Anyway, queer is a spectrum of identities

There are a lot of way you can be queer, you can be gay, bi, trans, ace/aro, nonbinary/genderqueer, intersex, two spirit! Heck, that’s just the most common North American stuff, there’s so many others that could fall onto the spectrum of queer identities around the world!

The thing about being queer is that it is your identity, you choose to reclaim a word used to hurt you and make it who you are, there is nothing more powerful than that

The Only One

I’m really glad you enjoyed the other scenario! *-* Hope you enjoy it^^

If you want to be more into the chapter, I recommend to listen to “Talk Me Down” by Troye Sivan :3

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Lately nothing was going well, you felt that the world was collapsing on top of you. Taehyung, your boyfriend was moving away from you more and more, it didn’t help that his father wasn’t accepting you because you weren’t Korean. At first, Tae said that he didn’t care because he loved you, but lately he was pulling away from you slowly. 

The door opened, showing a surprised Taehyung. “Y/N…what are you doing here?” He asked a little confused. “We need to talk” You said sadly, it hurts, those words hurt a lot. 

“My parents are here” He said, leaving it clear that he didn’t want his father to see you. Sadly, you smiled, a tear with millions of feelings falling down your cheek. “Do you ever think that we should just stop doing this?” You asked.

Taehyung looked at you alarmed. “No!” He exclaimed. “I don’t want this to end” He said. “Don’t you understand? I love you!”

You were going to open your mouth when the door opened again, showing an Asian, beautiful girl. You looked at her for a while, then you looked at Tae, who stared at the floor without saying nothing. “What is this?” You whispered. 

Taehyung’s father appeared from behind, staring at you. “Taehyung, I understand that I told you to break up with her, you can’t have a girlfriend when you’re getting married”

“W-w-what?” Tears didn’t stop. Taehyung looked at you. You start to walk away, wanting to forget all of this. Taehyung went after you. His father and the girl behind Taehyung, trying to avoid him from stopping you.

His hand grabbed your arm. “I can explain it to you”

“No!” You screamed. “Were you playing with me?! Fuck you Kim Taehyung!”

“If you don’t listen to me I will go to her!” He screamed, not really thinking about what he just said.  

 “Go and live with her, then! See if I care”

“Let her go Taehyung” His father said. 

Tae shook his head. “No!” He looked at his father without letting you go. “She is the one I want, she is the girl I want to marry, the one I want next to me, the one I want to kiss!” Tae looked at you. “I was going to call the wedding off, because the one I want to marry is you” He knelt down on the floor, showing you a ring. “Marry me please…”

You smiled a little, grabbing his face and kissing him. “Yes”


Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )

what my fandoms are doing currently:

Steven Universe: literally crying over the stream of endless episodes,, full of character development and actual pure wholesome goodness™; (may contain small traces of additional angst)

Over the Garden Wall: excitedly waiting on the release of more merch!! a vinyl record of the show’s soundtrack! a hardcover book of the comics! Wirt and Greg plushies! hot dog, it’s raining collectables!!

Star vs the forces of evil: BACK FROM THE DEAD FOR SEASON TWO BABY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! wE’VE be eN WaiTING 10 MoNTHS FOR tHisS!!!!1!!111!!11!

Adventure Time: waiting for the hiatus to be over……again…..

Gravity Falls: huddled in a diner till 5am, trying ever so hard to piece together a puzzle to find a treasure their madman cult leader left for them to find with elaborate, coded clues.