It’s scary isn’t it?
When you realize that you’ve created a home in someone who can so quickly kick you out and then you’ll be left homeless.
You’ve already opened up,
and shared all the hidden,
raw parts of you,
and they’ve chosen to love you no matter what.
The love is unconditional,
and there is a level of acceptance.
You are certain that there is nothing either one of you could do to change one another’s mind about them.
I’ve created a home in someone whose arms have never turned me down,
and whose words have never hurt me.
It’s scary to know I’ve moved in,
I think I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me"
—  Thanks for having me

Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )

what my fandoms are doing currently:

Steven Universe: literally crying over the stream of endless episodes,, full of character development and actual pure wholesome goodness™; (may contain small traces of additional angst)

Over the Garden Wall: excitedly waiting on the release of more merch!! a vinyl record of the show’s soundtrack! a hardcover book of the comics! Wirt and Greg plushies! hot dog, it’s raining collectables!!

Star vs the forces of evil: BACK FROM THE DEAD FOR SEASON TWO BABY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! wE’VE be eN WaiTING 10 MoNTHS FOR tHisS!!!!1!!111!!11!

Adventure Time: waiting for the hiatus to be over……again…..

Gravity Falls: huddled in a diner till 5am, trying ever so hard to piece together a puzzle to find a treasure their madman cult leader left for them to find with elaborate, coded clues.