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Soulmate AU Prompt

Where your soulmate’s last words to you is tattooed onto your wrist.

What if Person A works as a paramedic, in ambulance making sure people get to the hostipal alive.

One day, person B is in the ambulance dying, their heartbeat failing, and they say “Please tell my spouse I love them, Please…I know I won’t make it” to Person A.
(Or some sort of love declaration to this spouse).
To have Person A promise they will, and then their heart fails, /they die/.
Hence Person A having to tell Person B’s spouse that they loved them dearly.
Person A having to pretend Person B wasn’t their soulmate.

Do what you want with this prompt!
Adjust it to your liking.

(I’m sorry not sorry for torturing my best friend with this Idea).

Everyone has that secret, that’s not really a secret at all: it’s a plot twist, for better or worse.
It’s something that once shaped us: and once you know someone’s plot twist, you know that you’re in it for life.
Tattoos made my skin more “me”…
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I’m just kinda getting sick of being sad all the time.
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