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No black woman writer in this culture can write ‘too much.’ Indeed, no woman writer can write 'too much.’ Considering the centuries of silence, the genres of writing that have been virtually the sole terrain of men, more contributions by women writers should be both encouraged and welcomed. As a professor I sit in classrooms year after year talking with young women who are uncertain about their voices, who are still grappling with whether they can become 'authors.’ Many of these young women are afraid to speak, let alone write. When I witness their fear, their silences, I know no woman has written enough. Then there are the exceptional female students who are unable to complete their own writing, who are blocked when it comes to putting their visions on paper, who diligently write work for their male peers or older men who require assistance, yet these females remain too shy to claim their words. When I witness this self-betrayal, I know no woman has written enough.
—  bell hooks, “women who labor with words” in remembered rapture: the writer at work

Muslims preparing for Ramadan fast reportedly saved lives in London Grenfell Tower fire

  • “Thank God for Ramadan.” Those are the words from a witness who told reporters that Muslim boys knocked on the doors of neighbors to warn them that Grenfell Tower was on fire.
  • “Muslim boys saved people’s lives,” the unidentified woman told HuffPost UK. “They ran around knocking on people’s doors. Thank God for Ramadan.”
  • The fire on Wednesday morning was deadly, killing at least 17 people and leaving about 18 in critical care and 79 others seeking treatment at five different hospitals. 
  • According to HuffPost UK, hundreds of residents had to evacuate the 27-story, 120-apartment building after 1:15 a.m.
  • Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan fast from dawn to sunset. Many Muslims stay up late, or throughout the night, to perform extra prayers and recite the Qu'ran. 
  • Some also wake up in the middle of the night to prepare their pre-fast meal called suhoor. Read more (6/15/17)

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astraldrifts  asked:

if you're still taking prompts - shiro and space puppies? :D

I’m always taking prompts. <3

“I hate to say it,” Hunk says, tentatively, “but we were supposed to be back an hour ago.”

All four of the Paladins look over to where Shiro is still seated on the floor, absolutely surrounded by a dozen of the fluffiest, cuddliest little pastel puppy-dogs that Hunk’s ever seen in his life. Nevermind that puppies don’t usually have six legs.

Four of the pups are in Shiro’s lap; several more cluster by his knees; one brave little puppy has even clambered all the way up to Shiro’s shoulder, clinging carefully with its multiple tiny paws. Shiro’s face is a gentle wash of complete joy.

“Five more minutes?” Keith suggests, weakly.

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100 Questions!!

1) Have you ever been in a relationship?
2) Do you have a crush on anybody?
3) Is there anyone you don’t like?
4) What is your sexuality?
5) Do you have any siblings? If so are they older or younger?
6) What are your plans for the near future?
7) What do you usually wear everyday?
8) What songs do you like to listen to?
9) Can you give me a link to one of the songs you listen to?
10) What are you usually fond doing?
11) What’s your favorite movie genre?
12) Do you have any movie recommendations?
13) When is your birthday (Month, day)?
14) What is your favorite colour?
15) What country do you live in?
16) Who do you look up to?
17) What religion are you in? (Christianity, Buddhism, etc.)
18) What books/fanfics do you recommend for me to read?
19) What are some topics that trigger you?
20) What are some of your pet peeves?
21) What shows/anime do you recommend for me to watch?
22) What is your favorite food?
23) Who is your favorite [Insert anime/show] character?
24) What is your favorite kind of chocolate (milk chocolate, dark, special dark, white chocolate, etc.)
25) If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?
26) Can you draw? If so can you draw yourself/your muse?
27) What hairstyle do you usually have?
28) Do you have another blog? If so can you tell me what it is?
29) What do you like to snack on when you’re bored?
30) What is your favorite popcorn flavor?
31) What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
32) What is the best food to make with potatoes?
33) Do you have more interest in planets or stars?
34) What is your Chinese zodiac?
35) What is your horoscope?
36) Do you play video games?
37) What video games do you play?
38) What is your least favorite color?
39) What is your least favorite movie?
40) What is your least favorite food?
41) What’s your favorite country?
42) What is your favorite state?
43) What place would you like to go for sightseeing?
44) Who are your five favorite characters?
45) What are your top five ships?
46) Would you rather see the future or change the past?
47) If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
48) If you could be anything what would you be?
49) What’s better: earrings or necklaces?
50) What’s your favorite flower?
51) What’s your favorite band/singer?
52) Who’s your favorite artist?
53) What is your favorite quote and who’s it by?
54) What’s your favorite book and who’s it by?
55) Who’s your favorite author?
56) What do you think of [Insert blog name]?
57) Do you like to play board games/card games?
58) What’s your favorite board game?
59) What’s your favorite card game to play?
60) Will you ever do a face reveal?
61) Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
62) Do you have braces or anything for your teeth?
63) What’s your favorite form of art?
64) Do you like to cook/bake?
65) What’s your favorite food to cook/bake?
66) What country were you born in?
67) Do you wear any accessories?
68) What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
69) Are you still a virgin?
70) What inspires you?
71) What’s your favorite poem and who’s it by?
72) What’s your favorite brand?
73) Norse or Greek mythology?
74) Favorite YouTuber and why?
75) What your favorite drink?
76) would you rather drink coffee or tea?
77) Soda or no soda?
78) What’s your favorite soda?
79) Minecraft or Terraria?
80) Are you still in school?
81) Would you rather married or single?
82) Are you friends with any blogs irl?
83) What’s better: hot or cold?
84) Are you an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere between?
85) Do you curse/say bad words?
86) Did you ever witness bad incidents or accidents?
87) Have you ever gotten into a bad incident or accident?
88) What language(s) do you speak?
89) If you could speak any language what would it be?
90) What are your opinions on sharks?
91) Do you have any pets? How many?
92) What’s your favorite element?
93) What’s your favorite season?
94) Have you ever gotten trouble? What for?
95) would you rather go on defense or offense?
96) Choose one: Spiders, Snakes, or Sharks?
97) What place have you gone to for vacation? Was it fun?
98) Do you have any phobias? What are some of them?
99) What’s your favorite time of the year?
100) Top bunk or bottom bunk?

Regarding Sangwoo: Eden

[ This post contains spoilers for Chapter 22 ] 

We are introduced to a topic that is new in Sangwoo’s psyche: desire. We have seen it before with Bum, and we have seen Sangwoo’s disdain for it. In this chapter we see many ideals of sin, the most prominent being sexual desire from Sangwoo’s behalf. 

Sexual infatuation, if you will. This begins to play into the idea of a sanctuary that Sangwoo is creating with Bum, or a sanctuary that he is clawing his way back up to. 

In Adam and Eve, there is a forbidden fruit, and Even is convinced by a serpent that God would have not put it there if she weren’t suppose to eat it. He says that eating that fruit would grant her freedom, open her eyes to the good and the bad, give her wisdom. We even have the forbidden tree! 

Sangwoo acts as both Adam, and as the serpent. He blames Bum for the crime he has committed, and yet he was also the one to prompt him to commit said crime. We visit the ever-circulating idea of duality within Sangwoo’s character once more, as he is the accuser and the aggravator. He tells Bum to shed his skin, to become a new man that is freed from his past life, from his past burden - he offers Bum clarity and wisdom. 

He is giving Bum a new life. He is letting his Eve succumb to sin, succumb to his own carnal desires with his persuasive words and quick wit. 

And when the time comes…

He claims that Bum is “the devil’s gateway; reason for the fall of man.” He tells Bum that this is his own fault, that this was his choice, that he has made the decision to destroy Eden to be with Sangwoo. 

Sin, disobeying what should not be, acting on impulse and destroying purity. Because once Eve has taken a bite from the apple, there is no going back; Adam is never going to forgive her, and the serpent is never going to stop praising her. Sangwoo, with Bum, has created a new world where he is bathing in the chaos he has created - a world where he use to live with his mom, and a world where the pain gave him clarity. 

All it took was one apple. 

In truth, the human experience of magic – our ancestral, animistic awareness of the world as alive and expressive – was never really lost. Our senses simply shifted their animistic participation from the depths of the surrounding landscape toward the letters written on pages and, today, on screens. Only thus could the letters begin to come alive and to speak. As a Zuni elder focuses her eyes upon a cactus and abruptly hears the cactus begin to speak, so we focus our eyes upon these printed marks and immediately hear voices. We hear spoken words, witness strange scenes or visions, even experience other lives. As nonhuman animals, plants, and even “inanimate” rivers once spoke to our oral ancestors, so the ostensibly “inert” letters on the page now speak to us! This is a form of animism that we take for granted, but it is animism nonetheless – as mysterious as a talking stone.
—  David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous

Leans on wall while swirling a wineglass of chocolate milk with that disappointed mom look on my face

Ridiculing and harassing others simply because their ship interferes with yours or yours is more canon than theirs is a pointless dick move I figured we’d all have grown out of doing once we hit 14 but I am sadly disappointed. 

And it’s even more of a dick move when you approach queer people shipping queer ships this way about your het ships because we are trying to find representation by interpretation and cues outside of the canon queer pairings that rarely end well, are rarely healthy, are often for straight girls’ fetishization of us, or aren’t actually established in the plot and not outside the show/game/book by someone who worked on it just stating it.

“A blind man awaited the era of endings,” Wit said, “contemplating the beauty of nature.”
“That man is me,” Wit noted. “I’m not physically blind, just spiritually. And that other statement was actually very clever, if you think about it.”
“This is a lot more satisfying,” he said, “when I have intelligent life whom I can render awed, rapt with attention for my clever verbosity.”
The ugly lizard-crab-thing on the next rock over clicked its claw, an almost hesitant sound.
“You’re right, of course,” Wit said. “My usual audience isn’t particularly intelligent. That was also the obvious joke, however, so shame on you.”
The ugly lizard-crab-thing scuttled across its rock, moving onto the other side. Wit sighed.
It was night, which was normally a good time for dramatic arrivals and meaningful philosophy. Unfortunately for him, there was nobody here upon which to philosophize or visit, dramatically or otherwise … An audience of ugly lizard-crab things and songlings was some audience, at least.

- Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive)


Your era was the first I fell in love with. You had intention for terror and hurt, but instead, you created the strongest fanbase I know. When I first heard of you, and the band you terrorized, I was fearful. I didn’t want to listen to your poisonous spewing words, and witness the dark red that you bled over everything. But ha, you thought you could keep me away. You poisoned the minds of my family in the clique in an attempt to wound us, yet we came back with fire and with ice. We looked around us, and found our own ways to battle you. During your era, we’ve created more pieces of art than ever before. You intended to rip us apart, to weigh us down, yet we used your whispers as inspiration. We painted our bodies, we sketched our souls, we penned our words.

Blurryface, you believe you are strong. But you are mistaken.

Because of you, I have witnessed inspiration a thousand-fold.

Back down, Blurryface. We have defeated you.


—  an open letter to Blurryface