words that feed your soul


Can we talk about puns? Let’s talk about puns!

Specifically, can we talk about how puns are the PC vs. Mac thing of the, uh… joking kingdom? (please go with me here, or write me a better (probably punnier) analogy). 

I don’t always love puns. Sometimes I make puns myself, sometimes I groan at them. 

It is not a symbol of my Never-Ending Hate Of Puns Such A Lowly Form Of Comedy Won’t Somebody Please Fetch me Another Goddamn Rope Of PEARLS To Clutch.

Equally me dropping a pun is not a signal that I Am Now Ready To Enter Into The Most Holy Of Brotherhoods Where We Understand That Word Jokes Are The Highest Form Of Artistry/Your Groans Of Despair Feeds My Soul And I Delight In Your Pain, Pearlclutcher.

Please stop trying to make me take a fucking side, people.

I rather have a smaller portion of really great food than a large portion of mediocre meals.

I prefer simple and intimate gatherings over large parties.

I would rather want to know a few people deeply than to know very little about a plethora of individuals.

I’d rather have a few hours of deep conversation with a person than a have week with someone I don’t connect with.

I guess I’ve always preferred quality over quantity.

Quantity leaves you satisfied for a little while. Quality feeds your soul.

—  Quality Over Quantity
The only way to increase your hunger for more of God is to make a habit of getting in the word of God every day.
The holy bible is your spiritual food for your soul. Feed your self with His word and grow strong in the Lord.