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Stay Professional! Pt. 9

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and Suggestive smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 (10 will be a continuation) 

Summary: It feels like you’re going up against Jungkook in a mind boggling game of Chess. You both made moves that were rather questionable and things you wouldn’t normally do just to spite each other. It was a professional event, yet there were 2 people in the room who didn’t seem to understand that. 

A/N: Say hello to angst angst and more angst~ I plan on finishing up this series soon but ye. Also this chapter has a lot of dialogue. 

You let out a quick puff of air from your cheeks as you scoffed at Jungkook’s immature behaviour. The roll of your eyes indicated your frustration at the situation you were put in: the person you had genuine feelings for did turn out to be what you despised most- a detached fuck-boy with too much money in his hands. You couldn’t believe your eyes, more like- you didn’t want to believe what you were seeing. 

Jungkook smirked at your reaction, it was exactly what he wanted to see- you riled up with jealousy. 

Essentially, it was your fault that Jungkook reverted to his old-self after you left him for Jimin. You still managed to look like you actually enjoyed Jimin’s company and that really pushed his buttons, buttons he didn’t even know existed as he’d never gotten this attached to anyone before. Although it was unintentional, you ended up playing along to Jungkook’s new declared war because you were caught up in the moment- and that’s exactly what Jungkook had planned.

Things were about to get ugly when it really shouldn’t, at least not in this professional environment. But you’d be surprised as the power of jealousy… and how it can persuade people to act rashly- rather, stupidly.  

He was clearly trying to make you jealous even though it’d be proof that your words to him were correct- about him being a fuck-boy but he didn’t care at that point. He just wanted your smile to belong to him and only him but since that wasn’t the case, he didn’t want anyone else to have it. Not especially Park Jimin for he knew that he did not deserve someone like you. 

Jungkook’s assistant looked a little flustered by the sudden contact. The most they’d physically interacted was only their first handshake. Jungkook was far too busy to pay attention to his new assistant but he did know for a fact, he didn’t like her very much because of her nagging. That didn’t matter to him though, she was the perfect chess piece to bring you down. Jungkook’s genius plan was to flirt with his assistant to get you riled up. But of course, the stubborn Y/N definitely wouldn’t back down without a bloody good fight.

A new burning feeling started to eat away your stomach. You felt as though bile crept it’s way up your throat as you almost immediately wanted to throw up at the sight of Jungkook so close to this random girl you immediately deemed ‘annoying’. 

“Lead the way, sweetheart.” He placed a swift kiss on the back of his assistant’s hand, making sure to shoot you a smug expression whilst doing so. 

Fuck! It was that nickname! You remember how shook you were when he first called you that. That was when all your feelings started to form. From that one simple little word. And now he was casually throwing that word around to this chick he hardly knew. Of course you were mad. 

“Let’s go back to our seat, Jimin.” You boldly linked arms with Jimin who seemed to freeze under your touch. You clinged tightly onto his arm as you made sure Jungkook saw you press your chest into Jimin’s side. You snickered inside as Jungkook’s jaw immediately clenched at the sight. 

Two can play the game. 

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why?? ppl gotta be negative all the time.  sometimes, it’s okay to teach through positivity, and through happiness.  you don’t have to drag + destroy people for making mistakes?? it’s okay

Baby Boy (Mature)

I stormed inside my house, throwing my bag on the floor with great force, causing the object to smash on the ground, making a loud noise as the gold brads has came in touch with the white tiles. The annoyance in my was obvious. I have had enough of the recent day. At this point I was a mixture of every single, negative fucking emotion I could possibly think of & the outcome has been surprisingly more highlighted by my behaviour than it was supposed to be. And, I did not care.  

‘Babe? What’s wrong? Was that you, making-’ My boyfriend became visible to my sight as he rushed to the corridor with a concerned look on his face. This was cute. He was cute. The way he cared; he just seemed so innocent. In contrast to me, probably the first time in forever.

Instead of giving him the answer, I rudely interrupted, taking his face by both hands and pressured his body to lean down and reply to my needy, sloppy kisses.

'Y/N, what the fuck?’ Justin spoke up, surprised by my sudden actions, placing his hand on a lower part of my back, pulling away, as he furrowed his eyebrows.

'Just, shut the fuck up.’ I spat, with no warning jumping on his body, as my legs wrapped around his waist, causing himself to take a few steps back, because of the sudden weight put on him. I could tell he was shocked, answering all my intense kisses with a slow motion.

I was worked up, literally eating out his face; the wet marks I have left behind, were creating trickles of spit, going all the way down on his chin. There was no memory of me coming up with such dominance in the past - but, I liked it.

'F-Fucking hell.’ He muttered, having issues with catching up on his lost breath as he threw my body onto the couch, looking down at me with so much dilemma hiding behind his big, brown eyeballs.

'What is going on, Y/N? Why on Earth would you just walk in and literally throw your body at mine? Damn, I wasn’t even-“

'Are you fucking done?’ I raised my eyebrows, looking at him like he was a crazy one in this situation. I sighted deeply, knowing that I am taking my language way too far, which only came to my realisation when I saw the mimic left on his precious facial.

'I’m sorry. I had the worst day going,  all I want is to make myself feel better, that’s it, Jay.” I muttered after a couple of seconds in silence, fixing myself on the couch. Normally, the shame would start flowing through me, but normally this would never happen, so I didn’t plan to justify my doing in much detail.

'I get it, don’t be sorry. Do you wanna talk about it, babygirl? I can help, I know what it feels like, just talk me though it, yeah? I’m here for you, I’m here to listen.’ He said straight after I have apologised for my actions, sitting himself right next to me, when he put his hand gently on my knee. A kind smile has appeared on his face and I could see that he aimed for the best. Justin was such a sweet boy, he made it hard to be tough on him.

'No’ I answered, taking his hand into mine, standing up just to sit in astride on his lap, placing his hand underneath my blouse, high on my hip, as one of my fingers was delicately pressed onto his wet, filled lips, so he may not protest or ask unnecessary questions.

'Do you remember all those times when you came back home pissed as hell? Did we talk, babe? No, you threw me around the house and fucked me like a fucking slut. It fucking helped you, didn’t it? You cummed deep inside me or all over my face and it made you feel better, right? Now, I want that. Fuck talking, I just wanna cum all over your dick and make myself feel really good, so you, you shut the fuck up, and you do what I tell you to. Fucking behave’ I snapped once again, breathing heavily with all the emotions as my fingers slipped inside Justin’s t-shirt, taking it off his body.

'Fuck, this is so hot, don’t stop.’ He mumbled under his breath, which made the corners of my lips go up. I definitely was no expecting such a positive, enthusiastic reaction from a boy who would give me spanking for cumming too early, but this was a good sign. My hand grabbed his chin, pressing on it with force, which made him look up at my eyes.

'Oh, you like that, don’t you, babyboy? Look at you, already so hard, I can feel your cock so well, someone is being a very needy little thing, am I right?’ I said with much proud, taking satisfaction of his red cheeks, as he realised that my words were completely correct, no matter how bad he wanted to deny them.

'Watch it, Y/N. I can have you cumming in a matter of seconds, but I can also make you beg for an orgasm and not give it to you at all. Be thankful, you know I don’t do this, you can’t do anything you want with me, you ain’t the fucking b-boss.’ His voice stammered as I undid his belt, slipping my hand inside his boxers. My notice of his words at this point was very little, because I knew I would feel an urge to kill him with my own hands if he carried on talking.

'Yeah, whatever, babyboy, I think you need to let mami take care of you, don’t you?’ I licked my lips slowly, looking deeply in his eyes, as my fingers scrolled through his already hard length. I couldn’t stop the excitement as Justin’s member grew bigger and stiffer, all because such simple actions that I had control over.

It became clear to me why he loved being dominant. What was there not to love? The other person being completely dedicated to you, no matter what you say or what you do. How you can take away their ability to breathe normally or think straight. This desperation visible in their eyes, screaming out for more. And most importantly - the power. How you rule their bodies and there’s only so little, almost non-existent amount of things they can do compared to you. This feeling was exquisite; absolutely addictive.

'That’s what I thought, good boy. Now, I will pleasure myself by using your body, what do you think of that? You are such a big boy down there, I think you will do just fine to take away my crucial demands’ I winked at him with a little smirk on my lips as he did not say a word. It was almost funny how always just the tips of his fingers made me cum immediately and here we were now, with this little change of roles.

'Tell me, Jay. I wanna hear you say it. Tell me to fuck you.’ I commanded, not taking my eyes of his even for a fraction of a second as I slowly got up just to take my leggings all the way down to the floor, in an easy tempo, to get Justin even more heated for what is coming. His face was hardly trying to stay un-bothered, so he could let this delusional 'men-pride’ stay on, in pair with keeping his alfa status. For his unfortunate, this only kept me motivated. I sat back on his laps, placing his hand on my naked ass cheek.

'Mmm, babe, your fingers feel so good on me, you are so fucking good. Do you wanna fuck me as bad as I wanna fuck you?’ I whined into his ear, biting the tip of it, as my behind pinned onto his boner which followed his loud, unexpected moan.

'Y-Yes. Oh, fuck yes, I want you to fuck me so bad. Please do, I wanna cum inside you, so deep that you will be feeling me for the next hours, coming back to what we were doing. Make me cum, please,’ The words just left his mouth, one by one, as his breathes became heavy when the set of beautiful, brown eyes was locked on the moves my hips were making on him.

'Oh, baby, you have made me so wet. Ugh, now I need to make you cum, you did well in terms of making me even more happy for what I wanna do with you.’ I chucked, exactly how Justin used to do to me everytime he made me do something he was really excited to experience.

With no further hesitation, I took his member out of the Calvin Klein boxers, positioning him directly opposite my woman part. A very little material of my thongs was moved to the side, as me and Justin both took a big breath in, watching the erotic scene we created.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, so tight!’ Justin moaned out loud as I slowly sat down on his length, making myself gasp in the sudden feeling of desire flowing through myself. I was in a rush by that point. Both of my hands rested on Justin’s torso, which helped me with my balance, as my hips were moving up and down. All of me was highly committed to my moves. I wanted and I needed more. My ass and his balls were slamming onto each other, making the characteristic noise spread across the room, collaborating the mixture of swear words, moans and heavy breathes.

'Am I fucking you good, baby boy?’ I panted, looking at his face when my fingers made their way to his neck, grabbing it harshly, so he paid attention to me only.

’S-So good, too good.’ He quickly responded, knowing that there is no other way now; it was me fucking him and nothing else could be added to that matter.

'I’m already so fucking close, you better be close too.’ I bite my bottom lip, feeling his own thrusts in me, when his hand squeezed my ass. I rasped out, as the inflow of emotions hit in, throwing my head to the back. More force was put into every, single jump, because  I grew impatience. Knowing that Justin would start feeling too comfortable with me reacting this way I sat down on all of his dick, pressing harder onto his body, so hard, that I felt a minimum amount of pain inside of me.

'I’m gonna cum, mami.’ He breathe out, trying to control the moans coming out of his body, but he couldn’t. The sweat was running down his forehead, his mouth was wide open, he was so into it, he was shaking, which was an unusual for me sight. And this was an automatic turn on. To make a boy who could make me come out of my senses come to this exact state.

'Cum with me, Jay. You know what it feels like when I’m just about to let go. Do it with me, no second after or before. Just with me. Make mami happy.’ A desperate whimper left my mouth, as I started jumping with a quicker speed, able to feel my juiced scrolling down on Justin’s cock. My nails scratch his abs, which only made my boyfriend more ready to join me. I screamed out his name, placing the whole of my shaking body on himself, as my walls tightened around me, filled with a hot substance, hitting deep inside of me. I numbly felt on himself, not being able to move a muscle, because of the intense intercourse we have just had.

'How the fuck am I supposed to get you off me, you are so tight around my dick.’ He groaned, not being able to collect himself after everything, same as myself. He was now back to his normal, cocky, too confident self, I could see that. And somehow I loved that.

'You did well, baby boy.’ Silent chuckle left my mouth, as my lips left a sweet, big kiss on the place behind his ear.

'Okay, I admit, this was so fucking hot and I will let you do that to me anytime you want, but don’t get too used to it. Next time I’m angry, I will fuck you up, you will see. I counted how many times you called me a 'babyboy’, trust me, I will use it against you. You will regret ever speaking out like this.’ He mumbled, turning around to face me and kissed me with so much passion, taking away my ability to breathe that I have just gained back. I didn’t really care about the future sex he planned, what mattered was that I have finally got over my stupid worries. Thanks to my own baby…boy.

"Are you sneaking out on me?" - Roman Burki

“Are you sneaking out on me?” Roman spoke, seeing his best friend gathering her clothes quickly.

“I’ve gotta go Roman.” She spoke hurriedly. Roman groaned, knowing she was only leaving because they had slept together the night before. Roman reached up, grabbing her arm and stopping her from gathering more clothes.

“Chill Laur. It’s not that big a deal.”

“Not that big a deal? We slept together Roman!” Lauren spoke exasperated.

“And it was good!” Roman replied, earning him a smack on the arm. “C'mon Laur, stop stressing it. It was always gonna happen.” She knew his words were correct as everyone pointed out the blatant sexual tension between the two of them.

“B-bu-” She stuttered and Roman pulled her back down on the bed.

“Lie with me for a bit. We can go out later.”

“What, like a date?”


Kidnapped Scenario - Dazai Osamu

Hello! Since both of these requests are somewhat similar in terms of scenario (despite one of them being a continuation of an earlier scenario), I decided to combine them (???) kinda. I hope you two don’t mind! ^_^’ I also used gender neutral pronouns because then it’s easier for everyone. I’m also taking a leap by writing in the third-person P.O.V of the reader, which is a new experience for me since I usually write in the third-person P.O.V of the canon characters.

Oh, and look - it’s another long post (11 pages, but still). So much for my earlier promise of shorter ones. C’: 

Under the cut, because of the potential triggers for violence and kidnapping, and also drug-induced comas, even though it isn’t actually stated. I think it can be classed as angsty, but Idk honestly. There is also swearing.

I apologise for any mistakes you encounter, but I hope you enjoy!

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What do you see?” He whispered in her ear.

Her eyes scanning and lingering in her reflection. Tilting her head as she wetted her dry lips. Her mind was contemplating vaguely which words were correct to tell. “Well.. I see a bro-” she was starting to say but he cut her off.

“No no. Stop! Stop!” Sighs and thinks for a minute before responding, “Try again but this time be more general and clear.” Confused by his words she nodded anyways. “Now again what do you really see?”

Her mind was spinning around by his choice of words. General and clear? What did he mean by that? She thought. Her eyes trying hard to decipher the well hidden code. Unsurely she began to say, “First I see a umm woman….?”

“Yes yes keep going on. You are in a good path. But beyond your gender what else do you see?” Adrenaline was rushing through his body. They were so close. So close that he could feel it till his toes.

“And a-a hu-uman?”

His huge hands clapped together loudly making her heart accelerate by the sudden sound. “Yes. Yes. Finally!!! That’s what my ears wanted desperately to hear. Don’t you see? Labels don’t define us. We are NOT labels. We are humans.

—  Extract (“We Are Humans”)
[Sealed With A Kiss #2]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gruvia.
Type: Oneshot.
Other pairings: here.

Summary: When Fiore’s guild members are trapped in formidable prisons with no means of escape (magically or otherwise) all there’s left to do is…kiss?

A/N: I got a lot of ship suggestions for these. Ahhh. I’ll try to get them all done. 

Part Two [Gruvia]: Kiss?!

“Juvia and Gray have to… kiss?!”

Gray pressed his back to the wall, eyes wide as he took in the dazzled look on Juvia’s face. The lacrima rolled out of her hand and shattered on the ground, sending broken chunks of crystal this way and that. He could see the faint glimmer of sunlight dancing across the surface of the shards. 

“It has to be a mistake,” he said, mostly to himself. 

Juvia, lost to her fantasy, sank to her knees with a passionate groan. “In order to escape, Juvia has to kiss with Gray-Sama~?”

“I’m telling you, it has to be a mistake.”

It was pointless arguing with her at this point, Juvia was already far too gone to pay attention to him. Ironic, really, that the only thing that seemed to detract Juvia’s attention from Gray was… well, Gray

Swiping shards of the lacrima from the ground, he read the mess of instructions as she had, disgruntled to find that Juvia’s words were, in fact, correct. The only way to escape incarceration was to kiss. Just what kind of prison was this?

“Well, we should probably get this over with,” he sighed. It wasn’t that kissing Juvia was an issue, rather,  the solution to their problem was so ridiculously easy he couldn’t help but feel like there was a twist involved. “Um, Juvia?”

She rose to her feet like a soldier called to attention. With her fingers clasped together on her chest, Juvia then leaned forward and squeezed her eyes closed. The sight of her standing there like that made his heart ache. Taking a step back, he combed his fingers through his hair and took a quick glance over his shoulder. Nothing but stone greeted him. 

Not an exit in sight.

Well, the sooner he kissed her, the sooner they could get back to their mission. Taking a breath, Gray leaned in to press his lips against hers. His cheeks warmed as he pulled back to look at her. Though her eyes didn’t open, Gray could see her trembling as she processed their kiss. It wasn’t until the door manifested behind him that he realised the instructions were supposed to be simple. It was a trick of the mind.

He could’ve kissed her anywhere. 

Smacking a palm over his face, Gray peered through trembling fingers as Juvia recovered from the warmth of their kiss. He’d barely made it to the exit when Juvia tackled him to the ground, snuggling her face against his neck as they rolled across the cold floor. With a grunt, Gray curled his fingers into her hair and swept his free hand across the curve of her spine. For a moment, he found himself revelling in the warmth of her body pressed against his.

“Juvia is so happy!” she squealed.


“Juvia’s first kiss with Gray-Sama! It was perfect!”


“Juvia is so happy she might faint!”


“Yes, Gray-Sama~? Did you want to kiss again?” 

Gray through he might melt under the weight of her eyes baring down on his soul. Sucking in a breath, he turned his attention on the exit beside them. For a fleeting moment, he found himself yearning to say yes. Instead, Gray cleared his throat and, with a finger pressed under her chin, turned Juvia’s face towards the door as it slid open. 

“The door is open.” 

Fallen Angels, ch. 2

Title: Fallen Angels
Chapter 2: Before – “I struck the board and cry’d, No more.” This chapter is all flashback.
Rating: M for language and cartoon violence (as they say at the movies); there may or may not be salaciousness later, depending on how the story develops.
Characters: Loki and Sigyn
Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy
External validation and constructive criticism actively and shamelessly encouraged. I have tried to tag everyone that asked, but not all of them are working :( I will keep trying.
Thank you again and again (and again), @icybluepenguin​, for your help and encouragement and editing. This story is vastly better for your help.

Ch. 1 – Walking with unblest feet
Ch. 3 

The young woman eyed Loki suspiciously as he stood in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”

“I need to see Eir,” came the curt reply.

She rolled her eyes before she bothered to answer, “She’s at the tourney. You’ll have to make due with me.” She waved into the room and directed him to a comfortable exam chair.

He scowled and crossed his arms. “No. I need to see Eir.”

“Too bad. She won’t be back for hours. They need her to tend to all of your friends when they crack open each others’ skulls.”

Loki scanned his obstacle from head to toe — tall, sturdy, pragmatically dressed with an utterly nonplussed, confident stance. Arrogant.

“No. I’m not here to deal with an apprentice.”

She scowled darkly. “Journeyman,” she corrected, turning her back to return to a desk at the far side of the room. “Suit yourself. You can wait here or come back later, but Eir is stuck out on the field for at least another two hours until your brother gets tired of beating everyone up.”

Loki scowled back at her. “Fine. I’ll wait.” And make you as miserable as I can while I do it.

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The Secretary Pt.5

Warnings: Smut Language

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

You waited until he fell asleep to make your escape. You held your breath and slowly moved from under his arm, scooting to the edge of the bed before crouching on to the floor. You searched around the dim room for your clothes. If you didn’t get out now, you’d be forced to go to the dinner and you weren’t about to sit through that and act like everything was all hunky dory when it wasn’t. You were tired of having to buy insane amounts of makeup to cover up the atrocious marks he continually left on your body. Tired of him using you only for your body when he knew, he knew that you felt something for him. Tired of having to work yourself to death on a daily basis. You were starting to think that he enjoyed this. That he enjoyed watching you suffer at his hands. Dick. You really were done. That really was the last time he was going to lure you to bed with that soft, low voice he liked to use, and the small touches against your side. You weren’t going to let him manipulate you with his kisses. Nope. Not anymore satan. 

Hurrying from his room, you ran on the balls of your bare feet to the elevator, afraid to make any sounds. The further you got away from his suite, the more liberated you felt. It was satisfying to leave him there alone without him knowing you had gone. You pressed the down button on the elevator and it dinged, the doors sliding open. You dropped a shoe as you stepped inside, “Shit.” You cursed under your breath. A pair of hands grabbed on to your sides, scaring you. You yelped, jumping away from the unknown person. You turned around and there he was. His hair messy, eyes half closed. “Gotdammit Jiyong..” You huffed, placing a hand over your heart. It was beating wildly in your chest, making it hard to breathe. “Could you not warn somebody?” You hissed. “Like you did when you left my room?” He asked pointedly, raising an eyebrow. “If I remember correctly, the words, ‘Don’t go’ were used. Correct?” You barked out a short laugh, “You’re joking…”
“Who said I was joking? I didn’t tell you that you could leave.” He stated. The elevator doors closed behind him. Your mouth dropped open, “You didn’t tell me I could leave? Like I have to ask you permission to do something?” You closed your mouth and turned away from him, pressing your lips together. He reached in front of you and reopened the elevator doors, grabbing on to your wrist and dragging you from inside. You fought him the whole way back to his room, “Jiyong! Let go!” You hissed as you hit at his hand. He stopped in front of the door, turning to you. You snatched your wrist away from him when he finally loosened his grip enough for you to do so. “____________..” He started. You slapped him. Hard. “What the hell?” The look on his face was enough to make you regret ever leaving his bed. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. He leaned in close to your face, really close. Uncomfortably close. You were out in the open. Any one could walk by and see you. “Ji-Jiyong, I…”
“Don’t speak.”
“B-but I-..”
“What did I just say?” You snapped your mouth shut and pulled your face back a bit. He was way too close to you and it wasn’t doing you any good. His cologne wafted up to your nose and you wanted to bury your face in the front of his t-shirt. 

“You don’t leave unless I dismiss you.”
“Is that not the terms of our agreement?” You tried to think back, but his closeness was making it hard to do so. He was distracting you, yet again. “You do as I tell you, when I tell you to do it. No questions asked. Is that not what we agreed upon?” He asked you, voice rising. You flinched away from him, clasping your hands in front of your chest defensively. Your chest rose and fell heavily as you stood there in a tension-filled silence. His jaw tensed and you wanted to die. Why must you be so attracted to him when he was angry? Regular, cold, and distant Jiyong was great. But when he was angry? All bets were off. He could have you any way he wanted to right now. You didn’t care about how much it could potentially hurt. You didn’t care that it would be like salt to your wounds if you slept with him again. You didn’t care about any of that. "Since you want to go so badly, go. I really won’t stop you this time, ________________. We are done here. You’re dismissed.” And with that, he left you standing stupidly in front of the door to his suite. What just happened? Was it really over? Was he really letting you go? Just like that? There was no fight whatsoever. Did he care nothing at all about you?  You kicked at the door and slammed your fists against it. “Fuck you!” You yelled at the thick, wooden door. If this was how he was going to play it, fine. You walked away, head held high. He wasn’t going to break you down that easily.

……….Or so you thought. 

Pack your shit.
That was the text message he’d sent you. Your chest tightened as you stared down at your cellphone. What the hell? You fought with yourself on whether or not you should respond. Thinking it was better not to, you threw your phone on to your bed and crawled under the covers. This had to be a joke. There was no way he’d send you home alone. 

An hour later, there was a knock on your hotel room door. You rushed over to it, thinking it was Jiyong. You opened the door, ready to go off on him for the text he’d sent you. It wasn’t him. It was his travel assistant. “Mr. Kwon sent me to gather your things.” 
“Gather my things? For what?” 
“I do not know the details. I was sent here to gather your belongings and escort you to the airport.” Escort to the airport? He was seriously doing this? He was just throwing you away like this? Like you hadn’t spent the last year of your life bending to his will whenever he saw fit? No. Hell no. Not today. “Where is he?” 
“I can-..”
Where. Is. He?” 
“____________, please. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. I’m just doing my job. Can you grab your stuff so we can go?” 
“I’m not leaving until he comes to talk to me, instead of sitting in his room like some pussy ass bitch. No. Where is he?” Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Jiyong stepped into your room, adjusting his suit jacket. “Why aren’t you packed?” He turned to his assistant, “Step outside for a moment.” His assistant bowed at the waist and disappeared, shutting the two of you inside. “Did I not tell you to pack your shit? Did you think this was a game?” 
“The fuck is your problem Jiyong?!” He looked disinterested. Bored even. “You wanted to go.” 
You laughed incredulously, “I can’t believe this shit.” You shook your head, placing your hands on your hips. “_______________, I hardly have time for your tantrums. Pack your shit and let’s go.” 
“I’m not about to let you treat me like this. I can’t get that year back, asshole. That’s a year of my gotdamn life, catering to your ungrateful ass.” He raised an eyebrow, “Ungrateful? Have I not treated you well? Are you not satisfied with how things are?” 
“Fuck outta here with that mess, Jiyong. You know damn well you haven’t treated me right.” He scratched between his eyebrows with a chuckle, shaking his head. “I moved you into a new apartment. Your car? I bought that. Cellphone? Yeah, that’s me too. All of those designer clothes and handbags? Me again. You don’t pay bills. You don’t have to want for anything. At all. Who is that thanks to?” He paused, letting it all sink in. “Ding, ding, ding. Me. So don’t tell me I didn’t treat you right. Pack. Your. Shit. Now.” He was so close now that you could smell his toothpaste. 

He adjusted his already perfect suit jacket again and checked his cuff links. “I’m moving your flight time. When I come back in an hour, you better be ready to go. If not, it doesn’t matter. You’re leaving here with or without your stuff.” He put a hand in his pants pocket and walked to your door, rapping on it with his knuckles. His assistant came back inside, making room for Jiyong to get out, “Oh, I almost forgot.” He turned back to you with a smile, “When I get back in town, I’ll have your papers processed and ready to go. You’re fired.” The assistant closed the door and you could feel the angry tears welling up in your eyes. You were fucked. Royally fucked. There was no way he was going to allow you to stay in your apartment, or keep your car, or even your cellphone. There was no way you were going to let him get away with this. No way in hell. There had to be something, anything you could do to break him. 

There had to be. 

I’m sure this has been brought up countless times before, but I just want to point out the fact that Bill never really addressed Stan by using a nickname. He’s done that for everyone else (question mark, shooting star, pinetree, six fingers, fordsy, etc.), but he’s only ever called Stan by his actual name. Even when he addresses Stan’s family he says “Stan’s family”, not “fez’s family”. He does say “the old man” at one point but that’s about it.

From what I can remember, he’s only used a character’s actual name amongst a myriad of nicknames.

Poynter's New Ethics (Screencaps)

I made a mistake. 

On 03/14/14, I sent an email to Kelly McBride. It was just a little after 1am. I’d already sent her several tweets hours before outlining every single thing that was incorrect about the piece that she’d written about me on Poynter that I didn’t even know existed until some dude started trolling me. I found a link to it on his timeline & was sick when started reading it. I called her a “lazy & wrong lasagna” (layered with lazy & filled with wrong.) I told her that it was clear that she’d done ZERO research before writing the piece. She said I didn’t identify as an assault survivor. She tried to silence the voice that took me 14 years to get the courage to use. She said she’d love to speak with me. I told her I’d love for her to go fuck herself. (This was the 2nd time in 12 hours that I’d had someone attempt to interview me AFTER the rushed to post a story without speaking with me about it first.) This isn’t where I made the mistake though. My mistake came when I sent her that email and tried to connect with her on a human level. Somehow I thought that if I shared a story with her that I’d never shared with anyone before, she’d feel how I felt the previous evening when hundreds of women from all over the world shared their stories of assault with me. I was hoping that she’d say “Wow. I was wrong. I’m sorry that I just looked at your Twitter avatar & assumed that I knew enough about you to write about you without ever doing a teaspoon of research.” Instead, Kelly copied one of her male colleagues on that same email thread! Now the story of my assault is sitting in some guy’s inbox. When I pointed this out to her via email, she didn’t even say “whoops.” She never acknowledged it.  After pouring my heart out to her in that email at 1am, I woke up the next morning to discover that the story had been updated but I wasn’t able to locate any updates. (I’m so glad that I’d had the foresight to screencap the original before anyone went in & made any changes.) All of the wrong info was still there, including the title which essentially referred to ME as being “mad” at BuzzFeed for using tweets that didn’t belong to me. She said that I “missed the note.” The irony of referring to me as not getting the memo when she clearly never read the memo her damn self. This was never the case. The people who “got mad” were other survivors who were upset with the list-icle format & being exploited for “clickbait.” I was hurt. I remember laying in my bed that Friday morning looking at the unchanged Poynter piece on my iPhone with tears rolling down my cheeks. Her negligence resulted in COUNTLESS other posts being written based upon her WRONG information. Suddenly I became the girl who was too dumb to know that the internet is public & I was too stupid to know that I didn’t own other people’s tweets.  Below are the screencaps of the original piece that was posted on Wed, 03/13/14. And screencaps of the “correction” version that went up just before midnight on 03/14/14. Entire paragraphs & words were added to the correction (I’ve bulleted those changes below.) I asked for retraction in that 1am email. I was told by her editor (the same guy who she copied on that email) that Poynter has never issued a retraction before so that’s why they didn’t take the story down. (He also said that the reason why the site showed an update that next morning, was because the story had been moved from 1 place on their site to another.) I explained that it was SO wrong in SO many places, it needed to be completely re-written so a retraction was necessary. Instead, Kelly changed the title, & added paragraphs so that anyone reading the story now wouldn’t see what was wrong with it to begin with. But now you can. I’m not going to try to make this grown woman do the right thing any longer. It’s clear that it’s not in her nature and I have too many great things happening in my life to focus on her any longer. 

Changes from pic 1 to pic 2: 
  • Title (yay…I’m no longer the representative of the people who got mad! *throws confetti*) 
  • Changed “@steenfox challenged Testa for failing to get mermission to use the tweets” to “get permission from her.” She could’ve added “…to use her photo” but this would’ve changed everything written after that because her main objective was to write about “But that raises the question: permission for what?” YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!!! >_< 

Changes from pic 3 to pic 4: 

  • Changed “raises the question” to “begs the question”
  • Changed “@steenfox does not identify herself as a survivor & neither does Testa” to “@steenfox did not identify herself as a survivor in the two tweets that asked others to share their stories." BACKPEDDLE DOT COM. No matter how she tries to rephrase silencing my voice, she still silenced my voice. I identified myself as a survivor. Everyone who READ my TL that night knew this. In email she said I’m sorry that I said you did not identify yourself as a sexual assault survivor. I meant that in the context of asking the question of what you were wearing.“ I replied with a screencap of my tweet where I DID identify as a survivor.  
  • Added "In an email to Poynter, @steenfox explained her main objective with BuzzFeed was the use of her image with the story without permission." I also told her that Testa didn’t ask me for permission to use MY tweets too but whatever…
  • Changed "Journalists harbor great sensitivity” to “…great reservations.” Perhaps because she didn’t harbor great sensitivity? 

Changes from pic 5 to pic 6: 

  • Added the paragraph “This is tricky territory because BuzzFeed doesn’t identify her as a sexual assault survivor, and it’s not apparent if Testa even knew that fact. (BuzzFeed editors declined to answer that specific question.) Except for sexual assault victims, journalists rarely offer carte blanche anonymity.” UM, DATS ME DOE! 
  • The correction notes that the sentence where McBride *misidentified* me was clarified and that 1 other paragraph was “changed to amplify” what my issue with BuzzFeed was. Why didn’t the correction mention ANY of the other bullet points above? Oh, I know why…#NewEthics 

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Without Conviction

Prompt is from phanfic’s challenge of the week: 80’s songfic! (x)

Mine is an angsty version of Karma Chameleon, and I hope it works out.

Warnings: Swears


Genre: Angst

Length: 3,398

Summary: Phil has a secret that will crush Dan. (wow how cliche sounding…shush just read it). Written in first person, you read as Dan for the majority of the fic until the last section where you read as Phil.

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anonymous asked:

Aaah, I loved the Jungkook one where you're insecure(I requested it) I was squealing it was so cute!!! How about a V scenario where he sees you singing one of his parts to a song somewhere random and he's happy because it's in America where they don't have as many fans? But of course his English isn't great so he has to be smart about flirting? Thank you <3

You smiled as you shuffled through the songs on your phone looking for the one that really made you jam out. As you walked down the busy street you noticed something strange about your surroundings….there was a lot more people then usual. 

You shrugged it off because you figured it was just a busy day, maybe there was a game you were unaware of. You pulled your phone out again unsatisfied with the song currently playing. You sighed in frustration because you could’ve sworn you actually had good music on it somewhere.

That’s when he saw you. You had long hair and were walking blindly down the sidewalk, your face stuffed in your phone. You looked frustrated but the language barrier kept him from saying anything…that is until he heard you sing.

Finally your jam found its way to your ears. It was ‘Let Me Know’ by a Korean boy band BTS aka Bangtan Boys. “I’m holding up by myself on top of this finished melody. Tell me now…tell me now that its over, let me know eh eh.”

Suddenly a hand tapped his shoulder. “Hey V, she’s singing your part in Let Me Know.” he stared at him baffled “Really? But that didn’t sound like my part hyung.” Rapmon shook his head and said “Well duh…it is in English.” The other boys stared at V making his cheeks flush.

“Yah! V go talk to her!” J-hope yelled as he shoved you out in front of the girl. 

You looked up from the ground to be face to face with none other then V from BTS. “H-Hello. How are you?” He asked in broken English. You couldn’t keep the smile from surfacing and you asked slowly, knowing his English obviously wasn’t to good. “Hi I’m good, you?”

He smiled and then looked back; suddenly you overwhelmed by the whole band and you almost squealed. You contained yourself and then V looked at you again, his chocolate eyes glimmering “I’m very good. I don’t speak English.”

You giggled and nodded, then he turned and muttered something in Korean to Rap Monster. Rapmon then stepped forward and bowed. He looked up at you and said “V here wanted me to tell you that you are very cool and have a wonderful voice." 

You smiled softly at the cute boy named V in front of you. He smiled and then looked at the ground. You stepped forward and lightly pressed your lips to his cheeks. You pulled back to see his eyes wide and a giant smile on his face "Thank you!” You said cheerfully.

He could feel his cheeks get hotter as he struggled to find the words that were correct in English. “I love you.” He said, his accent turning the 'v’ into a cute little 'b’ sound. You smiled and then his band mates hit him yelling at him for saying such straight forward things.

You laughed and then pulled out a piece of paper. You began to write your cell phone number on it and as soon as you finished you held it out for him. “Here,” you said pushing it closer to him. He cautiously grabbed the paper and you put your hand to your ear in the shape of a phone. “Callll meee.” you said slowly hoping he’d understand.

V smiled and shook his yes while yelling a happy “OKAY!" 

External image


Omo, thank you I’m happy you enjoyed my Jungkook one! I hope this one is just as good! Thank you so much for requesting! ~Admin Maknae