words without wisdom

Yesterday my dad looked at my phone wallpaper (it’s a sherlock fanart) and suddenly said “He is useless without Watson.” And then looked at me and said “Aren’t you gonna protest?”
I said “No dad. Why would I. He IS useless without John.”
My dad sometimes says words of wisdom without knowing the whole. Proud of him 😁

anonymous asked:

Hello, what are your favorite online resources for studying philosophy?

Hope this is helpful!

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy - Wikipedia is okay for philosophy articles but the SEP is written by scholars, fully referenced and where I tend to start if I don’t understand something. For fun try the Random Article button.

Perseus Digital Library - ancient texts in open-source English translations and the original language. Includes a lexicon which can help you investigate individual words in their original language. Especially good if you’re suspicious like me and don’t really trust translations using the word ‘love’ or ‘wisdom’ without any explanation of how they came to that. Here’s Plato’s Apology to get you started.

Project Gutenburg - most people are aware of this one, it’s a repository for out-of-copyright books. It has over 50,000 books on the shelves so if you don’t mind e-books then there’s no reason to ever be without something to read.

Bartleby - similar to Project Gutenburg but it’s a curated selection of the ‘Great Books’. I find it less overwhelming than PG. 

Miniature Library of Philosophy - I think the majority of online texts I use are actually from this archive. It’s obviously got a bias, being hosted by marxists.org, but this is a pretty good outline of Western philosophy in the last few centuries.

Brain Pickings - probably one of my favourite websites around. Well-written, punchy articles about all sorts of intellectual subjects. Take a look at their bookshelf for a bit of inspiration.

The School of Life - they offer classes and material on how to utilise philosophy toward well-bring. Their YouTube channel is well worth watching. Their series on Work and Capitalism is terrific.

Philosophy Bites - Nigel Warburton’s long-running philosophy podcast. I tend to go back into the archives when I need something to listen to. There are hundreds of episodes available, here’s a list of them arranged by theme.