words that maketh

13 reasons why everyone should love Ed O'Brien
  • first of all you should do it because he is handsome

  • secondly he is super handsome!!

  • also he is blue-eyed 

  • sometimes he is bearded

  • he is so strange (everybody loves strange persons, don’t they?)

  • he has a great smile

  • he is the most cutest zombie i’ve ever seen (GARBHGL BAARGHL!!)

  • he is a good guitarist  

  • and he loves pedals <3

  • he is a sexy guy (papparazzi photo)

  • i told you!!   

  • because it’s his name-day today!

  • so why not? keep calm and love eddy ^^

Whenever anyone puts a microphone in front of me, I’m serious because I want to get these noises out of my head. At home I’ve got a very puerile, juvenile sense of humour. The people that make me laugh more than anyone else are Jonny and Ed. We’ve known each other since we were 15, so how can you not mercilessly rip the shit out of each other? It’s just like when you’re a kid; it’s no different.
—  Thom Yorke
Some of the websites had the lyrics for the album, even though it hadn’t been recorded yet. They’d taken bootlegs, conceivably, and just written down what they thought Thom was singing. So if Thom was ever stuck for lyrics, he’d occasionally go to these sites and steal all this kind of garbled, mistranslated singing he was doing.
—  Jonny Greenwood