of what sexy is. Love it or hate it, you’ll never change my mind. (ps there’s nothing I can do about the picture qualities)

Genevieve Padalecki aka Ruby of Supernatural - Jared’s wife!!

Elizabeth Olsen…..I think is hotter than her sisters catch her as Wanda/Scarlet Witch in the Avengers: Age of Ultron

Zoe Saldana I think is more gorgeous than Halle Barry and it’s fun watching her kick Chris Pratt’s ass in Guardians of the Galaxy!!

Charlize Theron - there’s no words to describe her… cannot wait for Mad Max

Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen…..

Emma Stone - my favorite funny girl

My most favorite girl of all time….Mila Kunis….Russian babe

Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow…..if you’ve seen Marvel movies… you know I don’t need to say a damn thing.

Kate Hudson….shes never disappointed me

Our little miss Divergent…..Shailene Woodley

My other favorite funny girl….Katherine Heigl… fave movie the Ugly Truth

I’m a big time slacker on a lot of shows….but Holland Roden has a tiny spot on the board.

Gal Gadot……just go watch her in Fast and Furious….

Gina Carano….also in Fast and Furious…even though it wasn’t for very long

and last but not least…….Ronda Rousey….also a small role in Fast and Furious….but also in Expendables 3

Time for the sap, guys.

So on Monday night I get to see paramore on the last show of Writing The Future and words cannot describe how excited I am. I have followed Paramore throughout these two years, been to every tour. NA Spring Tour, Paratour, Monumentour and now Writing The Future. 

These past two years have not been easy. I struggled with massive depression and anxiety, and came close to taking my life a few times. But every time I came close to it, Paramore’s music pulled me out of the funk I was. They made me happy, and what was more than that, because of their message I came to fall in love with myself. For so long I hated how I looked, I abhorred looking in mirrors. But after hearing Hayley preach self-love so much, one night I laid down on the ground and took selfies and fell in love with who I am, and how I look. 

Paramore is one of the sparks that has kept me going. To be able to go see them again and end the self-titled cycle… It is a dream come true. And not only will their Portland show be a perfect ending to an amazing CD cycle, it will also be the perfect ending to my high school career. The Self-titled album has been around for half of my high school career, and before that I jammed out to Brand New Eyes and the Single’s Club. So to have this show be a little less than two weeks from my graduation… God, words cannot explain the emotions I have right now. 

So thank you, paramore and yelyahwilliams. For being with me throughout my high school life. Y’all made it so that I didn’t waste all my teenage years being a misery factory, and for that I am forever grateful.

I admit it i can’t stop thinking about you I don’t hate you I just hate that I can’t have you who can hate someone as precious as you you remind me of paradise because with you I feel at peace I have theories about why your voice is my favorite song oh god I’m tripping on my words as I fall more in love with you
when I think of you, supernovas explode inside my chest what am I going to do with all these butterflies in my chest some feelings weren’t meant to be expressed with words but oh my god you are a feeling not even all the words in the English dictionary could describe sometimes my universe stands still when I look at you, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced I guess what I’m really trying to say is that although stars and galaxies fascinate me, I would much rather sit and marvel at you instead thank you for being such a lovely combination of atoms i’m so happy that you exist and I’m so happy for our little forever even though it’s gone and I want it back that can’t happen because you don’t love me like i love you and sadly that’s okay
—  busybuzzybee(Charlie)
My Brightest Diamond // In Short
[From London In Stereo]

If I had to describe my music in 3 words, I’d use…
Orchestrated soul punk

My favourite film ever is…
City of Lost Children

The most famous person I’ve met is…

The song I hate the most is…
Onward Christian Soldiers

The worst job I’ve ever had is…
Cleaning houses for people with cats and no litter boxes

If I was in a tribute band it would be…
The Clash

My favourite word is…

If I had a super power I’d want it to be…
Self love

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…

I think you should listen to…
Nina Simone

If I could see anyone play live it would be…
Stevie Wonder


My Brightest Diamond plays the London in Stereo x Moth Club stage at Field Day on June 7th

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unpopular opinion: i don't like semi-automatic by 21p. like i love the band but i hate the line "i'm semi-automatic, my prayer's schizophrenic" like i just don't like the word schizophrenic being used as and adjective to describe something that isn't schizophrenic, if that make sense? my best friend has schizophrenia tho so it probably just strikes a nerve with me lol

mhm. i understand. like i get what they were trying to describe and how in different songs they try to relate to people with mental illness, but idk. but yeah that makes sense tho that it’d bother you.

This morning I was having cuddles with her and had her sitting on my lap and woke up to her layed out in my bed. The person whoever hit Luna and then drove off, there are no words to describe how much I hate you and wish you dead, you don’t just not an animal that is clearly a pet and drive off. I will always love you and will always remember you Luna. R.I.P❤️

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hi, i've only been watching connor's videos for a couple months so i don't know much about the depression situation. was he actually diagnosed with clinical depression/received professional help for it? having had clinical depression myself i hate when people through the word around like it means nothing. i love your blog ❤️

He’s never mentioned being diagnosed, although he definitely could have been and just decided not to talk about it. He also wasn’t just throwing the word around though, what he described matched the symptoms of depression and went beyond feeling just a little bit sad.