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Expressions Challenge with Remington (ʘ言ʘ╬)

Master Post of Helpful Programs and Apps

I decided to make a master post of all the programs (free, of course) that I have used over the years to get me through AP’s, studying and exams! Most of these are either apps on my iPhone or programs that I have downloaded onto my Mac. However, all of these *should* be available for Android and PC as well, just let me know if something doesn’t work out!

  • Grammarly: This is a service that I use in computer program form, it is both a Chrome extension and a downloadable application. Not only does it edit your online posts (SUPER helpful to avoid making mistakes in important emails or posts!), you can download your paper into the application and it will edit both grammar and spelling in a way that I find more uniquely helpful than regular old spell check. Additionally, if you are reading a PDF or other article for school online you can click on certain words and Grammarly will define them for you!

  • Zotero: Guys, I can not stress enough what a freaking godsend this program is. You download it onto your computer, and you can save articles/PDF’s from databases directly into it as you are researching, which negates the need for thousands of tabs! You can also have it create your bibliography for you, which is insanely convenient, and you can take notes on the article within the program. That being said, the format was very confusing for me at the beginning. I would recommend watching YouTube videos on how to use it and doing the full tutorial online before you start!   

  • Scribd: Scribd is both an App and a website where you can look up books and read them for free online. It does have ads if you don’t want to pay for the full version, and I would recommend the phone app as opposed to the website formatting wise! I used this to find books at the last minute, and I also used it to find the teachers key for one of my textbooks in order to check my work while I studied for an exam. 

  • Quizlet: Let’s be real, we all know what this one is ;) But I have to give it a shout out! Flashcards, quizzing yourself, fun games, TONS of language options…oh Quizlet how I love you! Comes in both website and app form.

  • Pomodoro: A study timer that uses the Pomodoro method of timing out your study session with specific break time lengths and study time lengths to optimize your performance. I use this one for memorizing vocab and to study for repetitive tests like math, but I really do not find it useful for writing papers. That being said, everyone is different and some people swear by it! iPhone and Android app. 

  • Forest: I love this timer app, I use this for reading and writing papers! It has the added bonus of tugging at your morality by bringing life into the equation. As you study and don’t touch your phone, a little tree is growing. When your time is up, the tree is added to your forest. But if you touch your phone before your time is up, the tree dies! I honestly get super invested in it. App for iPhone and Android.

  • Genius Scan: This one is a bit more logistical, you can take pictures of documents on your phone and it scans them and converts them to PDF’s. I used this to share notes with classmates and to have my own notes with me for on the go review. I use this one surprisingly often! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

  • Wunderlist: Wunderlist is my all time favorite to-do list app. Generally, when I’m studying, I use a notepad to make my task list because I love the satisfaction of crossing out tasks. However, I use this for everything from chore lists to groceries to lists of books I want to read. You can have categories and multiple titled lists, and it’s super satisfying to check things off! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

These are all the apps and programs that I use with extreme regularity, but I love productivity apps and I am always looking for more! If anybody has anything to add or has any recommendations for me pleaaasssseee tell me about them. Good luck studying! 

Fanfiction Commissions

Yes indeed, I am offering: Fanfiction Commissions because college is expensive. For the low price of $5/500 words (up to 2000 words) you’re wildest plot bunnies can come true! For more information, click the link above!

Now I do have my squicks I won’t be writing about. I have them on a handy list right HERE. It boils down to a few kinks and types of ships I don’t feel comfortable writing about. 

Here are fandoms I’m willing and able to write about. Just because you don’t see something here doesn’t mean I can’t/won’t write about it, just ask.

  • Miraculous Ladybug         Avatar: The Last Airbender          Korra
  • Dragon Age                      The Legend of Zelda                   Homestuck
  • Harry Potter                      Captive Prince                             Yuri on Ice
  • Voltron                              Free                                             Hannibal
  • Merlin                               Supernatural                                Ghibli
  • HTTYD                             Captain America                          AND MORE

If you want to get a feel for my writing to see if you like it pop on over to my AO3

To get the ball rolling, DM me! 

Loved (Bookstore!Namjoon)

Plot: ♠: You adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.+ #5: “I’ll walk you home.” with bookstore owner!Namjoon

Word Count: 685

A/N: so for the original post, you can click here but before I start this, I wanna first say happy bday to my blog and I also wanna say a h u g e thank you for 3,200 followers I still can’t fully wrap my head around it it’s so fucking amazing and I’m so incredibly grateful so thank you truly from the bottom of my lil heart (I also just wanna say that I hope Tae is feeling better or is at least starting to ik that it will probably take some time but I’m also really happy that he has so many people in his life that are gonna be doing everything they can to make him happy and show him he’s not alone you have no idea how relieved I was to see Jimin hop his way over to hug Tae when he was tearing up so I hope he’s doing okay and I hope he’s resting and I hope he’ll be genuinely smiling soon)

There were definitely a few perks to dating someone who owned a bookstore. His ideal night was relaxing on the balcony of his apartment, a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. He had endless book recommendations and could easily talk about his favorites for hours. It was one of your favorite sights, seeing his eyes light up so bright talking about his favorite character or the best chapter. You could listen to him talk for endless hours, his deep voice always relaxing but when it was about a subject he was passionate about, you loved it even more.

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Okay so…there’s this site called animelon and it’s got anime with subs in English, hiragana, katakana, romaji, and full Japanese, and then when you don’t know a word you can click on it, get the translation, and even…..have mini quizzes….on all the words you clicked bc you didn’t know them so like…….\

Just noting this……\

For my own weeb purposes \

Help (Father!Jimin)

Plot: ♠: You adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc. with father!Jimin

Word Count: 636

A/N: so for the father!Jimin posts, all of the father related posts are here, this also features like a hi n t of CEO!Jimin (here)

If there was one thing everyone could agree on, it was the fact that Jimin’s daughter was Jimin in a smaller female form. She was so similar to him in so many different ways, it almost scared Hoseok the first time he saw her. She had the same smile as he did, the same eyes, the same soft voice. She had the same gentle, caring soul he did, always taking care of the other kids. She was the first to offer to share her cookie with one of Taehyung’s son when he drops his animal crackers. She went around and tucked all of the kids in during nap time, only letting Jin’s daughter tuck her in because they tended to share the same mat and blanket.

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Heh, so I’m taking a break from robots to draw my Pathfinder character. ^^ I’m so excited about it, even though we haven’t even started, yet.

Her name is Viola Reckoning Tempest, and she sings every word she speaks. As you can probably guess, she’s a bard. :>

(Click for a more detailed view)

Friends and Awesome in Sailor Moon Drops!

The SUPER WONDERFUL AND ADORABLE gem-matching game Sailor Moon Drops has been out in Japan since September 2015, but an English language version was just released April 2016 in Canada and the US! (Edit: And it works in Australia, too!)

I’ve been playing the Japanese version all this time, and I can’t recommend it enough. Have a look through my Sailor Moon Drops tag for the whys, but basically it’s packed full of detail and love from the game devs. They clearly care a lot about Sailor Moon (the anime version specifically in this case), and it shows in absolutely everything they do.

Having it in English now only makes it that much better for those of us who know that language and not Japanese. There’s a bunch of people finally jumping in and trying it, AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

  • You can find it for iOS by searching for sailormoon drops. Note “sailormoon”, all one word. 
  • You can find it for Android by clicking here.

There’s a huge buzz for filling up those thirty friends spots, too. Friends can send each other hearts every day (which let you keep playing when you run out of lives), and can be used to unlock the next chapters on the map for free (without spending crystals or worrying about collecting keys).

I have a lot of people sending me their friend code to publish, WHICH I LOVE I WANT EVERYONE PLAYING THIS GAME. But it’ll all be a messy flood on my dash, PLUS you’re subject to waiting on me to get to them. Instead, then, I thought we could use this post as a general hub for friend codes and make it easier for people to find each other.

So! Reblog and/or reply with your friend code! Spread the word. Drops for everyone, friends for everyone.

Q. the order in which VIXX wakes up?

*beginning of the talk is cut. so an assumption.
Ken: (*hongbin) says, “ken hyung, we have to go” (N: to hongbin i go “wake up the guys”) and then when i come out, N hyung goes, “ken-ah, wake up the guys in the room”– and leo-hyung is lying on the sofa – “ken-ah, go wake up the guys in the room”, so i go, and when i go to wake up hyuk, hyukkie is already up, so i go to ravi and go “ravi-yah wake up,” (imitates ravi’s groaning) “ravi-yah wake up!” and then he wakes up, and then– lastly who wakes up leo-hyung?
N: as for taekwoonie, i shake him.
Ravi: shake him? 
Everyone laughs
: taekwoonie wakes up even when i shake him slightly
Fans: oh~
N: as for ravi–
Ravi: me too
N: you? (laughs) you said this last time, “oh i’m not going out right now”
Ravi: no, last time–
N: so i just left him be and watched, and he didn’t come out. so it was just the rest of us getting ready, and then he came out–
Ravi: yeah i said it really seriously (N: it was really cheeky *arrogant), “ah it isn’t time to be leaving right now”
N: he got really serious (*cold reaction)
Ravi: but when i got up i was “what why didn’t you wake me” 
N: really… i almost hit you
Ravi: now.. i don’t do it anymore (silence)

150404 Apgujeong Fansign || trans. yuu-jin

MMM okay, I’ve finally decided to open up commissions. I may not be the best artist out there, but I gotta start somewhere.

now, down to business.
If you can’t read the words on the picture, click it or listen up. (you have to anyways.)

PAYPAL ONLY, please.

bust: 7$
half body: 8$
full body: 9$

half body: 12$
full body: 14$

bust: 15$
half body:18$
full body:20$

(additional info isn’t on there, so read up.)

additional prices:
5$ + every additional character
2$ for a detailed background (not the best at that so i apologize in advance.

other info

what i will do:

  • ocs/sonas/original things
  • fandom characters (will do  undertale, fnaf, homestuck, OFF, Pokemon for now, doing things i’m comfortable with)
  • gore/candy gore/body horror
  • mildly suggestive themes.

what i won’t do:

  • furry/anthromorphic style (unfortunately my skills in this field need much improvement.)
  • NSFW (nudity/sexually explicit things., you get the point)
  • hate work: hating on someone etc etc, that is clearly a bad thing in possibly everyone’s book
  • other people’s original content, UNLESS you and I have their consent.
  • things i am uncomfortable with (sorry, thats how this cookie crumbles.)

 if i am unable to do your commission, i will tell you. this will probably only happen if i am unable to create what you wanted.
After you pay, it may take a little bit for me to get this going, I have a life too. I will send you a sketch via email, check if you need any changes, then when i am almost finished, i will send you a sample of it, to see if there are any other changes you want.

ALSO!! if you want me to make your original character, please either send me a reference sheet or give me a detailed description of what your character is, I can’t go in blindly to your commission.

i will have 4 slots opened, when those are filled, commissions will be closed until i finish them up.

i will also ask you if i am allowed to post your commission you don’t have to say yes of course! it is your commission.

if you are intrested, message my email: ickyrainbows3245__@outlook.com

thank you for your time and reading this.

Apparently we’re supposed to be speculating on the two act 7 html pages so fine, I’ll bite;

  • a link to hussie’s novelization of the ending on amazon.com (buy it now)
  • two pages that somehow interact with each other
  • a downloadable interactive conclusion and a ‘the end’ page
  • vote now on your phones (for the ending)
  • a flashing gif of the word ‘FUCK’ and a flashing gif of the word ‘YOU’
  • a single overworld map where you can click on individual characters and read their respective epilogue in any order, and a ‘the end’ page
  • an extremely customize-able ‘fill in the blanks’ section where you put in your faves and the next page is just basically madlibs
  • horse paintings

#CloneClub couldn’t stop talking about the new season premiere

Neither could we but we’re slightly biased being the OBtumbs and all. Want in on the conversation? Now it’s super easy because @bbcamerica put the episode up on their website for free.

That’s right, free.

FREE. We love that word because it means no money, instant gratification, it means you can click and watch right now, and then hop on the social medias and let everyone know what you think.

Watch the Orphan Black season premiere here: http://bit.ly/OrphanBlack401