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I am sorry but…” she said. “Could you please stop making people feel like it was their fault why you fall out of love with them. Stop putting the blame on their shoulders. Causing their knees to bend and fall to the ground.” she took a deep breath to calm herself. She tried to say it in a kind way. Knowing that she’s trying so hard—enough not to burst into tears. She’s mad and she’s still trying to keep it down. “Please stop trying to turn a soft beautiful heart into a cold colorless hole. Because it was never easy to bring it back.
—  ma.c.a // Some words are harsh, Some words are true
It doesn’t take much for glass to shatter.
It doesn’t take much for people to shatter,
Sometimes, I think people forget that.
When something is shattered,
No matter what you do.
It can’t be restored.
—  v.r. // letters of heartbreak

i was never the type to actually care
until you showed up and i finally learned how to feel
you connected pieces i thought were lost and broken
the puzzle that was abandoned for years

i was never one to be sober
but for you i would do anything
stop drinking for a few nights to make sure you’re okay
because if you get hurt i wouldn’t know what to do

i was never the stable type
never had anyone to talk to
but you came and talked to me about everything
you broke down walls that were toxic

you taught me things i thought i would never learn
how to love
how to feel
how to be myself without caring so much

i never thought i would meet someone like you
and i never thought i would fall in love
even though love isn’t real
you make it seem so alive and illicit

sometimes i feel as though my sadness is tangible
the way it rests beneath my sheets with me
follows me into the shower
drives me to work
drops me off at school
curls itself around me when i least expect it in an embrace i cannot break free of
i can feel it in my bones
inside my chest
i can see it in lose strands of hair
and unfinished meals
and unanswered texts
i can hear it in every “i’m fine”
and “i’m just tired”
happiness, on the other hand
happiness reminds me of true love, of soulmates
of heaven and hell
because i believe it exists but it isn’t something i’ve ever experienced
and most of the time i find myself doubting that it’s real
“i’m not happy,” i say
“so just be happy,” they tell me
as if it’s the easiest thing in the world
and maybe for some it is
but for me
happiness is like falling asleep on christmas eve, waiting for santa claus to come, only to sneak downstairs and find your dad eating the cookies you left for him
happiness is seeing the sun shining from inside and going outside to feel its warmth, only for it to start to rain
happiness is staying up until midnight on your birthday and having nobody text you
happiness is giving your all to someone only to one day wake up and find out they don’t feel the same about you anymore
happiness is fleeting
happiness is momentary
happiness evanescent
happiness is your favorite relative coming in from out of town, it’s your internet friend meeting you for the first time, it’s your old school friend coming to visit after moving away
and then inevitably leaving you
it’s always leaving
—  makenziiann said: I was wondering if you could write about someone who is sad but wants to be happy but they’d rather be sad because being happy can be taken away as soon as they get it?
(cc, 2017)
Our minds are a beautiful thing.
How we judge things.
How we perceive things.
Our minds are magic.
Our minds are so different.
And then the same.
Because in the end all we care
about is someone loving us
and holding us tight.
—  Even through our differences, we all are the same // @abillionlittlethoughts
I can’t deny, the joy you bring to my life makes me feel alive. It’s surreal and one of a kind. I never felt this kind of happiness before. I never appreciate mornings, but because of your consistent long sweet messages and calls, I’m excited to wake up each day. Because you always find a way to brighten up my day. It’s unbelievable and indescribable feeling when I’m with you. You leave me speechless yet full of laughter. The butterflies in my stomach always get crazy and wild when we are together. And when I see you smile, I know life is going to be okay. Even on bad days or when I feel empty, I’ll still choose to be with you. Because you’re my happy pill. Each passing day, it keeps getting better, and I always feel I’m walking on waters. I love having you around. I want to spend my life with you. Take my hand, let’s start a beautiful journey together.
—  E.J. Cenita
his mouth kisses down my chest, tongue teases my stomach
he says he’s never done this before
i pretend it’s not a lie

he makes me feel warm all over, too hot but comfortable
i tell myself it’s just sex
i pretend it’s not a lie

he never kisses me on the mouth
we both agree it’s too intimate
i pretend i don’t want him to anyway

sometimes he holds me in his arms afterwards, fingers tangling through my hair
i tell him he can leave; he says he wants to stay
i pretend it’s not a lie

he presses a kiss to my forehead, lingering a few seconds longer than he should
he tells me i’m beautiful
i pretend it’s not a lie

he lets me stay the night, and i let him as well
we both agree it’s just casual
i pretend it’s not a lie

i see him out with another girl, hand on her waist
i make a detour and go straight home
i pretend i saw nothing at all

he smells like someone else, lips taste like another’s
i throw up after he leaves
i tell myself it’s because of a stomach bug

he texts me, asking me how i am
i know where this is going to lead to
i pretend he truly cares

he comes, he comes, he comes, and then he goes
as our limbs untangle, i whisper to him, “if you want, you can stay”
i fall asleep, pretending he does
—  Anonymous said: Can you write about two friends with benefits, but the girl is madly in love with the guy. It’s been almost a year and she’s afraid to tell him because she doesn’t want to feel his rejection. 
(cc, 2017)
I think that life is the best and worst gift someone can ever give to you, so don’t you dare waste that. Don’t you dare look in the mirror and hate your reflection. You were born to be amazing and you should always be able to explore yourself and find the best and worst parts of you. Don’t let other people make you afraid of being who you are.
—  giulswrites
I am sorry for
using my
to convey
matters of the
using my heart
          to convey
the soul,
         most of all,
I am sorry
that I
can only kiss you
with words.
—  Gentle thing, by M.A. Tempels © 2017