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I just realized after rewatching Night At The Museum 3 something very important about everyone’s malfunctions. They were losing what they were praised for when the tablet would corrode. Think about it:
•Teddy was known for his renowned wisdom and empowering words in the series, and he lost his ability to speak coherently.
•Dexter was different not only because he was a museum exhibit, but because of all of the animals he was the most intelligent and had the most self control. When the tablet corroded he lost that.
•Sacagawea was a brilliant tracker, and was known in life and in the museum for helping people find their way. When she froze, she had no way to help people.
•Jed and Octavius were also known for their self control and their ability to get along despite their differences, and while they still worked together, they both lost what self control they had.
•Ahkmenrah was known for his composure, personal strength and regal stature. The tablet took away his strong image when it began to corrode, and left him appearing and feeling weak.
•Atilla was known for his bravery, and when he malfunctioned he was sent into full blown panic mode, rendering him practically useless.

We fight for others, for life, for our comrades. Remember that, when things grow grim. Remember that, when you become weary. No god can make you stand in a place of harm if you choose not to; but the bonds of fellowship have kept many a fighter from running when his heart was filled with fear.
—  Champion - Robert J. Crane
Words of Wisdom from the Twelfth Doctor

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