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While you were falling in love with her, I was trying so hard to not let my feelings for you became even deeper.
—  Because we were friends and friends should not have feelings for each other. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #54

i recently realized that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone. sometimes the people that you thought might never leave you, end up leaving you. and it can leave you feeling confused, hurt, angry, bitter, and maybe even resentful. but you can’t let that stop you from making connections with other people and opening yourself up to others. sometimes, even though it can be hard, you have to stop focusing on the past and what could’ve been. sometimes, you have to focus on the present and future; what is, and what could be.   

just me trying to explain to my friends why monoma doesnt act out of pure hatred, but rather, out of concern and regard for his class, even if they don’t like him

hey!!! I’m back with my second follow forever and another crappy banner !! its been around a year since I’ve created this blog and turned it into the blue/ white k pop blog it is. even if it’s only been a year, it has also been such a journey to get to where I am right now!! From making typographies to learning to make edits, I’ve done so many things I never thought I would be able to do- and for that , I would like to personally thank all of you for sticking around for following, liking, and reblogging the content I’ve created as well as the ones I’ve reblogged elsewhere! Thank you to all the blogs I look up to for inspiring me to create this content and allowing me to meet so many kind and wonderful people! It’s crazy how even though we all live in totally different places, we are all able to bond over one common interest that we all love. ❤

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I’m always watching scary youtube videos about cryptids and monsters and shit, and I’m just thinking that if I ever met these creatures face-to-face or had a paranormal experience I’d just chalk it up to my mental illnesses/disorders getting outta hand.
Like, oh a creepy demon sitting in my living room, chill, I’m seeing shit now

I am a bit ticked off.

Hello, @garr9988 . You may or may not remember, but I was the first person to respond to your reblog of that Bering & Wells post, in which you called out @ellabellbee . In the Ask I sent to you, I said the following: “Hey man, just FYI, you don’t need to ‘explain’ things to anybody in the B&W fandom, and particularly not to @ellabellbee. We’ve been here a lot longer than you and know what went down just a tiny bit better. For real! Thanks.”

To which you responded publicly, saying that I sounded condescending but that I probably hadn’t meant to. (For the record: meant to, but only a little.) You also said that you “felt the need to correct people” when they held “incorrect beliefs” about things. I didn’t much like your response, I’ll admit, but okay. I said what I said, you said what you said, and you made those words public.

I bring this up only because you deleted my Ask and your answer: you erased me, and my voice, from the situation. And I don’t often express anger publicly, but erasure is one of the things I REALLY DON’T LIKE.

You say you’re a feminist, and you support that by citing the dictionary definition of feminism. I really, genuinely hope you won’t find it condescending if I point out that dictionary definitions tend not to cover lived experience in its fullness. I’m a feminist too. My lived experience of that—as a gay white woman, one who has spent most of her working life in fields dominated by men—probably gives me a different perspective than yours gives you. Anyway, my lived definition includes the importance of not erasing women’s voices. Maybe take that into consideration the next time you decide, first, to insert your voice into a conversation that is mostly (but of course not completely) among and about women, and second, to mostly disregard, and then delete, what was intended as a friendly warning from a woman who is fully informed about said conversation.

In conclusion:

They’re good captains, Bront.

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i tend toward humanstuck, so take a bloodswap 

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”

“Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a lot less, and smile a lot more.”

“I may not always be there with you, but i’ll always be there for you.”

“Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.” 














Mun: And for all of my other friends I have met and befriended~

I’m the kind of person who will hand you a cigarette when you’re sad, run with you when you rage, comfort you in the dark, and drink with you and then take you for a ride. When you cry I won’t tell you to stop instead I will hold you until you get enough. It seems unreasonable but this is who I am, when you need me I will be there, whatever you want to do I will take the risk and do it with you.
—  Maram Rimawi


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I really hope you have a wonderful birthday!! you’re such an awesome person and an amazing friend, and without you I wouldn’t have made my ask blog, so thank you. your art is such an inspiration to me (and many other people, I’m sure) and you definitely make the world a brighter place❤️  i will draw sushi chef ikalgo at a later date i promise