i hate “crafty” art but idk how to describe what i mean cause shit like scrapbooking can be super cool, kinda like most projects that come prepackaged with instructions and costs like $30 even tho its just shitty foam letters and some lace, but theres also those like… collage paintings….. that have newspaper or something as a base and a flower and then they draw a heart with a messy brush or write the word “love” in cursive… the kind of thing youd see on the wall at a shitty cafe


8 years ago today, one of the best actors to ever exist died. Heath Andrew Ledger (April 4, 1979-January 22, 2008) I unfortunately did not know much of him at the time of his death as I was only 10 years old when it happened. I do remember seeing him in my favorite feel good movie, “10 Things I Hate About You” but only very vaguely. It wasn’t until I was about 13 or 14 and I saw the movie again I sort of remembered. That’s when I grew to love and adore him. When he became my favorite and I had to watch everything with him. But when I saw he was dead I felt sad and that I missed out on a great deal. But ever since he has been my favorite. He was a phenomenal actor. There are no words that I could put down to ever describe how wonderful of a person he was. I wish I could have known him personally or had to chance to meet him. I feel for his family and especially for his daughter who will never be able to meet him. He died to soon, too young but he was too good for this world. No one could live up to what he has achieved and he will always be remembered by who he was and what he did. By reading the things that he has said, he was so wise for being so young which to me is very admirable. I’m not saying any of this to get attention for still being a teenager and not knowing about him or for being to young, but only because I admire him and how wonderful he seemed. Although I don’t believe in a heaven, I hope that where ever he is, he is happy. I aspire to be like him, full of wonder, happiness, wisdom, and much more. “When I die, my money is not gonna come with me. My movies will live on for people to judge what I was as a person.” ~Heath Ledger and that is has and always will. Rest In peace you beautiful soul. Twenty-eight was far to young for you to go.

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Haleb !

who is more dominant in the bedroom? they’re both equally as dominant but they do have a rather weird food kink.

who complains the most? Hanna

who’s the laziest? Hanna s

who wakes up the earliest? Neither, they both like sleeping in and having morning cuddles, they’ll both wait until they have too get up.

who does chores around the house? They both do. Hanna not because she wants to she’d rather not but she hates messiness more and as for Caleb he’ll just clean up as he goes unless his really stressed then his lazy.

who’s the most protective? Both. If its the same sex they get violent and if its the opposite sex they’ll kill you with there icy words.

who gets jealous the easiest? Neither, they’re both 100% confident in their relationship…though Hanna is a little jealous of his friendship with Spencer.

and a song or songs that describes the ship?:


Love song-Pink


When we were young-Adele

The only exception-Paramore

Because you loved me-Celine Dion


@ people who hate shaiapouf wyd … . . i love him hes like the funniest character in the series and hes also actually a really good villain at the same time pouf is my man

This is Sox. My 14.2hh Arab X mare. She is probably one of the only creatures I’ll ever meet in my life that I can go from loving to hating and straight back to loving in a matter of seconds.

She gives me so much happiness, so much hope and creates a constant getaway from life’s troubles whilst nonetheless giving me so much hassle, so much wasted time and knows exactly how to annoy me. Yet, despite all of the things I could rant on negatively about her, or all of the words I could use to tell you every single little positive thing about her; there are no words to describe the undying love I have for this pony.


Lol these pictures are horrible 😭
Tameya// 15// Mini Queen// One word to describe me is lit 💥 I’ve submitted before, all good but never really lasted. Don’t message if you’re down for a conversation that fizzles out after a day. 😴 I hate those. I’m really fun and I love to have deep conversations and late night cereal. Message me I don’t bite 😊

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Dear straight and cisgender individuals:

We don’t hate you. We don’t loathe or despise you. Even resentment is too strong of a word. What we feel towards you can only be described as envy, a longing for something you have that some of us will never have the opportunity to see or experience within our own community. Yes, we have a pride week celebration and a day devoted to recognizing our identities. But would you really rather have that if it meant giving up your family? Your freedom? The love and support of your parents?

To our allies, we appreciate your sympathy, but please don’t ever assume that you understand.

You will probably never receive a message that your significant other is leaving you because their parents threatened to disown them for dating someone of the same gender. Or worse, because they’re dating you, someone who was born the same sex but identifies differently.

You’ll never get kicked out because of the gender you’re attracted to or because you don’t like the genitals you have or maybe both.

you’ll never have a center for straight people at school because, let’s be honest, you don’t need support to handle being straight.

You won’t get straight-exclusive scholarships or job opportunities because your sexual orientation doesn’t impede your ability to survive.

There will never be a law protecting you from “straight hate crimes” because cisphobia and heterophobia, reverse transphobia and reverse homophobia, don’t exist.

So before you make this all about you again and complain because you don’t have a straight pride parade, take a second and realize that you have to choose between a parade and basic human rights. I will gladly trade you. 


The rest of us

underweight woman: i love my body !! fuck body hate !!

yall: totally!! ur beautiful . fuck body hate . ur amazing . truly an inspiration to the youth of our generation . round of applause 

overweight woman: i love my body !! fuck body hate !!

yall: ummm…. u should lose weight… ur kind of a bad influence to children… plus its unhealthy to be fat……….

!!POETIC SPOTLIGHT!! Repost @ne_mak
I am not that kind of beautiful that catches you at first sight.
I am that beautiful that you are not used to,
and so it takes some time for you to convince yourself
that the word you have been looking for to describe me really is beautiful.
I am that kind of beautiful that comes into your life
for a reason.
I leave an impact,
I stay with you even
when I am no longer in your presence.
I shake things up
and I make you re-evaluate things you once thought were set in stone,
I challenge your thinking and opinions, your definitions of everything.
I am that kind of beautiful that you dream about,
that kind of beautiful that makes you hate goodbyes and love hellos,
the kind that you want to take home to your mother so you can watch the most phenomenal #women you will ever know interact with each other.
I am that kind of beautiful that makes you want to be good
because you know I can’t have you any other way,
the kind you know is not afraid to fight for you
in every way but will never beg for you to stay.

I am beautiful.
Not because you have told me so,
But because I found my beauty long before I found you.
I believed that I was good enough,
beautiful enough
before you
so I know that I will always be just that,
even without you.
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Stephanie (Ridonculous Race)

  • Why I like them: accurate representation of a black girlfriend
  • Why I don’t: a little crazy
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Darjeel with it
  • Favorite season/movie: there was only one season
  • Favorite line : Are love of beating other people
  • Favorite outfit: she only had one outfit
  • OTP: with ryan of course
  • Brotp: she kinda hated everyone expect ryan
  • Head Canon: she had a kid with ryan
  • Unpopular opinion: is there one
  • A wish: she had a kid with ryan
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: break with ryan permentnaly
  • 5 words to best describe them: funny sassy crazy black woman
  • My nickname for them: steph

I both love and hate how the internet insists on making up new words in other languages that supposedly describe or name things that English has no words for. I guess it started with those lists of genuine foreign words, but by now most of them are made up.

And I love it because it’s weirdly delightful to see people using nonsense words thinking they’re real words, and it throws up the question of what a real word is because after all, they’re just collections of sounds referring to a specific meaning, and they’re all made up anyway.

But I also hate it because it’s kind of a lie. An author making up a word like Jedi is inventive. And it’s honest in that it’s made clear that it’s made up. Some randomer claiming that Mauerbauertraurigkeit is German for whatever the hell it’s supposed to mean is… kind of a lie. You made it up. Just say you made it up.

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1.  Favorite song? (Pillow Talk)
2. Describe yourself in a word. (Unique)
3. What’s the thing you hate most? (Fuckboys)
4. What’s the color of your eyes? (Brown)
5. What’s your favourite colour? (Blue)
6. 4 things that you look for in the others. (Friendliness, Respect, Loyalty, Kindness )
7. Your favourite food? (Pizza)
8. The most important thing for you? 
9. Something that you really love to do? (Sing)
10.Are you in love? (Not Yet)
11. Meaning behind your URL? (originality, a mixture of being artistic and real )

My Questions:

1. Favourite Colour?

2. Favourite Food?

3. Favourite Song rn?

4. Biggest Dream?

5. Favourite You tuber?

6. Favourite Genre Of Music?

7. Thing You Love Most? 

8. What Would You Do If Money Were, Nothing?

9.Thing You Hate Most?

10. Meaning Behind Your URL?

11. What Does Tumblr Mean To You?

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She doesn't light up my world She is my world

I love her more than life itself, She makes me want to keep going and she makes me feel like no other person could. I love her more than words can describe , I hate it because I always feel speechless when I tell her I love her so much because I can’t come to find the words strong enough and Powerful enough to describe my love for her.


words can’t describe how much I love you. I hate when people post shit like this on social media but not many people I know irl follow me on tumblr so it’s whatever. vaughn you make me the happiest person in the world. thank you for being with me for almost 5 month (2/1/15!!) thank you for going on adventures with me and getting in trouble sometimes (oops). thank you for holding my hand and telling me it’ll be okay when I’m sad. thank you for buying me food and making fun of people with me. I’m super fucking lucky to have you and get to kiss you whenever I want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I could write everything I’ve ever wanted to say to you here but I’d rather not, I just don’t brag about how great you are often

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what sin would you be, little girl? ;)


Strong vengeful anger or indignation: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Proverbs 15:1)

Wrath (Latin, ira) may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience, revenge, and self-destructive behavior, such as drug abuse or suicide.

Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest, although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons. Dante described vengeance as “love of justice perverted to revenge and spite”. People feel angry when they sense that they or someone they care about has been offended, when they are certain about the nature and cause of the angering event, when they are certain someone else is responsible, and when they feel they can still influence the situation or cope with it.

Three types of anger are recognized by psychologists: The first form of anger, named “hasty and sudden anger” by Joseph Butler, an 18th-century English bishop, is connected to the impulse for self-preservation. It is shared between both human and non-human animals, and it occurs when the animal is tormented or trapped. The second type of anger is named “settled and deliberate” anger and is a reaction to perceived deliberate harm or unfair treatment by others. These two forms of anger are episodic. The third type of anger is called dispositional and is related more to character traits than to instincts or cognitions. Irritability, sullenness and churlishness are examples of the last form of anger.


With that said *frowns and makes a pout* Don’t call me little girl!

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Olivia for the character thing? <3

Put in my ask box your favorite Fire Emblem character.

Hate | Okay | Like | Love | Words cannot describe how much I love them

Otp: SULLIVA, Olivia/Maribelle, Olivia/every girl tbh I JUST THOUGHT ABT OLIVIA/CHERCHE WOAHHHHHHHH Olivia/Robin

Brotp: I like to think of her, Lon’qu and basillio as a big happy feroxi family

Notp: ^^^^^^^^^^ also v/aik/e // oli/vi/a


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Here's a character for you Shini: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  • Why I like them: His wry wit
  • Why I don’t: So many things could have helped Anakin remain in the Light, but Obi-Wan was just too loyal to the Code and the Order (sigh)
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): I really liked any of the scenes in Clone Wars that involved Obi-Wan and Anakin because they’re total bros and I love it
  • Favorite season/movie: Attack of the Clones
  • Favorite line: “I hate it when he does that.”
  • Favorite outfit: Um, the Jedi robes, obviously
  • OTP: Obi-WanxSabé
  • Brotp: Obi-WanxAnakin
  • Head Canon: This dork is actually a really good dancer, which he finds amusing, because Anakin is terrible
  • A wish: Sobiwan being canon
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Obi-Wan shaving the beard
  • 5 words to best describe them: bad for my heart strings
  • My nickname for them: my poor baby