words of wisdom from the queen

Dear Self,
you have to be careful with who you entertain and who you choose to share yourself with because not just anyone will appreciate all of who you are. you have to learn to love yourself enough to not tolerate disrespect, disloyalty, and wishy washy feelings. if a person doesn’t value you - move on. you are not obligated to hold down any person who constantly holds you back. that isn’t loyalty, that’s stupidity. when you seek fulfillment in others you end up lost when they leave.. so its important that you know yourself before getting involved with someone else. remember that you were created in God’s image and you were designed to be different from everyone else. DO NOT compare yourself. you’re beautiful. you’re clever. there are so many men who search for you in every woman they meet.. NO ONE is YOU and THAT is your power.
—  Reyna Biddy

Part 17 of EtherealOlicitySeries

“..And I got to play doctor with you.”


* Khuli aankhon se dekha woh Haseen khwaab hai tu Dil mein jo utar jaaye woh Pyari baat hai tu (You are a beautiful dream that I saw with my eyes open You’re lovely words Go directly to heart) *

What made you love Olicity ?

@mortallock : Olicity is my love because I have never seen or felt such chemistry from a tv couple. The respect , wisdom and support they have for each other touches home for many people,I believe. We all feel something in our everyday lives that brings us the hope that Oliver and Felicity portray on screen. They have been through hell and back .Defeated and overcome the worst that there is. After all of that the love they have for each other keeps getting stronger. They are the true soulmate tv couple of our time.

Courage and Kindness Part 12

PAIRING: au reader x Bucky Barnes



I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE, I mean I could blame my new job but the truth is I just got lazy..whoops. But we’ve only got one more chapter to go :( I know, I know. But all good things must come to an end I’m afraid. But please enjoy this chapter, it’s been along time coming haha, 

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Part 11

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“May I ask where you got this?” Eric looked across to the woman, he vaguely remembered her from the ball almost a month ago. In his hand he held what appeared to be the heel of a very familiar glass slipper.

“From a ragged servant girl in my household.” Victoria smiled coyly from beneath her lace veil.

“The mystery princess is a commoner.” Eric tossed the broken piece of slipper onto his desk, he was right. The young King was going to throw the kingdom into despair.

“You could imagine when I discovered her secret how horrified I was.” Victoria purse her lips, the thought of that girl marrying the King was almost too horrible for words.

“You told no one else?” Eric narrowed his eyes. The woman gave off a snake like quality about her. It screamed do not to trust her.

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I love everything about you…

From the natural curl pattern of your hair
To the melanin that sits in your skin
[You are the personification of absolute beauty]
From the confidence in the stride of your walk
To the humbleness of your character
From the taste of your attire
To the antique accents on your neck and fingers
That truly signify your royalty
As a Black Queen

But it is not just your coffee colored coating that captivates me,
That makes me crave every part of you.
It is the powerful aura of graceful profundity you yield
Yet this force is tamed behind the cool and collected curves of your smile.

I love everything about you…
The wounds and wisdom you carry with you
Scattered throughout your portfolio of art
Incorporated into your fashion
Lingering behind your words…

I love everything about you…
Strong enough to move mountains but fragile in my arms
Bold enough to stand up to the beasts of this world but cares for me like a mother.
The way you understand me
Even when I cannot understand myself.

I love everything about you
But you do not exist…


This time last year I was completely broken. I had just lost a love that I thought was endless. I watched the person i thought was meant for me, move on to love someone new. I had no one to talk to. I had no one to turn to. Too many people telling me to get over it, and not enough even trying to be understanding of the position i was in. everyone thought i was as strong as i thought i was. or as strong as i thought i use to be. I became more and more of an introvert. I stayed to myself. I battled my own thoughts. I let nothing out. I was working a job that made me literally miserable. I was in school, trying to figure it out.. trying to figure out what i wanted for my life. my parents were going through a break up, that i probably should have been ready for.. but the timing was off. my heart wasn’t ready for any form of abandonment. and not too long after, my best friend decided to move to Australia. i was lost. and i had no idea what i wanted.. i had no ambition to do anything more than the bare minimum.. even if i could figure out what i wanted to do with my life. i was weak. but what i remember the most - was one night, getting super faded and hopping in the shower. I was on my tubs floor crying my heart out. I kept asking “Why God? Why me?” I thought I was a victim. I thought I was being played with. I thought I was being punished, nonetheless. But then I became angry. So angry that almost immediately, my life changed. After a half hours worth of tears, I completely shut down and had an outer body experience. I looked at myself, from the outside in and said “What the fuck are you crying for?” followed with “You thought this shit would be easy?” and everything changed. I got out of the shower, looked myself in the mirror and prayed. My entire tone changed, from “why are you doing this to me?” to “I get it now. I may not know.. I may not see.. the reasoning behind everything, but I’m trusting.” That night I washed away all the sorrow, all the pity, all the doubt, and all the fear every bone in me could carry. That night I won the biggest battle ever thrown at me. and I kept on. Day by day I got stronger. I forced myself to become wiser. I kept busy at all hours trying to do almost anything i could to keep from allowing myself to wander back to that broken state of mind. I read book after book. I fell in love with characters. I hiked mountain after mountain, ran mile after mile.. I fell in love with my physical. then.. i set goals. i became hungry. hungry for change. hungry for growth. i became eager to feel love from within. i wanted nothing more than to love my own self, more than anyone could ever love me.. and also.. more than i could ever love anyone in return. then i started writing. in the process, and in the midst, of everything i became so lost in my journey that heartbreak was so far in the past i forgot what hurt felt like. I forgot what it felt like, to feel anyone or anything deeply. then i remembered. i remembered that night I asked God “why me?” and the deepest chills ran through my body. although it took months for me to receive any sort of response, when i did.. i was ready. and i was willing to take it in.. and i was willing to understand it. why me? well because i have the power of tongue. i have the power of vulnerability. i have the power to act so transparently that people forget i’m human too. everyone forgets i’m normal, too. ‘me’ because i lived my life asking God to “use” me. I spoke these words. I asked God for a purpose, and i asked that in fulfilling that purpose he stand by me. he walk with me. so here i am. one year later. in love. with a man who i mean everything to. happier. than i’ve ever been. financially stable. spiritually balanced. emotionally ready. and open. for any and everything. releasing “I love my love” was never ever supposed to be the breakthrough of my career. my intentions were never to sell a million copies.. all i wanted was to tell my stories, by doing what i started first. writing spoken word. writing how i felt. telling stories about the heart aches i’ve been through. the shit that I’ve seen. let people know that my background isn’t peaches and cream. i come from a fucked up situation, but look at where it brought me. seriously, look at where life brought me. i heal hearts. i ease minds. i inspire. i’m living out my dreams. no more shitty jobs. no more cruel bosses. no more studying for classes that will never and have never ever filled my soul. I’m fucking happy dude. who would’ve known.


words of wisdom from Kelli O'Hara (x)

“This is a poem for my future #daughters
Who will all be named after #flowers
Reminding them 
Every time their name escapes someone’s lips
 That a flower needs not compare itself to another
 A #rose #blooms when its time comes
 So does the #lily, the #azaleas
 The #orchids and the #hydrangeas

Flowers do not bother to compete
To see whose beauty they can beat 
Flowers do not care
 To see who blooms faster than the rest
 Flowers do not compare
 To see whose colour is brighter 
Or whose petals are bigger
I will name my daughter after flowers 
So they remember
 The lessons a flower teaches
 Just because the daisies are a different red than roses 
It is not a woe, believe me so 
Flowers are appreciated as they are 

My daughters will be beautiful as they are 

I will name my daughters after flowers
 So they remember
 To love fiercely
Opening their hearts
 Their #petals of #kindness 
For the world to see
 To not be like jewelry 
Constantly on display 
In television and shop arrays 
Ever admired but its care exclusive
 Whose love is so expensive
 Their attention so selective

To my future little flowers
 Your beauty is part of nature’s diversity
 The death of love is when it is compared 
It is a terrible habit to have
 ; Comparison robs us of bliss
 Too busy counting the things that are amiss
To my #future little flowers 
Bloom when your time comes 
Worry not of others
Worry not if you are faster or slower
Bloom when your time comes 
Of others, you pay no bother 
Learn from the mistakes of your mother”
~ #marissasfirah✏

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The spelling of “Af-ra-ka” literally means “flesh [af] and soul [ka] of the hidden Sun [ra].”

The more common spelling, “Africa,” comes from the Arabic word firk or frik, which means separate, divide, or conquer.

Like “Africa,” “Egypt” is a name imposed on ancient Khamit by foreigners.

—  Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing The Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

prince gan is the first male gerudo born in nearly 200 years. quiet and timid, he directed most of his energy towards studying magic and preparing to be the future gerudo emissary to hyrule. his plans are disrupted when a fairy named eev arrives and tells him he is the bearer of the triforce of wisdom. shortly after he is kidnapped by the ruthless queen zelda and held as a prisoner in hylia tower while she gathers her dark forces to destroy the gerudo once and for all. but gan is a terrible prisoner, and while he waits for word of the legendary hero of hyrule, he explores hyrule castle searching for secrets - hoping to weaken queen zeldas defenses from the inside.  

Life is a lot more simple than we like to make it. we run from those who love us and exhaust ourselves loving people who don’t. Please - don’t over exhaust yourself by expressing your feelings over and over to someone who just doesn’t get it or care to. You’ll end up empty.
—  Reyna Biddy
Prayer of Elphame

Oh damned be thee,

Queen of heaven.

Heart filled with rage and power,

deliver us, deliver us, deliver us.

Mercy be upon us, we pray.

Save us from the Oppressors and tyrants,

give us strength beyond strength.

Let us be bold and true to destroy our enemies.

Oh holy be thee,

Queen of hell.

Eyes full of love and wisdom,

deliver us, deliver us, deliver us.

Love be upon us, we pray.

Break our chains and let us be free,

give us power beyond power.

Let us be all, and let us be one.

Oh mighty be we,

the seed of Elphame.

gfriend meeting kim taeyeon
  • gfriend: *rookies, new to this world, fresh as a lettuce, hearts full of life, life full of hope*
  • taeyeon: *queen, leader of korea's #1 girl group, known all around the world, has seen it all, sleeps in a bed made of $100 bills, a goddess*
  • gfriend: *waiting for taeyeon to give them life changing advice, words of wisdom from a kpop legend*
  • taeyeon:
  • taeyeon: take care of your knees
Juvia’s many BrOTPs: Erza

So after Juvia’s induction into FT, she actually didn’t have a chance to interact with Erza that much. Erza took out half of Laxus’s thunder alone (O___O) in the Battle of FT, and she was with Team Natsu for Oracion Seis.

So they only really got to interact during the S-Class exams with the Strauss siblings, with talks of marriage, children, and couples XD

And then they wondered off to search for the other members, even though Juvia actually wanted to find her Gray-sama XD

In all seriousness though, I want to see these two either fight each other, or fight an opponent together. Although they did, Mashima didn’t show off Juvia’s true potential until here of course:

Nope, Juvia won’t calm down. Not when it relates to her Gray-sama.

I think all the women in FT kick ass, but Juvia is often underestimated because she doesn’t show this side of herself a lot. She isn’t someone to be brushed off as No. 13 (does that number still mean anything at this point? Anyway) or taken lightly, as Erza learned from this experience.

(The rest under read more because LONG POST)

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  • movie sirius: gary oldman, constantly dropping words of wisdom, calm and collected, luscious wavy locks, incredibly zen and level-headed even when talking about Death Eaters, A+ level drama queen
  • book sirius: sirius "i cant get my FCKing life together" black, actual punk trash, creature from the crypt hair, emotionally is still 17, has no chill about anything least of Death Eaters, A+ level drama queen

Sunday words of wisdom from To Wong Foo💕👠💄💋💕
1. Let good thoughts be your sword + shield
2. Ignore adversity
3. Abide by the rules of love
4. Larger than life is just the right size