words of courage

For this year, I wish you courage and strength. Courage to go after whatever you wanted to last year, but failed to do so. The strength to walk away or stand up to whatever that made you so afraid.

-Break the cycle and start something new this year.


He looks aghast. “I never knew,” he whispers.

I smile faintly. I can hear the sounds of my heart cracking cleanly in two. “I know you didn’t.”

He looks like his whole world has been shaken. “I never knew,” he whispers again.

“Does it change anything that you know now?” I ask, knowing the answer to my question. It doesn’t. “Don’t worry about it.” And yet still, I hope.

He is quiet. Thinking it over. “No,” he says finally. Truthfully. “I guess it doesn’t change anything.”

I turn away so he doesn’t see my face.

—  // lily rose.