Pairings: Addcest [3add + it’s heavily implied that Time has the dokis for other tracers]
WC: 1111
Rating: T+
AU: college au
Notes: aH i was really excited to write this since i wanted to do something with a college au since quantum leap started coming out. well, as you can guess, this is based on the 2nd job + tracer pictures (i love them so much)

“Es!” Time whines again, voice rising in pitch and, also, in the annoyance factor. This has been going on for the past twenty minutes, the whole time they’d been in the store.

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wassup im rie and i bring u do ksoo aka 60 yr old trot singer cosplaying as 22 yr bio eng stud. ill add some trivia under the cut BUT PLS LMS if u wanna plot. lets make this happen, u and me and awk stretches of silence as we struggle w words. 

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anonymous asked:

That anon is so mean to say you're a shitty person, because you aren't! They were right about your art tho, your art is amazing and so are you!

Ahh i’m dying in a good way so much good words for me ;w;
thank youuu 🌸

anonymous asked:

hello! i just wanted to say thank you for this blog! and everything about tsukiuta + reassurance that tsukiuta isn't over i really needed it because i was feeling anxious of something i like disappearing but your post made me really happy and i'm really excited for all the things the entire franchise has to offer! cant wait for tsukipara too >_<

Thank you so much for you kind words!! ;w;

That latter part was probably a reference to this (post-Episode 13) personal post [Admin Rai] made about how “Tsukiuta.” has not ended just because TsukiAni. has ended lol I’m glad it was able to provide reassurance! Glad my message got through

Tsukiuta. has quite a variety of things to offer to us in addition to the anime, after all! While I understand that not everyone can like all facets of it equally, it’s still very nice to know that Tsukiuta. will continue to live on~ /hugs

Tsukipara, yessss!

- Admin Rai


In the 自由なラジオLight up! podcasts, there’s a section called the Light up Journal. I didn’t realize they had a transcription of that part up on their site! Of course they take out all the filler words but w/e. Maybe when/if I’m up to it again I’ll subs2srs the journal segments of the podcast.

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your bullet journal pages are so pretty? waht do your daily posts look like? i've been looking around for something easy for me and yours are so pretty


BUT you did help me fill up my left over pages (9 left!) in my old bullet journal so.  YAY.

Not as pretty, nor as well put together.

I’ve got a margin where I keep track of weight, sleep, word count (w.c.) and steps (as per my phone app)

I keep track of weather, and where I am on any given day.

THEN in the green bar (usually black but for example purposes) I keep track of 20/10s (check out unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com) and loads of laundry.  Sometimes these don’t happen.  Also big events of the day.  For example, today is my sister in law’s birthday, so that goes there today.  Tomorrow I have two family reunions, so that’ll go there tomorrow.

Then the margin again, its a quick reference to what’s on the page.