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Hey :) Can you elaborate when you say Harry's marketing campaign has been short sighted?

I will try my best!  Harry Edward Styles, son of Anne and Des is a 23 year old musician and actor.  Harry.StylesTM is a brand. A brand worth tens of millions of dollars. Nobody on Tumblr.com knows Harry Edward Styles, we only know Harry.StylesTM the brand.  This distinction seems to get lost on many who know the importance of critical thinking skills but seem to lack them.  

A brand is a name, term, symbol or other feature than distinguishes it from its rivals.

Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a brand from its competitors, aiming to create a lasting impression. 

Harry.StylesTM was the adorably slow, quirky teen who was living the life traveling the word with his 4 best friends. Harry.StylesTM is now the mysterious elitist.

Sometime in 2014, in a very large conference room, a group of people decided to rebrand Harry.StylesTM.  Make no mistake everything we see is deliberate.

A brand personality is the way a brand makes you feel, it is the essence of a brand.  The logo, signature colors, the voice on social media all designed to give the brand it’s personality.  Today Harry.StylesTM is a elitist, musical icon who only has celebrity friends, only dates models, doesn’t know a One Direction and does not feel the need to engage with his fans.  So when people comment on not getting a thank you for supporting him, they are commenting that his brand chose to market him as someone that doesn’t appreciate his fans.

The one thing a brand can never do is disappoint you.  If you go to a new restaurant and not only have an awful experience but a disgusting meal, would you return?  Harry.StylesTM is being marketing as a music icon, legend in the making, soon to be an Academy nominated actor.  Then he appears on SNL. To be kind, let’s just say he did not live up to the hype.  He was portrayed as the next Adele, even mirroring her TV commercial.  Then the sales of SOTT fall very short of the expectations his own team set.  That is why I felt his marketing campaign seemed shortsighted.

I personally am not a fan of his current brand image.  It is like if my all time favorite restaurant decided to be Trumps #1 supporter and it renamed all it’s food items to pay homage to Trump.  I would no long go there, not because I no longer enjoyed the food but because our beliefs were no longer aligned.🌼

Go ahead, curse in front of your kids
I always seasoned my vocabulary with as many four-letter words as 50-cent ones, at least until my first child was born two years ago. That’s when I found myself — and I’m almost embarrassed to admit it — watching my language. Something deep in my subconscious told me that profanity might harm him in some way, that even a fleeting expletive, like a curse word uttered while stumbling over a child gate, could do lasting damage.
By Los Angeles Times

A nice summary of the important difference between swearing and slurs: 

As far as I know, scientists have never conducted a controlled experiment aimed at uncovering the consequences of swearing in front of children; you can’t ethically justify exposing 5-year-olds to heavy cussing if there’s even the slightest risk of harm. But college students are another story. And we can extrapolate to children from experimental research conducted with adults.

The only profane words that demonstrably cause trouble are slurs. A 2014 study exposed 52 university students (average age: 21 years) to either a slur for homosexuals or a neutral term. Those who saw the slur subsequently thought that less money should go towards AIDS-HIV prevention efforts for “high risk groups.” In another, 61 participants (average age: 23) saw either a homosexual slur or a neutral label. The ones who saw the slur positioned their chairs physically farther away from a person they believed to be homosexual by an average of more than 10 centimeters.

Slurs may have similar or greater effects in children, who are less developed socially and cognitively. Indeed, correlational studies suggest as much. For instance, a study that followed 143 middle school students found that those who reported more exposure to homophobic slurs tended to report feeling less connected to their school lives. They also exhibited symptoms of anxiety and depression.

But there’s no similar proof that exposure to ordinary profanity — four-letter words — causes any sort of direct harm: no increased aggression, stunted vocabulary, numbed emotions or anything else.

Of course, parents aren’t holding their tongues solely because they think hearing a bad word will turn their kid into a criminal. They also worry that the kid will turn around and use it. And yet the largest observational study — again we don’t have controlled experiments — found that childhood swearing is largely innocuous. Scientists documented children ages 1 to 12 naturally producing thousands of taboo utterances, and only rarely witnessed negative repercussions. On no occasion did swearing lead to physical violence. Instead, taboo words were used mostly for positive reasons, for instance humor, and mostly were not produced out of anger. […]

I’ve come up with a compromise solution. I don’t censor myself because I know my child won’t suffer cognitive or emotional damage; and I don’t try to stop him from parroting me, in large part because I’m not delusional enough to think that would work. But when I happen to swear around my kid, I provide some coaching. I engage him in an honest dialogue about why some words are OK in some places, but not others. Even a 2-year-old can understand that the f-word can be muttered consequence-free at home but might lead to a negative reaction when screamed in the supermarket.

Read the whole thing.

the people, they aren't a-changin'

thoughtfully unappreciative and sincerely preoccupied.
behaviors unbecoming become the best that i can muster.
i am leaving this forest as soon as i can get a handle on these brand new legs.
(and yes, i am aware that i say this on a bi-weekly basis.)

ready, aim, long shot, quiver.
release, exhale, follow through, barely deliver.
have i missed our mark entirely?

frail nerves can bend the strongest of spines. 
and strong words can break a person in two.
strong but true? true but right? right but just? but just how strong? am i right?
one must never quake in the presence of thy own true self.
we all must… jesus christmas it’s beautiful outside!

-2014, frnkiero.

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I attempted translating this article. It had a quite an impact on me.. worth a read!

There is only one member who has remained in Kami 7 throughout all 7 years of SSK from the 1st one till the 7th one last year. AKB48’s Watanabe Mayu (22). Rather than saying Kami 7, she has been in Top 5 consecutively, the real “Kami Waza” (Superhuman?). For this member, she has declared a return to #1 ever since her win in 2014’s SSK.

“Having nightmares every night”
After the consecutive days of handshake events during the Golden Week ended, Mayu tweeted “This year, I’ll aim for #1! A comeback! Without negligence, I’ll fight through till the end. I’ll do my best!!”. Gaining strong words of support by fans, she has completely recovered her burning passion.

Actually, she was contemplating about standing for SSK. Last year, she welcomed SSK as the queen. Even though she gained the highest number of votes in history with 160k votes, last year’s #1 Sashihara Rino exceeded that with 190k votes, and Mayu started having thoughts of giving up thinking that, “her vote numbers were of a different dimension, I’m done with SSK”. Then, as the application period to stand for SSK approached in end March, Mayu said “I really disliked it, I would have nightmares every night.”. Her application was done on the last day, barely before the cut off time. “But, once the appeal comment, poster shoots were shot and preparations were starting, my switch was turned on naturally.”. Last year, during the SSK period, there was filming for my first Golden timeslot drama “Tatakau! Shoten Girl” as well as it being aired, and I couldn’t concentrate on SSK. “For last year’s part as well as this year’s, I’ll put in even more effort.”. In the beginning, she aimed for a rank up from 3rd, but as days passed, her real feelings slowly arised.

“With the meaning of words "Comeback of the orthodox idol”, I got my outfit arranged with flowers. My distinctive characteristic is still that (orthodox idol). Returning to my origin, I’ll fight".

The #1 member who can beat Sashihara Rino is still, Watanabe Mayu.


You Can’t Say That (2014) – group

In 2000, thirty-three years after the Supreme Court repealed all remaining laws banning interracial marriage, the United States census allowed respondents to identify themselves as more than one race for the first time in its history.  In checking more than one box, 9 million Americans were granted the opportunity to finally “name their own reality,” yet mixed-race Americans still face a narrow-minded approach to race on a daily basis.  The human need to categorize and sort is disrupted by mixed folk, who don’t fit neatly into preexisting boxes, and we oftentimes find ourselves being told what—not who—we are, being told we are not enough, and even self-identifying as the “Other.”

In this series, I explore my own experience as an American woman of mixed race through pop imagery, text, and vibrant color.  At times cathartic and condemning, I aim to direct toward the viewer a spotlight so often pointed at myself; to challenge the viewer and incite her to question the way she interprets the words and sentiments that I have so many times been told or told myself.

Race is not black and white, nor has it ever been.  As the face of America changes, how will we?


In memory of Mikiko Anzai Murakami
8 July 1932–17 April 2014

I’m going to put something down on paper if for no other reason, because it’s starting to build up inside me. Not build up in the eruption of passion kind of way, but in the cholesterol sense, blocking the blood flow to my soul and filling me inadvertently with inability. I learn more and more every day that I only care to be seen in words, and I only care how I seem through them. I can be obnoxious and inconsiderate and loud when it’s inappropriate; I make up my own version of socially acceptable, only to further violate it as my whims dictate. To be short, I’m indelicate; I am not a creature of grace. Yet grace is my aim, as is eloquence, as is poise. I am myself authentically unconcerned, but turn my fingers to the pen, turn the ink to the word and I’m a slave. I’ll take the bloody knuckle discipline to learn the conventions, just so I can break them in, turn the rules into a million shards that ricochet off in every direction, and maybe one ends up lodged sharp, entering smooth and quickly so you don’t even know I’m there until you find me in your heart. Nothing is so drained of inspiration as the clear cut, and nothing so inspired as the mess.

November 20th, 2014

Welcome to the first annual Bethyl BigBang!

What is a BigBang, you ask? It’s only the best fandom challenge ever! So, for example, Person A writes a primary fic about Beth and Daryl doing whatever they want to write about. Then, Person B creates a complementary piece – it can be a visual art, fanmix, video, or even a podfic, whatever you can think of – to accompany the fic. The possibilities are endless!

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American Ahmadi Doctor Who Went to Pakistan to Provide Free Healthcare is Murdered

I’ve seen a lot of coverage about the latest tragedies in America, but this event is a vital aspect of Pakistan’s treatment of minorities.

I’ve unfortunately not seen a single post on tumblr regarding this incident, hence I felt this forum would be the perfect place to spread the word and start a discussion. Thank you.

New Line Of Action Figures Aims To Teach Young Boys That 'There's More Than One Way To Be Strong'

When you hear the words “action figure,” odds are you think of tiny Batman toys or G.I. Joe in his brawny, bicep-filled glory. But you’d be hard pressed to find a more relatable action figure with substantive qualities beyond muscles. On…

This is very, very good! I’ve been hoping something like this would get started.

Basically, it’s a line of action figures similar to the empowering ‘American Girl’ dolls, and is the male equivalent of the recent wave of girl positive figures, so to say. Basically, it’s meant to help boys, showing them there’s more options to look up to then, say, G.I. Joe.

I’d like to spread this around for any parents out there that want to empower their young boys.



Warped Tour 2014! In addition to these photos, I met Motionless in White (huge deal as they’re one of my favorite bands and have helped me a ton), Issues (seen them twice now!), and all of Ghost Town (2nd time meeting them).

Warped Tour 2014

Breath Carolina -
Falling in Reverse -
Finch -
For Today -
Four Year Strong -
Less Than Jake -
Mayday Parade -
Motionless In White -
The Devil Wears Prada -
The Ghost Inside -
The Story So Far -
The Summer Set -
We The Kings -
Yellowcard -
Attila -
Born of Osiris -
Chelsea Grin -
Crown The Empire -
Every Time I Die -
For All Those Sleeping -
Ghost Town -
Ice Nine Kills -
Stray From The Path -
Terror -
The Color Morale -
The Word Alive -
Vanna -
Anberlin -
Bad Rabbit -
Cute Is What We Aim For -
Saves The Day -
The Main -
The Protomen -
The Ready Set -
This Wild Life -
We Are The In Crowd -
Air Dubai -
Bayside -
Beebs And Her Money Makers -
Echosmith -
Issues -
Lionize -
Real Friends -
Secrets -
Volumes -
Antiserum -
Captain Capa -
Crizzly -
DJ Nicola Bear -
DJ Scout -
K.Flay -
MC. Chris -
Bit Grit -
One Ok Rock -
Pacific Dub -
Watsky -
Wax -
A Skylit Drive -
Cursed Sails -
Chunk No, Captain Chunk -
Courage My Love -
Dayshell -
I Fight Dragons -
Lost In society -
Mixtapes -
Tear Out The Heart -
TheCityShakeUp -
A Lot Like Birds -
Acidic -
Beartooth -
Get Scared -
Heart To Heart -
I The Mighty -
Icon For Hire -
Neck Deep -
Plague Vendor -
Scare Don’t Fear -
State Champs -
Survive This! -
Teenage Bottlerocket -
Anthony Raneri (Bayside) -
Brian Marquis -
Elder Brother -
Front Porch Step -
Light Years -
Nick Santino ( A Rocket To The Moon )
Rob Lynch -
Young Statues -

You guys can thank me later :) Oh, btw this list only contains the bands that will be on the entire tour. Bands like Of Mice & Men etc. are not included because they’re only on select dates.


Dad Recites Poem To The Boys Who Will One Day Date His Daughter 

A father’s touching poem, aimed at the future men who will one day date his daughter, has gone viral and viewed over 600,000 times.

The well-crafted poem, recited by Jesse Parent at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational last month, starts with some very cliché threats against those who may think about hurting his daughter.

He begins, “If you break her heart, I will hear it snap,” but as his words go on, he reveals that he only has tremendous love for the unbelievable human that he helped create.

“I have been teaching her love all of her life, and all that I ask is that you continue the lesson,” Parent says.

The poem takes an unexpected turn near the end when Parent switches from warnings to optimism.

“Love her, befriend her, protect her. Be there when I can’t. And when my body gives up to the grave let the grin that eternity carves into my face be a reflection of the peace that your love brings to her, and we should get along just fine,” he says in the end.

Watch Parent recite his heartwarming poem now!