words on a nebula

Its like the universe threw all of the stars
In the sky
Into the depths of your eyes
I’m being mezmorized
As our atoms combine
Swirls of silver and stardust
Nebulas collapse and combust
Into something more than
Darkness could destroy.

The sky is a vibrant, glowing grave
Of stars that couldnt be saved.
But ours will always burn bright
In the darkest of nights.

—  Eros J. Belle
there are stars in your eyes and galaxies stuck in your smile
—  nebula boy//e.g.
She saw in the stars her own constellations; the hopeful warrior, the broken harp, the fallen priestess, the open book, the blind child, the fearful poet. All played a part in her evening wonder, pulling all of her passion and dread into the sky.
—  Celestial Dynasty
8 Facts About Nebulae

1. Nebulae are a mixture of the gases hydrogen and helium, as well as dust and plasma.

2. The beautiful pictures of nebulae that the Hubble telescope beams down are actually three different channels of black and white, which are mixed and painted by scientists to produce the vibrant colors we see in magazines and on television. (The layers are painted according to the composition of the different gasses within the specific nebula.)

3. The word nebula means “cloud” in Latin; indeed, nebulae are space. Variously, the meaning has also been given to mean “mist”; it’s fitting, because their varying appearances sometimes do look like a cloud of mist.

4. The galaxy Andromeda was initially believed to be a nebula before Edwin Hubble proved that Andromeda was actually a galaxy all its own in the 1920’s. Before then, it was believed that other galaxies were merely nebulas and that the universe only consisted of the Milky Way.

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The nice thing about writing redneck space pirates is I get to over-deploy “fucking,” my favorite word in the whole of the English language. I love Star Wars so much, but there’s just something about the literature in that fandom that prevents me from really salting up the obscenities when I write in it. Maybe it’s from reading too many PG-rated EU novels, I don’t know. Anyway, here are my headcanons regarding the GOTG characters and how they use “fuck”:

Yondu: Pretty casual about his usage of it, it’s basically just another space-filler on par with “um” and “uh.” When he gets mad, it’s every other word. If he gets really mad and can’t go straight to whistling for some reason, he starts spitting obscenities with no Common equivalent that the translator doesn’t have on file, and which are assuredly far more filthy.

Kraglin: Also pretty casual, but has a tendency to drawl it out in a way that really catches the ear. Sounds like he’s really relishing it in his mouth before that final “ck”. It’s less of a space-filler for him and more of an entire self-contained sentence or sentence clause.* Like Yondu - and really, any other Ravager - he’ll say it with great deliberation and frequency if he notices someone looking uncomfortable about it.

Peter: Uses it shamefully little for a former Ravager - this is a bit of a hangover from a childhood growing up surrounded by religious Midwesterners. In his teens he went a bit overboard as part of his rebellious phase, but never quite achieved the poetic artistry with which Kraglin, Tullk and even Yondu used it, and it started dropping out of his speech as the novelty wore off. Now it mostly comes out as a quick exclamation when he’s frustrated.

Gamora: Almost never says it. Thanos provided an extensive education for his children, which included a healthy dose of class-based language prescriptivism, as he wished for them to regard themselves among the elite of the galaxy even as they served him. Obviously she’s working to throw off the trappings of everything he taught her, and she’s been around the galaxy a time or two since then, but it’s just not part of her habitual vocabulary. All of which means on the vanishingly rare occasions when the word “fuck” leaves Gamora’s mouth, everyone pays attention. 

Nebula: Even more elitist about it than Gamora, but she’s learned the art of weaponizing her words, to go with the weapons that are her mind and body. When she says “fuck,” it’s loaded with nigh-palpable venom.

Rocket: If he could communicate using nothing but the words “fuck,” “fuck you,” and “go fuck yourself,” and “motherfucker,” he would. I mean, Bradley Cooper clearly voiced him with a New York accent. So there you go. He might modulate it around Baby Groot, but old habits die hard.

Drax: Doesn’t say it unless he is literally referencing the act of copulation, and even then he’s more likely to use more precise terms to describe it.

Groot: All the fuckin’ time.

Baby Groot: Gradually learning to say it, as we know.

Mantis: It’s not in her vocabulary. This is going to change in the near future.

*Not even death would tear the admission from him, but Yondu enjoys watching Kraglin cuss out lower-ranked Ravagers, swindling shopkeepers, and duplicitous clients, far too much for his own peace of mind. Something about the way profanity elongates and stretches in Kraglin’s mouth, acquiring new vowels and creative pronunciations in the heat of the moment. It’s good for him.

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Pew! It looks like Nebby escaped the bag again, and came straight for our blog! Today we have the pleasure of examining everyone’s favorite bag-defying rebel, Nebby Cosmog. Cosmog is the “Nebula Pokémon”, so naturally we should talk about nebulas.

The word “nebula” comes from the Latin word for “cloud”, which is a pretty good description of what a nebula is. A nebula is cloud in space: but instead of being made of water like clouds in Earth’s atmosphere, they’re made of stuff like hydrogen, helium, ionized gas, and dust. There are four main types of nebulae, so if we want to learn about Cosmog we first need to figure out which kind of nebula it is.

Planetary nebula are sometimes formed when a star dies,  gently puffing out its outer layers until all that’s left is the core of the star, which usually becomes a white dwarf star itself (which you can see as the central dot in all of these images). The central star pumps light energy into the nebula, which causes it to glow the bright colors.

Supernova Remnants, on the other hand, are formed when a star dies violently. When a massive star runs out of fuel to burn, it will explode in a supernova, tearing itself apart at speeds of over 30,000 m/s. A neutron star or black hole is left in the center, and what is left of the star in the explosion becomes the nebula.

The third kind of nebula is called a Dark Nebula or an Absorption Nebula, obecause it “absorbs” and blocks out light behind it. They’re made of molecules, such as molecular hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide – which is why they’re also called molecular clouds. These are the coldest, and most dense clouds in space. In fact, they are the only nebula dense enough to collapse into stars, forming new baby stars as they collapse.

The last of nebula is called an HII region. HII is astronomy jargon for ionized hydrogen–in other words, just a proton. These clouds are made of mostly protons. HII regions are typically larger than the other nebulas we’ve talked about, and often just had a lot of recent star formation  in them: they were molecular clouds, but since they just formed new baby stars, they’re full of new energy. The baby stars add so much heat and light into the nebula that the molecules are ripped apart once again, leaving mostly protons.

Cosmog, of course, is much smaller than actual nebula. But, we know Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem, the “Protostar Pokémon”, which means that Cosmog must be closest to a star-forming nebula, or a molecular cloud. You can even see the little glowing spots in Cosmog’s arm where it’s starting to form stars.

Cosmog is a dark nebula made up of molecular hydrogen and other molecules, collapsing to form new stars.

as stars

we skirt,
unnamed beings of dust,
in constant churn,
this cosmic
brought forth
our nearness,
we are unaware yet,
of each other
our gravities pull,
we spin,
denser with the clouds
we raise,
in our starfilled
still closed,
as we condense matter,
space between us
into a dance,
of brimming closure,
we are close,
we are moving, in tandem,
at a pace
that gods decide
we open our eyes
to possibilities,
and collapse
into one,
that which is of infinite
shimmering at the centre
of our souls,
we are
born as stars then,
and as stars
we undo
our glimmering bodies,
and touch.

© SoulReserve 2017

I was thinking about nebula’s name and how coincidental it was that her name happens to be translatable in english and then it hit me; her name is probably not literally nebula but instead her people’s word for the same thing and the translator replaces it with your people’s equivalent of the word. Smae probably goes for Rocket. 

So I was like okay, so what is it replacing Peter’s name with, cause i vaguely knew that peter means rock, so like was intorducing himself as Rock, Archaic Writing Implement? 

So I googled the definitions of Peter and Quill and oh my god I have found a gold mine. 

okay so our options for Quill are: Archaic writing device, hollow shaft of a feather, spines of a small mammal, Method of folding fabric and pan pipes.

Our options for Peter are: Rock,  Fade out gradually, Prison Cell, Safe/Trunk, Echo and A Man’s Penis. 

Like can you even imagine. 

Yondu: What should I call you kid? 

Peter: My name is Penis Pan Pipes. 

Yondu….You know what, I’m jus’ gonna call you Quill. 

Just Ask Her - Nebula x Female Reader - SFW

Pairing: Nebula x Female Reader

Word Count: ~2,000

Summary/Request: Reader/Nebula in which Nebula is trying really, really, really hard to ask out the reader and she asks for help from Peter and Drax. (From a request sent in anonymously. SO CUTE!!)

Warnings: nothing, unless cute girl fluff is a warning. ^.^

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It’s so cliche to say the stars are in your eyes especially when the stars are in so many more places. The stars are in that little fat in your tummy that you squeeze out of habit while we watch t.v. The stars are in the stretch marks that leave perfect little purple lines on your back. The stars are in the chub rub you got after climbing all those stairs at the water park. The stars are in your lips and every word you speak explodes one, forming nebula after nebula. The stars are not contained to your eyes. The stars are who you are.