words said between them

i still can’t stop crying even now when i watch that scene.

there’s virtually no dialogue, save 3 words, 3 whole words, said in that entire scene between them: you’re not alone.

and the rest? was just left to henrik and tarjei to follow through, with o helga natt playing as such a beautiful, soul soothing backdrop to the entire scene.

and … i’m just, i’m not exaggerating here when i tell you that my actual soul and body feels cleansed, and purified from just watching that scene. i feel … lifted? elated? i feel transcended up to a different level, where … in that universe, love is all that is needed. love, and the right person who comes along and gives you all that love, to make you feel that you’re going to be okay.

it just … that entire scene, was literally that simple. there was no extravagance, no big promises or words being said. it was just, so pure. so, so pure. so holy? and … even though there were /SO MANY/ symbolisms present in that scene, they never ONCE overpowered the true meaning and message of that scene, but rather, enhanced it to provide that true meaning and message of that scene even further:

that once in your life, you WILL find someone come, and fill you up with so much love and warmth, and that will make you feel so, so good. and so hopeful. and it’ll make you feel that, because you’re not alone, because that someone is there, by your side, who believes in you, who knows your flaws and your strengths, who accepts you for everything that you are, 

it’s THAT feeling that that person brings to you in doing all of that, that will give you all the courage you’ll ever need to feel good about life, and yourself.

and i just … please can henrik and tarjei just - take a bow. the simplicity, yet the amount of small nuances and intricacy they added to every LITTLE frame and second of that scene holds SO SO much meaning. whether it be even and the way he was breathing isak in, or isak waiting a few beats before kissing even to allow even all the time he needed, or whether it was just how GENTLE and SOFT they both were with one another - like, henrik and tarjei add SO MUCH into their performances? and the natural chemistry they have just enhances the viewing experience THAT much more, and heighten it SO MUCH, that it resonates. and it resonates in such a deep way that … even HOURS later, you can still feel yourself on the verge of tears from remembering what you saw.

that scene. o helga natt. i’m - i kid you not when i say, that i have never EVER seen such a pure, healing, soothing, comforting scene EVER in my whole TV viewing life. i am SO PROUD to be a skam fan right now, that got to witness the most profound scene i have ever had the pleasure of watching in my entire life. because, the way skam has handled this issue of mental illness: they didn’t romanticise it, or use it as a plot device. 

the signs were there, from the start, even for those who aren’t as observant. it was building up and up. and the way they addressed isak’s full acceptance of even, and in telling even that tonight - i’m - honestly - 

i have no words.

o helga natt. that is all, what a holy night, a revelation of some sort, tonight has been.

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• Fights were often, but they would never go very far. Reaper’s S/O would find a way to calm him down before it got to be too much.

• However, this one was not that same situation. Reaper was upset after a failed mission and his S/O was exhausted. They hadn’t said anything as he grumbled about.

• Then, his S/O had said, “Well, it can’t be that bad.”

• That was when the yelling had started. His S/O backed off almost immediately, but that didn’t mean Reaper did.

• He had said many horrible things until they just stormed off, sobbing.

• For days, not a word was said between them. His S/O did anything they could to avoid him, and he was starting to feel guilty.

• It would start small. He’d leave a note or a small gift for his S/O, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that wasn’t enough.

• He wouldn’t exactly say sorry, but he would take blame for the things he said, telling his S/O that they didn’t deserve to be treated in such a way.

• Reaper wasn’t the type to blatantly apologize, but he would cheer them up in his own way. He’d hold them in his arms, not saying a word. He just wanted to listen to his S/O speak, especially after not hearing them for a while.

No More Dates

The moment he said those three words to her, things shifted between them.

Shifted in a way that no best friend wants.

I love you changed everything.

Y/N remembered watching Joe’s eyes, the nervousness swirling in them as he waited for her to respond, and she also remembered the broken look when she told him she didn’t feel the same way.

She did love him, but she wasn’t in love with him.

And so she had left that night, wondering if she had just lost her best friend.

The next morning though, Y/N called Joe, telling him that when he was ready, she would help him find a girlfriend. It was the least she could do, she was still his best friend, right?

He had been reluctant at first, but she told him that was fine, to talk to her when he was ready.

Two weeks later, he did.

And now, a few months after that, Y/N regretted the decision.

Joe had been on many a dates, although none had turned into anything serious. Yet.

At first, he had been picky, too picky, until she rolled her eyes and said no woman was ever going to be perfect, so stop expecting her to have everything he wanted.

That changed things, and Joe started to enjoy himself more on the dates, although none leading further then a second or third date.

It was exhausting.

Especially since he kept complaining to Y/N that she hadn’t found him a girlfriend yet.

Her protest had been that she was trying, but he wasn’t making it easy for her.

He simply shrugged and say she needed to try harder.

She threw a pillow at him.

They were in Joe’s bedroom, him getting ready for yet another date, Y/N sat on his bed, flipping through Tinder on his phone, trying to find some more potential matches.

“Does this look okay?” He asked, and she looked up at him, meeting his gaze through the mirror.

“Yes. And so did the other five shirts. Will you just pick one?! You’re supposed to be leaving soon!”

“I just want to look good.”

“Fine. Wear the red one, it makes your eyes pop.”

“Really?” Joe looked at her, over his shoulder instead of through the mirror.

“Yes, now go change.” Y/N rolled her eyes, tossing his phone towards the end of the bed. None of the girls stuck out to her, they weren’t good enough for him.

Laughing, Joe tugged the shirt he had on off, and she couldn’t help it as her eyes scanned the exposed skin, her breath catching slightly.

He was attractive, she admitted, but best friends found each other attractive all the time.

In no time Joe had finished getting ready and he stood in front of Y/N.


“She’s a lucky girl.” She told him, ignoring the way the words tasted bitter on her lips.

“Thanks. Honestly.”

“What are best friends for? Text me after it ends, or in the morning if it doesn’t end tonight.” She winked at him, laughing as he rolled his eyes.

“Lock up when you leave!” He called to her, heading for the door as he pocketed his wallet and phone.

“Will do!”

The emptiness that followed the front door closing was nothing, she told herself.

Except it was everything.

Y/N took her time leaving Joe’s flat that night, not knowing why she was reluctant to leave it. There was nothing here that wasn’t back at her own place.

And she had already stolen one of his hoodie’s, so she had the calming scent of him with her.

Not that she needed it.

When she did open her own front door, pulling the key from the lock, a feeling tugged at the pit of her stomach.

It felt wrong coming back her alone, while Joe was out on a date.

Shaking her head, Y/N went about grabbing a snack and her computer as she settled in for her night of movie watching.

During the third romantic comedy, it hit her.

And it left her gasping for air, it hit her so hard.

Only to be made worse when Joe text her the thumbs up emoji, their sign of saying that the night wasn’t finishing yet.

That made Y/N want to throw her phone across the room. Because it could have been her.

It was supposed to be her.

But she had messed up.

She didn’t sleep that night, tossing and turning, her her found revelation racing through her mind.

And at five in the morning, as the sun started to rise, she threw on some pants and shoes and walked out the door.

There was no point in lying in bed.

With headphones blasting music into her ears, Y/N started walking. Letting her feet carry her body while the music carried mind away. She needed to escape her thoughts.

Hours later, her phone buzzed with a text from Joe.

You up?

Laughing, she typed out a quick reply, falling into a nearby bench. Yup. Been up for a while.


Looking at her surroundings, she tried to figure out where she was first.

Give me…half an hour?


“It never takes you half an hour to get here. And that was actually forty five minutes.” Joe said as Y/N walked in the door.

“I wasn’t home.”

“Where were you?”

“Other side of London.” He stared at her for a moment, waiting for her to either continue or say it was a joke, but she shrugged, leaning against the counter.

“Why the hell were you on the other side of London?” He finally asked, stirring the scrambled eggs cooking in the pan.

“I just started walking, and that was where I ended up. How was your date?”

“Started walking? It’s only half eight in the morning!”

“Been up since five, although not sure I really slept. Your date, how was it?” Y/N asked again, reaching for a piece of bacon to nibble on.

“Are you alright?” Joe asked, and she could feel his eyes on her, but she didn’t look at him, instead watching the steam rise from the eggs.

“Fine. Stop avoiding the question.”

“My date was fine. Not sure if I’ll go on another one though.”

“Why? You’ve refused to go on more than two or three dates with any of the girls I’ve set you up with. What’s wrong with them?!”

“They aren’t you.” Joe replied simply, and this time Y/N did lift her eyes, only he wasn’t looking at her any more. He was looking down at the pan, lifting it off the heat as he turned it off, turning to grab plates.

“What does that mean?” She asked softly, fear and hope running through her veins.

“I know you said you don’t love me back, but I’m sorry. I keep comparing every single one to you.” He put the plates down on the counter, meeting her stare. “I can’t help it. I love you, Y/N. I can’t just get over it. But going on these dates seems to have made things easier for us, so I kept going on them. But they aren’t you, and they never are going to be. So there. That’s why I only do one or two dates with each other them.”



“I don’t want you going on any more dates.”

“But you were the one who wanted to help me find a girlfriend…”

“And I did. Until I realized something last night.” Y/N told him, moving around the counter. Joe watched with widening eyes as she moved closer. “I don’t want you to find a girlfriend with someone else.”

“Then who do you want me to be with?” He asked, and she smiled up at him, reaching up to grasp his shirt, pulling him towards her.

“Me.” She said, kissing him.

“You taste like bacon.” Joe laughed after they broke apart, and Y/N started to giggle as well, leaning into him.

“‘Sorry it took me so long.”

“I’m just glad you did, I was getting tired of letting girls down.” He explained, his arms moving around her.

“At least know all the good date spots.” She mumbled, yawning lightly.

“Hmm, true.” He ran his hand up and down her back. “Want to go to bed? Breakfast can wait.”

“You may have to carry me. I don’t think I slept last night.”

“And then you walked the length of London, you nutter.” Joe chuckled, “Time to go to sleep.”


“Y/N?” He asked, scooping her up as her arms moved around his neck, her face buried into his shoulder.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

This was actually pretty hard to write….and not gonna lie i got choked up doing it…

Heres a look at what i see when i think of The Shield boys going to the hall of fame

THE END OF THE ROAD Crowds of people dressed  to the hilt. Smiles greeting friends and warm embraces greet old friends. Its the long awaited  night. One would  say one of the proudest and saddest nights of the decade. Fans fill the balcony and superstars settle into thier seats on the floor front. The night started with many jokes and many stars recieving award for thier achieving accolades.

        Backstage Three men stood waiting to  be called  to the stage. Not a word said between them. The moment is bitter sweet.  Three best friends and brothers who started at the bottom and clawed and scratched thier way to the top of the company and held that status for so many years. The eldest man of the group a tall dark thick statured man,hues of grey and white intertwined with his black locks as he rubbed his tired old hands together as he stood holding back any conversation. His ruthless brother stood next to him adjusting his tie nervously  as he grimaced in his weathered expression. Hes always one to keep his cool as long as he can ,but the wait was wearing on him. Finally next to them walked up the third brother,the man who was said to build this greatest of teams. Hair pulled back tight into a black bun with strands of grey swirled into it. His crows feet and smile lines peered through his forlorned lost stare. He always had to be perfectly put together but tonight he felt anything but put together.

       From the stage the Hunter the boss of the company finished up his speech about the group of men who brought the WWE to the highest of goals. His wife stood beside him agreeing and responding about how much of an honor it has been to have the three men as thier greatest foundation of all time and how they have accomplished so much. Finally it was time. “Ladies and gentlemen it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the greatest factions of all time in WWE  history,please stand and welcome them…THE SHIELD……the crowd went insane with cheers as Roman led them to  the stage.  Dean walked side by side with Seth due to his leg being weak from injury over the years. Each stepped to the podium standing side by side looking up and out to the large crowd. The mens eyes lit up and emotion washed over them.

        Roman stood center of the podium with Dean to the right and seth to the left . Roman stood there tears filling his eyes choking back. The crowd wouldnt let him speak for  quite some time. Finally as the people lowered thier cheers and sat to thier seats his silence broke.

     “Tonight we stand befor as the group the Shield. Its been a long  road from where we came  from.  Our up and downs and ins and outs  all apart of a master plan. Did we know when we  got called up we were gonna be one of the greatest groups of entertainers of all time? No, not a chance,but we did what we did best.  We put on shows EVERY NIGHT,WE TORE THIS HOUSE DOWN DAY IN AND DAY OUT AND IF ONE  OF US WENT DOWN WE ALL WENT DOWN!”. 

The crowd cheers as his voice grew. Then Dean approached the mic.cool calm and collect.

    “But it wasnt always that way. There was a time when there was a crack in the shield,….and when that happened it was time to spread our  wings.  Now im not say a steel chair to the back felt good because Roman and I we know,but what i am saying is this was the greatest adventure i ever had in my sad lil life. Wrestling put us at ease,it always scared away the monsters and it always made us believe we were invincible weather we lost or not. Even when we split to venture off on our own we were still bound as brothers to always have each others back out here,outside of our work schedule. These boys are and have always been the best thing thats ever happened to me and i am so proud to stand next to them today.”

Dean choked back his words befor continuing…

      …..it is our honor to stand befor you and say…we have officially made it to the finish line some of us in one piece, some of us not so much (patting seth and Roman  on the back) but even now when you  cant walk or your too damn old to press on ill carry you home boys”!

The boys turned hugging him. Embracing the crazy man known as the lunatic. Roman grabbed the sides of his head pressing his forehead against Deans. Dean turned to seth kissing his cheek and holding him tight. They pulled away and seth stepped to the podium glassy eyed.

         Once again the crowd clapped.

         “Thank you…thank you all from the bottom of my heart…..you know there was a day that i was truly the bad guy,i hurt my brothers and i decieved many in the ring,but outside of the ring i never been more at home than by the side of these two. The Shield would never have been The Shield with out Romans brut strength, warm heart and grounded  feet and it surely wouldnt have been the Shield with out Deans balls,his  insanity and psychotic caios,  and i as the architect  could never have been who i was with out them….and you our fans.

Fans clap and cheered loudly and seth swallowed hard and his chin began to quiver and suddenly a stream slipped down his cheek. Deans head fell back looking up trying not to cry as he turned away from seth. Roman moved in to take Deans spot so he could compose himself. Roman wrapped his hand up over  Seths shoulder and seth couldnt finish. Roman leaned and finished for  him.

        “What i think hes trying to  say is that no matter the time ,day or circumstances a brother will always be a brother and You fans will always be apart of our upcoming and our final goodbye and Thank you will never be enough.”

      Dean wiped his face to finish up and came back to the podium.

        “Befor we send everyone home a soppin mess there is a few people we want to thank ….first and foremost  the McMahon  family,the late great Vincent  McMahon  (he kissed his finger sending a blessing up to the heavens. Stephanie and Hunter,thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of this company,to all of our mentors,Dusty,Rick,shawn…theres so many of you thank you, all of our fellow  superstars we have had the honor of working with,our families and friends,wives  and kids and lastly God …. to all of you  who held us up and held us down we love  and appreciate each and every one of you”

        As they waved and tried to close up  the Usos,new day,  The rock and many other stars swarmed the stage to show thier love and respect. Hunter and Stephanie  made thier way to the stage hugging and congratulating them on a successful career. As they made thier way from the stage the three of them embraced and hugged and cried. They knew their story wasnt over. They will be in the books as the greatest faction of all time and that was more than enough for them.


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continued from here || @outbackiing

“Saying goodbye for good is hard,” Angela agreed. Though she kept the specifics to herself. The doctor matched his pose, holding herself as she thought over the words said between the two of them.  

“I would have liked to see it before everything had gone wrong.” 

Angela backtracked, realizing what she had said didn’t make much sense without context. “I mean, what  Australia, or even the earth itself, was like before all this had started. Before Overwatch had come to be. Before the Omnics had invaded. What was it like? Before everything we know today?” 

The young doctor brushed at her hair casually, giving a gentle look toward the junker. “It’s odd to think that this is all we know now. I can’t imagine a different world.” 

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💕 || cheek kiss ||

[meme] || kisses for ravy

     THE SYLLEBLOSSOM FIELDS ARE ALWAYS peaceful in the evenings, which is the main reason for Ravus always going to them then. The air is cooled with the setting sun, the breeze stirring the flowers into a gentle dance.

It’s among these flowers that he sprawls on his back, finally able to relax.

Not expecting company, Ravus’s eyes open when he hears footsteps, though he recognises them and, as such, makes no move to sit up. No words are said between them, and there’s a moment of silence before Lunafreya kisses his cheek.

So warm-hearted even now - it was more than he could say for himself.

[ Jughead ] Closed Starter 

News of Jughead’s trip to the police station had reached Jellybean and her mother. There were many words said between them along the lines of blaming her father, the regret of leaving him behind and forbidding Beanie to go back into Riverdale when there’s a murderer on the loose. 
But in the time apart from her brother, Beanie had changed. She was no longer the subservient little girl that everyone remembered. She had grown up idolising her brother, aspiring to be like him, both spiritually and creatively. So, naturally, she snuck out of her bedroom window once she was sure her mother was passed out from working her two different jobs. She knew she would be out cold until morning. Nothing ever stirred her.
And off she went, on her bicycle, headed to Jughead. She knew the way, even though she really didn’t. He was a beacon. She just seemed to know how to find him, and didn’t question the feeling.

“Juggy?” she whispered, tapping on a window of the Andrew’s house. It was late. Gone midnight by the time her little thin legs got her to him. But she didn’t care, and she hoped he wouldn’t.
She tapped again and glanced around incase anyone else saw, or heard, her. 

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HNOC Mordred and Gawain + 9 for the #888 prompts?

9. I remember you being smarter.

The words stand between them, said too hastily and impossible to take back.

“We’ve met before?” Gawain asks. “When?”

“Never mind,” Mordred looks away, hoping Gawain won’t make the connection. It’s been years, and yet… 

He should have chosen a different name.

“Tell me,” Gawain demands. 

“You don’t want to know,” Mordred insists.

He turns away, but not before he hears Gawain’s shocked whisper.


He doesn’t turn back around.

“My name,” he says very slowly, “is Mordred.”

And then he walks away, ignoring the questions Gawain throws at his back.


Smoke and Mirrors Verse / @apprenticemockingbird @myrandar

(x)  (x)

Her voice had such a proper tone when she said those words, so in contrast with what generally transpired between them behind closed doors. Other than a slight tremble in her timbre there was nothing to indicate she was merely speaking to a soon-to-be uncle, nothing to suggest anything untoward. 

I have nothing against all L*caya shippers but there are many who are disrespectful and fill up the Rucas tag with their hate.

I just don’t see it whatever this is between Maya & Lucas. I don’t see the appeal or the chemistry.

saying l*caya has chemistry because she picks on him is like telling your child if a boy hits you then he likes you.

I strongly believe that in the end Rucas will be standing and L*caya will have ended for good or for now.

I believe that Maya & Lucas will come to realize they aren’t couple material but instead have a brother/sister dynamic that works for them.

every sign, every word said, every look shared between them, every person around them who sees the connection it all amounts to something. rucas is in it for the long game.

I’m ready for Riley & Lucas to sit down and talk about their feelings. decide where they go from there.

I feel good about what is coming for Rucas.

Let’s just take a second...

To talk about this look exchanged between #Westallen in the last episode, mkay?

Yes, this past episode was largely about Iris closing the door on her grief for Eddie. But this look between them said so much more than the words exchanged. 

Earlier this season, Barry and Iris barely shared a scene together, and outside of Barry making the occasional comment about how great she was, we saw no indication that his romantic feelings for Iris were still there. But since the “Welcome to Earth 2″ episode, the WA flame has been rekindled and burning brightly as ever - but this time on both sides. 

Iris was talking about her pseudo-date with her boss here and how she missed Eddie - but look at her eyes when she looks at Barry. That is not a look of a friend being comforted by another friend. That to me is a look of a woman who’s starting to realize the amazing guy that’s been in front of her all along; like a light is finally switched on and she’s truly seeing Barry as more than a friend. There’s desire in that look y’all. And of course it doesn’t help that Barry looks like it’s all he can do not to lean over and kiss her. 

Anyways, I just thought it was a brief but sweet moment between the two in this episode that I pray is a stepping stone towards them finally getting together. Am I alone here?

What I fear and what I want to see in the final chapters of POI

I want…

First and foremost, some kind of aknowledgment of the connection between Reese and Finch. It was largerly thrown under a rug for the last 2 seasons, but it’s still there. We were even shown bits and pieces: that it’s OK for them to invite each other for dinner in the middle of the night, that they met every week when everything was in ruin, that they worry about each other, that they tell each other almost everything… It deserves something more that a casual brush away before the final shoot out. Something. An embrace is unlikely, but maybe some warm words?

Or, at least, a confirmation that SOMETHING was said between them offscreen. (E. g. “There is nothing left unsaid between me and Mr. Reese, so I don’t think it is necessary to send him a message”).

Correspondingly, I’m frustrated in advance that I’m not going to get what I want. There is very little time left and somehow the creators seem to be more interested in Reese|Fusco or Finch|The Machine interaction, than in Reese | Finch. Yeah, I know, they devoted 3 seasons to this pair so it may be a bit of a stale bread fot the screenwriters, or maybe CBS told them to quit queerbaiting, idk. But I kind of think Reese and Finch won’t be able to say a proper goodbye to each other.

And a good bye it will be, because I’m sure one or both of them will die. I’d like to see them inside of Machine; I’d like to also have Harold to speak to the Machine’s version of John or vice versa. Maybe they will give these two closure this way, which will be double tragic?

Anyway, I’m too invested in this show, more than probably healthy, and I know that my hopes are going to be crushed.

I just hope there will be more rinch fanfiction.