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curious question, would people like/ support me making skam gifs like this???


Y esto es básicamente el Madrid:
una fé ilimitada y altanera cuya leyenda es universal,
por eso nos rompen tanto la cara; porque no la escondemos.

Translation: And this is basically Madrid: a boundless and haughty faith whose legend is universal, that’s why they break our faces so much; Because we do not hide it.

A qui me louer?
Quelle bête faut-il adorer?
Quelle sainte image attaque-t-on?
Quels coeurs briserai-je?
Quel mensonge dois-je tenir?
Dans quel sang marcher?

Whom do I sell myself to?
What beast do I worship?
What sacred image is being intruded?
What hearts do I crush?
What lies do I embrace?
What blood do I slosh into?

Arthur Rimbaud, Une Saison en Enfer

Some stuff about Yuri On Ice EP#7...

OKOK OK i know that everyone is freaking about about this episode because i am too (trust me ive died like 200 times already) but !!!! 

instead of the (maybe? probably???) kiss scene what really hit me was this !!!! line !!!!!

The original words were “離れずにそばにいてよ!” A more literal translation is perhaps “Just don’t leave me and stay by my side!”

WHICH… are the exact words to the title of the song Viktor was skating to in the beginning (yup yup the one Yuuri skated to as well). Like, exact words. In the English fandom the song is more commonly translated to “Stay By My Side” or “Stay Close To Me” I think?

IN ADDITION !!!! There are probably already a bunch of posts about this circling around but a while ago the OST tracklist leaked causing a huge explosion on Japanese Twitter:

SO…. You see track #24 iS A DUET VERSION OF THIS EXACT SONG which means it will probably be played in the last episode and thus there is a huge huge chance that we will see Viktor and Yuuri skate to this together i’m just dreaming a girl can dream right

im dead this is too much tHIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH

Uncommon words that describe the signs
  • Aries: serein- a fine light rain that falls in the evening hours, evening serenity
  • Taurus: aubade- a love song sung at dawn
  • Gemini: eumoirous- happiness due to being honest and wholesome
  • Cancer: dalliance- a brief love affair
  • Leo: selcouth- unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous
  • Virgo: orenda- a force present in everyone that drives them to effect the world
  • Libra: resfeber- the thrill you feel before an adventure
  • Scorpio: eloquence- beauty and persuasion in speech
  • Sagittarius: sempiternal- everlasting, eternal
  • Capricorn: sumptuous- lush, luxurious
  • Aquarius: etherial- extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world, angel like
  • Pisces: elysian- beautiful or inspired, divinely inspired

Forelskelse is a Norwegian word that can’t really be translated to English, but it describes the euphoria of falling in love with someone for the first time. In the beginning of season 3 we witnessed forelskelse between Isak and Even in it’s purest form. But I feel like they moved past that now. Isak elsker Even.

Hello Carats!

International Carats is back again with another birthday project! This time for SEVENTEEN vocal unit leader Woozi′s 20th birthday. This birthday project and support will include:

  • Messages in a Jar: Similar to our “Messages in a Bottle” project for Wonwoo’s birthday, we’re going to collect encouraging messages for Woozi so that he can read them when he is in a slump. They do not necessarily have to be birthday wishes. You may participate by emailing your message to int.carats@gmail.com using the following guidelines:
    • No more than 50 words total
    • Can be either Korean or English (which we will translate to Korean)
    • Messages should focus on encouraging Woozi
    • Emailed to us with the subject “Woozi 21st Birthday Project - Message”
  • Personalized Music Sheets: We will be getting Woozi a personalized set of music sheets, which will have his name “이지훈" written on top. We hope he will feel inspired to jot down his music on them. 
  • Studio Headphones: Woozi spends a lot of time listening to music, whether it is his original composition or winding down from work. We will be getting him the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones so that he can continue to enjoy composing and listening to music. 

If you are interested in donating or funding our project, we’d be more than grateful. This project is on a larger scale, so it would be amazing if you can support us. Of course, we won’t leave your kind gesture hanging!

For those who donate more than $20, you’ll receive a Woozi pin button!


1) If you have a Paypal account, you can simply send your donation to International Carats’ account: int.carats@gmail.com. If you’re rather new to paypal, you can follow the tutorial provided here.
(Please send a follow up email to int.carats@gmail.com with your “name, amount, country name & proof of payment” after you have transferred the donation to us)

[IMPORTANT! Please select the ‘SEND MONEY TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS’ option, not ‘FOR GOODS AND SERVICES’. Or else your transaction might be put to a hold.]

2) If you don’t have Paypal account or credit card, you can contact us personally as to how you can participate in this charity project.

We really hope that this Birthday Project will be successful. It’s time to show Woozi that we love and appreciate him as SEVENTEEN’s producing genius and a leader of the vocal unit. For more information, please contact us at the following:

International Carats:
Tumblr: @int-carats
​Twitter: int_carats
E-mail: int.carats@gmail.com

Rådare (Norse Creatures)

I will be using the Swedish names/words as there are no English translations.

  • Rådare comes from the word “råda” which means “to rule/take care of” so a rådare is a creature that rules over something.
  • Every rådare rules over their own thing. For example there’s a skogsrå for every forest.
  • The easiest way to make them happy is through respect and gifts.
  • You can protect yourself from them by wearing metal.
  • Remember that the gift has to be biodegradable! A lot of sources say that you should give coins, clothes, tobacco etc. But this is extremely disrespectful as you’re destroying their home (and it’s generally shitty to pollute).
  • Even if you haven’t done anything to make them angry it’s always good to show respect by acknowledging them when you enter their home.


  • Rules over the forest and the creatures that live there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with a hollow back and/or hooves and tail. She can also take the shape of different forest creatures.
  • If in a good mood she helps those who are lost and warns people about incoming storms.
  • If in a bad mood she makes sure people get lost.
  • If you live on your own in/close to a forest (or if you are camping) she might come at night when you’re sitting by the fire and attempt to seduce you. If you sleep with her she will keep a part of your soul and you will always have a longing and obsession with the forest.
  • If hunters give her gifts she might “give” them an extra big animal. Though if they manage to shoot one of the animals she protects they have to face her wrath


  • Rules over the ocean and the creatures that lives there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with long hair, gills, fins, and a fishtail. She can also take the shape of different sea creatures.
  • If in a good mood she shows fishermen where they can find the best fish or warns them about incoming storms. She can also give them good wind and help boats that are taking in water.
  • If in a bad mood she can trick boats into storms so they get lost or sink.
  • Sometimes she will seduce people and drag them down to her home at the bottom of the ocean where they are forced to work as servants.
  • She might stop boats and offer to buy their load, if this happens it’s best to accepts as if you say no she might get so angry that she takes down the entire ship.


  • Rules over lakes and the creatures that live there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with a hollow back. Unlike havsrået she has legs. She can also take the shape of different freshwater creatures.
  • If in a good mood she might help fishermen and warn them about incoming storms.
  • She only drowns people who have made her angry or if she is very hungry.
  • Just like skogsrået if fishermen give her gifts she might “give” them an extra big fish. Though if they manage to catch one of the creatures she protects they have to face her wrath.


  • Rules over mountains and mines.
  • Usually looks like a tall woman in an elegant, grey dress. If seen wearing black it is a sure sign of death.
  • If in a good mood she shows miners better ore veins or warns them about any dangers.
  • If in a bad mood she tries to scare people away, if they ignore the warning signs she makes sure they get lost in the mine.
  • Enjoys silence and solitude.
  • Doesn’t like it when people make too much noise.
  • Becomes very angry if miners manage find one of the ore veins she protects.


  • Rules over natural springs.
  • Usually looks like a young girl but most of the time she’s invisible. She can also take the shape of a toad.
  • If in a good mood she might show you the future though the water surface. It’s important to remember not to look for too long or too deep as you might lose yourself.
  • If in a bad mood she can make you sick after you’ve drank the water.
  • A lot of sources will say that if you sacrifice something to her before you drink the water it will heal you as well as make the water clean/drinkable. This is not true. There’s not a magical cure for deceases or disorders. Also there’s no way to magically make water drinkable. Always make sure a natural spring is clean before you drink from it.

This is compiled from my own grimoire / what I was taught growing up

Jason reads to Cass sometimes. She likes it because he does the voices too. He brings the story to life and it’s beautiful.

Once, Steph sat with them. Jason was reading the classic tale of The Little Prince that somehow got Cass hooked. Stephanie was entranced by the man’s voice and the passion seeping through the lines.

She wanted to listen to him again and again.

And then she looked at the book and saw that it was the original language. It was French but Jason was reading to them in English. He was translating the words to English on the go and in his head.

That was the day Stephanie learned that Jason knows a lot of language and he happens to be a supernerd. Who the hell would read a book in its original language? Who the hell would learn so many other language for the heck of it.

And then he decided to prove he was more than that… he apparently knows Khuzdul, the Dwarven language in the LoTR. He’d use it just to spite the others.

Bedeuten vs Meinen

These two words are translated into English as ‘to mean’ and cause some confusion, so this quick post is just going to clarify the difference.

1. Meinen: to mean in the sense of ‘to intend to be so’ - people can mean to say something in this sense. e.g. Was meinst du (what do you mean)?

2. Bedeuten: to mean as in ‘to signify’ - words and facts can mean something in this sense  e.g. Was bedeutet das Wort (what does that word mean)?

heißen can also be used, almost interchangeably (there is a small difference) for bedeuten - seen most clearly with “das heißt/d.h.” (”that is/i.e.” in Englisch).

So essentially people can meinen but words/facts bedeuten.

Hope this comes in use :-)!

Different languages show similarities between each other all the time. Here are only a few Neapolitan words that are similar to their Spanish cognates. The similarity between the two languages is due to their common origin in (Vulgar) Latin. Enjoy! 😌✨

Neapolitan - Spanish - Italian equivalent of the Neap word (English translations)

  • nzerrà - encerrar - chiudere (to shut, to close)
  • accà - acá - qua (here)
  • afora - afuera - fuori (outside)
  • ajere - ayer - ieri (yesterday)
  • allà - allá - là (there)
  • ammulà - amolar - affilare (to sharpen)
  • buffettóne - bofetón - schiaffo (slap)
  • càpere / capé - caber - entrare (to fit)
  • casatiello - quesadilla - casatiello*  (an Easter Neapolitan dish and a type of Tortilla in Spain) 
  • cerasa - cereza - ciliegia (cherry)
  • cósere - coser - cucire (to sew)
  • curreja - correa - cintura (belt)
  • fora - fuera - fuori (out/outside)
  • lengua - lengua - lingua (language / tongue)
  • mola - muela - molare (molar)
  • muntóne - montón - pila / mucchio (pile / heap)
  • nenno (nennillo), nenna (nennella) - nene, nena - bambino (boy, girl)
  • palomma - paloma - colomba (dove)
  • rilorgio - reloj - orologio (watch)
  • semmana - semana - settimana (week)
  • struppià - estropear - far male / picchiare (to beat someone up in Neapolitan and to damage in Spanish)
  • tené - tener - avere (to have, to possess)

* casatiello: the word casatiello has been adopted into Italian to refer to the Neapolitan dish.

Wait, she understands?

Jun x reader

synopsis: Jun and Minghao were having a conversation in Chinese and indirectly told you that Jun has a crush on you -without knowing that you had Chinese lessons since the age of 6. “(Chinese to English translations are in the brackets)”
word count: 1324

genre: College! AU // fluff fluffy fluff

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[T/N: English words used in the Japanese lyrics are in italics.]

Take your heart 
Turn around
Lay bare your entire self
Leave your boring whatever Boyfriend 
And to the world of dreams 
I entice you with sweet words, tonight is the night
I don’t want to leave you tonight
Place your bets on me, Just Believe

Fire flame forever
I want to take it away, all of that
Fire flame forever
So much that it breaks, I miss you
I love you oh baby
At all times oh baby
My blazing emotions
Won’t stop, crazy for you baby

Baby.. your heart
Entrust your body [to me]
Lips don’t lie
Getting sucked into those eyes, so much that it’s defenseless, an unending Love

Holding on the small hand that I touched
Let’s warm up with my heart
No tricks are needed, Follow me

Fire flame forever
I want to take it away, all of that
Fire flame forever
So much that it breaks, I miss you
I love you oh baby
At all times oh baby
My blazing emotions
Won’t stop, crazy for you baby

Forever by your side
Words are not needed through this night
I want to feel only you
Transcending time

The eye contact with you that attracted me
There’s no script between us
I’m seriously infatuated, it’s just like paradise
If there’s no you then the future is boring
Gushing passion
When we met, I already had you Lock[ed] on
My swaying hearts is always swing[ing]
Overlapping emotions, a mille-feuille of love

Fire flame forever
I want to take it away, all of that
Fire flame forever
So much that it breaks, I miss you
I love you oh baby
At all times oh baby
My blazing emotions
Won’t stop, crazy for you baby

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[T/N: English words used in the Japanese lyrics are in italics.]

3-2-1 Let me take U to heaven
Holding your hand tight We can fly higher
(Fly high Right now)

Give me flash, overcome your everyday, I’m back I’m here to get you
The jet for only the 2 of us is private, the Trail leads My way
Imagination, Take off far into the sky
Freedom is rising altitude (No limit) Hold on Hold on

If you’re afraid and can’t step forward
Try and trust only me who’s in front of you
Fly high with you, soaring 
I’ll give you unending dreams
Going over the horizon countless times
O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher
Fly high, compared to yesterday
If you wanna see a brighter view
Then aim for the light beyond 
O-O-O-O-Oh can’t stop baby

Don’t stop the body rock, an escape path from reality
See, it can’t be helped Party Junky (on a global scale)
A scattered Puzzle, now blowing into the distance 
Bars with your whole body Can I kick it? For you Just to be free

If you wish, everything is yours
This world too, the skies as well, let’s get it

Fly high with you, the best
Whilst sharing the moment
Let’s fly towards the future 
O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher
Fly high, close your eyes
If I call your name
Then I won’t wake from this dream
O-O-O-O-Oh can’t stop baby


I can go anywhere, I can see into the far future
Here we come Turn it up Count down it’s starting Get ready now
(Fly high Right now)

Fly high with you, soaring
I’ll give you unending dreams
Going over the horizon countless times
O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher
Fly high, compared to yesterday
If you wanna see a brighter view
Then aim for the light beyond
O-O-O-O-Oh can’t stop baby

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Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to “awakening.” The verbal root “budh” means to awaken.

The Mahabodhi (Great Awakening) Tree  in  Bodh Gaya in the Indian State of Bihar. Said to be a direct descendant of the tree under which the Buddha sat when he attained enlightenment. One of the most sacred sites for Buddhists.