We may believe most people around us are healthy. This week is Invisible Illness Awareness Week. Let us remember that we don’t see the man who slightly limps from his eighth surgery he had to remove tumors that keep returning; the teen who just came from an infusion for her Lyme disease; the woman at the bank who is transferring money to pay for her third eye surgery due to diabetes. Your words can hurt. Your words can heal. Let us be kind, for we never know the pain that we cannot see. #ThisIsChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness http://ift.tt/2dms40S

Sometimes, translating someone in you own language make you realize the importance of words. How words can hurt you or how they can heal you. Some words can stay with you for a very long time, they can guide you through life. So let it be words such as “If you’re happy in your own skin, then that’s good enough”, “It’s not bad, you’re not a bad person”, “I believe in you” rather than “you’re shit, useless, ugly, fat…”. 

Jack isn’t just a loud, funny guy. He also knows how to find the proper words to stay with you for a long time, no matter where you come from, how old you are, who you are or what language you speak. His words can always reach you. I truly admire that.