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He will only be a story that I tell my daughter when her heart gets broken the same way mine did. He will only will be a story that I tell my daughter when she is pining over some who breaks her the way he broke me. He will only be a story that my daughter will hear as a way to grow, and know that she will be okay. He will only be a story.
—  Cas, He will only be a story
Doesn’t it all seem like a game to you? What people do to each other these days? They have ruined the true meaning of love. These days it’s nothing but date and break. Why do they do this? Why do they hurt each other even though it breaks them down equally? It’s so hard for me to say that we have lost the true meaning of love.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

you’re lying in bed at 2 am watching snapchat stories and you don’t wish that those people were you, you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

you’re driving home and the radio’s turned up because you want to sing along as loud as you can, not because you need it to drown out your thoughts.

you’re talking to a girl you know, laughing at some inside joke and it dawns on you that at some point the two of you became friends.

this is the feeling you’ve been waiting for. this is why you’re alive. there was a point to it all.

—  happiness
The worst thing about the suffering,
isn’t that I believe the pain will last forever.

Just like the leaves change color and,
the seasons end, from life to decay.

I know that nothing will last forever,
and that there are no infinities.

And that is what I am afraid of most,
finiteness, the gradual end, decay, rot, ruin.

I fear that my finiteness will not outlast the pain,
And I don’t want to go aching.
—  “Infinite Aching” by Nicole Moon
1. She’s a dangerous woman. She loves extreme sports, midnight walk and wait, don’t let her drink liquors. It will unleash the inner beast in her. She will become insatiably gorgeous. When she’s drunk, she’s uncontrollable. She loves to point a handgun and say, “I will kill you. Don’t mess with me”. And also, she loves to vomit and sleep everywhere. Be patient with her.
2. Don’t be greedy with her time and attention. Let her feel that you won’t consume her space.
3. Be right there for her. Every time. When she needs someone to listen to her drama even if it’s 4 in the morning, stay with her. Be her favorite pillow that knows all of her stories and secrets. Don’t leave her until she falls asleep.
4. Listen to her when she sings Honeymoon Avenue. It is her favorite song. Don’t interrupt her even if she’s crying so hard and she’s starting to mumble the lyrics. Look at her through her eyes. Feel her pain. Feel her presence, it’s the real her. Embrace the world she’s living in right now, she’s badly hurt. Don’t comfort her with promises.
5. When she says everything’s gonna be alright. She means it, but she still doubts. Encourage her.
6. Be the moonlight that will guide her and bring her back to her path. Be the light in her darkest night.
7. She loves winter things even if it’s already autumn. Accept her weird taste.
8. Focus on her details. Her actions tell the truth. If she text you, “I’m okay. Don’t worry.” don’t believe in her. Travel to her home and comfort her with her favorite food. She loves to pretend a lot, so get used to it.
9. Some things are better left unsaid. If she doesn’t talk first about her past, don’t bring it up. She’s trying not to remember everything. Help her to move forward. You can’t save her from reminiscing, but you can do better things for her not to look back anymore.
10. She wears her heart on her sleeves. If she tells you she loves the way you treat her, appreciate it because it’s real.
11. She loves to write songs with her piano. She’s a talented musician and be her favorite song that she will play every time.
12. Adore her from her smiles to her soul.
13. You’ll never know when she will become a child all over again, she loves to play everything around her. She loves to dance in the rain, play with someone’s hair and even piss you until you become angry. She appreciates everything. From the sunflowers she sees every morning to the stars she connects every night. Every effort, every smile. Accept her and be her childhood best friend.
14. If she’s already into you, don’t lose the chance but don’t take advantage of her.
15. Loving her will be your best mistake. Get ready for the consequences you will experience throughout the journey with her. She loves to be in danger, protect her every time. Love her until you can’t recall anymore all the reasons why you’re still in love with her and all you just want to witness is her naked face every morning of your life.
—  E.J. Cenita, 15 Ways How To Make Her Fall For You using Ariana Grande Songs
Thirty days of flyers. Thirty days of prayer and deli platters. Thirty days of missing. Thirty days, and dead the whole time.

FROM THE VAULT: Sean Patrick Mulroy - “Sestina for the Murdered Girl” (IWPS 2015)

Performing during prelims at the 2015 Individual World Poetry Slam. Help bring Button to you.

I will write you letters which I will never send , I will write you poems which you will never read , I will tell stories about you which you will never know , I will miss you and break a little and you will have no idea , its funny how sometimes we can love and die over someone so silently.
—  Letters for you #1 // Kriti.G
And love is
not a song
you always
sing out loud—
inside a cave
that surrounds
your heart—
love is
as silence
as the dark
lonely night,
where no one
will hear it,
where no one
will echo it back.
—  ma.c.a // Silent Feeling
It’s such a shame that I am so madly in love with you and you have no clue. I wish there was a way I could tell you but it’s only going to ruin our friendship. I know that there might not be a friendship to ruin in a few months or a year because you’ll get busy with your new life somewhere far away and I hope to get busy with mine but until then I’d rather feel a prick from not telling than have a knife slice through my heart by telling you and destroying us.
—  Whatever ‘us’ means // JustScribbledWords

They will leave
and you cry a little bit,
maybe a lot
or maybe even more
You cover your lips in dark red
and your eyelashes gets less natural
You go out to dance your heartache away,
just for tonight you say, just for tonight
Your heart is beating too fast in your chest
because you want to forget,
you just want to forget

They will leave
and you discover vodka
and how awful it tastes,
but you find out it can get you so high
that you can’t feel down anymore,
until you wake up next day
and sooner or later it all starts over again
You said at 17 that you’d never drink,
but at 18 the pain and grief convinced you,
because the alcohol burning in your throat,
doesn’t matter when there is as a  fire
burning so badly
in your heart

They will leave
and you’ll kiss boys and girls
to make your world get some happy twirls
They don’t mean anything to you,
but you don’t stop until you think you’ll feel
It might make you sweat,
but what does that do to what happened in your past?
I mean, the soul is all gray and black,
but all the lights at the dancefloor is not out of any lack

They will leave
and you’ll go out crying in the woods
so no one can hear,
but your mom still saw the tear
when you came home from school that day

They will leave
and you’ll become the person you said you never would
Look at you now, you really could

They will leave
and it’s amazing how much someone can fuck you up
So good, fuck you up so good
Your heart is beating too fast in your chest
with the depression, grief, anxiety and all the rest

They will leave
and it might take you back to the day you first met
that you oh so gladly would just like to forget
You just want to forget

—  t.j. // They say that a broken heart changes people
She had fallen to her knees, defeated. The sands of loss falling through her fingers. She didn’t need to utter a word, for I knew her eyes’ language far better than any sort of speech. “Bonds break, and nothing is sacred. What death refrains to take, will fall to the fickleness of human emotion.“ I knew I could no longer convince her of any perpetual constant within our existence.
I trembled, humbled by her just tears. My hands felt so fragile as I held her shaking shoulders. Forlorn, I witnessed how hot despair flowed freely; how the light in her innocent eyes dimmed in the absence of any evidence speaking against her newfound conviction. Ultimately, she had hushed the voice of hope she had so passionately clung onto. I broke, knowing she had once used that same voice to save me when I was at my lowest. How I longed to return the favor, to be her savior in her time of need.
“If all consists of loss, then let my love be the constant you need. May it be an embrace with a thousand arms; the touch of infinity cradling your dreams. Stay with me, and allow me to prove our connection transcends every mortal boundary. Allow me to spend this life given to me showing you that we are more than merely complimentary. That we share the same mind, the same soul, the same heartbeat; that we consist of the same energy, impossible to break apart, destined to travel onward as one beyond the boundaries of time and space into infinity. We are undying light my love, destined to be.”
My every whisper fell upon deaf ears. She had erupted a wall between us. My heart’s fiery plea piled up in ashes before her doorstep. How meaningless truth can seem in life’s ephemerality. How hope can seem a trait of the naive, when we’ve fought so hard only to ultimately lose it. I could not save her as she had once saved me. Yet if I were to whisper truths to her now, I’d tell her the ashes of our love will turn to stardust, building blocks of existence. And even though it might take eons, there’ll come a time where we will be reassembled to once again be. Come that time I can only hope to make her feel my love for her is indeed a perpetual constant; a touch of infinity.
—  Dream-state conversations (interpreted), by M.A. Tempels © 2016