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If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food, it’s a plus for everybody. Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.
—  Anthony Bourdain
7:32 PM - Peter Parker

request -  queen. I love your writing. If you’re willing to do another peter Parker smut bc im full of sin and ur last one was so damn good, can u do one where u guys are friends and peter asks if he can eat u out “for practice” or something and he’s rly awkward about it ? if u don’t wanna do that or if u wanna change it in anyway that’s totally cool. thanks for sharing your word with the world, it’s amazing!!!

a/n - had to get around to writing my second smut fic on this blog and i hope it isn’t a flop like me!!! this is NOT a continuation of 11:57 PM, i just thought it was cool to name the smut fics a time bc i think it makes it mysterious?? idk im dumb LMAO but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

7:32 PM. The time where I was supposed to be studying for my upcoming exam in Chemistry, but instead I’m over at Peter’s apartment doing the complete opposite. From being teenagers, it automatically causes us to always want to touch the other, and that’s the case just about now.

Our textbooks laid on his desk as we were sitting on his bed, myself straddling his lap as he held me close to his body. Our lips were happily engaged, coming together countless times as some music played lowly in the background. May had just left to grab dinner, explaining why Peter took such advantage of the situation.

Peter’s lips left mine as they came for my neck, kissing my sweet spot tenderly. He had only waiter a couple of seconds before gliding his tongue over it, making my spine shiver rather than his. One thing that I noticed lately is that Peter is taking more control, even though his nervousness was still as clear as day.

“Peter..” I rasped, holding the back of his head. “Don’t stop.”

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Carmilla in three words / Carmilla in one body movement

A woman in the Black Power movement was considered, at best, irrelevant. A woman asserting herself was a pariah. If a black woman assumed a role of leadership, she was said to be eroding black manhood, to be hindering the progress of the black race.
—  Elaine Brown (Black Panther Party: A Taste Of Power) 

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What is The Movement?

It’s a comic from around 2013, written by Gail Simone! It’s about a city in the DCU where superheroes have been outlawed by a corrupt mayor, and a group of homeless teens and young adults come together to become superheroes. They kickstart the titular movement, which involves civilians and heroes exposing corruption in the police department, government, etc.

The team lineup is…

Virtue: A Black lesbian who can “ride” emotions, and has a loose connection to the emotional spectrum from Green Lantern.

Katharsis: A former police officer (iirc she’s from Laos) who has wings.

Tremor: An asexual Indian woman with the ability to control the earth.

Vengeance Moth: A disabled woman who can summon a giant green energy moth. I think I remember something about her being Killer Moth’s niece? I know they’re related somehow.

Mouse: He has a mouse army. Thats all you really need to know.

Burden: A gay runaway who can shapeshift into a demonic form, and believes it’s because he’s possessed by a demon (spoiler: he isn’t, he’s just got issues from his childhood)

Rainmaker from Gen13 also appears, though not as a member of The Movement.

It’s a really good comic, but due to some horrible marketing (DC tried tying it to Occupy Wallstreet, which it has nothing to do with) it had horrible sales, and was cancelled after a year. It’s got a strong focus on social justice, which is what drew me to it when it was still going. It’s one of the few New52 titles I’d highly recommend.

Seeing Stars

Prompt: Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy fun with Peter; Letting loose for the night the reader goes out for a fun night and finds herself back in the Milano for an intimate night with loosened morality.

Pairing: Peter Quill X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, explicit sexual content, and drug use (A fictional marijuana-like space drug called Lunar Shrub)

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Tonight was going to be a night of escaping your inhibitions and indulging on impulsive desires. Full of physical pleasures and lack of responsibility. Nothing was going to come in the way of you having a good time.. But most importantly, nothing was going to get in the way of you getting laid. 

That’s what had brought you to this current situation, walking alongside the charming Peter Quill as he led you back to his ship. The handsome Terran had approached you at the bar and after a few laughs you had decided he would be the perfect escape. A nice night full of sexy fun and laughs, nothing more nothing less.

He had landed his ship in a public parking area not far from the bar and the two of you were almost there. He guided you happily with one strong arm wrapped snugly around your hips, his hand sinking closer and closer to your ass with each step.

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Alien learns about Sign Language

[I saw some obvious errors and other confusing stuff and here is a better version]

Zort loved to learn about humans and has read many stories about humans, including about humans and body language https://humans-are-seriously-weird.tumblr.com/post/159843811389/humans-are-space-orcs-with-pack-bonding-and

Zort has been studying human for years and finally gets to meet many humans at a human held conference about alien relationships.

Zort is excited, he learned of things like the “shrugs,” “smiles,” and even “glances.” So he can understand human better at the conference or as the human call it “Con.”

At the first day of the “Con,” Zort going to meet up with his designated liaison “Susan,” to start the day.

At the first panel on “Foods most species can consume.” Zort see a person standing to the side of the table at the front. As the people speak, that person make many hand motions.
Zort doesn’t understand this body language. He know of several uses of hands to communication, but this goes far beyond that. The person hand and arms move around a lot and touch their head and make motions around their head and chest and out. Zort was so fascinated he didn’t pay attention to the panel.

After the panel, Zort turns to Susan and ask “What was that person standing to the side doing? Their movement is more than what I know of the “body language” of humans.”

Susan does the face that Zort has learned means “confused, not understanding, puzzlement.” then her face changed to “understand, enlightenment.” and Susan says “Oh, right, as the panel went on, I forgot she was there. She is a sign language interpreter. She take what is spoken and translated into sign language so that deaf or hard of hearing people in the audience can understand.”

Zort “Deaf? Hard of hearing? There are being here who are like that? Being who are like that can only communicate through writing. The movement mean words?!”
Susan “Yes, the movement means words. They can communicate with writing, but when in a group it easier if some people can translate it into sometimes easier. It is a whole language using just hands.”
Susan holds up her right appendage and curls down the two fingers farthest from the thumb and with the two fingers closest and holding them together, brings them to the thumb. This means “No.”

moves her hands into a fist and moves the fist up and down “Yes.”

“Without moving the fist, just the hand like this means the letter A.” and B is… Wow, it’ s been a long time since I learned the sign language alphabet.”

Susan “Why don’t I see if the sign language interpreter would be willing to speak with you?”

Zort said “Yes, please let me speak with her.” Then remembered that nodding with one head can mean “Yes.” and to show eagerness and moved its large head up and down many times to show how much he wanted this. Which causes several being around to move a little away from Zort.

Ice Ice Baby (Lin x Reader)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

TW: very little swearing

Summary: You injure yourself while rehearsing as Angelica and Lin insists on accompanying you to the hospital

Word Count: 2,639 

“Pippa!” Your fingers fumbled with the back of your pink dress as you sighed. It was only the first day of tech week and you already wanted to punch something.

Pippa inched her head through the small opening in the door to your dressing room, a giggle peeking through her lips. “Yes?”

A low noise of frustration escaped your throat. “How do you get this damn thing on?” You swiftly turned around to see Pippa already fitted in her baby blue dress. “What? How did you do that?!”

Pippa let out a hearty laugh as she gestured for you to turn around. “A magician never reveals her secrets, Y/N.”

“You know, everyone says you’re sweet and pure, but I think there’s something under that going on. Some sort of evil sorcery that allows you to be able to put on any dress with ease.”

She hummed in response. “So…” You felt her delicate fingers work with the complex backing of your dress. “You and Lin, huh?”

Your eyes darted around the room as your mouth opened and closed, unsure of what to say. “What about us?”

“I mean, when are you gonna tell him?” She whispered, a mischievous grin falling on her face.

“Tell him what?”

“You know.”

Your shoulders slumped; you did know. You and Lin weren’t in a relationship, as much as you wished you were. You had had a massive crush on the man who seemed to hold all the stars in his bright eyes since you auditioned for the role of Angelica. The feeling had washed over you too quickly and all at once when you first settled your eyes on him. He seemed aware and interested in everything you had to say and every move you made, as if he was afraid to forget it.

“Yeah.” You grumbled. “I don’t know, I’m sure he doesn’t like me back.”

Pippa huffed, her eyebrows furrowing as her fingers left the pieces of your dress. “Y/N, that’s just nonsense.”

You turned around as Pippa’s eyes flitted over to the door, just spotting Jon walking by.

“Oh! Groff!” She grabbed him by the arm of his intricate costume, pulling him into your dressing room. “Question.”

“What’s up?” His eyes scanned over your costumes, a kind smile spreading on his face.

“Does Lin like Y/N?”

“Oh, absolutely.” He chuckled, as if the answer was obvious. “Have you seen him lately? Can’t keep his eyes off you.”

You shook your head dismissively, crossing your arms over your chest. “There’s no way.”

Jon shrugged his shoulders, shooting you a smirk as he walked out of the room. “Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”

“You know, you really should’ve listened to him. He’s right.”

“Sure he is. There’s no possibility Lin could like someone like me.” You bit your lip absentmindedly as you sat down, pulling on your heeled shoes.

“Heads up; we’re doing Winter’s Ball through Satisfied in five!” Lin poked his head through the door as he sent a exuberant grin towards Pippa before his eyes softened and settled on you, looking over your costume. “You’re gonna kill it.”

“But doesn’t Leslie kill it?” You beamed at Lin, sending him ironic finger guns.

“Oh my god, Y/N.” Lin’s laugh lit up the room as he ran a hand over his face, sharing a groan with Pippa. “Ah, anyways, you might wanna make your way towards the stage.” He jerked a thumb behind him.

“Copy that.” Pippa nodded, giving him a thumbs up as he walked in the same direction he had just pointed towards. As soon as he left the room, Pippa sharply turned in her chair, raising an amused eyebrow at you. “You saw the way he looked at you, right?”

You rolled your eyes, a smile plastered on your face as you stood from your chair and got adjusted to wearing the heels beneath your feet. “You’re never gonna let this go, aren’t you…?”

“Nope!” She said, popping the “p” as she walked out of the dressing room, you at her heels. Your dresses swished and swayed behind you as you walked to the side of the stage, where A Winter’s Ball was already playing. You glanced at Lin and Leslie they exchanged “heys” before you and Pippa took the stage.

Pippa’s voice rang throughout the theatre as you walked towards Lin, feigning chatter.

“Where are you taking me?” Lin turned his head towards you as you linked arms.

“I’m about to change your life.” You escorted him towards Pippa.

“Then, by all means, lead the way.”

As Lin and Pippa delivered their lines and shared a kiss, you couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of jealousy surge through you. You almost missed your cue as Helpless soon bled into Satisfied.

You dug your nails into your palm as you raised your glass, smiling at Lin and Pippa. Jasmine snuck a glance at you, lightly nudging you in the ribs. She slyly raised her eyebrows, curious as to what was distracting you.

Dismissing her suspicions, you spun to the middle of the stage. Everyone around you sang, gracefully moving in slow motion as the time shifted back to Angelica and Alexander’s meeting.

“But, Alexander, I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.” You swiftly turned your head towards Lin, who gazed at you in mid-step.

You finished singing your lines as Lin stopped in front of you, tilting his chin up. “You strike me as a woman who’s never been satisfied.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself.” You dipped your head low, peeking up at Lin through your coated eyelashes.

“You’re like me, I’m never satisfied.”

A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips as you cocked your head to the side. “Is that right?”

“I have never been satisfied.” Lin smiled, taking your hand in his and kissing it as the company gasped. You couldn’t help the blush that rose to your cheeks as you exchanged a few more words.

Your movements were crisp as you rapped effortlessly, your shoulders held back.

“Where are you taking me?” Lin repeated as you joined him once more.

“I’m about—” your words were cut off by the painful rolling of your ankle as you collapsed at Lin’s feet. “Shit!” You hissed, staring in horror at your foot.

Lin jumped, immediately crouching down to you as Lac signaled the orchestra to cease playing. The cast instantly crowded around you as Lac, Andy, and Tommy politely pushed their way through the people surrounding you.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Lin’s eyes searched your face. “Do you need to go to the hospital?”

You inhaled sharply as you nodded vigorously. Lin and Andy grasped your upper arms as you slowly stood up, shifting your weight to your good foot.

“What happened?” Tommy’s eyes were wide in shock, flitting between your pained expression and ankle.

“As soon as we got to the next section she must’ve twisted her ankle or something.” Lin’s voice was filled with panic, his worried eyes constantly shifting to you. “Someone call an ambulance, please!”

“Already did!” You heard Anthony yell from the back of the crowd, holding his phone up.

“Thanks.” Lin breathed out, looking at you. “Took quite a tumble there,” he laughed half heartedly, desperate to lighten the mood.

You let out a breathy laugh, turning your head to face him. “Yeah, I was walking then my ankle just decided to fuck me over.”

You heard light chuckles as a man in a white uniform opened the door to the theatre. Your cast members parted from you to take a look at the sudden light that flooded the room. “Can you guys carry her, or would you like me to bring in a wheelchair?”

“Oh, no, we can—”

Lin’s voice was cut off by your words. “No, Lin, I can see that you and Andy are struggling. A wheelchair would be great, thanks.”

The man nodded, a humorous smile on his face as he closed the door. He entered a moment later, making his way to the stage as he splayed out a wheelchair in front of you. Lin and Andy slowly guided you into the chair, exchanging a few grunts of effort. “One of you can tag along with us if you’d like. You don’t have to, of course, just an option.”

“I’ll go.” Lin immediately took a step forward, red flushing his full cheeks as the cast shared knowing glances to each other. “I-I mean, it’s kinda my fault, I—”

“Yeah, yeah, you can go with your girlfriend.” Daveed sent him a toothy grin, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at you as Lin’s eyes drifted to the floor.

“Alright, let’s get you to the vehicle. My name’s Ryan, by the way.” The man in the uniform grabbed your wheelchair by its handles, maneuvering it around the twists and turns in the theatre with Lin at Ryan’s heels. He pushed you up the ramp into the back of the ambulance, waiting for Lin to enter before closing the doors and moving to another part of the . The ambulance began to move down the streets of New York towards the hospital as you and Lin exchanged some small talk.

“Oh my god—” your head snapped up, your eyes widening in realization as your fists curled in your lap.

“What’s wrong?” Lin’s head immediately turned to you.

“The show’s next week, Lin, what if I don’t heal in time? I can’t miss opening night.”

“Oh,” Lin’s voice grew quiet as his eyes darted around the room, searching for something to make you feel better. “Y/N, these are trained doctors, I’m sure they can work something out. In the case that your ankle doesn’t heal in time, anyway, we’ll make arrangements so you won’t miss the first show.”

You gaped at Lin, searching his facial features for any sign of deception. His smooth chocolate eyes bored into yours with utter seriousness. “You wouldn’t.”

“Y/N, it’s me we’re talking about, in the first person who would do this…especially for you.” His gaze suddenly found interest in the floor, a timid grin on his face. Your breath hitched in your throat, a shade of pink searing through your cheeks as a silence settled.

“Sorry to leave you guys in here alone, I’m making a few calls, heh. Have to use all the time I can since rides to the hospital are usually busy. But, this is considered a non-emergency, so it’s not as urgent. Here, I’m just gonna elevate your leg and ice your ankle. This is all kind of part of the acronym, RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Anyways, ice and elevation will reduce your swelling and minimize your pain. I’m sure the doctor will go over this with you, too.” Ryan abruptly burst in the room, an exhausted smile gracing his features as he took care of your ankle with extreme caution.

He kneeled down as his tentative hands aided your ankle, tossing intermittent phrases back and forth: “Am I hurting you?” and “You okay?” After a few minutes, he stood up, tilting his head and firmly pressing his lips together before nodding in satisfaction. “You should be good until we get to the hospital. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call for me.” He swiftly left through the door, shutting it behind him.

A thick silence between you and Lin filled the air, spare for the few clearing of throats and tapping of feet against the floor.

A sudden choked noise escaped Lin’s throat, a euphoric grin tugging at his lips as his eyes crinkled and he glanced at the ice placed over your ankle. “Ice, ice, baby!” He guffawed, slapping his knee. His laugh proved to be highly contagious as you found yourself cackling, leaning back as tears brimmed your eyes.

Dun dun dun da da dun dun,” you sputtered, the both of you throwing your heads back in hysterics.

You continued your conversation with ease, mostly because Lin was always easy to talk to. He leaned forward in anticipation, clinging onto every word you said and nodding his head eagerly. You soon reached the hospital, Ryan ushering you through the doors and to your room where a doctor greeted you. She introduced herself politely, shaking both yours and Lin’s hands with a firm grip.

She quickly hopped onto the computer in the room, thoroughly explaining that you needed x-rays to determine what you did to your ankle. She rolled her chair over to you, examining your ankle more thoroughly than Ryan had. She wheeled you out of the room, transferring you to an almost identical room with multiple machines residing in it. She went through the procedure of taking your x-ray with you before leaving you in the first room with Lin as she scanned over the x-rays.

The doctor emerged from the hallway, her hand immediately reaching for the mouse attached to the computer as she clicked numerous times until an image of the bones in your ankle appeared on the screen.

“Okay well, good news, your ankle is not broken. On here, there weren’t any fractures to be found. But when I was examining it, there was a lot of tenderness and limited range of motion. So, bad news, your ankle is still sprained.” She delved deeper into your recovery, what you could do to aid your ankle in healing faster and how to take care of it.

You and Lin alternated between nodding and asking questions, until you cleared your throat before speaking.

“One more thing, uh,” you fidgeted, suddenly aware of your clammy palms as you gestured to Lin. “We’re both running through rehearsals for a Broadway show that’s due for its opening night next week. Do you think I’d be able to be dancing by then?”

“Oh!” She snapped her fingers in realization, nodded her head quickly. “Yes, most likely. This is a grade one sprain, so it will take about seven to ten days to heal. As long as you keep an eye on the swelling and take good care of your ankle, you should be fine. Is that it?”

“Yes,” you smiled graciously. “Thank you so much.”

She shook both of your hands as she opened the door. “As soon as you’re ready you can go to the front desk, pay, and I can provide you with the supplies you’ll need. Alright?”

As soon as she was out of your line of sight, you and Lin collectively sighed in relief, shooting each other a bright smile.

“See, I told you things would work out.” Lin crouched down next to you to reach your height in the chair. He took your hands in his, rubbing his thumbs over your knuckles, which were white from clenching your fists out of anxiousness. His warm touch instantly soothed you.

You nodded appreciatively, looking at Lin with a great adoration in which he returned. His eyes scanned over you, filled with an indescribable love and kindness that flooded your chest with warmth. He leaned forward, his hot breath fanning your cheeks as his eyes leveled with yours.

“Would now be a bad time to kiss you?” Lin’s voice was a soft murmur, his dilated gaze shifting from your slightly ajar lips to your admiring eyes.

“Not a chance.” You whispered against Lin’s lips which eagerly, yet gently, pressed against yours. Your hands found their way to the back of his neck, his cupping your face as the pads of his thumbs caressed your cheeks. You felt him smile against your lips as you sighed into the kiss. You pulled away slowly as Lin’s hands still lingered.

You both broke into exuberant grins, your cheeks burning as Lin looked up at you. “I should’ve done that a lot sooner.”

Three’s a Crowd (Part 12)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11.

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Spins, Explained

So, as a follow-up to my previous layman’s guide on jump identification, this time, let us try to make sense of all the different types of figure skating spins.

Now, before we start, not to discourage you or anything, but keep in mind that spin is a topic more complicated than you might think, mostly because spins can come in endless flavors and weird naming conventions and skaters constantly invent new ways to mix and match. Another note is that this post will cover spins in single skating only - I don’t watch enough pairs and ice dance to have proper knowledge on their spins.

A couple of terms you will want to understand when it comes to spins:

Position refers to the way the skater holds their body while spinning. There are 3 basic positions, each of which comes in many different variations, in other words, different movements of the skater’s body while holding to the general shape of the basic position.

Level refers to the difficulty of the spins. There are 5 levels in total: B (no level) and Level 1 to 4. 

Level feature is how the spin levels are determined. One feature = one level, so a spin must have 4 features counted in order to be a Level 4. The ISU defines, in total, 13 different types of features a spin can have, any 4 of these in a spin will make it a level 4. Well, don’t sweat, this is just general information. We are most definitely not getting into all the technical details of all these features today. Layman’s guide, remember?  

Incidentally, it’s worth pointing out that Level and Grade of Execution (GOE) are independent, as I’ve seen some new fans confusing the two. Level reflects how difficult the spin is, while GOE is about how well it is executed. Think of it this way, the equivalence of level for a jump is the number of rotations, whether it’s a single, double, triple, or a quad. Jump of any rotations and spins of any level can be awarded GOE ranging from -3 to +3 and this has no direct correlation with the number of rotations/number of level features.   

With that, let’s move on to look at the 3 basic spin positions and some of their more popular variations.

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A Sadist’s Paradise - Pt. 3

Genre; hella smut

Length; 2,300+ words

Kink(s); Daddy kink, exhibitionism, sexual torture, sexual sadism, degradation, etc

Originally posted by shittyoongi

As your boyfriend slowly slid off you, he made his way over to his sadistic little toy box. 
“So my sweet little dongsaengs..” He purred to the younger men, only glancing back at them for a second- that dark, intimidating demeanour returning in an instant. “Do you like rope?” He asks, chuckling after as he rummages through the small chest for a moment- pulling out two separate wrapped up bundles of baby blue rope.  

Both men bite their lower lips anxiously as their Hyung walks over to them. “Don’t be nervous my sweet puppies…” Yoongi purrs as he swiftly ends up behind them.
“I promise we’ll all have lots of fun.” Gently runs the backs of his hands along their spines, “Now, put your hands behind your back for me." 

"Yes- Yes, Sir.” Jimin sweetly replies as his still semi-shy Hyung stays silent though they both comply with ease. 

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tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease

rating: soft

word count: 755 (2 mins. reading time)

pairing/focus: lee donghyuck/haechan

(note: for everyone’s beautiful sunflower and actual angel.. thank you for existing… and thank you @jaeminnana for helping me name this ily!! this is the first time i’ve written in a long time i’m nervous)

Originally posted by nctinfo

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15 | maybe (m)

( things you said with too many miles between us + friends with benefits au + park jimin ) 
word count :: 2,163
warning :: just a touch of smut

He turns the phone in his hand once, twice, thrice, before he lets the previous thought pierce through his mind. I miss her.

It had been a dangerous idea to play with, of course. Extremely dangerous. Get too close and brew on the concept for too long and it could react like poison, entering his bloodstream and getting into his head and killing him off before he realized he had a problem to begin with.

Only it’s a little different this time because he knows that he has a problem, knows perfectly well that he’s in the middle of an absolute shitstorm, yet he finds himself unable to stop. Or unable to feel that desire to stop, anyways—that desire to stop loving you.

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Let’s Talk About Zionism

off the back of a discussion that happened on facebook I wanted to compile some examples of different Jewish perspectives I knew on how they relate to ‘zionism’. Mainly to highlight that 1. this is a Jewish word the precludes any aspect of the modern state of Israel. 2. Jews are not monolith, and thus just because you know one accepted way a Jew relates to it, doesn’t mean you have the whole picture. & 3. (probably the most important one) that there is a systematic cross purposes happening when you have groups of activists who have only come across the word ‘zionism’ or ‘zionist’ inside the strict paradigm of acceptable I/P conflict discourse. (By which I mean, where pro-Palestine western discourse has dominated the definition of this word by unilaterally equating it with complicity, support & tolerance of violence against Palestinians). 

“I’m a Zionist..” what it could mean when a Jewish person says this:

1. I’m saying this because I support the state of Israel, including its policy and sanctions against the Palestinians, and believe that the modern state of Israel should expand and control all territories.

2. I’m saying this because even though I do not support the modern state of Israel, and I abhor what is happening to the Palestinians, I believe that the Jews who currently live there should not be forced to leave. 

3. I believe in the Jewish right for self determination, that is my end goal but I truly wish it could be established in a way that brings solace to both the Palestinians and the Jews who currently live there. I am open to a one state or two state solution as long as the end goal is a homeland for the Jewish people and the end of mistreatment against Palestinians.

4. I’m saying this because my family were forced out of Egypt/Yemen/another mena country, and to suggest that we have to go back to the people who mistreated us is violent, and thus the treatment of Palestinians can only get better when mena countries end their own antisemitism.

5. I don’t support the modern state of Israel, or the politics, however I’m a religious Jew who believes in the commandment of not ‘insulting’ Israel, and using the term zionism best encapsulates that for me. 

6. This word represents revolutionary unity between Jews in the face of antisemitism as codified by Herzl (& others), even though I reject most ways in which it is used now by the modern state of Israel, it is an important and historic word to my people in a political manner and I refuse to give it up. 

7. I am very critical of the Israeli government, and I wish (although I don’t always know how) for peace and better living standards for Palestinians, simultaneously however Israel is the epicentre of the Jewish world (even if I’ve never been there) and I don’t think modern politics can detract from that.

8. I never use to use the word zionist but ever since the UN ruled antisemitic and ahistorical statements denying the Jewish history in Israel I realised that anti-zionism is in fact often antisemitic, for me it is only by working with other zionists that we can change the future of Israel to a more peaceful one.

9. I plan to make aliyah one day, this doesn’t mean I agree with everything the government is doing or that it is fair that the Palestinians have had to suffer. I still plan to join the Jewish nation and be able to live religiously near our ancient sites.

10. There are pogroms/riots against Jews/”anti-Israel” demonstrations that chant things like “gas the Jews” where I live right now. I never planned to go to Israel but I am now. It is sad that me & my community are giving up our diaspora community, I am glad Israel exist for us to flee to.

11. Since the diaspora community in [x] (for example, Yemen) has been completely obliterated in the face of violence and forced conversion to Islam, even though I don’t live in Israel I believe it’d be wrong to not support it as that is the only place where my family’s culture still exists through no fault of their own. To me the Jews didn’t create Israel, they were forced there & thus it’s insulting that we are treated as the ‘one true oppressors’ in this discourse.

12. I have family in Israel, to not be a zionist would be saying I want them to be harmed/that if they were murdered that would be just. 

13. Because so many Jews were forced to flee their countries into Israel, to not be a zionist would be saying I think they deserve to be made into refugees/sent back to countries that seek to enact violence on them. That doesn’t mean I support the government of Israel however.

14. I am a convert and part of my conversion meant joining a community that sees Israel as their ancestral homeland. Calling myself a zionist helps me feel close to me (new) identity and is my personal tie to this history. 

15. I am Israeli, no matter what I believe politically this inherently makes me a zionist because I live here & do not wish to be murdered here. 

“I’m Not a Zionist…” this could mean any of the following:

1. I do not support the state of Israel, although I of course don’t want the Jews living there to be ethnically cleansed, the most important thing is to focus on the plight of Palestinians right now.

2. I love Israel, and I fully support the state of Israel including its sanctions against the Palestinians because I believe that’s the only way to keep hamas at bay - who themselves enact violence against Palestinians - I’m not a zionist though as I never plan to make aliyah.

3. I have visited Israel/plan to visit Israel & I see it as a Jewish historical place, I don’t feel like I know enough about politics to have an informed opinion on it though, and I am sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. For this reason I just tend to say I’m not a zionist.

4. I used to call myself an anti-zionist but have since realised that anti-zionism is a movement entrenched in antisemitism and after being systematically abused and belittled for merely being a Jew - even when I openly said I’m anti-zionist - I have given up the title & now say non-zionist.

5. I believe in the Jewish homeland, and that it should be Israel. One part because it is our ancestral home, another part because that’s where Jews live now. I don’t support the actions of the government however, so I choose not to call myself a zionist in light of that. 

6. I am really tired of being dragged into the I/P debate just because I’m a Jew, so I say this to try and get goyim to leave me alone. 

7. I think the time of the usefulness of the word ‘zionism’ is over, and instead we should be looking at the viability of a bi-national state. 

8. I support the right for Jewish self determination, and that Israel is our ancestral homeland, furthermore I think that modern pro-Palestinian activism is often antisemitic and ignores the fact that destabilising Israel will lead to a genocide of the Jewish people who live there. However, many people who use the term zionist are racist/believe things I don’t believe in, so I don’t associate with that word.

9. I’m frum* and to me zionism is a secular word and movement that I don’t associate with, this doesn’t really tell you anything about my politics however. (**note to goyim: frum means ‘religious’ in yiddish, but is better translated as part of a community that strictly observes religious law.)

10. I am Israeli, I don’t need to be zionist as I just have political opinions about my country. Zionism is more for people in diaspora.

“I’m anti-Zionist…” this could mean:

1. I do not support the modern state of Israel, I don’t support people who do, I actively fight the political movement of zionism & would be happy to see “Israel” dismantled and Palestine returned.

2. I believe in the Jewish history and ties to Israel, and I also understand why it was created, but for me Zionism stands for enacting violence on Palestinians and thus I will actively fight against it. 

3. Although I am not wholly comfortable with the term, I use anti-Zionist as goyishe activists would probably throw me out of left wing movements if I don’t constantly prove that I’m not a zionist. 

4. I am Israeli, thus when I say I’m anti-Zionist I obviously am not saying I want Israel to be dismantled, or for Israelis to be harmed, I am instead saying something about the political rights of Palestinians.

5. I think Zionism has come to dominate too much of the Jewish identity, for that sake I distance myself from it. This doesn’t say very much about my political opinions.

6. I don’t want Israel to be destroyed, and I fear for the lives of Jews who live in diaspora and may not be able to flee there if Israel were to change, I am also fearful for the lives of Israelis as Israel’s neighbours have often promised death upon them and hamas’ charter has been one of wishing genocide upon Jews. However, I don’t ever want to go to Israel myself, I don’t agree with the government, and in any way I can I support the pro-Palestinian activism. 

7. Everything about Israel makes me really embarrassed and angry, I wish Israel would stop its violent actions as in the long run it is Jews like me in diaspora that face the brunt of it. 

8. It makes me really angry that right wing politicians and bigots can be antisemitic and even enact/incite violence against Jews, but just because they ‘support Israel’ Jewish safety is ignored by the left, and many Jewish institutions will ignore them in hopes of not rocking the boat. 

9. To me it is a simple binary: do you accept what the modern state of Israel is doing now? If yes: you’re a zionist. If no, you’re an anti-zionist. I fall on the latter, but that doesn’t actually tell you about the other layers of opinion I may have. 

To write this I genuinely just ran through all my Jewish friends and tried to summarise their position and sort it into the three headings. As you can see, from just one British Jew in London, I rub shoulders with a multitude of opinions, feelings & perspectives on Israel. And none of these are even supposed to adequately sum up even one Jew’s feelings on the place Israel or the word zionism. 

Hopefully those reading will see why I get so frustrated when they assume that Jews are either sharing the same opinion on the word zionism, or that they are talking about the same thing Jews are when we use it. 

Finally I will say: zionism is a Jewish word, for my own sake I have a complicated and not particularly happy relationship with it. However, I don’t believe any non-Jew have the right to take away the Jewish control over its definitions. This is especially the case as ‘zionist’ is more easily used as a placeholder for Jew, to the extent that the stormfront created ‘zio’ was in fact common place in ‘anti-zionist’ spaces for a long time & used even by ‘woke’ leftists. Asking goyim to stop using zionism as a catch all term to rile against in regards to Israel doesn’t detract anything from pro-Palestinian activism, the activism itself is still there unless your support for Palestinians was just preformative, to show off your ‘wokeness’ or worse: because you’re explicitly or latently antisemitic and don’t want to give up the ‘acceptable’ means of manifesting that.