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I don’t want to be married just to be married. I can’t think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can’t talk to, or worse, someone I can’t be silent with.
—  Mary Ann ShafferThe Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Pumpkin Pie

Charters -  Dean x Reader

Summary - You make Dean a pie.

Word Count - 914

Warnings - fluff

A/N - written for @supernatural-jackles  Colors of Fall Writing Challenge. Thanks to my beta @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell 


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You were in the kitchen making your great-grandmother’s pumpkin chiffon pie. Led Zeppelin was playing softly in the background as you hummed and bopped around to the sounds of Stairway to Heaven.  You didn’t even notice that you weren’t alone until you felt strong arms wrap around you and soft lips kiss your temple.

“Whatcha doin’?” a deep gravelly voice said softly in your ear.

You lean back into him and absorb his warmth. “Well now that it’s pumpkin season, I needed to make some pumpkin chiffon pie.”

You can almost hear his brows crinkle. “What the hell is a chiffon?”

“Well, chiffon is a very soft, sheer silk fabric.” You explain.

He squeezes you tighter, “You’re putting fabric in my pie?!”

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((Hey Moe! Idk if you've seen me around, but I've followed you & your art (especially your VanVen stuff ;D) since you were starting out, and I wanted to tell you that I am so happy you're getting the recognition, success, and admiration you deserve. You're an amazing person, artist, and role player. I wish I was active again so I could interact with your characters, but since I'm not, I thought I'd let you know of my support for admiration for you. Love you lots!! Keep up the amazing content!))

holyy shit

oh gosh you make me blush seriously!!!

Thank you so much for you kind words, I’m really blushed right now (//w//) I never expected to get so nice words from you!!!


ok your ask caught me with my guard down and yeah, I actually have seen your blog since I started to roleplay with Ventus but…I went on a full hiatus for a year or so and I stopped seeing people from my first years as roleplayer but anyway, that’s not all what I want to say…I didn’t imagine you have been following my artwork since the start?? That’s really sweet and I must say that I never expect someone to actually tell  me that directly, I know some have been following my drawings for years but that’s people I have as friends…but people I never talk to telling me I do a good job and they cheer me up?? that’s really something I never imagined it would ever happen to me.

Why? because I’ve always felt an outcast on Tumblr, sometimes it’s hard to be noticed because they are a lot of pretty good artists and sometimes we don’t get words of encouragement to keep improving or just don’t give up on our works. I don’t know if I’d ever been recognized on this fandom but I don’t care, I’ve been drawing Vanitas since I’ve known about him (which was on 2013) and I had a few times a fear of this place, I’ve seen people tracing my own art and I felt really angry when that happened, I almost decided to stop posting my art on here but…I didn’t want to give up, so I had my ups and downs on this place, people with low self esteem has a rough time with art but I don’t let that put me down, I’ve always kept trying and trying and now I’m here.

I always had a low profile, I always tried to only draw for myself and I lerned that’s the better way to keep impoving. I don’t search for recognition, i only search joy and happiness within my art; I won’t say that recognition is a bad thing and I don’t like it, no, I like to know people is there enjoying what I do, it’s better when you do something you love to do and people around you is happy to see it.

If I have to tell someone who is feeling down lately about their own art, just keep it up and don’t give up, I’ve been drawing since I was 5 and little by little I ended up here. Things are possible if you believe on it and you work hard on it, everyone is able their place if they search for it <3!! sorry for rambling too much haha, I get a bit sentimental when I see messages of this type, they give me the courage to keep it up and I’m happy, you don’t know how happy is making me all of this, this year I want to start a new career and become in a graphic designer and also open commissions online, idek how am I going to deal with that but trying doesn’t harm anyone, right?


once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! and I’d love to roleplay with your Ven when you come back, I’d be very happy to write with you and your muse sooo you are always welcome to IM or send me a message to chat about it, not just for that, but anything, I love to meet new people and talk about silly things.

Mini Hiatus PLUS Future Fics Sneak Peek!!

Hi, my beloved darlings!! Yes, the heading is true. I will be taking a small hiatus from posting fics. I know, I’m sorry!! I’m having a hard time keeping up with real life and writing. 

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^^^^^I thought this gif was funny but this is actually first ever planned hiatus since I started writing fic. Plus Sherlock. Obviously. 

For a little context, I work 50-60 hours a week normally and things are about to get EXTRA CRAZY  with the holidays coming up (I work in a bakery, in case you were wondering. One word: PIE. So many pies….). I haven’t been sleeping enough plus working a lot PLUS miraculously keeping up with AoJ fic schedule. A lot of other things I’ve let slide in my life. I’m running on fumes and need a little break. Two weeks is what I’m thinking, maybe a little longer. 

To be clear, I will still be writing as much and as often as I can!! I just won’t be posting them yet. With a little cushion room and getting ahead on fics, I’ll feel much better and I hope to be less stressed moving forward. 

BUT ANYWAY. I thought I’d give a little sneak peek at fics I’ve been writing and wanted to write but haven’t had time plus my continuing series.

Continuing Series: 

In the Arms of Justice

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so i just learned that the french word for “pie chart” is “diagramme en camambert” aka the camambert (type of cheese that’s a wheel shape) diagram and if that’s not the most french thing you’ve ever heard you’re lying

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i think a misconception a lot of people have about garnet is that she's always so serious. (i know she's a big ol' dork but some people don't see that)

abby says.    HONESTLY, i think a lot of people mistake her maturity && responsibility for cold stoicness !!  garnet OFTEN comes off as stiff or unemotional simply because she has assumed the role of leader so bracingly ; when rose died, garnet took the role of leader knowing that amethyst was too inexperience and that pearl was too emotionally hurt by her passing.  garnet herself had to push away her OWN emotions to take charge of the team and remain strong ( something she still does to this day. )  IN ACTUALITY, garnet feels emotion just as strongly ( if not more so ) as the other gems !!  she is two very passionate beings that have been formed into one !!  people look over her love simply because she has enough balance to control her feelings ( most of the time ) and push past them.

garnet is a HUGE ASS DORK, i mean look at her !!  she loves LOVE, she loves her family, she would protect her humans of beach city, she enjoys playing games and hanging out.  we’ve seen her let loose a lot more as steven has grown older and come to terms with his own powers ; he is no longer the child that cannot protect himself, and while garnet is MORE THAN WILLING to stand by his side and be a guardian over him, she knows that he can handle a lot more on his own.  not only that, but after season one, when she came to terms with how callous she’d been previously ( w/o telling steven physically that she loved him ) she opened up a lot more then, too !!  she became even more in balance with her emotions, knowing that she could finally express her love while protecting her team, letting loose of that control that she had.  she is still the leader, sure, but she doesn’t have to do it alone, and she is very slowly realising that !!  but honestly….. she’s a huge dork ass gay who would die for love and flowers and her son and i’m not sure enough people understand that because they don’t look farther than the facade she puts on as a leader !!

misconception meme !!

The Glitter Incident

This was a Christmas present for @itstoolateforcake. This is a story I made about the AU that K has made called @eighttale. I am the beta reader for this comic and AU so I hope you all enjoy this late present for my friend.

Bold: Gaster using sign language.

“C'mon Sebastian! Ciel has been kidnapped! Again! You can’t let them do that.” Alphys whispered as she sat at her desk in the corner of the lab, staring at the anime on her computer. It was late at night and the lizard monster was one of the few monsters that had not gone home for the night.

“He is even calling for you! I thought you were one he-Oh there you are. Save him-”

A low voice from behind interrupted her. “What are you doing?”

Alphys jumped, falling out of her chair. She scrambled to her feet. “Oh! I-I was just….”

The two skeletons laughed at the intern’s nervous face. Alphys stood and turned away from them, irritated.

“Sans! Dr. Gaster! You almost gave me a heart attack!” she exclaimed and crossed her arms. “Why were you two lurking over my shoulder anyway?”

Gaster started to move his hands around. Years of working on the core had damaged his vocal cords beyond repair. To get over the language barrier he typically used sign language. While his team could understand him, Sans had taken it upon himself to translate when the moment arose.

“I like scaring you. You make such cute and silly noises that I can’t help myself.” Sans translated, chuckling.

“Sans, are you mixing up his words again?” she asked, pink tinting her features.

The smaller skeleton shrugged. “Nope. That is all him.”

She turned to snap at them both when her pink tint erupted into a massive blush.

“U-Um, Dr. Gaster?”

“Yes?” He signed. His lab coat was riding up a bit, causing his upper legs to be shown. He wasn’t wearing pants and Alphys, having known the doctor and his personality for many years, assumed that he wasn’t wearing anything else either.

She blushed. “Why aren’t you wearing anything under your lab coat?”

“Did I forget those again?” He signed, looking down, not really concerned.

She spluttered. “A-again?!”

“This isn’t normal for everybody?” Gaster cocked his head, not understanding what was wrong.

“No, it is not,” Alphys huffed.

He looked confused. “But, Sans does it too.”

She turned her attention to the other skeleton. “You are that forgetful?”

“Nah, I don’t forget. I am just too lazy to put on clothes sometimes.” He shrugged.

Alphys groaned in frustration and turned back to her computer screen. The other two grinned at each other proudly.

“You two are like children…”

“Thank you.” Sans smiled, sitting on her desk next to her. She didn’t even glance at him, mad that they interrupted her show.

Gaster tapped her shoulder. “Don’t be like that, you know that we are just teasing you.”

Alphys sighed and looked down. She stared.

“Are those,” she paused. “high heel boots?”

Gaster looked down at his feet. “Why yes. Yes they are. They are actually quite comfortable on my feet.”


He started to walk around, showing her how effective they were. Sans and Alphys watched him a while. Alphys stared at the silly skeleton, who didn’t stop, strutting proudly.

An hour passed.

Sans snorted awake having fallen asleep on his feet. “I’m bored. Hey Alph?” Sans asked, leaning against her desk. She hummed in response, still watching Gaster strut around, a continual blush on her face.

“You know how I have all these stories about when you were on that week long forced vacation?” Sans continued.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Have I ever told you about the time Gaster built a glitter gun and failed?”

She stared at him a moment. “A glitter gun? Seriously?”

He shrugged. “Yeah. I mean, you know how he is. Wearing heels and all.”

“Okay, I’ve got to hear this.” She said, focusing her attention on the skeleton beside her.

“It went like this . . .”


Gaster sat at his desk, absorbed by his work. He worked with his team of interns in an open roomed lab. His desk was at the head of the room so that any time he could turn and survey his team and see what progress they were making on their projects. He had his older interns’ desks closest him with the other desks situated farther away so he could keep his eye focused on the more experienced of his team.

The thrum of the core kept Gaster calm and focused. This particular experiment would end up as a gift to his close friend, Queen Toriel. She looked stressed recently, having to take care of two mischievous kids. They were constantly playing tricks on her and putting her in a foul mood. He thought she needed something to lighten her mood and also be a way to get back at the children.

Sans, who was sitting at his desk behind the scientist, glanced at Gaster’s turned back with a mischievous grin. Behind his back he held a long pole with an air-horn attached onto the end with tape. His plan was to try and prank Gaster for the first time in a long while. He had tried many times and rarely succeeded.

He waited for everyone’s attention to be on their own work. Then he extended the pole to where the horn rested just out of sight by Gaster’s ear. His thumb hovered over the button, waiting for the right moment. He pressed down.

The sound echoed across the lab, ringing in everyone’s ears. Green streamers shot from the horn and covered Gaster. He jumped and scattered pieces of his experiment, falling out of his chair. The room went silent, everyone staring at him.

The tall skeleton’s form started shaking and puffing noises came from him. His face was turning slightly purple and his already large smile went a little wider.

“Are you alright?” Sans asked. Gaster nodded, he was laughing hard.

Sans grinned and helped his mentor up, discarding the air horn contraption. “Good one huh? I haven’t gotten you like that in forever.”

“Yes Sans, you did well.” Gaster signed once his hands were free. “I will have to think up a good one to combat that.”

Sans sweated nervously, knowing how intense Gaster could get on revenge pranks. Gaster didn’t seem to notice his intern’s nervousness and sat back at his desk. Shaking his head as evil ideas tumbled through his mind, Gaster started to gather the pieces for his experiment.

“So Doc, what are you even working on there?” Sans asked, leaning over his shoulder to peer down at the small machine.

“It will be the most dangerous weapon ever known to monsterkind,” Gaster signed darkly, the purple magic holding him together giving off a dark aura.

“R-really?” Sans gulped.

“Nope.” Gaster grinned, his magic lightening again. “It is a magic prank gun.”

Sans chuckled in relief. “Awesome. What kinds of things can it do?”

“Currently it shoots glitter, like, everywhere.”

“So…… A glitter gun?” Sans asked.

“Not gonna call it that. It will be…. ‘the Prank Master 5000!’ because it makes it sound cool and important,” Gaster signed excitedly.

“Just because you said it like that, I am gonna call it a glitter gun forever.” Sans smirked. Gaster pouted and turned his back on him, working on the gun yet again.

Neither of the two noticed two little screws rolling down under the desk, nor would they have understood the significance if they had.

A few hours later, Sans was walking back to his desk from the coffee machine. Everything seemed peaceful until he was attacked by a large and overly excited scientist.

“Sans! I’ve done it!” Gaster waved, jumping in front of Sans excitedly.

Sans eyes widened in sarcastic amazement. “You’ve finally made a machine that instantly will produce any flavor of nice cream?”

“No, I am still working on that,” Gaster signed, waving it off. “But I have finished the Prank Master prototype!”

“Nice one Doc G. Does it work?” the intern asked interestedly.

Gaster paused. “I haven’t tested it out yet, but do you wanna be there when I do?”

“Why not? Don’t got much else planned at the moment,” the other skeleton shrugged.

Gaster grinned and dashed behind him, pushing Sans along to his desk. Sans tripped forward as fast as he could, used to his mentor’s enthusiasm.

They reached the desk and the tall scientist grabbed the gun off of the table. He showed Sans the finished product. It was a small purple hand gun with many dials and switches to one side. There were little colors that were painted along one dial and pictures and numbers on the other dials.

“Very pretty.” Sans commented.

Gaster sighed. “That was the part that took longest for me to do.”

Sans nodded, understanding. “So, can it do many pranks yet?”

“No, just the glitter for now. Once I’ve got that figured out, everything will go smoothly.”

“Show me what you got, G.”

Gaster grinned and fiddled with the nobs and dials. He switched the color dial to green. The gun glowed with purple magic. He turned and pointed it at the wall. The gun wavered slightly in the air as he aimed and fired.

Glitter went everywhere.

The gun exploded, green glitter flying into the air in a great plume above the entire room. It rained down from above unto his whole team. The interns exclaimed in surprise, choking on the massive amounts of the sparkly dust.

Sans doubled over in coughing fits of laugher as everyone turned their attention on them.

Gaster stared in shock, watching his least favorite color flood the room. The elder scientist knew what this meant for him. All the scientists would gather together and force him to clean. So he did the next logical thing. He teleported into  thin air.

“Ga- where did he go?” Sans looked around. After a moment he realized what he did. “GASTER GET BACK HERE!”


Alphys was giggling and snorting, covering her mouth to smother the noises.

“Gaster locked himself into the testing chamber with the nice cream maker and it took us four days to clean it up by ourselves.” Sans sighed bitterly, finishing the story.

“Did he ever finish that gun?” She asked, wiping her eyes.

Sans shook his head. “I don’t think so. The Doc probably just gave up on the idea after that. You know how he hates cleaning up messes.”

Alphys nodded. “I know that more than most.”

“Sans, you’ve got a package.”  Brian, a short monster covered in fur, announced as he came into the lab with many letters and small packages under one arm. In his hands was a medium-sized cardboard cylinder.

Sans grinned and grabbed it, thanking him. “I think I know what this is.”

“What is it?” Alphys asked, intrigued. Sans turned it in his hands. His excitement was apparent as he started to open it.

“It is my brand new tele-!”

Gaster grabbed Alphys’s with both arms and jerked her out of the line of fire as the container shot out bright red glitter.

“-scope.” Sans finished. His jaw dropped in surprise. “The heck?!”

The glitter hung in the air for a few seconds before clinging to Sans’s body.  He fell to the ground and tried to brush off the glitter. It stuck to him as if magnetized to his bones.

Gaster let Alphys go and doubled over in laughter. He huffed louder and he was practically glowing purple. Alphys stared at him, her face beet red at being clutched by the half-naked scientist.

“Gaster! You did this!” Sans cried, staring at him in exasperation. “What is this stuff, and why did you do it?”

Gaster leaned against Alphys’s desk, trying to calm himself down.

“I made those flakes so that they would be attracted to the magic of the monster closest to them. Which happened to be you,” Gaster explained, shaking so hard that his hand signals were barely legible. “And I know you were the one who sabotaged the Prank Master 5000.”

“I didn’t have anything to do with that malfunction!” Sans groaned.

Gaster didn’t believe him. “Of course you did! Who else would do that to me?”

“What about everyone in this lab?” Sans suggested and scowled as he realized that the glitter had gotten inside his clothes.

Gaster rolled his eyes. “No. They would be after you. In fact there were a few of your fellow interns who helped me in this prank.”

After a great deal of arguing and pleading, Gaster finally demagnetized the glitter. Sans went home to wash himself of the red, sparkly mess, leaving Gaster and Alphys alone.

“Well, G, that was very amusing.” Alphys smiled, sitting back in her chair.

“Oh? Am I G now, Alphys?” Gaster smirked.

“What? Oh I just . . !” Alphys realized her mistake. From hearing Sans whole story and him always referring to the taller skeleton as “G” made her start to as well.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind.” Gaster shrugged, smiling at her. He sat upon her desk.

Alphys stammered. “N-no, I-I-.”

He didn’t understand why she was flustered. “Pet names are a sign of a healthy relationship!”


�l�� �


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCFI9_4kOnc)

Okay so I just made this pie and I absolutely have to gush about it. If any of this seems familiar, it’s because I’ve already raved about how good this pie is on reddit and youtube; SORRY, NOT SORRY. I JUST ATE IT ONE HOUR AGO AND IT’S TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE.

I joined forces with fellow fans @dreadtriumvirate and @tsu-was-here, and we split up the work, braiding the crust, whisking cream, and checking temperatures, until it all came together. One thing I will say is that this pie is like a custard (or should I say, a sugary quiche?) and most of the time was spent in front of the stove stirring pots! I was really worried that we’d accidentally burn something, but we prevailed! In the end our patience was rewarded with PURE BUTTERSCOTCH CINNAMON BLISS.

The buttery warm filling just melts in your mouth, with warm quiet notes of cinnamon lingering behind. I don’t usually do baked goods and I was really worried the pie would be too sweet, (I even had extra ingredients incase I needed to remake it with less sugar). But nope, you can’t improve on PERFECTION. It’s not cloying at all, and instead it’s rich, soft, and delightful. (Like a hug from Toriel herself.) We were scraping every last scrap off the plates and just swooning over this delicacy.

My family was over so I ended up serving them each a slice. They don’t know ANYTHING about Undertale so they weren’t clouded by fan-bias, and even they were raving over how good this damn thing was. My parents even said this was the best pie they have ever had and my brother is already begging me to make another. THANK YOU FEAST OF FICTION!

We only made two adjustments: First, the whipped cream was too sweet for my liking, so we added an extra cup of whipping cream to the mixture and it mellowed it out perfectly.

Second, I’m cursed with a gluten-intolerance so we used a pre-made gluten-free pie crust instead of a regular one. Gluten-free pie crusts are a BITCH to make from scratch, so having “pre-made” be a part of the recipe was helpful. (If you are looking for a good pie crust, I recommend Silly Zak’s. Even the wheat-eaters were commenting on how good the crust was, and we didn’t even do anything to it.)

I’m really glad that everything turned out and we didn’t burn the house down. We’ll definitely make it again!

(I’m no food photographer, but here it is before we completely devoured it.)

* Reading this positive review about Butterscotch Cinnamon pie has filled you with DETERMINATION.