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The most common uncommon words of SGFG // part 1
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Night Changes by louhearted​

~30k, mature

Louis pushed his hands against the fabric of his pockets.

“You look like an adorable kangaroo.” Harry tried to stifle his giggle in his scarf, but Louis had seen his nose crinkle, and he knew that Harry found immense pleasure in moments like this.

“Do I now, Harold? You don’t look much better yourself.”

Harry tugged his scarf back underneath his chin and grinned. All of his teeth and every dimple and every crinkle were on display. “Thank you, Louis. I appreciate these kind words.”

“You’re welcome.”

If only he could just punch through the fabric of his coat and touch Harry’s stomach. If only he could, because he would; he didn’t care for his stupid coat. Niall would surely lend him one of his until he could afford a new one, and if not, then he at least had Harry to keep him warm.“