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alex elle is a proud queen, poet and author of the book words from a wanderer, which encourages its readers with comforting words and messages, reiterating that “not all those who wander are lost; some are simply still finding their way.” here, alex reveals how she is finding her way and what it takes to stay the course. 

0V: when did you develop a passion for writing? can you remember the subject matter from your earliest writings? 

alex elle [ae]: my passion for writing was birthed around the age of twelve. i gravitated toward it because i struggled with depression and uncertainty, that i wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone. with that being the case, i sought comfort in my journal.

0V: who are your inspirations: in writing, in life? 

ae: my greatest inspiration is my daughter; she is so vibrant and full of light. i had her at age eighteen, and at that time i was in a really dark place. she changed my life, and made me aware of who and what i was living for. i also write a lot about my personal journey which helps illustrate who i am now, where i came from, and where i am headed.

0V: what is your definition of a queen?

ae: a woman who is able to keep her crown on during adversity is a queen. a woman who can greet hatred with love is a queen. women can do anything, go anywhere, and do so quietly without having to say a word about her royalty. i truly feel in my heart that each woman on earth is a queen in her own right, some just aren’t aware yet. they’ll get there.

0V: how has motherhood shaped you?

ae: motherhood has molded me into superwoman. i am driven to be a bright light to guide my daughter. nothing can get in my way when it comes to her. momma bear to the max!

0V: aside from writer, mother and queen, what other hats do you wear?

ae: i make things. my jewelry line shopals will be three years old soon, and it’s amazing how far the brand has come! i am a full time entrepreneur, so being creatively stimulated is a must; i try and keep busy with new projects if i have extra time. i pay myself to do what i love and it’s so worth it! 

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Dear Future Lover,
I’d like to meet you one day. I often wonder what it would feel like to lay with you, to inhale your comfort and intertwine in the happiness of our silence. Maybe I’ll get to kiss you and the count the lines in your palm or miss you until I can’t take anymore of you being gone. I hope you think about me and wonder where I am. I’d love to meet you one day but until then, here I stand.