words that i'm currently trying to live by

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You know, for dan, opening up to his audience isn't just about being more expressive about his relationship with Phil. It was about finally showing how he's grown and matured. He likes to talk about cute boys, try out different fashions, and not "confine to society's standards". He's comfortable with the person he has become and I'm so lucky he's sharing that with us. He's just genuinely happy being himself and this live show really proved that. I just feel so full of love right now. Bless him

he kept using the word ‘blessed’ to refer to everything good that has happened to him and everything good that has been given to him and it made my heart full cuz he really genuinely does feel blessed to be in his current position living under his current circumstances and he just solidified that by saying that the past two years have been the best years of his life. he’s opened up to his audience in many different aspects in the past year and he’s also opened up to himself and i am jus so happy for him! god i wish that were me!

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Justin's version of Despacito just reminds me how great sound mixing can be in with current technology. I mean I'm sure he can speak the words and sing them ok but lol have you heard him try to sing it live? Just my 2 cents on them creating a summer hit to which will never be fully sung live in concert lmao

LMAO its actually hilarious because when you listen to the remix carefully, you can hear Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee like singing over him on the words he struggles to pronounce right.. like they’re covering up for him and trying to mask his bad spanish